(121-04-22) Lord Pansy's Meetings
Lord Pansy’s Meetings
Summary: After a hard night of performing on stage, Garvin has two meetings with two very different people.
Date: 22 March 4014
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Apex - Whimsy Theatre

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and drizzling.

The third story above the stage is called the apex, and it's here that the theater's owner keeps his office. In contrast to the disarray of the tiring house, the apex is kept neat and orderly. A large table surrounded by matching chairs holds stacks of parchments and ledger books. Other, more comfortable chairs and cushioned benches are arranged around a lower table, creating a relaxed area for socializing. In one corner of the room is a monstrous bed with coverings and drapes of heavy purple velvet.

There are windows with diamond-shaped glass panes that look down upon the amphitheatre, though it's impossible to see the stage itself, due to the heavens roof. The yard and gallery can be viewed, however, and the windows have drapes that can be pulled closed for a little privacy. There's also a small door giving access to the castle walk, though actors generally use the stairs outside the apex to reach the third level of the stage.

The play ended about half an hour ago, and most of the theater has emptied out. About twenty purple-cloaked guards remain behind, along with a few servants, one of whom guides Tironos backstage and up the long, switchback staircase to the playhouse's apex, which Garvin calls his solar. Despite the windows overlooking the stage being open, the room has a hot, humid feel to it, as Garvin is currently sitting in a copper bathtub of steaming water, scrubbing away the grime of his latest performance. His back is to the door, but when the servant announces Lord Tironos Tully, he twists around and flashes a grin. "Hello, Lord Tironos! Forgive me for not rising just now, but please, do enjoy a goblet of mead. I have it shipped from Highgarden." The servant hurries to a table to draw a goblet of mead from a small cask, offering it to Tironos.

Tironos casually looks over things as he is led about, which includes the 'solar' of Garvin. As the other noble speaks he simply bows his head respectfully and says, "Do not concern yourself my lord, after all my House is the vassal of yours. I doubt you are the type to give intentional offense, and I am one not easily offended." Looking over the room a bit more he says, "I heard of one of your relations taking up a position here, a former squire by the name of… Loryn I believe it is. How is the young lord working out?"

Garvin twists around in the tub until he's facing Tironos, sloshing water out onto the Myrish rug without a thought. "Yes, Loryn!" he says cheerfully, as he reaches for his own goblet of mead for a long swallow. "He's going to be a fine actor, I just know it. I'm writing a much larger role for him in the next play, you know. Of course, I haven't spoken to Laurent yet about any of this. I'm sure he won't be at all happy about his brother giving up knighthood for…well, mummery."

Tironos smiles softly and says, "As one who knows how it feels to not seek the path of a knight I can relate to him. Though admittedly I did end up a Ser in the end." He then takes the mead and sips at it and adds, "If I didn't know better I'd say your Tyrells were breeding at an alarming rate. Over twenty years in this city and in the last month or so I've met three of you now, present company included."

Garvin takes another long gulp, then waves to the servant, who hurries to get a large towel. "Well, Tyrells stay mostly in Highgarden, you know," he says, waiting until the towel has been held open before standing and stepping out of the bath, his nudity mostly hidden. "But then I decided to come to Oldtown and…well, others have followed. Lots of others, recently. There's a bit more freedom down here, you know, without our parents watching our every move."

Dressed in more low-end noble attire with House neutral shades of soft blue and green giving him a vaguely water-like appearance. Still the iron and black iron links dangle from leather thongs on his boots, and the pale steel link hanging from his left wrist via a thong as well. He then nods to Garvin and says, "I am well aware, it would seem my siblings, even those I wasn't aware I had, have come of late as well. Though in the case of my brothers it has only been rumor as I've yet to see them myself. But then I was about five the last I saw them so its possible I've walked past them and not realized. I do grant you the point about parents as I've not seen mine for twenty and two years now at least. I believe I heard your relations involved in the recent Trial, how is your family dealing with matters?"

Garvin turns his back as the servant quickly towels him off, then wraps him in a woolen robe with fleecy collar and cuffs. Taking his goblet again, he moves to the chairs near the table with the mead cask, indicating a chair for Tironos to sit as well. "Healing slowly," he says, making sure the robe covers him as he sits. "Laurent's been in a foul mood since the Trail. You know, he really, really wanted to finish Prince Maelys off, and he's kicking himself for letting the man live. And we still have a Dornish hostage at the manse." He shudders then, taking another long swallow of mead.

