(121-04-22) When Harry Met Sera
When Harry Met Sera
Summary: Lady Angharad pays Lady Sera a visit
Date: Date of play (22/04/2014)
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It's a warm and drizzling morning, quiet in the streets, birdsong almost loud as the occasional cart that passes by outside. Not long after breakfast, there's a knock at the door of the Foxearth Manse, followed by one of the doorguard announcing the visitor. "Lady Angharad Tyrell."

Seated on one of the armchairs with a book on her lap and a wine glass beside her, Sera lifts her head up at the announcement before she nods her head. "See her in," she tells Sesro, a tall and sleepy looking servant. "And bring another glass of Arbor red while you're at it, Sesro."

Lady Angharad enters with a brisk, light step, wearing a pretty day-dress of lavender silk and a light, hooded cloak — just enough to keep the rain off. She smiles pleasantly upon seeing the redhead seated with her book and her wine, taking down her hood and unclasping her cloak to hand off to the Sesro. "Good morning! Lady Sera, I presume?" She seats herself in a nearby chair, smoothing her skirts out beneath her as she does so. "I hope I'm not disturbing your day by dropping in like this."

"Lady Angharad," Sera greets with her own smile as Sesro grabs the cloak, offers a quick bow and moves to go fetch a glass of Arbor red. "Hardly a disruption," she returns, "it's been a surprisingly slow day. But I suppose the days are always a little duller when there are less people in the house." She makes a face at that before sliding her book shut and placing it on the table beside her glass. Sesro is a quick man, and by the time she finishes her sentence he is bringing the flagon in along with the glass.

"Oh, thank you!" Angharad accepts the wine graciously. "Arbor Red is quite my favorite. How kind." She takes a sip, wetting her lips before setting the glass aside. "Ser Abram's returned to Brightwater for a time, I understand. He fought magnificently in the Trial. You must be very proud — and so relieved."

"It is my favorite," Sera admits as she glances at her glass with a wry smile before grinning at the mention of Abram. "He is a cousin beyond any measure. A man close to my heart and I am glad that he will be around for me to see him more often. But you're right, he is away and, with Lord Arion here I suppose it has fallen to me to make sure the family is alright." Her eyes narrow at that as she laces her fingers. "We don't have as much support here as I'd like I'm afraid. Ser Laurent, your husband? Has done well himself."

"Yes, Laurent does particularly well when brutality and application of excessive force are concerned," Angharad agrees, still pleasant as the mildest morning. She tilts her head slightly, inquisitive. "I know running a household is a great deal of responsibility — and Lord Arion is so very… spirited. Much like our Garvin. They require a great deal of attention and maintenance." She takes up her wine again, lifting her eyebrows as she sips. "But I understand you've been visiting my husband. Have you not found him… supportive?"

At the question, Sera cants her head to the side, thinking it over for a bit. "I have found your husband to be the most supportive. My cousin trusted him, and I can see why. Ser Laurent has a good understanding of a situation than most men I've met; although to be fair my pool of acquaintances is limited here." She purses her lips before moving to take the glass and eyeing the content. "I find his ability to get straight to the point awfully refreshing in a place dominated by flowery prose." She looks back towards Angharad at that as she takes a sip from her glass before placing it back down. "If you are fishing for something, my Lady Angharad then perhaps it is time you ask me. Are you wondering if I have any intention towards your husband?"

Angharad laughs. "Oh, I'm not fishing, Lady Sera. I don't care what your intentions are…" Her smile dwindles and her demeanor ices over, though her tone remains oddly gentle. "You have, however, developed an inappropriate relationship with my husband. And it ends. Now."

She quirks her eyebrows at that before lifting her shoulders at Angharad. "As you wish," she returns with a bow of her head. Sera then moves to place her chin on her fist as she watches Angharad curiously. "I hope you don't mind me saying so, Lady Angharad, but you are not soft at all. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to show that side of you a bit more often."

"Were you expecting me to be?" asks the Tyrell lady, lifting her eyebrows again. She stands. "I appreciate, however, that you can be reasonable when you're not in heat. I do not expect to see you, or hear of you, at Garden Isle — or any other place my husband and I reside, ever again." She raises her voice just enough to be heard by the discreetly distanced servants. "My cloak, please."

"Yes," was her honest answer as Sera rises as well, though where she would get that impression is not let on. Sesro is just as quick to bring in the cloak when it is called for, hurrying over to Angharad and bowing as he offers to place it on her. "It was inappropriate and you are right, Lady Angharad, I do not lie. There is not much I can say to that. It is why I stopped it."

Angharad stands so that she can be cloaked, regarding Sera curiously. "I've approached you honestly, Lady Sera, and with more respect than you deserve. No woman whose husband you dally with is going to approach you softly. If they seem to, I'd be very careful of your food." With that advice dispensed, she puts up her hood. "Thank you for the wine, Lady Sera. Have a pleasant day."

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