(121-04-23) Free Drinks
Free Drinks
Summary: In which Garvin offers some, Eomer accepts, Malcolm does not and Kai is quiet.
Date: April 23, 2014
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Terrace - Quill and Tankard

The Quill and Tankard's terrace occupies the area of of the little island that is not filled by the tall, timbered, southward-leaning building itself. There are ragged little stacks of stone sticking up from the Earth around the island's banks, the remains of a wall that once kept drunkards from falling into the river but has now been knocked down and robbed of its stones enough that it better serves to trip them and make sure that they fall headlong into the Honeywine instead of merely walking in. They are rather picturesque. Tall torches stand along the ruined wall. They're lit at night, and in foggy weather.

There's a single, ancient apple tree in the middle of this area. The rest is grass, made sparse by the passage of too many feet, flagstone footpaths that help keep the guests from muddying their feet when it rains, and weathered tables and benches. Tall torches surround some, but not all, of the larger tables.


Malcolm is sitting under the tree, enjoying a pastie and a mug of small ale. He is smiling to himself as he watches the water.

Eomer slips out into the cooler air with a cup of wine and the smell of smoke clinging to him. He considers Malcolm before taking a few steps closer to where the other man reclines. "Well, you seem in good spirits. It's either a girl or you've come into some money."

Malcolm sits up straighter and studies the newcomer. In his South Coast Stormlands lift he say, "I wouldn't mind a bit of either, but I am currently content with a good spar, a good meal, and a bit of breeze off the Sea. How about you? Are you having a fine evening?"
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"Oh," Eomer replies, his tone dropping from interested to disappointed. He considers. "Well enough evening. Well enough. Bit dull, maybe, but I shouldn't complain."

Malcolm says, "I'll take dull over unnatural murders any day. I am starting to wonder if this Inn is as good as it's repute."

"Unnatural murders?" Eomer asks. "I've heard of plenty killed in the Quill and tankard over the years, but I can't say as any were done in by boggarts or anything."

Malcolm sips his ale, looking grim, "A woman was killed and nailed to the ceiling and though I sleep on the same hall I heard not a cry nor tap of a hammer. The room was closed from the inside. A clean fight is one thing, but the sort of person doers that is… worrisome indeed."

Malcolm sits under the tree, enjoying a pastie and a mug of small ale. He is looking grim, having just described the recent murder to the other man.

"Well, that's a unique one," Eomer allows, brows lifting a little, "and messy, I'd imagine. But unnatural? Only if one is very superstitious, I'd say."

Malcolm's accent is lower gentry verging on peasant, and very rural. It is particularly thick today (likely notable to those who've seen him showing off to nobles). He shrugs, "It's a wide world with many strange things in it. I feel bad for the lass. She'd seen hard times as was just starting to do better, a hard worker and sweet enough of temper."

A Purple Cloak steps out from the tavern, soon followed by five of his companions, Lord Garvin, and Kai. The guards all have tankards of ale, but Garvin clutches a large wine goblet in his hands. "You see? I told you it'd be cooler out here, with the breeze off the river. That's the advantage of building on an island. It's never too hot on Garden Isle." He lets out a small sigh, shaking his head. "I miss my room." As he starts across the terrace, he happens to spot Malcolm beneath the apple tree, and his eyes light. "Ser Malcolm! How good to meet you here. Ser Malcolm Storm, may I present Kai of Essos?" He frowns a touch, turning to Kai. "You really need another name, though I doubt you'd like me introducing you as Kai the Pansyslayer."

Kai looks sideways at Garvin, simply nodding before looking towards the other two, remaining silent for a few moments before speaking in his usual, exotic accent, "A pleasure to meet you." he says, before shifting his gaze away from the others, examining the environment about them.

"And now she's dead," Eomer agrees with a soft tut, "which is surely a shame. Especially if she was a pretty thing." Then there are men in purple cloaks, and Eomer takes a sip of his wine before glancing over at them. One brow quirks for 'Pansyslayer' and he snickers softly.

Malcolm's eyes slide between Lord Garvin, Kai, and the stranger to whom he is talking. He looks to the purple cloak and open his eyes wide, then glances fast at the stranger. He stands and bows, "A pleasure to meet you Kai, of Essos. I am but an impoverished country knight, but it is always an honor to be noticed by one as high born as Lord Garvin." He straightens, giving Kai a quizzical look, "Pansyslayer?"

Garvin takes a long swallow of wine, then giggles a little, his cheeks flushing. "Long, long ago, Kai bested me in a duel on the tourney grounds. Since then, I've called him Pansyslayer, though of course, he didn't actually slay me. He could have though." Still grinning like a drunken fool, he looks Eomer over and asks, "And who is your friend, Ser Malcolm? I don't believe I've had the pleasure."