Tiroos nods and says, "I believe i heard something of a Martell or two being taken. A shame I wasn't able to get ahold of one, there are a few rumors I'd like to speak with them about, but then the same could be said of Targaryens." as he moves to take his seat. "Who was it you had again?" taking another sip.

Garvin wrinkles his nose in disgust, his face scrunching up unattractively. "Targaryens," he nearly spits, quickly bringing the goblet to his lips to wash out the unpleasant taste of the word. "As for the hostage, it's supposed to be Ser Arros, but he was allowed to return to Dorne with Ser Osric's remains and to raise the ransom. Princess Mariya remained in his place. If you'd like to speak with her, you should call upon her at Garden Isle. I understand she regularly entertains visitors, particularly Targaryens."

Tironos nods and says, "I've not been to the Isle I'll admit, though I wuldn't mind speaking with her privately I'll admit, though I assure you I wouldn't bring her harm, House Tyrell can hardly claim a ransom on someone harmed, and I have enough honor and respect to not threaten such. Though given my family's history with Targaryens and Martells, I'm not sure if they'd allow me a private visit."

Garvin gives a small shrug of one shoulder. "I admit, it'd be easier to gain admittance if your last name was Targaryen." He frowns a bit then, brows drawing together. "What rumors did you want to speak with the Dragons about?"

Tironos says, "Family matters I've heard in passing and merely sought answers. Lady Mariya would likely be the easier option, but as I said I doubt your family would grant me the chance to speak with her privately." Taking another sip he adds, "So how is the theater working? I still find it a bit odd I live so close to it, though admittedly I never seemed to gain much interest in theater or mummery, I always favored tomes."

Garvin brightens quite a bit, sitting up straighter. "The playhouse is doing very well!" he says cheerfully, leaning forward to draw more mead from the small wooden tap in the cask. "The yard is packed every night, and people are already demanding my next play, which I haven't even started writing yet. I think adding Bryce Storm to the production has helped quite a bit. Everyone loves his voice, you know. I must make sure the role I write for him in the next play has a few songs as well."

Tironos nods and says, "Sounds fitting enough, good you are having success…" He then trails off for a moment before adding, "Perhaps that is why the name Mariya sounds familiar, was there a recent announcement of a betrothal between her and a Targaryen?"

Garvin gives his eyes a roll, head shaking. "Oh, who knows? The way Targaryens make and break betrothals, I stopped trying to keep up with them all. I do know that, after the Trial, it was announced that there would be a marriage between a Targaryen and a Martell, so it wouldn't surprise me if Princess Mariya were betrothed to a Dragon."

Tironos nods and says, "If the Targaryens do frequent the isle so often, it might explain the betrothal. Though that begs the question why they'd be so interested in her, the only marriages the dragons seem to pay any real attention to are to their own."

Garvin shrugs again, sipping. "Like I said, they make and break betrothals more often than I change costumes, and with considerably less care. I'm sure their attention to Princess Mariya has less to do with any potential marriage and more about plotting and scheming against House Tyrell. I'm sure if you looked closely enough, you'd find a Hightower or two in the mix as well."

Tironos nods and says, "Very possible, though I tend not to follow politics too well unless it concerns my family. You know your own family well enough, what do you think my chnces would be to gain the chance to speak with Lady Mariya privately? After all if there is a chance, why waste it. If there is none, then there is nothing lost. Though if she does wed a dragon any chance would certainly be lost, whether there was one already or not." taking another sip of the mead.

Garvin thinks for a long moment, then shrugs. "Talk to Ser Quillian Oakheart. She's his hostage, not mine. I'm not even living at the manse, at the moment. If anyone can give you leave to speak with her privately, it's the Blackrood. I have no authority in the matter."

Tironos nods and says, "I've not met him personally. Any suggestions on how best to appeal to him?"

Garvin gives his head another shake. "Really not, I'm afraid. I don't know him terribly well. Oh! You might try appealing to his sister, Lady Johanna. She seems a reasonable sort of woman, and I'm sure she knows best how to speak with her brother."

Tironos nods and says, "Thank you for your assistance and the mead." gesturing a toast and says, "many more successes to your name my lord." as he takes another sip and places the cup down and standing to his full height, dwarfing Garvin more so then normal as he is seated, "I won't take up any more of your time. I simply wished to see how your family was fairing after the rumors i had heard." as he nods respectfully and turns to depart unless stopped.

