(121-04-20) A Wager between Cousins
A Wager between Cousins
Summary: Loryn meets Johanna… and their conversation ends in a wager
Date: Date of play (20/04/2014)
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Setting: The Solar at Garden Isle

Another morning has dawned over Oldtown and while grown ups are probably busy with something sensible, young Loryn Tyrell has found refuge in the solar, sitting close to a window with some books piled up on a table beside him. One book is open across his lap, but he isn't reading, staring out of the window into the sunny morning.

It appears that Loryn isn't the only one to have no business to attend to this morning. Johanna breezes into the solar with a book tucked beneath her arm, giving only a brief glance around the room that appears to skim right over Loryn at first. A few more steps are taken before she registers the presence of someone else, a largely unfamilar someone else, and comes to a stop, looking back to him.

Loryn sits up a little hopefully when he hears someone enter, but his face falls when it's not who he thinks it is. But only for a moment, then disappointment is replacement by curiosity. And so they stare at each other for a moment, until the young Tyrell clears his throat and manages a friendly "Good morning… Mylady?" Better to be safe than sorry.

Johanna's eyes narrow ever so slightly as she considers him, the look unintentionally unfriendly, but after a moment it eases and a smile curls her lips. "You're Laurent's brother, aren't you?" The book beneath her arm is set on a table and abandoned before she crosses the distance between them, and again comes to a stop at a respetable distance. "I'm Johanna Oakheart."

Loryn closes the book on his lap to let it slide down onto the seat while he gets to his feet for an actual polite bow. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Johanna. I am indeed Laurent's brother, Loryn Tyrell. At your service." The niceties done, he sits down again, grinning a bit. "I had hoped you were the servant bringing me breakfast. Are you… related to Garvin?", he wonders, trying to place her.

"I fear I didn't bring anything half so lovely as breakfast with me," Johanna admits with a grin as takes the seat across from him. "I'm sure they will be along anytime now, though," a vague motion made to the door with one hand that then drops into her lap. "Yes. We're cousins," she says in that vague way suggests it's probably not a close relation. "And my brother is here with his wife, so when I arrived, I was told to come here."

"And who is your brother?", Loryn asks, because, basically he is a nosey bastard. But he does add: "You must forgive me, I have been away in the North for the last three years and I feel like so much has happened since - both at home in Highgarden and here. I'm still trying to get caught up and meet all these new faces, like my dear own brother's wife." Is there a hint of a blush in his cheeks? Perhaps so. He gets busy picking the book up once more to place it on top of the pile that's on the table.

"Quillian," Johanna supplies the name of the infamous Blackrood easily enough. "I understand, it took me some time to get caught up with everyone when I first arrived. Not that I had spent much time here before, so I suppose it was more placing faces with names of people I'd heard of before, but not yet met."

"Quillian…", Loryn rummages in his brain for memories, then ohs. "Quillian Oakheart, the Blackrood? I see. I have not met him yet, but his reputation precedes him." Just then the servant does finally arrive with a breakfast tray, bringing bread, eggs and ham as well as a mug of cider. "Would you like to join me, Lady Johanna?", he asks politely, "I'll have a second dish sent for, if you like." He removes the books, so the servant can place all the breakfasty goodness on the table. "And what brings you here to Oldtown, Mylady?"

"He does have quite the reputation, doesn't he?" Johanna murmurs, but not without a measure of affection for her sibling. "Even more of one after the trial of the seven." Though she glances over the tray brought in, the offer of having something brought for her is declined with a slight shake of her head. "A few things, truly. My father wanted me to come, to mingle with other houses, and likely to try and find a husband, and I wanted to come to see if I could get access to the citadel library."

"And have you succeeded?", Loryn asks curiously, before shoving a forkful of scrambled eggs into his mouth. That gives him time to think for a second and he adds: "With the citadel library, I mean. But with the husband-hunt too?" He swigs some cider, then continues to work his way through the ham and eggs hungrily.

"Neither as yet, but I've only been here just over a month, so no one can be too upset with me for it," Johanna replies with a smile and a slight gather of her shoulders in a shrug. "What made you decide to come to Oldtown? I recall hearing something about acting?"

"Ah, worry, not, I'll get you access to the library.", Loryn promises, perhaps a bit optimistically, then adds with a grin: "And perhaps I'll find you a husand, too." He tears some bread off the chunk to chew it slowly, winning himself some time before he needs to answer. "Yea, well… I was squiring for a cousin from Highgarden… we'd spend more than a year up by the Trident, as there were some border conflicts. I was so tired of the cold up there, the rain and the mud, the eternal fights, blood and gore… and Malrik was being a jerk, really, he'd always be yelling at me. So I told him where to stick his spurs and came here. To join Garvin's troupe, yea.", he admits and smiles, "He gave me a small part in his play this week, did you see it?"

"Will you?" Is there a note of amusement in Johanna's tone? Yes, there might just be. "I look forward to seeing the result of your efforts." She folds her hands in her lap as she listens, nodding here and there, but it's not until he queries her about the play that she says anything. "Yes, I did. It was quite the play, and you did marvelously."

