(121-04-17) Ser Arros' Ransom
Ser Arros' Ransom
Summary: Mariya comes to pay the ransom on Arros. Sort of.
Date: 04/17/2014
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Guardsman's Suite - Garden Isle Manse - Sphinx Street

It is a summer evening. The weather is cool and raining.

This simple suite is adequate for a couple, and finer than most smallfolk enjoy. The front room has a table, several wooden chairs, and a velvet-padded couch that's a bit worn and is probably a leftover from the finer parts of the house. The gold and green Myrish rug on the floor has a couple of wine-stains on it. An armor stand and small weapons rack stand against the wall near the door.

There's a separate bedroom with a wooden-framed bed with a down mattress and woolen blankets. At the foot of the bed is a wooden chest with iron fittings. Beside the bed is a table with a beeswax candle. Under the small window overlooking the river is a table holding a pitcher and basin.

It is evening time, and the air coming in from the windows is cool, making it a rather bearable evening. The manse itself is quiet, though guards do stalk. Currently in a study off the Barracks the acting knight on duty is seated, and dressed as if expecting company. Inside the room are a pair of men at arms, and a seat for another guest that has been lucky enough to spend his time here in the manse.

Believe it or not, the Dornishman is not dead at all.

Ser Quillian Oakheart, remains seated at the desk, calmly working through his dinner, while he awaits his other guests.

The Dornishman sits on his seat in silence. His eyes are rolled upwards in complementation. Or perhaps prayer. Or maybe he is trying to block out being in the same room with the Blackrood? The answer is disconcernable.

Those guests arrive shortly, either not wishing to hold up the meeting or perhaps anticipating leaving Arros and Quillian in a room together for extended periods of time would end in bloodshed. Either way, Mariya, flanked by a pair of guards, is escorted to the study by a servant. "Mariya Martell," she is announced right before she is enters. Dressed entirely in black, the Dornish princess takes in her surroundings quickly. Arros, seated and alive. Quillian, seated and eating dinner. "Ser Arros. Ser Quillian," she greets solemnly.

It seems the Princess and the Blackrood are dressed similar, though for the Blackrood's part it is a fashion statement, more than a mourning thing. A look is given as a bite of sausage is taken, before he is standing up. Hands are wiped at the side of his trousers, before he is coming around from the desk, a half smile given. "Ah, I was wondering when you would arrive for him-Princess." Quillian says before a motion is made to a free seat. "Have you brought ransom with you for our Ser Sand? I am sure he is tired of me, as I am of him."

Arros rises from his chair when Mariya arrives, and gives her a bow. "Princess." He says, and lets his eyes sweep over her face and countenance with some concern. He makes no remarks to Quillian's words. It seems that exchange time has come, and the Dayne bastard is more than glad to remain quiet during it.

Emilia will come into the room via another doorway, bedroom perhaps, a folded blanket in hand as she stops in the doorway, pausing to lean up against the doorframe, watching with some interest the exchange.

"Yes, I have come for Ser Arros. As well as Ser Tameron and Dawn." Mariya takes another step further into the room. Noticing the movement of another entering, her eyes dart to Emilia, but her attention returns to Quillian. "Before we speak of Ser Arros' ransom, I would see Dawn. It was not with Ser Tameron when I came for him yesterday."

"Ser Tameron is not mine to give you." Quillian states with a look leveled to Mariya. "If you want someone from me, it would be Arros. I cannot give you Tameron." And with that he is leaning back against the desk. Eyes flick to the Dornishwoman who's now entered and a nod is given her. "Princess Mariya Martell, my wife: Emilia Oakheart, nee Blackmont." he adds with a bit of a grin. "As for Dawn." there's a motion behind him-if she were to look around: she would easily spy the sword-sheathed and leaning against the wall. "It's there."

Emilia's right hip will push off the frame of the door as she nods her head to Mariya, "Princess Martell." Intoned softly, a brow raising as she looks to her husband, moving to pour herself some wine after folding the blanket over the back of a chair, smoothing it out. Then to the wine, a cup taken up and some poured for herself before she'll settle in against the table now, watching still yet.

"I do not ask you for Ser Tameron; he will leave once Dawn has been returned." With more purpose, Mariya steps forward to take the sword back. She will not move past him to take it, but she does not like having him between her and her goodbrother's ancestral blade. At the introduction of Emilia, the princess nods her head by way of greeting before returning to the subject at hand. "Then I would have it and then I would speak with you of Ser Arros' ransom."

"You will have it, after Ser Arros' ransom is paid. Not before." Quillian states before he is looking back and then turning away from the Princess he comes around the desk to snatch up Dawn. There held, he places one hand on the sheathe and briefly pulls it out, before resheating-just so she can be sure he's not replaced the blade. "So, sit. And talk about the ransom." the Blackrood says calmly before he comes to stand by where he was seated.

Arros remains standing. He watches the exchange with a slow-growing scowl.

Emilia drinks her wine! Watching with some interest the proceedings, an amused curve of her lips coming to life as she eyes her husband and the sword.

There is an unmistakeable flash of anger that crosses Mariya's face when Quillian handles Dawn. However, the princess moves no further, nor does she attempt to grab for the blade. She glances at both Arros and Emilia before continuing, "I have with me the letter you wrote my sister which promised Dawn's return with Ser Tameron. Were those mere words, then? His ransom would have been paid yesterday and both he and Dawn would be with my sister, preparing for the journey to Starfall. Am I now to understand that it is to be part of Ser Arros' ransom? For, if it is, then we are already discussing it." She does not yet sit.

