(121-04-22) Encountering the Scarlet Woman
Encountering the Scarlet Woman
Summary: Lord Loryn pays Lady Sera a visit
Date: Date of play (22/04/2014)
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Seated in the armchair with two glasses of red wine (one untouched), Sera has a book in her lap, which she flips through though she barely seems to be reading. Her mind is on overdrive it seems, and she distracts it by sips from her glass.

A wary servant appears in the doorway and clears her throat. "Mylady… Lord Loryn Tyrell to see you.", she announces a little nervously.

Lifting her head up, Sera quirks her eyebrows before she slides her book shut and places it on the table beside her. "Please show him in," she directs the woman as she slips up to her feet to greet the Lord.

Loryn does not look very happy by the sight of it. Neither does he bear flowers this time, although he seems to holding something in his closed right hand. "Lady Sera.", he greets politely, bowing deeply.

His unhappy features seems to be all she needs as Sera lifts up her fingers to pinch the bridge of her nose briefly before she peers at him through her teal colored eyes. "Lord Loryn," she offers with a little smile. "I don't suppose you would care for our wine? It would be a shame for it to go to waste. Lady Angharad was not quite receptive towards it today."

"Yes, I believe she was not.", Loryn confirms as he approaches, giving her a look. "Unlike my goodsister I am willing to hear your side of the story first.", he adds carefully. Then he does simply take a seat, inviting himself, and accepts a cup of wine from the servant with a nod. May be better to not hear this on an empty stomach.

Well she wasn't expecting that. Sera quirks her eyebrows as she peers curiously at Loryn before she retakes her seat. "My side of the story? And just what exactly is this story?" She asks, moving to place her chin on her fist as she watches Loryn. "I wish to hear what exactly I am defending myself against."

Now this makes Loryn stare and then narrow his eyes. "You… and my brother?", he asks, a little stupidly, "Do you deny it then?"

"Deny what?" Sera asks as her eyes harden while she stares at Loryn. "If I am unaware of my accusations then I should hardly know what to defend myself against. So why don't you tell me what you've heard, Lord Loryn, then I will be sure to answer or reiterate my part in the discussion. I deny nothing because I do not know what exactly you are accusing me of."

Now Loryn looks completely mystified and shrinks a little into his seat. "But my goodsister came to see you not long ago? She… she claimed that her husband, my brother Laurent, has… indulged in… uh… inappropriate behaviour… with you…" He can barely bring that sentence to a finish and avoids her eyes.

"I see," murmurs Sera as she watches him. "I have spoken to Lady Angharad and we have come to an understanding. A shame to meet such a woman under such vile circumstances. I would imagine I would have liked her otherwise." She tilts her head to the side thoughtfully. "Are you wondering what inappropriate behaviors I have had with your brother?" She asks, her voice softening into a lower tone though her words are not softer by any means. "Are you wondering if I had fucked him? No, my dear Lord Loryn, I have not fucked your brother, nor have I fucked any other man. However, was I too inappropriate with him? Yes, I was. He is a married man and I should not have come over at such a late hour. I was far more informal than I should have been."

"I really don't need to hear the details.", Loryn hurries to say when she asks about him wondering, then blushes when she drops the F-bomb into the conversation. Three times. "So… you are attracted to my brother?", he asks at last.

She was not expecting that question and it forces the Florent girl to pause as she regards Loryn. Finally she lets out a soft sigh as she leans back into her seat. "I will be honest with you, Lord Loryn, for I have no head for flowery prose today. I did not think I was and I made a bet thinking I was in full control. Apparently I was not and your brother had the upper hand on me a few times," she purses her lips, obviously not liking it one bit. "And if he has done it before then he might be able to do it again, though I am positive it will not happen. He has something that I can see will drive many a woman to him. I feel for Lady Angharad in that regard."

This gives Loryn pause and he drinks some wine. "A lady should take care of her reputation and be able to withstand temptation in the name of honor". he finally says, sounding as if he's reciting from a book. Probably a very dull book. "You are also contradicting yourself. You say, he may be able to tempt you again, then you say, you are positive it will not happen. Which is it to be, my dear Lady Sera?"

