(121-04-19) The Smaller Gifts
The Smaller Gifts
Summary: Elionys bestows the gifts of a gown and possible friendship on Yael.
Date: Date of play 19/04/2014
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Northwestern Suite - 3 - Dragon Door Manse Starry Street

Sat Apr 19, 121 ((Sat Apr 19 18:52:51 2014))

It is a summer evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

From this suite's large North-facing windows one can see the manse's walled garden, the Honeywine, and the Citadel beyond. There are two sitting rooms, one very large and furnished with gracious gilded couches with elegant delicate legs and velvet cushions, positioned around the grand fireplace. A fine Myrish carpet in red and black and gold stands out against the white marble floor.

The second is a small, intimate room with padded chairs, another Myrish rug of a floral pattern, and the walls hung with tapestries. Perhaps it serves as a sewing room.

In the sleeping chamber stands a large bed, its four posts carved in the shapes of dragons, its coverlet an intricate pattern of black and red. There is a matching wardrobe and nightstand, with a simple candle-stand, and another red and black Myrish carpet warms the floor. There is yet another fireplace, albeit a smaller one.

Tall and willowy, this Targaryen stands at five-foot-nine with a slender frame and long limbs that once made her gangly, but now gives her a gracful air. She has the alabaster skin and violet eyes that her family is so known for, along with long, silvery-blonde hair that when left loose is to her hips, but is usually pinned up in intricate styles.

It is the evening, and a warm one at that, but this particular suite has all the windows thrown open to catch whatever breeze there might be, though at the moment, it's not much. The door to the suite itself is also propped open, the sound of someone humming carrying out into the hall, and inside Elionys can be found sitting on a chair propped near one of the open windows, a glass of wine dangling from one hand.

There is a knock that sounds at the partially open door, the servant's voice comes smooth and quiet as the Princess might prefer. "Princess, Lady Yael as you requested," the mousy girl announces before pushing open the door to allow the Dornishwoman entrance.

Although better than when she arrived, the trials of travel still show in the hollows of Yael's cheeks and the sharpness of her gaze as she glides into the room. Her red gown, now bare and dim, has seen better days for all that it is the only suitible thing in her possession. Long dark curls have been brushed into gleaming rivers, hanging loosely around her neck and hiding some of her bruises and scrape, and she wears a snake on each wrist. One living. One mere ornament. "Good Evening Princess," she greets, the husk of sands carrying easily on her voice as she dips in an appropriate curtsey.

Elionys is draped in one of the chairs, her own sleeveless gown an off white shade today, the loose and flowing, and only constrained by a golden cinch at the waist. When the knock comes, she turns her head ever so slightly to nod at the maid, but by the time Yael has arrived, she's already in the process of climbing to her feet. "Lady Yael, good evening to you as well," the hand not wrapped around the goblet motions towards the collected chairs and couch. "Make yourself comfortable. Would you like something to drink?"

"Please, I would," she accepts at the offer of wine. The red of her skirts whispering as she moves to take a seat, pausing in front of the Princess. "It was kind of you to invite me." A smile touching her lips, one might not notice the slightest narrowing of Yael's eyes as she admires Elionys' gown. "My, what a lovely gown," she says truthfully.

Elionys sets her own glass on the table beside her chair, then moves to the sideboard to pick up a glass and pour from the flagon already there. It's a red. "Thank you," the smile that follows is warm and genuine, glass carried back and offered to Yael. "Do you— has my cousin seen to your needs, other than simply giving you a place to stay? I wasn't here when you arrived, and I'm not sure what you might have arrived with."

"I am afraid, Princess, that I arrived with little beyond my skin. It might suffice so long as secrecy dictacts," Yael admits, collecting the glass from the other woman with grace. "My thanks." She dips her head, waiting for Elionys to sit again before taking a seat for herself. Her snake coiling higher along her arm with a warm hiss. "In truth, I only possessed what I escaped with and your cousin's man's sword for a time. It made only a tolerable accessory." The corner of her lips curve in the slightest of smirks, causing the scar of her lip to bow.

Once the wine is passed off, Elionys returns to and retakes her seat, picking up her own goblet as she listens. "That sounds awfully harrowing," nose crinkling delicately at the thought. "If you have need for something to wear," she makes a motion back towards the bedroom, which surely contains a wardrobe or two, or three, with gowns in it. "My maid can assist you with seeing that it fits you properly, if that proves necessary."

Yael's eyes widen in pleased surprise, a true smile expanding brilliantly across her mouth. "I would be most grateful, Princess Elionys. That is most kind of you. I will admit this," she tugs at her skirts, "Ought to be burned to remove bad memories." A more delicate woman might shudder, but Yael simply sips her drink.