"I wrote your sister, and it stands corrected. Yesterday, I was indisposed-and if you cannot wait, or Ser Tameron once ransomed come on his own accord to me, like a man. Then I cannot help that." Quillian bites back. Keeping the blade in hand he looks towards the bastard briefly. "I would have your price-because I am assuming you are disputing what I asked for?" meaning for Arros. "What you can understand is this: I keep my word-and I told your sister she would receive the sword back. Ser Tameron did not come by last night after his ransom. So I still hold this sword-which will leave with you." A raise of his head. "I've no intentions on keeping it. So." With that settled he looks back towards Mariya. "Do you have the coin for Ser Arros?"

Emilia sips. Sip, sip. A darkly amused look upon her face. This all seems so familiar.

Arros's head turns to give Emilia a puzzled, slightly disgusted look before he looks between Mariya and Quillian, and begins to grind his teeth as opposed to speaking.

"It is not I that cannot wait, but Ser Osric. His journey to Starfall cannot begin without Dawn. Nor should it without Ser Tameron or Ser Arros. Ser Tameron was his squire before receiving his knighthood. Ser Arros is his kinsman. They should accompany him home." Mariya shakes her head. "You assume wrongly. I am not here to bargain for Ser Arros. House Martell would pay his ransom in full. I have sent a raven to Sunspear for the money, however I do not have the sum with me in Oldtown. I would not hold Ser Osric here due to a matter of gold. So that Ser Arros may attend to his kinsman's funeral, I would offer a trade." Her eyes stray to Arros for a moment, before they settle again on Quillian. "I would stay in his place until either he returns from Starfall or the caravan from Sunspear arrives."

Quillian raises a brow there, before he is looking over to his wife for a moment. "Would you?" he asks carefully-before he is simply nodding. "If the money is on it's way-then I am positive, if you like that you may remain here." There's a bit of a laugh there before he is motioning to one of the Martell guardsmen to come up. As the blade is handled and maneuvered hilt forward to the guard to take. "It is a deal then. You can be in the company of Lady Emilia, if you bore seeing my face." he adds.

A glance is given to Arros. "Unlike some Dornish. I respect the dead-and will not keep his bones from their resting place."

Emilia's glass will get tipped away from her, her husbands question rhetorical and thus not answered, a very faint smile upon her lips as she looks to Mariya. A bow of her head, Emilia taking the task in keeping Mariya at least entertained, or in company, though she's pushing from the table. Snorting at Quillians last words she will excuse herself to head back into the bedroom with her half-drank cup of wine.

"Princess Mariya, you are far more valuable a prisoner than I. I would rather Ser Tameron take Ser Osric's bones home, and I remain here until my ransom arrives. If I am harmed it is no big manner, but you?" Arros frowns, and shakes his head. "You are a Martell, and a Princess of Dorne. I could not forgive myself if you came to harm or rough treatment."

Arros' brow raises at Quillian's words. "You are the Oakheart that kept his father-in-law's skull as a drinking cup." There are no other words beyond this. This point is proven with this simple fact.

Mariya watches Emilia leave before answering. "It is not a question of what I would like," she tells Quillian in a matter of fact tone. To Arros, she nods her head. "I am a Martell and I am promised to Ser Daevon Targaryen. Should anything befall me while under this roof, I believe all of this house will to answer to my mother, Dorne and the Targaryens. The Queen Who Never Was announced my betrothal, I would not wish to be the person to tell her that the marriage she arranged for peace between Dorne and Westeros has been broken due to the ill-tempers of the Reach. Ser Osric would wish you to accompany him home, Ser Arros. If you are harmed it is a big manner."

There's a look over towards Arros, and he tilts his head. "Yes. I did keep the former Lord Blackmont's head as a cup." he replies evenly. "However, that was after the fact that Lord Arnau and the previous refused my father's requests to return my brother's bones." And there he looks towards Mariya. "You see- My brother was off to meet his beloved once as well. A hunting lodge on the border. It was a truce-and we were hoping something would be settled. He was to marry a Manwoody. Instead Lord Blackmont orchestrated a raid, and murdered him. From what one survivor said, he took my brother-Dannel and had him stripped and drug by a horse..This was after he had surrendered in order to save some lives."

Quillian remains silent. "He was hung..and quartered. But, no pieces returned. My father wrote letters-and nothing. When I finally decided to burn and bleed Dorne dry of Dornishmen-in order to get Lord Blackmont out…He taunted me with it. So-I took his head and his son's. And killed every last Blackmont-save Arnau, his brother and his line." a sniff there. "Pardon-if I don't see keeping a skull as on the same level as denying my mother her mourning and grief."

A glance is given to Mariya. "As you can see, your man hasn't been raped or murdered-so you will be safe under my protection. The deal is made-until Sunspear brings the money, you will reside here." And there Quillian looks back to where his wife exited. "You may have guests, but they cannot bring you anything. Other than verbal news-if you have things. They will be thoroughly searched." No negotiation there. "When do you intend to stay?"

"My father was killed by a Reachmen. Funny, I never thought of killing men simply because they are of the Reach to avenge him. Just his murderer." Arros states cooly before adding, "Dawn will be returned tonight, then? It will be given into the care of Princess Mariya?"

Mariya listens to Quillian's tale and allows the silence to linger until Arros' comment. Instead of adding anything herself, she decides to talk of the practicalities. "Yes, I can see. I will return tomorrow afternoon. Feel free to search my things, I would bring nothing that needs to be hidden." The question of Dawn is nodded at. She would have the sword of Dayne tonight.

"When the murderer hides like a roach. You must go to drastic measures to lure him out. Kill enough family, and they come." Quillian says with a smile back to Arros. "You should try it." and there he looks back towards Mariya. "If her man takes it. Then yes-it's in her care and you can be on your way." And once the sword has been handed over, Quillian will be turning to head out of the room. "I will see you tomorrow, Princess."

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