Garvin raises his goblet as well, smiling. "Any time, Ser Tironos. I hope we'll be seeing more of you here at the playhouse. Good luck with the Dornish princess!" Grinning, he downs the rest of his mead, then rises to allow his servant to dress him for bed.

A couple hours later.

It's hours after tonight's performance, and the playhouse is quiet. Twenty or so purple cloaked men-at-arms are about the place, though only a few are on active patrol, while the rest lurk around a table on the stage, either playing at dice or watching those who are. All are enjoying tankards of ale. There are also a few servants, cleaning up the gallery and yard after the show, though one of them is happy to guide Kai up to the apex to see Garvin, announcing him simply as, "Kai of Essos," before ducking out again. Garvin is slouched in one of the chairs, wearing nothing but a woolen robe barely tied shut. He's either really tired or intoxicated, possibly both. A nearly empty cask of mead rests on a table nearby, and Garvin has an empty goblet in his hand. With a lopsided grin, he struggles to sit up straighter, cheerfully saying, "Pansyslayer! Glad you came, I've been dying to hear what you've been up to."

Kai nods slightly towards the servant as he ducks out, slowly gazing about the apex that he finds himself in before turning his blank gaze over to his presumably drunk employer. He seems to be carrying a black leather folder, which he slowly lifts as he begins approaching the Tyrell, swords softly clanking at his sides as he opens his mouth to speak in his usual calm tone, "I did as you asked, the initial results have been acceptable, although most of the information relates to the Hightower resident's rumored hobbies, and some basic information on their affairs." he says, dropping the folder on the table closest to Garvin, "Most of the men and women now in your pocket are servants, I have them spread out throughout the entire Hightower, including near the suites where the Hightowers themselves reside. There are a few others whom are slightly more important, such as those who organize the incoming shipments and such and a few guards, but it may take a bit before anything overly interesting comes in." he pauses for a moment longer so that he may gesture towards the leather folder, "This holds all the information gathered, written down for your perusal. I would not recommend keeping it out in the open."

Garvin blinks several times, as he leans to tap the cask to refill his goblet. "I…Would you summarize it for me? And have some mead. Or I can send down for some ale, if you'd prefer. I can read that tomorrow, but tonight, I'm a little…um…scattered. What with the play and all. Are there any plots against House Tyrell? Or you know, me specifically?"

Kai tilts his head to the side for a moment, before nodding and stepping over to one of the nearby chairs, grasping it and then dragging it over by the table with the folder before taking a seat, leaning forward slightly and placing his elbows on the table, interlocking his fingers and resting his chin atop his hands, gazing forward blankly as per usual, "There are whispers about the Tyrells and such, but nothing overly concrete as of yet, to say the least." he pauses for a few moments, the corners of his lips tugging down slightly, "I'll endevour to find out more about the Hightowers intentions towards the Tyrells, and yourself, but for the time being the information mostly relates to the movements of the residents of the Hightower and what they do, whom they speak to and which ones have unique 'tastes'."

Garvin take a long swallow of mead, then cocks his head to one side, hair falling over half his face. "Unique tastes?" he asks, half-lidded eyes alight. "What sort of unique tastes? More unique than…er, my own?" His face colors just a bit, a sheepish grin creeping over his features. "I haven't heard, are the Dornish princesses still living there, or have they returned to their own manse? I know the Trial diffused some of the tensions in the city, but it's still boiling under the surface."

Kai shrugs slightly, "There is limited news there, so I would assume they have not left the Hightower just yet, and nothing overly bad has happened." he slowly lowers his hands, straightening up in his chair, "The information has only just started coming through, so I don't know everything just yet, some people have yet to report in." he shrugs slightly, gazing towards the window, regardless of whether or not the blinds are drawn, "Now we just have to wait, until real information starts flooding in, information that isn't about some random Hightower resident who nobody knows, although I suppose that could be useful for blackmail, in order to get more noble information sources."

Garvin can't help but giggle, his eyes still alight, as he sips more mead. "Blackmail's such an ugly word," he says, still grinning. "A useful word, but still ugly. I prefer to think of it more as…one hand scratching another. Or something. Washing?" He shakes his head, as though trying to clear it. "I'm more interested in just keeping ahead of any plots or schemes against me and mine. I don't really have any of my own. And not just in the Hightower, but everywhere in Oldtown. You travel in…well, various circles and such. What are the average smallfolk saying? I mean, the playhouse is packed every night, especially the yard, so people are obviously entertained by my plays. But what about my…er, other activities? Like…in the bedroom?"

