(121-04-18) Oh, To Catch A Thief!
Oh, To Catch A Thief!
Summary: Sera and Gromm set out to capture Toran, only to be interrupted by Ryon, Arrick and Visenya. Angry words are exchanged and the thief gets away.
Date: Date of play (18/04/2014)
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Oldtown Square

Its a late summer night and while most people would be asleep at this hour however Toran is not amoung them. The tall dark haired thief is currently climbing down the stones from a nearby building. He seems in good spirits and his feet hit the ground almost completely silent. He takes a small bright blue gem from one of his pouches admiring it in the moonlight as he turns to make his way across the square. The gem is rather large the size of a coin and cut in a diamond shape. Toran looks it over critically and then puts it away once more his dark eyes glancing around warily.

"Quite a pretty gem you have there," Sera murmurs as she makes her way towards the thief, slipping of the shadows herself. It is rather late at night for a noble lady to be out by herself, or at least she may seem by herself at first. Her lips curve upwards into a little smile as she watches Toran. "My apologies for my behavior the first time we met, but I was very, very angry at my cousin. Families, they seem more intent to upset you than to ease your mind…"

The almost thunderous sound of wings flapping is heard as a large Golden Eagle lands down nearby onto one of the wooden pillories. It's silent, like most of its kind, unlike other breeds of eagle. Instead it simply glares around, its gaze a piercing one as it locks onto Toran, tilting its head over to the left slightly, unblinking.

Toran spots the noblewoman as she emmerges from the shadows. He raises a dark brow at her in question but her apology has him smiling softly. "Thank you and it is quite alright my lady. I see nothing to forgive. You were angry and everyone is entitled to be angry once in a while yes?" He glances about to make sure they are alone before he continues. He spots the eagle and riases a brow at the bird his gaze considering it before he looks back to the lady. "I can understand quite well how easily family can dissapoint….it seems the closer one is to someone the more thier actions and choices affect our own and that is not always a good thing." Toran eyes her curiously a long moment. "I don't believe I got your name though. Perhaps I could convince you to reveal it?" He lifts the gem from it pouch fingering it lightly and showing it off to her as he speaks. "I find myself curious to know the name of such a passionate beauty even this gem pales in comparison." His smile is charming and a touch playful but his eyes are alert and he seems ready to react to any threats should they appear including the eagle which he watches in the corner of his eye.

"That is correct, and unfortunately it is that reason that my actions are no longer just my own. I am a part of my family as you are yours." When he produces the blue gem her eyes brighten with delight as she grins back at him. "With a gift such as that, how can I refuse?" She glances towards the eagle briefly before looking back to Toran. "My name is Lady Sera Florent. Unfortunately you have robbed my cousin of his spending money. My family has been dealt with quite a bit of embarrassing news and rumors recently and, well, I really cannot afford any more. I hope you understand…" She offers him a soft and apologetic smile at that.

Toran offers her the gem in his hand with a smile. Her words he considers a long moment and he frowns. "I had no idea your family was suffering already my lady. Unfortunatly your cousins coinpurse has already been dispursed among the poor…to an orphanage. I cannot return it but perhaps another arrangement could be reached? I make it my mission to help those who I think need it….I would help you as well if you like? Whatever you might ask of me I will give you and if I cannot give it then I will take your fury and welcome it as a gentleman who has wronged a lady should." Torans words are soft spoken but quite sincere all the same as he looks into Sera's eyes with his own dark grey gaze.

The eagle blinks as Sera would look over towards it, looking around for a moment as if surveying its surroundings before launching itself upwards, and proceeding to flap its wings as it ascends to the roof of the Bawdy Bard Playhouse. A quiet grunt is heard as Gromm begins advancing from behind Toran, a inch shy of Toran's own height, except home to a great amount more muscle. Slung upon his back is a bag carrying six javelins, held by his belt is a scabbard holding a scimitar, and residing besides the man is a man at a solid six feet with his arms crossed along his chest.

Her teal eyes regard the gem briefly but Sera doesn't take it. Instead she looks back towards Toran, watching him for a long moment to see just how sincere he may be. Finally she offers him a small smile before tilting her head to the side. "Thank you for your words and consideration, but I am sure you can understand my hesitation to believe everything you say. Flowery words keep snakes in the garden after all. If you do not mind I would like to take your punishment publicly. I am no guard and I know very little of the laws. Perhaps if you give yourself up nicely we may only deal with a public whipping before you are freed. If not then I may have to lay you at the mercy of the Hightowers, the Tyrells, and of course the Florents."

