(121-04-15) Time to Finish What Was Started
Time to Finish What Was Started
Summary: Kain and Saskia reunite with Kain bringing up that a certain evil can be felt in Oldtown, not to mention the presence of an old enemy.
Date: Date of play (15/04/2014)
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Room At the Bawdy Bard

When The Nomad came to Oldtown, his first stop is two places. Firstly, he roams the alleyways, speaking to the poor and destitute. The second is the largest inn he can find, being the Bawdy Bard. The reason for this is singular; getting information on strange happening that most people would dismiss or consider unimportant. What he did learn was that an old friend of had arrived in Oldtown recently as well. In getting one of the rooms for himself, he paid a messenger to seek out the sellsword Saskia, with simple note that stated 'I am in Oldtown. Find me at the Bawdy Bard if you wish to see me. Kain.'. However, the mage-hunter remembers quite well her inability to read, so he paid extra to state the message aloud. As for the man himself, he decided to make the first move if she wanted to see wanderer from Essos again, and let her make the choice if she wished to meet up. He has relocated himself to his room, needing his time to meditate.

She receives the message soon enough, especially since Saskia hasn't been that far off from the inn. Making her way towards the establishment, she tells Squid to sit outside and wait before pushing her way through the door. Squinting her ice blue eyes, she scans the interior in hopes of looking for a familiar face. Upon spying the nomad, the sellsword quirks her lips at the corners before making her way forward and dropping ungracefully into the seat opposite him. "Kain," she greets in a rough voice.

The man is seated on the floor, legs crossed under him, surronded by various items that the small inn room holds. An unlit candle. A book. A cup. And other various odds and ends that one might find. It only after she closes the door that he sighs, eyes closed. Almost in unison, all the objects that were scattered around begin to float up to his chest-level, then begin to slowly rotate around him, as if participating in some kind of odd dance. "Saskia." he replies, eyes still shut. "I was not certain you would appear."

His magic always got to her. It's just odd to see objects floating around so easily. She watches them for a moment before shaking her head. "You could be a rich man, Kain, if you didn't mind doin' shit like that in front of the richborns. They will shit themselves then shower you with gold, not that you'd care about gold…" Saskia certainly does, if only to pay for her basic necessities. "I wasn't sure if I was goin' to come either, but how can I say no to the man who knew Ser Sol. It's been a while, I wasn't expectin' ya to be here."

He's done this many times infront of her and her mentor when they worked together. It's his method of meditation. This is the standard form, the ones when he's training, to try and increase his power tend to deal with either many more objects at once or very heavy ones. But the Nomad looks rather calm, at peace. "Gold is transitory. One does need it if one already has everything that he requires." He's always been so…odd. Or cryptic. Or both. He was trained by an exiled Quarth warlock, so maybe that plays a part in it. "Or perhaps they would burn me at the stake. Westerosi have never been known for the their open-mindedness in terms of the arcane." Beat. "And I prefer my skin not burned off my bones." An eye opens, looking across the room at the chair and table she's sitting at. There's a bottle cup there. The bottle lifts up, tilts and pours it's contents into the cup. The cup then drifts over to be set next to her. An offering, as it were. It's his personal herbal tea that makes. Something about 'not trusting what anyone gives you lest you make it yourself' he said years ago. Looks like he still adheres to that idea. "I'm glad you came. I have no seen a friendly face in some time."

"Gold is transitory but it sure does buy you some pretty things. Or at least some better things." She watches the cup float over to her and Saskia hesitates for a few heartbeats before she reaches to pick it up. A quick sip of the steaming tea and she relaxes, taking in the familiar flavor. "Can't blame us, can you? We ain't used to this type of shit. Hell, they brought us dragons and look how that turned out." She muses over that for a brief moment before Saskia leans forward, placing her arms on her knees. "Did someone tell ya that there might be a warlock here?" Her lips quirk once more in a vicious little grin. "I would be more than happy to bring him down."

