(121-04-16) Ser Tameron's Ransom
Ser Tameron's Ransom
Summary: Mariya comes to pay Viggo and Prospero the ransom on Ser Tameron and to return him and Dawn to the White Stone Manse. Things do not go according to plan.
Date: 4/16/2014
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Barrack Corridor - Garden Isle Manse - Sphinx Street

It is a summer evening. The weather is warm and stormy.

A long corridor running the length of the Grand Hall, with doors leading to the rooms of the various knights and men-at-arms who are sworn to serve House Tyrell. There are no windows or tapestries on the walls, only sconces holding torches to light the otherwise shadowy passageway.

It is a warm and stormy day, the clouds threatening rain that has yet to fall. For the first time since the Trial of Seven, Mariya has left the White Stone Manse. Dressed entirely in black, the Dornish Princess travels with guards. One carries a wooden box. Though paler than her normal coloring, the woman enters the Garden Isle Manse with her face set in an impassive mask. She has come to pay the ransom on Ser Tameron Sand. Those receiving the money should be expecting her.

The prisoner has been kept well enough since the time of the Trial of the Seven, although he has not seen the Lord Blackmont who was also taken by Cockshaws. Viggo stands tall and tanned with his moustache kept well, dark leathers crinkling at the elbows as he stands watch. He regards the Sand with a superior smirk that will not leave his lips. At the sound of footsteps, he lifts his head. "Think that's them?" He wonders to Prospero.

With the Princess leading the way, as is her royal right, Ser Arrick Gargalen moves into the manse sporting a similar impassive look set across his features. He's there merely as a guard and not much else. As suggested by the princess, he's there to be seen and /definitely/ not heard, no matter what is said.

And Tameron, well, he lies in bed, bandaged, and regards his captors with a quiet calm, hands laced over his belly. He offers no comment on the footsteps or Viggo's smirk (or mustache).

"Guards and a wooden box?" Prospero says to Viggo as he squints as though his eyesight is bad, though no one here would believe such a thing. "I'd say so." His mustache is not nearly so fine as Viggo's, gone rather grey and scraggly, but he's got longer hair, so there's that. He rolls his shoulders and clears his throat, thumbs tucked into his worn leather belt.

This would, indeed, be them. As led by a servant, Mariya is led to the room where Tameron has been kept. "Princess Mariya Martell," the guide announces irrelevantly and then departs. Indeed, a woman dressed all in black with guards and a wooden box can only be one person.
Seeing that all are gathered already, the princess glances over both Viggo and Prospero before her eyes land on Tameron, gaze softening. Her study of him is quick - checking to make sure that he is properly bandaged, treated and looks to be in good health. Since he is, at a glance at least, she addresses the two Reachmen. "I have come for Ser Tameron Sand," she announces, obviously, but it seems best to get that over and done with. "I take it you are Ser Viggo Cockshaw and Ser Prospero Storm?"

The Cockshaw Lord's dark brows rise at the Princess's softening gaze upon regarding the sand, causing him to clear his throat lightly. "Aye, Princess. We are," Viggo greets with ease. He goes so far as to offer her a cordial brow, with just a bit of a rakish flourish. He is in a good mood. "I am sure Ser Prospero Storm's note has been enough lauded that I need not note who is which." He says it as if he has no note nor infamy of his own. "What say you, Ser Prospero? Are you ready to let the lad go?"

Arrick's eyes move about the room as they enter, moving past the Princess and onto those they've come to meet and negotiate. Arrick eyes Ser Prospero first, noting his graying hair and age, two things far off into the future for Arrick. The Dornish knight then moves onto Ser Viggo, a man with a spectacular mustache, causing Arrick to wonder how his own stubble could become such a masterpiece. The knight dismisses the mustache as he listens closely in the discussions of Ser Tameron's fate.