Elionys' smile is hidden behind the rim of her glass, though it can be seen in her eyes as she takes a sip of wine. "You are our guest, it is only right." She sits up a little straighter, sliding forward until she's perched on the very edge of her seat. "Would you like to go look now? I have a few in bold colors that would look lovely on you."

A delighted chuckle rolls in Yael's voice, catching on the edges of her smile. "Certainly." Lifting her wine, she takes a sip of it before rising just after Elionys.

Elionys springs up, seeming rather delighted by the notion as well, and it's with her goblet of wine in hand that she leads the way from the small sitting room, into the larger bedroom, which does in fact have two oversized wardrobes. It's to the nearest she goes, reaching out to tug the front open so that a row of gowns in varying styles and colors is revealed. She motions towards the wardrobe, and then off to a screen nearby behind which one can change with relative privacy. "There are two that are red, just there, that would look lovely on you, and several black as well, if that is more to your taste," with each, she gestures to the gown, or gowns in question.

Moving more slowly, Yael follows Elionys with wine in hand and a look of amusement on her features. It swiftly fades for some soft delight as the Princess opens the wardrobes to display rows of gowns. "Mhmm. I prefer a colour, red is an old favorite." The gowns are admired with a sharp eye, wine brought to her lips as she considers. "You've really quite exquisite taste."

"I love them," Elionys admits as she runs a finger down the sleeve of a gown in a pale golden shade, with embroidery around the sleeve. "The beauty, and the pageantry of them, and how much you can say with what you choose to wear, how you can make people question things by showing up somewhere wearing blue instead of green." Her shoulders gather in a shrug that likely doesn't mean anything at all. "Feel free to try any of them on, once we find some that you like, I will call the maid in and you should have something new to wear shortly after."

"A denial of preconceptions and an effective political gamut they provide, as well as something more striking that mere untended cloth," Yael agrees, canting her head at the display in front of her. "It is sad how few recognize the power of cloth. It's all theatrics, to see court at the Sunspear is evidence of it…" Considering the gowns offered, she reaches for the deeper of the reds. "I will try this one, it matches the wine," she notes with a crooked smile, folding it over one arm. Turning on a silent foot, she moves towards the screen.

"I think I would like to see court there," Elionys observes as she retreats a few steps, letting Yael by after she's selected a gown. "Too many here dress to their house colors, which is well and good for specific occasions, but we should not all be as dull as that."

"It sounds like a lack of imagination," Yael muses, voice slightly muffled as she changes into the gifted gown. "The Palace is lovely, although I have heard the sung praises of Kings Landing." It is several minutes before she reappears, with the gown clinging to her curves — tighter in some places than upon Elionys' slim figure. "What think you?"

"That's where I was raised," Elionys remarks, turning to wander idly around the room as she waits for Yael. "King's Landing. Some of the clothing there is amazing, especially for special occasions, which is where I developed a love of it." When the Dornishwoman reemerges, she turns to look her over, a bright smile lighting up her face. "You look absolutely gorgeous," she decides at once. "Though I fear you might fill it better than I do, thankfully my maid is absolute magic with that sort of thing."

Yael laughs with throaty pleasure, lifting her wine in a toast to Elionys' taste. "Due in large part to your impecable eye," she says, turning so that she can regard the lines of it critically. It fits in most places, pulling slightly in others. She takes a sip of her wine with a smile. "I will happily see her spells in service, then, for I am in need. I can only offer my most sincere of thanks for your kindess."

"You are kind to say so," Elionys' looks quietly pleased at the compliment, smile hidden a moment behind the lift of her goblet. "I should think after everything, some kindess is well deserved," she remarks, moving back toward the wardrobe to idly look through the ridiculous numer of gowns found in there. It must have taken a small army of servants to bring all of her trunks. "But your thanks are accepted, and I am glad for the company as well."

It is not ridiculous, it is just the correct number of gowns for a Princess. "I am as well, perhaps we might talk further?" Yael suggests, lifting her gown with a smile, now that she is more appropriately gowned. "I would very much love to hear of your stories from your capitol."

It might be the second wardrobe that makes the number ridiculous, or perhaps still just the right number. Either way, it's a lot of gowns, and shoes, and then there are the boxes of jewelry, with hair combs, and pins, and snoods. She has this part of being a Princess down. "I would like that very much," Elionys sounds nothing short of delighted at that prospect, and genuinely so. If this is feigned, she is very good at it. "Would you like to now, or should I send for my maid to see to the gown? I'm sure we've time to do so soon, if so, especially as you're staying with us for the time being."

"Oh, the gown can wait," Yael dismisses, not overtly bothered by wearing something too tight. She smiles broadly at the other woman, mouth crooking and further exposing her scar. The maid can see to it when she must. "Let us know each other better."

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