Kai bows his head as Malcolm bows himself, but chooses to remain silent as he oft does; allowing Garvin to speak for him.

"He's Ser Eomer Meadows," the fellow with that name replies. "Evening." He lifts his cup in a sort of salute/toast kind of thing before taking another sip. As for the explanation of 'Pansyslayer' he looks from Garvin to Kai, grins, and says not a thing.

Malcolm toasts along with Ser Eomer, then bows, "I apologize for not introducing myself properly, Ser Eomer. I agree of Essos carries more dignity."

Garvin snatches the flat-crowned hat from his head, flourishing it in a deep bow (while managing not to spill a drop of wine from the goblet in his other hand. "Garvin of House Tyrell," he says, righting himself once more and shaking out his long curls. "Sometimes called Lord Pansy of the Whimsy. It is a pleasure to meet you, Ser Eomer Meadows. I'm always pleased to meet one of my lord father's bannermen. Won't you all have another drink on me? You know what they say: when Lord Pansy pays, everyone drinks!" On cue, his purple-cloaked men all raise their tankards and call out a quick cheer.

Kai looks at the purple-cloaks as they cheer and such, lacking a tankard himself, he then rests his right hand on one of the available pommels, continuing on with his bout of silence with a blank expression, one which he seems to almost constantly wear.

"Yep," Eomer replies as Garvin introduces himself. He considers his glass of wine and then gives a nod. "I will. I'm always happy to drink if someone else is paying."

Malcolm edges towards the interior door, having abandoned his seat during the bowing. He angles his body to keep everyone in view, "I fear my head is not one for strong drink and there has been much trouble in the town. Best I leave the celebrating to those as has much coin and cheer."

Garvin gulps down his wine, then lifts the goblet high, calling, "Barmaid! Another round all 'round!" He stuffs his free hand down his codpiece and begins…groping himself? What some lords won't do in public. "Are you leaving us, Ser Malcolm? What troubles are you having that would take you away from…ah, there it is!" His hand slides free, hauling out his enormous…coinpurse. "But you can't leave without having at least one drink with us. It is indeed a celebration, for my play has now been performed to a packed yard every night for a week!"

Malcolm looks back and forth between the men and the guards. his eyes linger extra long on Kai's impressive weaponry. Doing his best 'just a poor innocent bumpkin face, and his thickest fishing village accent, "Gar, I've had me limit, but thank ye kindly for offering. I have a sword to polish, but do enjoy your celebration. 'Twas a right entertaining play, but I hear the Northerners are not well pleased. A pleasure to meet the gentlemen." He bows and scarpers post haste.

Eomer presses the back of his hand to his mouth as out comes Garvin's coinpurse. he coughs, softly, a couple of times (or uses coughing to hide more snickering, either/or) and swallows down the last of his current cup so more wine can be poured. He lifts his hand in a wave as Malcolm flees. "Bit odd, that one, isn't he."
Malcolm has left.

Garvin pouts out his lower lip at Malcolm scarpers off, though he might be heard to mumble something about a desire to polish the sword for him. He sighs, holding out his goblet as the barmaid arrives with a flagon, then turns back to Eomer. "So tell me, Ser Eomer. How are you finding Oldtown? Will you be fighting in the tourney this weekend?" The barmaid fills Eomer's goblet, then offers a fresh, full one to Kai as well. Another is circulating among the Purple Cloaks with a flagon of ale..

As the barmaid offers Kai a drink, he flashes a winning smile and softly thanks her before trailing his eyes to places which are not entirely pure; his smile taking a somewhat more sly look as he leans forward slightly and whispers a few words into her ear, the barmaid seems to like it. As she soon wanders off for other customers, it can be presumed that something may be happening later during the night, and he's soon sipping away from his goblet, gazing about with a slight smile now.

"Finding it?" Eomer asks as his glass is refilled. "Oh, I find it very well, on the whole. I always have." Sip. "No, no. Not I. I'll enjoy the spectacle from the stands. Old sparring injury, you know. Always acts up with the weather is damp."

Garvin ohs, nodding to Eomer a few times. "I understand. I have an old sparring injury myself." He reaches his left hand toward his right shoulder, but then remembers the heavy purse in that hand. He looks from it to the goblet in his right hand once or twice, then thrusts the goblet at Kai, so he can pull the sack open and dig out a coin or two for the barmaid when she returns. "Have you been here long then? I've only been in Oldtown a few months, but it feels like home already. Not that I don't miss Highgarden sometimes, of course. But things are so much…freer here. I suppose that's due to not being constantly under my parents' watchful gaze. A man can't truly be himself while his mum is watching, eh?" Grinning, he selects two golden dragons, then pulls the pouch's string and stuffs it back into his codpiece. Robber-proof! Or so he believes. After all, what sort of man goes rooting around in another man's family jewels?

Kai takes the goblet, downing the one in his left, and then his right without so much as a pause, idly gazing about.

