(121-04-19) A Florent Reunion
A Florent Reunion
Summary: Sera's brother Ryce decides to finally pay her a visit, but ends up beating down his cousin Arion in the process.
Date: (19/04/121)
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Its late in the morning when Arion come hobbling down the stairs with a very obvious limp. The blond is dressed in a pale purple shirt and grey pants but without shoes. He winces with each step taken and his pale green eyes dart around nervously. Seeing no one he starts for the kitchens mumbling something that sounds like. 'Bloody thief' 'revenge' and 'much too enjoyable' He moves along slowly and as quitely as he can as if he is trying to sneak by without being seen.

At the end of the long table in the setting of the dining hall, Ryce sits sprawled up in a chair with his feet upon the table and a book resting upon his forearms, he whistles a merry tune to himself as his eyes gaze over the bold-faced writing on the pages. He hears footsteps across the beaten earth floors which are seemingly heading towards his direction, he leans to the left inside his chair and gazes down the long table towards the entrance to the dining hall, noticing a barefoot man walking his way. He blinks in disbelief, and then shakes his head, muttering to himself, "Must be a servant." He turns his focus back towards the book but his fine whistling has stopped. He sways his foot which rests upon the table side-to-side as a subsititute.

Arion hears that muttering and freezes looking up with wide eyes. He realizes what has been said and scowls heavily. "Who the hells are you and how dare you call me a servant?! I have suffered cruelty enough today….though at least the other occurance was more enoyable. The aftermath however is quite painful." He wimpers slightly as he stalks over to Ryce trying to look intimidating. He looks more like a spoiled child having a fit than anything though. "Who are you anyways? Its bad enough that my cousins are here to invade my personal space and tell me what not to do, and now they invite strangers in? I know I personally didn't invite you." He huffs and sticks his bottom lip out in a pout.

The man tightens his grip on the book, he's on the verge of turning into a full-blown psycho here in a moment — the look on his face just foreshadows it, his teeth are clenched together.. and his face is starting to get red. If there's anything you should know about Ryce is that you never, ever, ever-… give him a an attitude. Ryce simply stares forwards at his book as Arion approaches him, his hands trembling in pure rage. Ryce's legs swoop off the table and hit the floor with a boom, he stands up so quickly from his sitting position that his chair falls backwards with a crash. All in one motion, he tosses his book from his left hand to his right as if he were juggling — he sways his hips to the right and then jolts towards the left, swinging his arm which has a book encased into his grasp.. ultimately aiming to slap the brat in the face with the cover of the book.

Arion dodges away from the strike just in time but unforuntately for him not getting hit by the book means loosing his balance and falling onto the floor on his butt. He lets out a pained scream his eyes watering as he hits the ground wincing. "That wasn't very nice…" He pouts again looking to be on the verge of tears. "I just wanted some tea and something for the pain not more pain!" He glares up at Ryce still pouting and shifts more than a little uncomfortable from his spot on the floor.

Ryce quickly pounces upon Arion as he falls to doge his previous attack. His knees just barely avoiding his sides and going onto the floor, pinning Arion. He cocks his fist back, his face is beat-red and his eyes are just.. scary. He is an inch away from pummeling his fist into Arion's nose but stops when he hears Arion talking, listening to him pout and whine.. he relaxes his fist, and gazes over his shoulder — even though he knows nothing would be behind him.. he swivels his head back towards Arion's scared face, and he lets out a deep sigh. His rage diminishes and soon his fist turns into a simple relaxed hand, and his skin turns back to white. He slowly gets off Arion and offers a hand down towards him to help him up, he's quite tall.. really tall — so he's bending down quite far. "I apologize, my feelings get the best of me sometimes.." he says in a somber tone of voice.

Arion eyes that hand warily and somewhat fearful. After a moment though he seems to accept the apology and takes Ryce's hand. "Its alright…sometimes I lose my temper too…you are much more scary than I'll ever be though." Is that admiration in thsoe green eyes? He lets Ryce help him up. "I'm sorry I upset you…will you tell me what set you off so I will not repeat it. I have enough problems now without another person angry at me." He sighs softly looking a bit sad and lowering his head. "Family is so complicated…" He peeks up at Ryce. "So who are you anyway? You look familer and you have the family ears too…I am Lord Arion Florent. Are you another of my cousins?"