The gem is dropped as soon as Toran hears the footsteps behind him. The thief whirls around drawing his blades in a flash of steel and eyeing the two men. When he speaks though its to Sera even though he doesn't take his eyes off the men before him. "So cruel you are my lady….a stark reminder of why I must always be cautious. I said I would submit to punishment if I could not give you what you wish…And I'm afraid I cannot submit. My honor is flexible but my pride is not. If your men can subdue me then they should start trying." He eyes the men with narrowed eyes ready to strike when they come near him.

A heavy sigh slips past her lips as Sera watches Toran decide to fight rather than give in. "Things could have been made so much easier and the world a far better place without the inconvenience of pride. However, I understand your need to hold yourself high, I would do the same if I were in your situation, but alas my pride asks that I seek vengeance for when a family member is wronged. I do hope you understand." Her lips curl back up into a smile as she nods at Gromm. "Please bring him in."

Gromm nods in response to the lady, looking back to the man. He reaches over, placing his right hand on his servants back before shoving him forward, moving along side him. The servant grunts lightly as he's forced forward, reach under his pits where a slit in his simple tunic resides, reaching in and retrieving two daggers from cleverly placed concealable compartments. Without as much as a grunt, he reaches over and draws his scimitar before charging forward, reaching across with it before he closes the distance between himself and the man and throwing a swing of his blade towards Toran. The servant holding off for the moment.

A set of soft steps is heard coming down the street Ryon's booted feet falling lightly upon the stones of the square. He spies the fight and frowns but the nearby lady watching has him approaching quickly coming to stand between Sera and the battling men. His draws the slender long blade he carries and he glances to Sera with a frown. "Did one of these men threaten you Lady?" His tone is polite but quite serious as he looks back to the fight tense and ready to draw and stab anyone who gets too close to the lady.

Toran dodges to the side narrowly missing that large blade. It catches his doublet slashing into it and cutting it open drawing a bit of blood. Its just a shallow cut though and Toran charges into the fray with a growl swinging and then getting knocked back again with a another deeper cut to his chest. He holds his ground for as long as he can until his wounds have him taking one knee with a hoarse laugh. "Dammit you fight well…my pride is eased then. Do whatever you will." Toran grins all bloody with a torn shirt on one knee and casts both his blades onto the ground in surrender.

Sera is watching the fight with hardened eyes, her smile no longer there and her lips pressed into a thin line. She steps back in surprise, however, when Ryon appears in her defence. Well, isn't it good to be the lady? She takes a step back, offering him a little smile of gratitude, "Thank you." When Toran, however, takes to his knee as he falls, she cants her head to the side. "So your pride is in check then? I hope you aren't too angry with me." She moves to pick up the blue jewel he had dropped, peering at it curiously before she turns back to Toran. "You will be kept in my house, Thief of Lords, at least briefly. Then the Tyrells may want to have a word with you. I assure you, however, every comfort will you be yours at my house, although please don't steal anything more."

When the fight seems to have ended and the man kneels Ryon sheaths his blade and steps to the side turning to face Sera. "You are welcome. Please forgive my intrusion into your business but I could not stand by while there was a risk of you getting injured." He offers a polite bow at the waist placing his hand over his heart as he introduces himself to Sera with a warm smile. "I am Lord Ryon Arryn and it is a geninue pleasure to meet you." He looks to the dark dressed man who kneels bleeding on the stones. He frowns faintly and then glances back to Sera. "Do you need any assistance?"

Gromm lowers his large scimitar silently, staring down at the man quietly as he looks over to his left arm, having received two new cuts along his upper-arm region. Only a "Hmph" escapes Gromm as he looks back down to the man, sliding his weapon into his scabbard as he glances to his right to his servant who has a bit more wounds than himself, though is still on two feet luckily. Gromm lets out another hmph, turning his head back to Toran as he stomps over, leaning down in as he grabs the man by his shoulders and push him down into the ground. "Tie him." He says to the servant who nods, quickly jogging off and returning with some rope, in which the two men, both varying in size, tie up Toran. After the act, Gromm hoists him up and slings him over his shoulder. "Ready." He says, looking towards Sera with a indifferent frown.