"Yea, sure. I know lots of guys my age. Everyone wants to be friends with a Tyrell.", Loryn assures her, with perhaps just a tad of bragging undertone. And he smiles brightly when she mentions having seen the play. "Oh you have?! Awesome! I'll have a bigger part in the next one, Garvin promised me. You know what, I'll set you up with a date for the opening night, okay?"

"I'm sure that is true," Johanna replies, restraining laugh. "You should talk to your brother about, he has already made suggestions as to who I should marry." She shifts in her seat slightly, legs crossing at the ankle as she listens, and then nods. "I did. I'm sure that the next play will be all the better for your further involvement in it."

"I'm going to write plays myself.", Loryn explains and points at the pile of books he had been working his way through earlier (slowly), "I'm re-reading a couple of my favorite legends to see which one might be best-suited for adaptation. I'm thinking special effects fire-breathing dragons.", he adds a little dreamily, his gaze drifting towards a tapestry that shows some dragons in full fire-breathing swing. "So, who's my brother thinking of? As your husband, I mean."

"Are you? I look forward to seeing what it is you manage to wirte," and in this, at least, Johanna's interest doesn't hold an undercurrent of amusement to it. She twists around to look at the tapestry, then back to Loryn. "Ah, let me see. He suggested Haywood Cockshaw, ah, possibly his brother Viggo as well, though I'm not certain if I am remembering that correctoy. Riderch Blackwood as well. There may have been others, I'm sure he will remember better than I."

"I see.", Loryn replies somewhat airily, which basically means he has no clue who these peopl are but would rather stab his testicles with a rusty fork than admit that. "Well, good luck with that, Mylady, may the lucky man be worthy of your beauty." Since he's reaching for his cider again anyway, he lifts it in a little toast to her and smiles. Once he's drunk some more, he adds: "I pray to the Warrior that Laurent won't get any ideas about me."

"Thank you. Though I'm sure luck is unnecessary in this matter, it's more what what my father decides, quite possibly at the behest of my brother now," Johanna replies. "As he's here, and my father is at Old Oak." His prayer elicits a quiet laugh, after which she leans in closer, as though about to impart some great secret. "If that's what you hope what won't happen, I fear that's likely to be exactly what Laurent does."

"Well, good luck in the choice of husband. Getting a decent sort who treats you well, I mean.", Loryn tries to explain. When she continues, he wrinkles his nose and seems about to choke on a piece of bread. "Ugh, honestly, I'd be such a shit husband.", he shakes his head, "What do I want with a wife? I mean except the obvious." His cheeks colour a little and he quickly continues. "And I don't think so, honest. Laurent is giving me shit about giving up squiring. He wants to find me a knight and go back to squiring. Spurs before wedding vows."

"I'm not terribly worried about it, if he's pefectly awful, I'm sure my brother will just kill him," Johanna observes. Is it a joke? It might not be. "But we will see, won't be? Do you think you'll go back to trying to get your spurs if you can get a different knight? The weather is far better here for that sort of thing, and there are at least half a dozen knights that could use a good Squire. Your brother, my brother, Ser Viggo, Ser Haywood, I'm told Ser Riderch is a good man as well, though I fear I've had one coversation with him myself, so I can't vouch for thet personally."

"Oh, I don't know.", Loryn sighs, wrinkling his nose, "I want to be an actor really. But of course it would be cool to be called Ser Loryn. And I like jousting. Girls really do dig a dashing young knight in shining armor. So… yea, maybe. If I could just find a knight around here, win my spurs in a tournament, be done with it all… I'd like that. But I'm sure as hell not squiring for my brother.", he adds, sounding firm on that, "Malrik drove me mad with his shouting, Laurent is a hundred times worse."

"Then you won't want my brother either, I'm not sure he yells quite as much, but enough that you won't care for it," replies Johanna, considering. "You should ask around, if that's what you want. It would make your brother so much happier, and you know if he is happier, you'll have an easier time with doing what it is you want."

"Well, he already told me that once I'm a squire again, I won't have much time for acting anymore and that's so not gonna happen. I love the stage! And I won't let Laurent rule my life. Although, I know he's all big mouth now what with Father dead and him being Head of the family and such." Loryn rolls his eyes in exasperation, then shrugs sourly. "We'll see, won't we? Ah, that was excellent." He pushes the empty plate aside and settles back in his chair with the cider, a happy little camper.

"Yes, we will," Johanna remarks with an easy smile, not seeming terribly concerned with the matter. "What made you decide you wanted to be on the stage? If I may ask? It seems such an— ah, unconventional profession for a man of your standing."

"Do you think so?", Loryn seems genuinely surprised, "Us Tyrells have always been known for our artistic endeavours. And well, in my family - I always enjoyed play-acting with my siblings. My sisters who are close in age, I mean. Not Laurent. You wouldn't see Laurent dead in stage costumes.", he grins, "But I'd always make up stories about legendary knights of yesteryear, or pretended to be a mysterious stranger from Essos or Braavos… Just fun, really. You never pretended to be anyone you were not?", he wonders.