As much as withholding medical treatment can be a fun way to get what you're after—this is not one of those cases. For better or worse, Tameron should be in reasonable condition, accounting for being knocked around more than a bit. But he's alive! "You might need to. The mustaches may have confused her." Prospero grins, then confirms. Sure am, Princess." At least he didn't call her 'little lady' or something. Using some etiquette, at least. "Oh, I suppose. He's been rather boring anyway. Just lies there all the time. Not entertaining a'tall." He winks at the Dornish. He's a funny guy.

Tameron Sand lifts his brows slightly for the various jests, which is perhaps all that is necessary to suggest the level of humor he thinks they entail. Then, slowly, he eases up into a sit and swings his legs over the edge of the bed. In anticipation of standing, one might presume. And, thus, leaving.

At the confirmation, Mariya moves to the side so that the guard carrying the box may step forward. She does not gesture, nor take her eyes off of the mustachioed men. Despite jests and the jovial tone, the princess does not smile. She seems to find them about as funny as Tameron does. "Yes, I have heard of you, Ser," she tells Prospero, but does not make any indication that this is meant to be a talking point. "The both of you." Especially Viggo, as the raid on Wickham's Nest was what started this entire mess in the first place. "Here is your gold, then. I thank you for taking good care of my countryman." To Arrick and the second guard, she nods for him to go to Tameron and help him should he need it. It would seem the larger party was not there merely for her own protection. "I have come, also, for Dawn. Ser Quillian sent my sister a letter which said that it would be returned with Ser Tameron."

The Stormlander throws a wink towards Ser Arrick, causing the young knight to bristle a bit. Normally the Gargalen would respond in kind but he learned as a squire that Stormlanders use winks as an interesting way of showing their admiration. As the Princess nods back, the young knight moves forward and begins the gentle process of moving Ser Tameron to an upright position, he asks in a whisper, "If you're good to walk ser, the guardsmen will assist you as needed." The knight waves two of the other guardsmen forward and they begin putting the man to his feet, which is much more dignified than being carried.

"I know not what Ser Quillian promised you, Princess. Only that I was not privy to it," Viggo answers simply, lifting his brows at Prospero. The much younger knight represses the quirk of his mouth beneath the heavy whiskers of his moustache, regarding the Martell Princess seriously. "I only can release what is ours."

"I can walk, ser," Tameron agrees softly, "and I can stand." His own hands gently push at Arrick's and his well-meaning attempt to assist him to his feet. It may take a little bit longer for Ser tameron to do it on his own, but he does manage it after a long moment. If he has gone a bit pale beneath his Dornish tan, he still remains upright, back straight, his gaze on Mariya. "Ser Quillian gave me his word Dawn would be returned upon my release," Tameron replies. "If you must confirm this with him, then I will remain until that can be done. I will not leave here without Ser Osric's sword."

Prospero doesn't seem to care overly if no one else finds his jokes funny, he rocks back on his heels, thumbs still tucked into his belt. Luckily (unluckily?) whatever Arrick learned as a squire is irrelevant to this Stormlander, who doesn't pay the Dornish fellow any more heed than he does the doors or sconces as he helps Tameron rise. "I only just got here," he says to his innocence, or at least lack of knowledge about the sword. "Well, near enough. Hardly been on the Garden Isle. Never even touched your sword." He's certainly not carrying the sword in question.

"Then it is good that I brought with me proof." And it is also good that Mariya did not let Ellia burn it as her sister had wanted upon its receipt. Retrieving the letter, she steps forward and holds it out to Viggo. At least this man is taking her seriously. Prospero, for now, she ignores. As Tameron speaks, she frowns, turning her attention to the Dornish knight. It's clear that she doesn't want Tameron to stay in this place any longer than is strictly necessary, but she will also not deny him this. "If you will not take Ser Quillian's letter as proof, then I would have Ser Tameron remain to ensure Dawn returned safely back to us."