"A fair point." Kain conceeds. "And in your line of work, you likely need it more than I." One by one, the objects trail off, retreating back to their places where they were originally. "I cannot blame your fear, as ignorant and unenlightened it may be. It has been bred into you. One day perhaps that will change, but I doubt I will be the turning point in that change. Ser Sol saw the wisdom in that mages are not all inherently evil. I am glad that he passed that knowledge onto you. I consider people like you above the rest, at least in understanding." Tilting his head upright, for the first time, he take her appearence in. "I see more experience in your eyes from last I saw you. And…yes. I think there is. I have seen traces of their passing. Animals drained of blood. Scorch marks on the ground. There is darkness in this city, but I cannot sense from where. Not yet." He rises to his feet, taking a seat on the opposite chair from her. "The one we were hunting when we were last working together. The one that escaped from us."

"Yea well, Sol was a not a typical man. Not many would take in a little girl and train her as he would a son." There is more than a touch of admiration in her voice, tinged with the sadness of him no longer being here. As Kain mentions her experience, Saskia sits back, looking out the small window briefly. "Yea well, with each day comes new experiences," she mutters that last bit before snapping her eyes back towards Kain as she sits up straighter. "What?" she snarls, her lips pulling back to expose teeth. "He is here? Is this darkness from him or is something else brewing here? I don't have your senses, Kain, but if he is…"

"No, he was not, which is what drew me to him. He had…an aura, that I have only seen on few people." Kain remarks pouring himself some of his own tea. With his own hands, mind. "Of the people I have known, the only other person I respected more was Grey." Kain's mentor, whom has said few words upon during their time when she was younger and later on, but what words have said were ones of almost reverence. A nod, then. "The same. Trapping us in that cage was long enough for him to escape the ruins we had tracked him to. I…" he shakes his head. "There are too many people here, I can't single him out. But if I can sense his presence, then he can sense mine. The arcane is a two-way street. I dare not use my arts excessively. But it makes sense. This is a larger city. I suspect he had thought if he stayed to smaller communities he would go unnoticed, draw less attention." Pause, looking at him. "Women will start to go missing again. Only to be dumped somewhere after he is finished with them. Drained of blood." Blood sacrafices, that was how they usually tracked warlocks. "But there is something else here. I do not know what it is."

Her fingers curl inwards and her grip tightens into a fist. Clenching her jaws, Saskia mulls over Kain's words while trying to get a grip on her rage. "I haven't heard of any missing women yet, but I will keep my ears to the ground. I guess if you tried to track him he would just do the same to you-." She pauses then before her eyebrows pop upwards in realization. "That will do nicely for a trap. Track him, he will know where we are, we can see if he will run or if he will hunt us back. If the former, we give chase, if the latter, we lure him into a trap." She cants her head in thought before shaking it. "But if he isn't the only thing that tickles your magic brain then he may not be alone. Or he has come for something else. Maybe he knows what it is."

"Not yet, no. But they will not be women of importance." Kain says simply. "They will be beggars or whores, those that people would not think twice about should they die or go missing. All in the pursuit of power. From this, I know he is Qarth. Grey would speak of things done in the House of the Undying. Things I will not speak of aloud. If I know him, he will be preparing his rituals." He shakes his head. "No Saskia. He will not escape me again. I will rend his soul from his body and cast it into the abyss." There may be a flint of anger in his voice, a rarity for the eternally calm Nomad. "A trap may work, but here in Oldtown, I am hesitant to make any grand displays of power to lure him to him. We are not in the coutnryside and may act as we please here. As for something else, I cannot tell but…" he eyes, so brown they appear black are given a cast out the nearby window. "I feel…something. As if this city is holding its breath, waiting. A thought has occured to me that he may of taken on an apprentice, but that is just a guess. There is something here and it bothers me that can't determine what."

"And this is one of the reasons Westrosi don't like magic," Saskia mutters when Kain speaks of the House of the Undying. She takes the cup and has another sip, this time much longer than before as she drains half the cup. "An apprentice, so there may soon be two of them. They breed like cats. We better stop this before it lasts any longer, Kain. We can't wait until you are sure of everything. Nip it quick, give him less time to prepare as well."