"Oh, I wouldn't know, my parents are dead," Eomer replies perfectly placidly before taking another sip of wine, "but I've lived in Oldtown for some years now and find it very much to my liking."

Garvin drops the two coins on the barmaid's tray as she passes, then casts a quick look toward Kai. "I don't have to pay you to drink with me, do I?" he asks with a grin, reaching to reclaim his goblet…which is oddly empty. Brows drawn together, he stares into the bowl for a moment, then shrugs and waves it around until another barmaid refills it. There's never a shortage of wine! After a long swallow, he nods to Eomer. "It's an excellent city, all told. There's the Citadel and the Starry Sept, and of course, the Hightower itself. Tallest building in all of Westros! Not counting the Wall, I suppose. How tall is that thing, anyway?" He looks to Kai, as though the man might have the answer.

Kai closes his eyes as his own goblet is refilled, as if reaching for a distant memory, "The Wall is three hundred miles long and seven-hundred feet in height." he sips from his goblet, "The view from the top of the Hightower is quite beautiful, I hear." he nods to himself idly.

Eomer drains the glass as someone comes around to refill Garvin's, and the Meadows holds his own cup up so it also gets another helping of wine. "Yes, I'm quite familiar with the sept, the hightower and the citadel. Having lived here for years and all."

Garvin nods to Kai, his eyes distant for a long moment. "I believe the tower is eight hundred feet, so it's taller than the Wall after all. Though of course, the Wall isn't a proper building. No rooms or chambers or solars, it's just…a wall. Made of ice, no less." He shivers at the thought, then gulps down more wine, as if he needed any more. "What about the Whimsy, have you been to that since it re-opened? Oh! Or the Bawdy Bard. I really must take Arion there some time, just so he can say he's been. I mean, every man should be able to say he's been to the Bard at least once, right? Even if he doesn't…er…sample the wares." He actually blushes just a bit then, looking almost sheepish, as he hides again behind his goblet.

Kai nods slowly, "I recommend the madam." he says, looking over towards Eomer, it seems he gets more talkative when he's had a little to drink, speaking of which, as he finishes speaking, he immediately downs his goblet and requests a refill as soon as possible.

"Well, I don't know why you'd go to the Bard and not sample the wares, unless you're broke," Eomer replies with a small shrug. "I mean, what's the point, otherwise?" His brows lift faintly and he notes, "You blush at rather surprising things for a man who keeps his money under his cock." Sip. "The Whimsy… ah, no. Very nicely restored, Lord Garvin, but I don't really have the patience for plays."

Garvin's blush deepens, his grin growing more sheepish. "I…the women there…I don't really…." He can't think of any way to end this thought without blurting out his not-so-secret secret, so instead, he simply drains his goblet, then holds it out. The barmaid with the flagon refills everyone's, then has to go inside for a refill herself. Semi-recovered, Garvin asks, "Can you think of a safer place to keep my money? I mean, any man who would grope around another man's cock…." His grin becomes impish then, as he glances at Kai. "…Had better hope he doesn't get caught, or he might be subjected to a hard pillowcasing. Yes, I think that shall henceforth be the punishment I inflict upon cutpurses. Probably end up paying more to the pillowcaser than the thief would have gotten away with, but it'd be well worth it."

Kai doesn't seem to register Garvin's glance, nor the mention of 'pillowcasing', and instead seems to be downing the liquid contained within his goblet once more, suffice to say, he is well into his cups at this point, but as he finishes his most recent refill, he sets his goblet down somewhere, apparently being somewhat of a responsible drinker; although you'd only think that if you hadn't been keeping track of how many goblets he's had.

Garvin's eyes dart around the terrace a few times, but he apparently decides it's a bit too crowded out here to simply whip it out and take a whiz over the wall and into the river. So instead, he drains his goblet and once more thrusts it in Kai's direction. "If you two will pardon me for a few, I need to see a man about a dragon." With a goofy grin and a swagger that's really more of a drunken stumble, he heads inside the tavern, two of his men-at-arms quickly falling into step behind him.

Kai takes the goblet half-assedly and sets it down carefully, and then proceeds to start slowly walking about, breathing slowly to ensure that he doesn't start stumbling about.

Eomer considers, taking another gulp of wine. "I think, if I am ever robbed at knifepoint, I would rather the object of the thief's desire was very far away from my twigs and berries, and on the whole, I would be willing to risk being pickpocketed to avoid the embarrassment of reaching down into my trous every time I had to pay for something. Not to mention when I do want to become, mm, intimate, well, that would just get awkward, wouldn't it. No, I'll keep my coins at my hip, my lord, and happily so." As Garvin heads off, and thus the chance of free wine dries up, Eomer drains his goblet and sets it down. "Well, I'm off then. Goodbye, tall, silent man. A good night to you."

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