(121-04-18) You're Hired
You're Hired
Summary: Daemond comes in search of sellswords, finds Saskia and hires her. Saskia gets some new equipment!
Date: Date of play (18/04/2014)
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Tooth And Nail

Seated on one of the barrels with a wall to her back, Saskia is trying to keep out of the limelight for the most part, especially since she is a woman. A rather large, black dog sits by her feet, which probably helps to keep some of the riffraff off her for the most part. Saskia has a tankard in her hand that she nurses, taking slow sips while she watches the general misdeeds of the downtrodden. One of her hands slips down to scratch the dog behind his ear and his golden eyes slide shut in pleasure.

Entering through the door with a sigh, completely out of place in a establishment such as the tooth and nail, is Daemond with his two lannister guards. He walks along, the guards following as his gaze drifts about the establishment. Muttering to himself as he looks about every sellsword he can see, the distinct muttering of no coming from his vicinity before his gaze falls upon Saskia. He lowers his gaze down to the dog at the womans feet, raising his brows before back up to the woman, a grin forming on his lips, "Yep." He says to himself, chuckling lightly as he makes his way over, care-free despite the hound as his pale-violet eyes are fixated upon the woman, suggesting a good bit of the dragon flowing through his veins.

She was definitely not expecting a fancy Lord to walk into the establishment, and Saskia was definitely not expecting him to look at her and come her way. The sellsword sits up a bit, her chin lifting briefly as she murmurs a 'settle' command to her dog. He lowers his head and simply watches upwards through his brows. Taking her tankard, Saskia downs most of it in one go before placing it back down, smacking her lips before she cants her head to the side. Slowly, as if with aching bones, she slides up to her feet and offers the obligatory head-nod-bow, short and quick before she drops down heavily into her seat. "Mi'lord."

Sliding his hands into the pockets of his leather pantings, he stops his advances a fair, comfortable distance from the dog as he looks to Saskia with a grin. "Greetings," Says the lord as he opens his mouth to speak before being cut off by one of his guards, "Lord Daemond Lannister." Daemond shuts his mouth, glaring over before he looks to the other guard, "Hit him.". Said ordered guard takes no time in raising his left fist and striking the other guard in the face, causing him to stagger over to the right slightly, grunting, "Sorry M'lord.". "That's better." Says Daemond with a satisfied grin as he looks back to Saskia. "As my guard here had rudely interrupted my declaration, I am Daemond Lannister." He pauses for a moment, scanning over the woman for a second before gazing back up to her face, "Judging by your attire and rather intimidating looking dog, I'm going to make a wild assumption that you're a sellsword… Correct?"

Watching the exchange between the guards, Saskia quirks her eyebrows before looking back towards Daemond. Note to self, do not interrupt him. At his question, Saskia waits a bit longer than necessary, ensuring he has finished speaking completely before she nods her head. "Aye, and a good one at that, Mi'lord. You want somethin' hunted, tracked, or killed, I'm yours…for a fee." She tilts her chin upwards at him, her ice blue eyes regarding the Lannister. "Lookin' for some service?"

Daemond nods, "That I am. And I think you're one of the few people who can meet my needs." he says, prompting the two guards to lightly grumble to themselves. "How good are you at guarding?" The lord asks, shifting his weight of to his left leg as he cants his head to the right with a raise of his right brow. "I'm looking to make a little.. Band of personal guards and fighters."

At his question, Saskia presses her lips into a thin line as she contemplates her answer. "Well," she starts off, "I can see in the dark better than most men. I can hunt better than most of them as well. If I don't see it, Squid here can sniff it out," she nods towards her dog, who lifts his head up as he hears his name. "Just give me a better sword, decent armor and I can take down anythin' ya want." She pauses to look at his guards before looking back at Daemond. "'Cuse me, Mi'lord. You have enough guards around ya, whaddya need me for? Not that I won't take the job."

Daemond pauses before shrugging, "Does one really need a reason to have people available to fight for you?". He pauses again before lightly chuckling, "Besides, the life of a noble is a surprisingly dangerous one. You have many friends, and twice as many enemies." Tilting his head over to the left and shifting his weight to the right, "And I prefer my enemies dead. Sellswords and swornswords are very much capable of making that possible."

"Yes, we are." Saskia agrees as she tilts her head thoughtfully before nodding her head firmly. "Then I am yours, Mi'Lord, to dispose with as you wish." She then reaches down to unbuckle her swordbelt from around her hips before dropping it heavily on the table before her. "Though with better equipment I will be sure to do it twice as better. Equip me with a decent sword and armor and I will be loyal to you until we are done."

Daemond looks over to one of his guards, gazing down to his sword then back up to the guards face. "Well, go on. Hand the woman your sword." He simply says. The guard stares at Daemond for a second, cursing under his breath as he slides the longsword out from his scabbard, placing it down onto the table in front of her. "Good, now off with you." The guard growls, turning on his heels and heading out the door. Daemond turns, looking to Saskia with a smirk, "There's your decent sword. The armor will have to be bought.. Lets go get that now, yes?"

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