Toran is still and silent as he is bound and toss over Gromm's shoulder. He doesn't protest and he doesn't even show he is in pain as his wounds drip blood onto the man as he is lifted up. His expression is blank almost as if he has blocked out his own thoughts and pain. He remains motionless letting Gromm cart him off to wherever they happen to be going.

"Ah, a Lord of the house Arryn, I apologies for you having to see this. Just some unfinished business. He stole from my cousin and I wish to…rectify the situation." She looks at the blue jewel in her hand once more. "Odd that you haven't given this pretty one to the poor, Thief of Lords…" Sera trails off as she watches Gromm tie up Toran thoroughly. "Lets bring him to the Foxearth manse. Lord Arion will see him and then we may send him as a gift to the Garden Isle Manse, with a pretty bow for his pretty hair." She grins at that. As Gromm lifts him up, Sera widens her eyes briefly, "Careful, Gromm! He must not be harmed."

Just as Gromm throws Toran, bloody and beaten, over his shoulder Visenya arrives. The Targaryen Princess is accompanied by two men-at-arms with Targaryen badges, and a Dornish Knight, strangely enough. She watches the big man carry the thief away with a hazy blink before suddenly she picks up her skirts slightly and begins to jog towards where he is being carried. "You! Big man! You will unhand him at once!"

The Dornish knight alongside Princess Visenya is none other than Ser Arrick Gargalen, a son of Dorne and rumored to be indebted to the Targaryens for gods know what.

Moving in lockstep with the blonde Princess Ser Arrick stays silent, waiting to be called to do her bidding.

Ryon nods to Sera with a small smile. "I see well then unless you need an extra pair of hands to escort him and yourself back to your manse I will take my leave. I would not wish to intrude on family business after all." He looks on in surprise as the Targaryen Princess rushes to the thiefs aid. He glances to Sera remaining nearby the lady and watching the Princess rush to the thief aid with a frown. "It seems your thief has some connections…"

As Visenya appears and calls out to her retainer, Sera pauses, narrowing her eyes at the Targaryen Princess. "Princess," she murmurs to her, dipping into a courtsey. "He is a prisoner for the House Florent. My apologies Princess but he is not to be released, not yet at least. But do not worry, he is under my care. If you wish to see him you may visit him at our manse. I am taking him there personally so you have nothing to fear." She looks back towards Ryon with pressed lips.

The large Gromm looks over to Visenya, lowering his brows as his gaze scans over the princess and those accompanying her. His gaze shifts back to Visenya for a moment before he grunts, simply turning on his heels as setting off the opposite direction. "No." Is all he says in response to her, tightening his grip around the man, as he speaks up to his servant, "Slow them down." the servant glances to Gromm and then to the three men, scowling as he readies his daggers defensively, though ignoring the princess jogging after Gromm.

Visenya's own lips purse into a thin line. "He will be released." She says firmly to Sera. "I don't know who you think this man is, but he is a Lord of the Westerlands, and a personal friend." Her eyes narrow slightly, "I'd hate to have to go to the Lannister representatives in the city, and explain that you have kidnapped their bannerman, my Lady. …I do not think it would be good for diplomacy at all!"

Toran hangs motionless from Gromms shoulder his expression blank. The Princess seems to be the only thing he reacts to. He blinks a bit in surprise as he spies Visenya rushing after him. He manages a weak grin for her upside down though it is. There is no hope in his eyes that she will save him but there is a spark of amusement. "Well met again fair Princess Visenya…" He goes silent as Sera speak and his expression is blank once more revealing nothing his gaze two dark pools that are eerily empty of emotion. Though when Gromm orders his servant to attack the man gathers his bound legs and tries to kick the man hard ignoring the pain at being squeezed.

Ser Arrick quirks a brow as the Princess is told something she usually isn't and he chimes in, calling to the man saying in an oddly Dornish drawl out of place in this setting, "That is a Lord of the Westerlands! Do not suffer the wrath of this dragon!" Arrick motions towards Visenya and waits to be patted on the head or the butt or whatever he gets for a job well done.