"I said might be able to, I am not a fortune teller, Lord Loryn. Just because you have the key does not mean you will ever use it. I do not intend to see him again, I assure you." Sera returns as she leans forward towards him. "You asked if I was attracted to him, I said I was, to certain parts of him, and those parts will attract me no matter who wields it, is what I meant. Him and I, I am positive, will not happen again if that is your concern. I doubt he has the interest to even try. There will be other, easier women for him to chase after. Why would he return if I deny it to him?"

"Yes, I suppose so.", Loryn confirms dryly and avoids looking at her. "You are a … charming girl. Very attractive." The last bit comes out in a mumble, as if he has suddenly lost all teeth. He looks at his hands again, finally opening his right hand to reveal a rather crumbled expensive-looking ribbon of blue and golden thread. "I meant to visit and hear what you thought of my performance at the Whimsy. I meant to bring you more flowers, held together by this… however…" he falls silent then, having run out of words.

Her shoulders slump as he shows her the ribbon and Sera leans back into her seat. She looks away, her fingers picking up her wine before running her fingers around the rim of it. "I…" she pauses before trying again. "In the spirit of honesty, Lord Loryn, I will warn you about me. I am not a nice person," she looks towards him this time, her teal eyes softening. "I am not sweet, I am not innocent, nor am I generous. I am, however, ambitious. I am cunning. I am willful, competitive, controlling and hypocritical. I am…a mess. I break people as much as I make them. I do not think of others but of myself first and foremost." She winces as she admits it, looking out the window rather than the Tyrell Lord. "I always think of myself first and in the process everyone around me will only figure it out when I eventually hurt them."

"Ah, but Lady Sera.", Loryn begins, chuckling softly, "I knew you were not sweet the moment I met you and you slapped your cousin. And ambition, Wit, Cleverness are things I appreciate in a woman. I have no time for simpering damsels. We have enough of those in our families with Arion and Garvin. I think you and I could be good for each other. Bring Houses Tyrell and Florent together at last and end this daft feud. However…" He looks at the ribbon in his hand again, then at her. "I can forgive many things, but not a woman who gives up her honor for lust."

"Nor do I think you should forgive me," Sera returns as she looks back towards Loryn. "Really, what I have done is rather hard to avoid, isn't it? I can't imagine family reunions would be pleasent if you were to forgive me." A wry smirk curls her lips at that before she takes her glass to have a sip of wine. Lowering it, she continues after a heartbeat. "The feud may seem daft to you, Lord Loryn, because you are the victor. It is a very real reality to me and my House, as unfortunate as it is. As for my honor, I have found this place to have little need of honor, similar to King's Landing. It is merely a word to keep the pious ones already pious and calm; to keep the lambs feeling secure. While those who have no honor, well, they use it as a shield with which to hide behind, wolves in sheep's clothing. See this as a warning, Lord Loryn, do not be too trusting of those around you, people will surprise you."

"What makes you think I'm trusting, Mylady?", Loryn asks, then shrugs. "I find it rather exhausting to walk through the world perpetually thinking the worst of everyone and expected to be crossed at every corner. I like to give people the benefit of doubt as I would hope it would be given me." He sets the wine down and rises to his feet. "But very well, Mylady. I know now where I stand. Thank you for pointing it out to me. Here -" He tosses the balled-up ribbon her way, hoping it will land in her lap. "I have no need for female trinkets."

"As I was hoping I would get it, but alas some things don't deserve that benefit." She murmurs in return. The ribbon does land in her lap and she peers at it briefly before she looks back towards Loryn. "No, I suppose you don't," she murmurs, wrapping the ribbon around her fingers thoughtfully. "You stand nowhere, Lord Loryn, this had nothing to do with you and everything to do with me. Do not take it to heart."

"I did come here to hear your side of the story, did I not?", he reminds her, then bows deeply. "You know where to find me. I know that the Lady Angharad has asked you to not visit Garden Isle again, but if you find yourself wanting the pleasure of my company, feel free to summon me. For now - good day, Mylady." He bows again, not so deep this time and heads out.

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