As Ser Arrick is pushed away, the knight waves the Martell guardsmen to assist Ser Tameron, just in case he needs it. The Gargalen then returns to his place just behind Princess Mairya, expecting(hoping?) a few more winks of admiration from the Stormlander. As the Princess offers the letter to Ser Viggo, Arrick can't help but offer a wink back to Prospero, who knows what a Stormlander think a Dornish wink means.

Accepting the letter, Viggo unfolds it summarily and reads it without comment. It is only after he finishes, letter passed on to Prospero's steady hands that he says. "I see. Princess, I regret to tell you that I have not the blade and therefore cannot return it to your safe keeping."

Tameron gives a small nod. "Then I will wait, sers," he replies, though for the moment, he remains standing. Just in case.

Whenever Prospero is taking things really seriously, people tend to die, so it's really for the best he's light of mood. He does, however, lean over Viggo's shoulder to get a look at the letter of proof when Mariya hands it over, even as it is shortly passed to him after the Cockshaw is finished with it. He misses any winks or other expressions directed at him, frowning over the paper. He takes a little longer reading the thing before handing it back to Mariya. "A bit self-congratulating there, but it seems proof enough to me. Sounds like Ser Quillian still has it though, from the sounds of things. Not wanting to hand it over to anyone lesser than the previous owner, as such."

Perhaps the first expression other than a frown on Mariya's face is the look matched with a raised eyebrow she gives Arrick at the wink to Prospero. However, there are more important things at hand, like Dawn, so she turns back to the conversation quickly. "I see. I believed it would be with Ser Tameron, as promised, when this was arranged." She gives something of a smirk to Prospero when he talks of Quillian being self congratulating and takes the letter from him. Slipping it back up her sleeve, she is serious as she says, "I will, of course, not deny you your money, as the matter of Dawn is not your concern. But, I would have Ser Tameron stay. I have business with Ser Quillian on the morrow."

"I am afraid not," Viggo says simply, resting his hands at his side. He is regards Arrick with a faint look of amusement for his winking. "Something in your eye?" He wonders amiably, amiably enough for a man with a prisoner. "Keep your coin until you take your man. I would not have it said that House Cockshaw nor Ser Prospero did not treat their captive aptly. If we take your money, you must take him."

With the Stormlander looking away, Ser Arrick smirks now and watches the Princess react to the realization that Dawn is just not available. It seems Ser Quillian gets to spend an additional night with his prized Dornish sword. As Ser Arrick's earlier attempts at communication were noticed the knight offers a short laugh, changing his smirk to a grin, "Oh, there's just something to being in the presence of a great aged knight." Arrick nods towards Ser Prospero and then lightly tugs at the Princess saying, "Let us take your money and return to home, I believe we can trust that Ser Tameron will survive an additional night."

"I expect I shall," Tameron agrees, sinking carefully back down to sit on the bed, careful of the bruises, breaks and stitched gashes that make up much of his torso at the moment. "Until then, highness. Thank you."

"Tis the way that sort of exchange goes," Prospero backs up Viggo, seemingly easy-going about the ordeal. "If your man here'll be staying to see the sword makes it to you. We don't have any wish to keep it from you." The pair of them just plain don't have it and this is the first they've heard of it being returned. "'Fraid he must've spend all his words on that other missive and didn't have any left to let us know about it." Did he mention he just got here? Sort of. "Aged? Hffff. Better than just plain old. Aged at least sounds like wine. Or cheese. I'm sure he'll be alright, though." He cants look sideways over at Tameron. "Don't die. Hate to look like a liar after all of this."

"Nor would I have it said that House Martell denied you your money for the sword not in your possession." For once it would seem the Reachmen and the Dornish are being overly polite with one another. Not about to force others to take her own gold, Mariya nods once at Arrick's words. The poor guard who had to carry the heavy box here now must take it back. Most likely to only make the trip again the next day. She gives Tameron an apologetic look, then says, "Until tomorrow then, Ser Tameron. Ser Viggo. Ser Prospero." And with that, she leaves, taking her guards and the gold with her.

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