(121-04-15) The Future is a River
The Future is a River
Summary: A few foreigners and a Lord happen upon each other at the Bawdy Bard. A fortune is told.
Date: 4/15/2014
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Bawdy Bard - Oldtown Square

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and overcast.

Like a coin, the Bawdy Bard has two sides. On the West is a posh and rich atmosphere; on the East, rather seedy and questionable. Originally this was two buildings back to back to each other, one entrance facing the Undercity while the newer addition faced Oldtown Square. The main floor is known as the The Hourglass Parlor due to it's curious design, and it is obvious that this establishment is much more then a Brothel. There are rooms upstairs for for every budget, and they are all clean and well cared for.
On the rather posh side, the well maintained oak floors have been polished to a shine and lush red velvet oversized chairs are placed around black lacquered wooden tables. Leather booths with solid oak tables are lined up neatly and properly to provide for a bit more privacy.
The seedy side couldn't be more opposite: cracked and scratched patchwork floors are covered in a thin layer of sawdust. Beat up tables in ill condition are placed haphazardly with no sense of order, with chairs in similar disarray line the floor. A few wooden booths line one side of the wall, all with rather interesting and often inappropriate things carved and scratched into the wood. However, over the years some of the too-seedy looking things have been thrown out and replaced with the furniture that's worn down from the west side of the brothel. So slowly but surely the east side is looking less and less run down.
In the center of the parlor there are two additional rooms — to the north there is a small gambling hall. To the south a there's the theater from which the establishment has gotten its name, for the girls and the Madam's old Mummer friends are known to put on some rather bawdy shows. Lining the sides of both these rooms are a pair of solid oak staircases leading up, the rails hand carved with rather explicit images of brothel girls performing their… duties.

The Bawdy Bard is, as it always is, busy as always. This becomes even more apparent as night falls. Drinking, flirting, gambling, and whatever you can put your mind too. This is par for the course on most nights, probably even louder after a tourny, but tonight, this is pretty standard. Save for a single table that has been left empty save for a single figure on the east side of the bar. This man seems to stand out a bit while blending in at the same time. This is likely because he looks like he has no place in Westeros, the look of one from Essos…or at least, somewhere in that area. Somewhere east. This man, with a thick walking staff set against the table is quietly drinking tea and water. His eyes seem half-lidded, as if he was listening more to the crowd around him, rathing than watching it.

Trystan enters the Bard, wearing simple clothes, though his colors still show on them. He heads for the more luxurious part of the Bard, taking a seat at a table, asking for a bottle of wine to be brought to him, politely.

Finnuala does her best in a crowd. Though normally her fortunes are done in the marketplace, every now and then again she comes to a crowded bar or brothel to see if any men or women should need of some comfort in the cards. The woman scans the crowd and it is hard to take her eyes off the solo man on one side of the bar. She is attuned to such inconsistencies. In fact, she looks foreign herself, but she cannot help a challenge. Sauntering up to the man drinking tea in a brothel, the woman leans against the bar and gives Kain a smirk. "Fancy a fortune? I might be able to tell you which of the women would like you most and cost the less. Or, they might say you're a long way from home. But, you knew that. It's a small cost to pay to know what might lie in your future."

Kai strolls on into the Bard silently, hand rested atop one of the three pommels available to him; he strolls over into the less luxurious part of the Bard, pulling himself into a dark and scary corner that seem to personify shadiness, watches the fortune teller silently, keeping a rather blank expression.

The man does not seem to even register Finnuala for a moment, eyes casted downward at the liquid in his glass. It does smell like normal tea, as if he put something in it himself. "A fortune can be…a tricky thing." he says, gaze moving up to the woman. "Mists of time and acts can be difficult to see. I have seen many suggest as much. Few have been correct. What makes you believe you will succeed where they have not?"

Trystan gets his bottle and gives the girl who brought it a few coins. He then looks about, his eyes falling on the Essosi woman and the man he's speaking with. He attempts not to stare, but finds himself intrigued.