At Gromm's no, Sera winces before she murmurs to him. "Lower him down, Gromm, but keep him tied until we settle this. She is still a Targaryen and we have had enough bad blood recently." But then her attention turns back to Visenya. "/Kidnapped/?" Sera returns with a touch of anger as she narrows her eyes at Visenya. "This…/Lord/ has stolen from /your/ bannermen, princess! He has, personally, taken money from the Tyrells /and/ the Florents. Again, my apologies Princess, but are you aware of what you are asking of me? You cannot seriously favor a Lord that acts as a common thief to your own people who have held their swords at your beck and call! Is that truly, /TRULY/ what you want from this? Because I assure you this is…This is not /right/."

Ryon offers Visenya bow bending at the waist with his hand over his heart. He purses his lips but stays silent watching the interaction between the two women a frown on his face. He looks from Visenya and her knight to Sera and then to Gromm and his captive. Looking back to Sera he sighs softly at her outburst before adding his own words in a calm and polite tone. "Perhaps an agreement can be reached Princess? The Lady claims this gentleman stole from her cousin there should be a punishment for that whether he is a lord or not. Would you let a thief go free if he stole from your family. I imagine not so please try to see why the Lady Florent wishes to see him punished her family honor is at stake."

"We know that the Pansy." Visenya says the word Pansy with no small measure of distain, "And his friend were robbed. Is it known who did the robbing?" She lofts a silvery brow at Ryon, "That's all well and good Ser, but Florent is not the law in Oldtown. This lady is taking the law into her own hand instead of going to the Hightowers, who are the rightful keepers of the law in the city of Oldtown, and carting him off at her pleasure and leisure! I will not stand for such lawlessness." She looks to Sera, "The Lord will be placed in my custody, and I shall consult with the Hightowers to see that justice is done. You are not the law, my Lady."

Gromm growls, taking the kick to the back with a lightly pained grunt, staggering slightly forward before gathering his stature again stopping and turn to look at the man's face with a faint grin. At Sera's order, he growls in annoyance, lowering himself a knee as he drops the man down onto the ground. "Watch him." he orders to his servant, who sighs in relief as he quickly rushes over to guard the downed man, though a tinge of sympathy towards him is in his eyes. Gromm comes over, standing at Sera's side, "I request he not be whipped." He simply says, casually looking down to the princess.

Ser Arrick peers at Princess Visenya and uses a similar facial expression in declaring to those present as loud as he can muster, "The Hightowers are the…" Arrick stops mid-sentence as the man the Princess wanted released is let down to the floor. The Dornish knight merely folds his arms with a confused expression and waits to be commanded as is his purpose in the service of Princess Visenya.

"It is late at night, Princess," Sera replies with a soft sigh, reaching up to pinch the bridge of her nose. "I already promised no harm will come to him. I had every intention of bringing him to the Hightowers in the morning, Princess, but I simply wanted him off the streets until then since apparently nothing had been done. It certainly felt like lawlessness considering I had to come and do it myself. I am not the only one hunting him down, the Tyrells had also sent their guardsmen to find him. I was merely the first. I am /not/ a bloodthirsty savage but I will not have my House slighted and ignored, again." Her jaws flex at that before she takes a deep breath to steady herself. "Forgive me if I am suspect of your intentions, Princess, your family, though great as they may be, might be concerned with matters that fits them. He slighted against my Family and my honor, Princess. You may join us at Foxearth and see to his safety and comfort as you see fit, but please," her expression softens at this, "please, understand where I am coming from and do not take this away from us."

Ryon remains silent standing beside Sera with a thoughtful expression. Finally he speaks to Visenya once more. "I am staying at the Hightower myself…perhaps he could be brough there to await judgement instead? That way no one could be accused to taking the law into thier own hands as he would be in the hands of those in control of enforcing the law in this city? I would be willing to ensure he gets there and is treated fairly until his sentance is passed."

Toran seems a bit surprised by that grin from Gromm but he returns it with a faint one of his own. He lets out a grunt as he is dropped bound and bloody onto the stones. He shifts in his ropes trying to reach for the pouches at his belt discretely. His dark eyes are locked onto the argument and give no clues that he is currently attempting escape. His fingers deftly fumble with the pouch as he listens to the conversation.