Ryce bends down grasping his book that he tossed aside to pounce upon Arion, he throws it on the table and chimes back with a response while doing so, "Anything sets me off, it just has to be raising your voice at me and I will turn into an animal." he admits. He listens critically as Arion begins to speak about 'family complications'.. haven't having experienced it, except this right here.. he doesn't know much about it! He sizes Arion up at the mention of his own familiarity, and his ears.. he places a hand over his ear self-consciously.. it's enough to make him upset even then, but he's let out most of his rage for the time being. He raises an eyebrow, almost shocked at the mention of the 'fellas name, "It seems I am, cous!" he doesn't skip a beat and continues speaking, "Ser Ryce Florent, I am the brother of Sera Florent.. I assume you know her.." he steps closer towards Arion and slowly wraps his arms around him, giving him a warm embrace.. he rests his head upon Arion's shoulder; it seems he has a soft side to him aswell, well.. when he's not angry!

Arion blushes a bit but returns the hug eagerly. His smile is warm at least until Sera's named is mentioned. "Well its obvious you haven't spoken with her yet…she is really mad at me I think…and she will be even angrier when she learns what happened last night." He sighs sadly. "I wish we could all just get along you know? I don't like fighting with family…" He hugs Ryce tightly for a long moment and then steps back slowly smiling up at his cousin. "Its good to meet you and I hope I don't give you a reason to hate me too."

Ryce dusts off Arion's shoulders with the tips of his fingers, he gives off a small smile and suceeds it with a solemn statement — "Family is supposed to get along, I haven't seen her yet but I hope to soon.. she's one of my dear sisters, and I have missed her alot." he looks down at Arion, he touches his bangs and moves them out of his face. "Family will have problems, it's bound to happen - but there isn't such thing as an everlasting feud between one, it all has to end sometime."

As if on cue there is the sound of the front door opening and a woman's voice as she directs the servant. "Sesro," her favorite one, a very tall and sleepy looking man, "Please get me some Arbor Red — I wish to drink while the sun is still up and not stop until it decides to leave me." With his instructions given, Sera enters, looking to be in good spirits with bright eyes. Their brightness hardens a bit at the sight of Arion, but he is quickly relieved of that as she realizes her brother is home. She breaks out into a wide grin as she rushes over to the incredibly tall Florent. "Brother! You have finally left your books to come visit me!"

Arion nods his head to Ryce smiling fondly. "I hope you are right… I am not fond of conflict, I don't know what my father was thinking by having me become a squire. I am clearly not well suited to such things." He steps back wincing slightly at the pain as he moves out of Sera's way. He seems to to consider something as he studies Sera and finally he sighs. "Sera, tell me something.. did you go after the thief that robbed me?" His gaze is nervous but there is a hardness there as well as worry.

Ryce speaks words of encouragment towards Arion but stops abruptly as he hears the enchanting, and soft voice that he grew up with. He spins upon his heels and he looks towards the small girl with red hair.. he instantly knows that this girl is his sister now, his eyes widen and he presents a look of pure happiness, he's overjoyed.. ecstatic! He grasps Sera underneath her armpits and he lifts her up into the air above his head, as if she weighed nothing. He spins her aroud for a moment, "Sis, words can't describe how much I missed you!" He sets her down slightly and he places a kiss on her lips, her cheek, and then the top of her head — just smothering her in kisses. He wraps his arms around her and holds her close, as if he never wants to let go.

As Ryce grabs her and lifts her, Sera can't help but laugh out loud, like she is 8 again instead of 18. "Ryce!" She squeals before he puts her down. She returns the hug as best as she could with her much smaller stature, stepping up to the very tips of her toes as she squeezes her brother to her. When he covers her faces in kisses, she scrunches her face as she chuckles, her cheeks reddening before she grins back up at him. "Miss me then? I see your books still have you wrapped around their little bindings." Her teal eyes then slide towards Arion at his question before she continues towards Ryce, "And I suppose you met Lord Arion." She then turns to face the blond Florent fully before she nods. "Yes, and I caught him at first. You were too busy prancing on the stage with your Lord that I had to do something about our family honor. Unfortunately one of the Targaryens interrupted us and had managed to escape."