"I suppose I always imagined it being in the form of a patron of the arts rather than the one," Johanna waves a hand again, that same vague motion. "In the midst of it all." There is a moment to consider his question, and then she shakes her head. "No, I never did spend much time pretending to be someone else, I have always been generally content with who I am. I did enjoy reading stories as a child, and still do from time to time, but I can't say I've gone out of my way to pretend to be someone else."

"Well, it is fun.", Loryn shrugs, "Can't really explain more than that… there's just too much… life to live in one life span. On stage you can be so many things… a knight one day, a villain the next day, a barbarian Dothraki the third…" He goes silent then, having no more words to offer.

"Certainly, I can see it being fun, though I can't say I've always measured what I should do with my life by how fun it is," Johanna's tone is thoughtful, rather than sounding terribly judging. "Well, I'm sure you'll get it all worked out eventually, mm?"

"Yea, we'll see, it'll be fine.", Loryn assures her, trying to come across as -really- confident and convinced of this. "What good is life, if it isn't fun, mhm? After all, we're Tyrells. If we can't have fun, who could? We rule the most beautiful and the richest country in the realm after all."

"There are quite a lot of things that aren't fun that still need be seen to," Johanna points out with a slight frown, though it doesn't seem to be aimed at him. Not exactly. "The Knights of the reach must train, which is not terribly fun, but without them we would not have the strength we do, nor would we have the Maesters if they did not study, nor alchemists, or any other profession that requires many years of dedeication. Do you discount their value because what they contribute isn't fun?"

"Ah, but you wanna bet your pretty little lady bottom, that -they- are having fun.", Loryn grins, "Guys like Laurent? They're never happier than when they can bash other guys' heads in. And the Maesters? I trust they WANTED to lean all that stuff? Feel happy when they manage to bring someone back from death's door? See? Fun, too! I can tell you, who /can't/ have much fun - the smallfolk. Work all day and night for crumbs and for what really? Must be pretty frustrating, don't you think?"

"Yes, but the skill to be able to bash a head in comes from years of practice, and that is not fun," Johanna points out, smiling slightly. "It is rarely quite as much fun before one gets good at whatever it is they do. The same with Maesters, certainly there is joy in bringing a person back from death's door, but you gloss past all the years of study it takes to get to that point, and that is not fun either."

Loryn frowns a little. "You know, if you want to find a husband, you should be less contrary.", he points out helpfully, though there's a sparkle in his eyes that reveals, he may just be teasing her. "Well, yea, maybe you have a point.", he concedes, "But I'm not going to be bored for the next ten years, just to have fun in some vague distant future. I mean, I could be dead by then. We all could be."

"If a man hasn't the strength to endure my contrary nature, then he's hardly worth considering as a husband," Johanna counters visible mirth. "And I do have a point, yes." She tilts her head just slightly. "Are you so unskilled that it would take you another ten years to earn your spurs?"

"Of course not!", Loryn huffs quickly, almost choking on his cider, "I'm just one good joust away from my spurs. I'll show you. Perhaps I'll even carry your favour into the joust. Even so. I'll still want to have more fun on the stage first. I'm young, I have /plenty/ of time to become a champion jouster."

"If that is all it takes for you, I don't see why you don't just do it now," Johanna replies casually, but there is a clear challenge in the words, and in the way one brow lofts a little higher. "Then you can be Ser Loryn, the famous and beloved knight and actor."

"Perhaps I will. I'll show you!", Loryn promises and leans in closer to her, "What's a wager worth to you? I win my spurs before the year's out?", he challenges her.

Johanna props one elbow on the arm of her chair, chin resting against the back of her hand as she considers him with slightly narrowed eyes. "That is a good question. What do you want if you earn your spurs before year is out? You name that, and I will name what you owe if you fail to earn them."

Loryn doesn't need to think long about this. "A kiss, Mylady, a proper kiss." He puckers his lips to make sure she understands that he's not talking about a peck on the cheek. Looking at her expectantly.

"Very well, you may have a kiss that you deem to be proper," Johanna agrees with slight incline of her head, hand slipping from beneath her chin. "And if you fail to do so, mmm, you must work for me for a full day, assisting." Her brows lift and she holds a hand out to him. "Not that you need to worry about it, I'm certain that you will have your spurs in no time at all."

"Of course I will.", Loryn nods, looking rather pleased that she agreed to his suggestion and ready to accept his side of the deal as well. "What exactly would I be assisting you in, Mylady?", he wonders, "I'm afraid I'm terrible at embroidery."

"I don't embroider either," Johanna remarks, laughing and shaking her head. "I study herbs, and healing, and there are a great many tasks that I could use help with, so having a servant for a day could serve me well."

"Alright! We have a deal, Mylady.", Loryn smiles and rises to his feet. "I better be off to train then, shouldn't I? But it was a real pleasure to meet you and I look forward to your kiss. Have a wonderful day, Lady Johanna."

"Yes, you had better," Johanna prompts him with a grin, rising after he does. "If you do not, I will work you rather hard and you'll wish you had," she teases. "It was lovely to meet you, the soon to be ser Loryn. Good day."

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