Kai shrugs slightly, "I'm not creative enough to think of a better word for blackmailing." he pauses for a few moments before speaking again, eyes flicking back towards Garvin after a moment, "Whatever they may have thought about your hobbies previously, you've more or less won the people over with your oatcakes and flamboyant ways; if you're worried about rocks getting thrown at you, then don't bother." He frowns slightly after a moment, shrugging, "Watch out for particular, heavily scarred, muscular men. Not for your bedroom."

Garvin's head cocks to one side again, brows furrowed in confusion. "Wait, which heavily scarred, muscular man? Is there someone in particular I should be keeping watch for? And why? What'd I do to this guy?" He leans over to refill his goblet, then again asks, "Wouldn't you like something to drink?"

Kai gazes towards goblet as Garvin picks it up, shaking his head slowly, "I'll pass." he then looks up, back at Garvin's face, "Gromm would not pass up the chance to rip you apart for putting him on the pillory."

Garvin shudders suddenly, shrinking in on himself a little in the chair. "Oh, him. I'd mostly forgotten he even existed. You know, I'm the one who stopped them from whipping him. It was before you were captured, but they'd started whipping him, and I couldn't stand it, so I made them stop. And I sent my servant to offer him something to drink, too. But he still wants to rip me apart?"

Kai nods idly, "Yes, and feed your corpse to his Eagle." he says, before slowly leaning back in his chair, "Is there anything else you would like me to do? Other than keep an eye on the Hightower, as I am already doing."

Garvin frowns then, lower lip pouting out a bit. "Well, you could talk Gromm out of killing me. Offer him money or something. I'd say offer him the sort of retribution you found satisfactory, but I don't know that I'd live through it. Or that he'd even be interested in it. Find out what he'd take as compensation. You know, other than killing me." He pauses to think for a moment. "Or fucking me, 'cuz like I said, I don't think I'd live through it. I barely survived you."

Kai perks his head up slightly, "He'd settle for a house, or a ship. And that's about it." he slowly leans back, letting out a sigh, "Or a mansion, that'd work too."

Garvin slowly quirks one brow. Or rather, tries to, but ends up raising both at once. "Is that all? A house or a boat? Why didn't he just say so? I'm not going to buy him a manse, that's absurd. But a house or a boat, something more fitting to his station, that shouldn't be a problem. What sort of ship does he want? Because I could probably justify an investment in some merchant vessel and give him free reign of it. You know, so long as I see some return on my investment."

Kai slowly sits up, blinking a few times before shrugging, "I'll talk to him about it, I suppose, see if he's willing to cooperate a little in return for a decently-sized brig or some such ship." he slowly moves to stand, "Anything else, my lord?"

Garvin takes another long moment to think, then gives an impish grin. "Well, I'm horny, but that's hardly your problem. Do you need any more money? I'm sure my coinpurse is around here somewhere." He starts to rise, casting his blurred gaze toward the long table he uses more to store parchments than to actually write on them these days.

Kai squints for a few moments before shrugging, "I suppose some funds may be necessary to convince the friendly neighbourhood pirate slaughterer." he says, stepping over towards Garvin, joining him in his search for his coinpurse, as he doesn't much trust the lord to do a very good of it himself.

Garvin pokes and prods at a few piles of parchments, shifting ink bottles out of his way, until he finds a small sack of coins. Leaning his backside against the table for support, he turns and pulls it open, peering inside. "Two, three, five…Seven dragons, I think. Maybe a couple dozen stags. I never bother with pennies. I mean, does anyone?" He pulls the strings and offers the sack with another impish grin. "Is that enough for now?"

Kai is sure to take the coinpurse without so much as a smile, nodding as if it is only barely satisfactory, "It'll do." he says, before slowly stepping back, gesturing towards the folder, "Feel free to peruse the information found within the folder, not that much of it is particularly useful… Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an angry pirate hunter to speak to." he finishes speaking, and begins to turn away so that he may walk towards the door and silently leave, expression as blank as usual.

Garvin pulls himself up to actually sit on the table, letting out a longing sort of sigh as he watches the apparently emotionless sellsword heading for the door. "Thank you for this, Kai. I'll read it tomorrow, when I'm sob…awake. And you know, the offer's always there, anytime you change your mind." He giggles a little then. "Thought you'd actually get away without me bringing it up, didn't you? Well, maybe next time. Be safe out there, Kai."

Kai nods slightly as he steps out of the door and begins walking down the staircase, letting out a short sigh as he pockets the coinpurse, wondering why he even bothers with pickpocketing anymore.

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