"This man is of noble blood. You've already let you big hulking henchman beat him, and tie him up. This is not befitting a man of his station. I don't care what he stole. He is of noble birth." Visenya's amethyst colored eyes darken slightly at Sera's words. "No harm will come to him? You've already allowed harm to come to him. Look at him. He's /bleeding/." She shakes her head, and purses her lips into a thin line. And then rage registers across her face, "/What/ did you just accuse me of? Do you have any idea how many times my house has been slighted since I came to the Reach? By our own banner men, even. I will not stand for this insolence and insults any longer." Her eyes flicker towards Toran very briefly before they flit back to Sera's face. "You've insulted my house. You've insulted the Hightowers. Is there anyone else you'd like to insult while you are at it, my Lady?"

At Ryon's suggestion, Sera actually looks relieved. "Yes, I do not mind taking him to Hightower under your guide, all I ask is for justice." At Visenya's words, Sera quirks her eyebrows before murmuring under her breath, "I wonder why…" She then shakes her head before answering back in a louder voice. "I have agreed to take him to the Hightowers. A mutual ground. He has not voiced his station to me so I had no idea who he was but a common thief. He was the one who drew his weapon and my men acted on my behalf and safety. I offered him to come quietly but he did not take it and instead drew his sword. Am I to let him cut up my men with no identification? He will go to the Hightowers, I can't ask for a better compromise."

No one seems to notice the subject of the discussion cutting away his bindings bit by bit without revealing it. Once Toran is free he is rolling swiftly away from the servant who guards him and is on his feet in a flash. He dashes into a nearby street ignoring his pain and calls out brazenly to Sera. "Not today Lady Florent!" And then he is off racing into the maze of streets.

No one seems to notice the subject of the discussion cutting away his bindings bit by bit without revealing it. Once Toran is free he is rolling swiftly away from the servant who guards him and is on his feet in a flash. He dashes into a nearby street ignoring his pain and calls out brazenly to Sera. "Not today my cruel lady fox!" And then he is off racing into the maze of streets.

Gromm lightly grumbles at the name he was called, looking away, muttering to himself somewhat childishly, "I'm not some big hulking henchman… Mfhrphf.. He drew his weapons.. Hrmphf…" His voice deteriorates into some grumbling for a few seconds before he looks over to his Toran sprinting off into the streets, not bothering to go after him, and his servant looking to dumbstruck to muster up the braincells to chase after him. Gromm simply looks over to Sera, looking rather annoyed, "Can I go now?"

Ryon offers Sera a faint smile and an incline of his head. "Justice is a perfectly reasonable goal…is it not Princess? I will.." He blinks and puases his words looking over just in time to see the thief race off and away. He frowns as the thief calls out to the lady and then he looks to Gromm in surpise and raises a brow. "You did not think to check to see if he had other weapons?"

"Good. We will take him to the Hightower, then. I am sure Lord Ormund will be pleased to know you've taken the law of the city into his own hands." Oh wait. Hey, Toran is totally gone! Visenya appears to be totally surprised! She is so surprised that she lets Toran get out of sight before looking to her own men-at-arms, "You're just standing there?! Go after him!"

As the subject seems to free himself and dash off, Sera looks on in dismay before she turns towards Visenya. "Now you know who he is, fine. You have delayed me and he has escaped. You wish to take this in your hands then it is up to you to bring him in to the Hightowers. I highly suggest you do that /before/ the Tyrells do. I wished to catch him to avoid him being at their mercy," she glances at Gromm briefly, "but now he is. I just hope you find him first." At Gromm's request, Sera lifts her shoulder, "Leave. There is little else we can do here. It is up to the Princess now."

"Perhaps you should have kept better guard of your prisoner." Visenya says to Sera with a smug little smirk and a shake of her head. "And a word of advice? Don't lie to a dragon. You've already said that you were personally slighted by the man, and wanting retribution, and now you are his savior?" She shakes her head and tsks before pointedly looking away from Sera to Ryon. "My Lord. I don't think we have met, and yet you wear the crest of House Arryn." She gives him a short yet prim curtsey. "I seem to have lost my escort to the lady's quest. Will you walk with me?"