"I would hope that I'm not lumped into that mix, Saskia." Kain comments idly. "A guess. Just because I sense something does not make it true. Matters of the arcane have never been a perfected art. Intuition, experience, and listening to the energies of a certain place. They can be wrong, I have been wrong, but this time, I don't beleive that I am." He looks down at his lap. "Sometimes it makes me question my own powers. I am sure of them, but will they be enough? I have risked your life in the past. And even though we have slew our share of warlocks in the past, it does not stop me from worrying. So." he pauses to drink from his cup. "Tell me how you are? There will be enough time to speak of such dark things."

"We have all been wrong. Your problems may be magically in nature but at the base of it it's the same fuckin' struggle we all go through." Saskia returns before she grunts softly. "My life is always a risk with a sword at hand, and even if it's not I may just step outside of here and be stabbed for whatever coin is in my pocket, or I may fall off Tinkles and break my neck. Life is a gamble but we play it." She grins wryly before pressing her lips in thought. "I needed more money. I heard there will be a tourney here soon. It will be my first attempt. If I survive it I may earn some coin. They will laugh at me of course but hopefully some poor ol' sod will hire me because of it."

"In my line work, being wrong can spell disastrous." There is a light scoff then. "No pun intended." Kain seems pensive for the moment. "Though, you could say much the same. Apologies, I should not be speaking of self-doubt so openly. Not in a career where such could mean a painful. And this road will have no end for me. To protect, but be hated for it. It is simply the way things are." There's a slight frown then. "If that is the case, then perhaps I have taken for granted your charity for helping me in the past without asking for payment. In time, I shall make that up to you. A tournament. I had overheard as much. I would participate myself but…" But blows glancing off him without touching him might be a bit telling. Sparring with Saskia in an empty is one thing, in front of a crowd is something else. "Then I shall be there to heal your wounds when it's finished. And they would laugh to ease their own ego at the idea that a woman could best them in combat."

At his pun she can't help but snort before finishing off the rest of her tea. She looks back towards Kain, tilting her head to the side thoughtfully. "If you could get be a better fitting armor and sword that would be payment enough. That shit is worth more than a virgin whore. I am still using Ser Sol's. When I do appear at the tourney I will look even more ridiculous, but I will use that to my advantage. Highborns can be as fancy as they want to be, my pride does not lie in pretty things." She sneers at that before reaching up to rake her hair back. "Healing will do nicely. I like this arrangement. I get hurt, you heal me. We can call it even as both our poor souls can't afford to trade with coin."

"I make no promises on the arms aspect. I am hesitant to use my abilities for personal gain." Kain comments. What he means is the power that he tends to use to keep himself hidden from the population. Once he described it as 'arcane suggestion or persausion'. Not mind controlling but more to making people agreeable to the things he says. It could, in theory, work brilliantly in terms of trade, getting a decent set of armor and weapon at dirt cheap prices. "You stretch my morals, Saskia." he says after a moment of pondering. "I will -consider- helping you in that aspect." A better armed friend is keeping a friend safter and assisting in their mage-hunt. "Highborns can think however they wish, it does not make it true." There's a whimsical smile directed at her. "Oh Saskia. I will be repaying a lifetime of debt for things you have done for me. It is a burden I carry happily. I would never charge a friend to be healed. Grey would not stand for it and neither will I."

"Well a man has to eat, even one has mystical as you. Or are you telling me you no longer need it either?" Saskia returns with a smirk before shaking her head. "I am not expecting anything, just tellin' you what my next goal is. I know you are no better off than I am." She pauses before reaching up to rub the back of her neck. "You owe me no more than I owe you, Kain. It is a mutual benefit that I am glad to have. Not many can say they have their own personal healer at hand."

"I would like say that my purpose in this life sustains me, but I am not so lucky as to be able to survive on drive alone." Kain replies. "And I'm aware, but I made a promise to an old friend a long time that I would look after someone close to him. I have not forgotten such a promise." Better times. "We will keep telling each other for quite some time, I imagine. Probably for the best." The mage's shoulders slump a little. "But I have talked your ear off enough for one evening, I think. You have a tournment to prepare for and I have a warlock to hunt. I will keep your informed about the latter. But…do not be a stranger."

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