Arion watches the interaction between the two siblings witha fond smile. Sera's word cuase him to sigh and frown slightly at the red head. "You should have left matters alone…he was here just last night to exact his revenge. I don't know what you did but he was quite angry about it and I paid for it….again." He turns and starts limping for the kitchens once more. He puases and turns to look at Sera breifly his gaze softening a moment. "Still the fact that you cared enough to defend my honor is touching cousin…even if the attempt could have gone better you have my thanks all the same." He smiles faintly and warmly before he starts ambling slowly off to find some tea and likely something to numb his pain as well.

Ryce wraps his arms around Sera, playing with her jewlery.. he smiles and he tilts his neck onto the side of her shoulder, using it as a pillow. He hasn't changed much from when he was a kid, still loving and kind.. but Arion saw the other side of him. He places a kiss on her neck and then speaks again with mixed laughter, "I did indeed meet Lord Arion, I put'em flat.. but we're past that now!" he gives off a thin-smile towards his 'cous and goes back to embracing Sera. He furrows his eyebrows though, still wrapped around behind Sera.. "Thief.. he's hurting you-..?" he asks, looking at Arion. He starts to get defensive, and ask questions — "Later on, tell me what this 'fella looks like, and I will put'em flat.." he shakes his head and then continues to play with Sera's jewlery.

"It is not your honor I was protecting, Lord Arion, it was our family name. Do you really want thieves to know our Lords are so easily fooled?" Sera asks him with a sigh as she shakes her head. "If he is back again then it is time I go to Lord Olyvar and seek proper justice." It must be an odd sight, seeing such a tall man use such a small woman as a pillow. "He didn't just harm us, brother, he stole from us, twice apparently. Imagine what the people would think! We can't even protect our own coinpurses."

Arion nods frowning slightly. "When you catch him I want a say in his punishment…Garvin should have some imput to for that matter. He did rob the both of us." Arion looks at Sera a moment and then at Ryce. "That is one fight I would pay to see Lord Ryce! I wouldn't even know who to bet on…the thief was taller than you after all." He grins. "Still if you wish to defend my honor then you have my blessing to do it. Knock him on his ass..hard okay?" And with that Arion starts for the kitchens again.

Ryce nods at Arion, "I certainly shall.." he says determined, he watches as Arion walks away and then he relaxes again.. he smiles and makes a grunting noise before lifting Sera over his shoulder, patting her playfully on the bottom once. Ryce dances around slowly with his sister upon his shoulder like a wounded in a battlezone. "Dum dum dum.. ya'dum dum dum.." he imitates percussion insturments with his voice, poorly but humorously.

"It will be up to Lord Olyvar in how the punishment is dealt, I'm afraid…" Sera murmurs towards Arion before Ryce suddenly picks her up and places her on his shoulder. Her eyes widen in surprise as she lets out a yelp before squirming and kicking to be let down. "Brother! Bring me down at once! I am not a child anymore! You can't do this!"

The large Ryce follows the wishes of his sisters who tries to free herself from his grasp, he kneels over a tad and then places her back on her feet with a small smile, "I'm sorry, sis." he runs his fingers down a lock of her hair; cocking his head he asks a question, "You want to sit down, chat, and have some wine?" He seems eager to catch up, he clasps his hands together under his chin and interlaces his fingers and an impish smile appears from his mouth.. he's set on getting a good answer!

"I'm supposed to be a lady here," she teases him lightly before making her way towards the table to sit down. She grabs her glass and takes a long sip before placing it down, grinning at Ryce's excitedness. "What do you wish to know? Scandals? Love affairs? Rumors? I have had two men come a-calling, of sorts. Although you may not really approve of them."

To be continued..

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