Ryon frowns heavily glancing into the alley where the thief ran off. He looks to Sera and he seems about to speak with her but Visenya addresses him first. He offers a polite bow at the waist to her curtsey and smiles faintly. "Forgive me for not introducing myself beforehand Princess. I am Lord Ryon Arryn the current heir to House Arryn. It is a pleasure to meet you and I would be glad to see you safely to your destination." He steps forward offering a small faint smile to Sera as he prepares to follow Visenya.

"Yes, he stole from us, but my retribution would be from the Hightowers, are you not aware of the Tyrells and how they deal with their own slights?" Sera returns with exasperation. "I did not /lie/, Princess. I offered him safety and comfort until his trial. Much better than the Tyrells may have offered him. But it does not matter, you have interferred and laid your judgement. And you wonder why. Bring him to justice, Princess, that is all I ask. Insult me all you may, what can I say in return to the ruling power? Nothing. I ask for justice and how you deal with it will represent the kind of lady that deserves the respect she asks for."

The doors of the Lysene baths are thrown open again as Gromm steps out, without any of his earlier weapons. He raises his left arm as he moves to approach Sera once more, the large golden eagle dropping down and perching itself on his arm. "If you'd like, I can arrange a bath for you. The night has been tiring." He offers, which is surprisingly kind for the big man.

Visenya presses her lips into a thin line as she regards Sera. "Perhaps I was hasty in my judgement, my lady…?" She trails off, expecting Sera will provide a name. "It is just that he bears a striking resemblance to a nobleman, and you have to understand that I cannot allow nobles to abuse each other. Why, there would be chaos in the streets. It is my duty to interfere when I perceive that there is injustice happening. I understand your frustration. The city watch is overburdened. Sometimes thieves are not found in a timely fashion." There is a pause, "How much was stolen from your kinsman?'

Ryon watches as the two women speak with each other. The Arryn Lord is quite content to remain silent standing beside Visenya and waiting to see if this will finally be resolved. Gromm's return cuases him to raise a brow and then he glances to Sera curiously. He stays quiet now though watching silently with a thoughtful and somewhat calculating expression.

"Sera Florent," Sera returns. As Visenya switches to stating that he resembles a Lord, the noble woman actually snorts. "Nice try, Princess, but I will not fall for that. It is too late. We know. He knows. You know. I am holding you to your house and name, Princess. I will see to it." As Gromm offers her the bath, Sera tips her head. "Thank you, but I am tired. I prefer to go home." As Visenya asks, Sera can't help the little smile as she shakes her head. "It is not the coin, Princess, it is the name that has been tarnished. If he gets away with it, in Oldtown no less, then all our Lords will be subjected to thieves, especially now that they know that the Dragons are their protectors. Now if you will excuse me, I should head home."

Gromm nods to Sera, looking over to his eagle that resides on its arm. The eagle tilts its head over to the left as it stares at Gromm, before it individually looks to Ryon, Visenya and Sera with its almost deadly gaze before the two set off back towards the Lysene Bathhouse

"Now you're calling me a liar." Visenya says with a shake of her head. "Why would I bother doing anything for you when all you do is insult me? Why are you under the assumption that you must demand justice from my house when all you do is insult us? Find him yourself. And do not think that I will forget your slanderous words against me, Sera Florent." That said, she turns on her heel. "Tell me, Lord Ryon, are houses in the Vale so insubordinate as the Reach?"

Ryon frowns slightly at the words exchanged. He looks to Visenya as she turns to him and manages a faint smile for her shaking his head softly as he speaks to her in that calm and respectful tone of his. "No Princess…the banner Houses of the Vale are quite loyal to both House Arryn and your own House as well. I did not know there was such dissent here in the Reach until now." He frowns looking more than a little displeased by this.

"I have never experienced such insolence and questioning of authority in my life. If this were the Crownlands I never would have been questioned in such a manner." Visenya tells Ryon as she takes a step towards the direction of the Starry Sept's dome. Just then her men-at-arms return sans thief. She lets out a little sigh, "Ah, I see you didn't find him." She makes an effort to look disappointed. "You've my thanks, Lord Ryon. You are a voice of civility and reason." That said, she turns to leave with her men.

Ryon offers Visenya a warm little smile and a nod of his head as she moves to leave reunited with her guards. "You are quite welcome Princess. It has been a pleasure meeting you and I sincerely hope the rest of your night is more peaceful." With that he too turns to go heading in the direction of the Hightower.

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