Finnuala glances about the Bard, noticing the eyes of both Trystan and Kai upon her. A show! Then, a show it shall be. "The future is more than tricky. It is an ephemeral thing. It is why one needs a medium attuned to the minutiae and God to hope to make any sense of it. Many do not have that ability, yet I do. The mists may be burned away by flame, tell me - do you wish to know your fate?" Her voice raises just slightly in order to include the others in her speech, though she keeps her eyes focused on Kain.

Kai smiles slightly as the woman speaks, recognising a show when he sees one; he orders a drink from one of the passing girls, whom smiles at him seductively, recognizing him for his past patronage with some of the most expensive girls. As the girl skips off to get his drink, Kai goes back to watching Finnuala idly.

"Fate is an interesting concept, isn't it?" Kain remarks calmly. "Does freewill exist? Does the actions we take have any real bearing, and if we predescribe to fates existence, then are we truly in control of our lives? Is the tapestry of our lives already completed or are we stitching the threads together, day by day?" Brown eyes so dark they could be black peer up at Finnuala. "You say you have the ability. Color me interested. Very well," he gestures at a seat at his table. "Show me."

Trystan is certianly intrigued now, though he still tries to maintain a guise of not watching by having a few whores join him at his table, speaking with them kindly. They know him from his past vistis and his time spent with the madam.

Kai continues to idle about, taking his drink as it is given to him and sipping away at it idly, watching the ongoing with a blank gaze.

With a wry smile, Finnuala gladly takes a place at Kain's table. "It is. I do not say that I control the fates, merely that I can see those that are most pertinent to you. All of our actions at every moment contribute to the future. So does this reading." With practiced hands, she reaches into one of the larger bags from her belt and pulls out a deck of cards. She places them in front of him and says, "Please shuffle and cut the deck as you will." Seeing eyes till upon her, she grins at Kai and Trystan. "If you so wish to see closer, please, gather forth. The future is not shy, nor am I."

"The future is river. It is liquid. Fluid." Kain replies. "Always moving, always shifting. Drop a pebble into a moving river, does the current change? You and I, Mistress, are pebbles, and we would have better luck moving a mountain than changing the flow of time." A glance goes to the pair of men watching on. "But. Drop a large enough stone into the river, and it will have no choice but to divert it's course. But it will not stop, it will always surge forward." Taking the deck of cards into his hands, he begins to shuffle as if he were about lay out hands for players. "I have only seen one such event in my time. However, are our lives merely smaller streams apart of a greater whole? Would that suggest that smaller stones can divert our own lives, futures?" Setting the deck back on the table, he cuts the deck in half, two neat piles next to another, then his hand moving back to his cup, sipping.

Trystan looks over to her, then thinks for a moment, smiling to the whores he's speakign with and giving them a few coins for their time. he gets up and heads closer to observe the telling.

Amusedly, Finn smiles at Kain as he speaks of the future as the river. "I do not disagree with you. However, do not all men need a good map to course the river? A pebble may drop in the water and disturb the surface, but the deluge will still go in the same direction no matter the pebble's intention, don't you agree? It would not take a pebble, but a boulder to disrupt the natural course." As she speaks, she takes both halves that Kain shuffled and dealt and places them in front of her. As she does so, she places five cards in front of the two of them on the table, taking an alternating card from the pile and arranging them opposite of each other. "Now, I must ask everyone before I move forward, do you wish to know what these cards hold?"

"You are wise beyond your years, Mistress." Kain offers. "Your example, we agree upon. A rare trait I have found in my travels across Westeros. While I would enjoy a conversation on the matter of time, fate, and freewill, I am most curious about your perception of my own future." He watches the cards being laid out, seeming to have a genuine interest in what they may say. "I am unafraid. To fear oneself is to fear life. What do the cards say?"

"I have traveled far beyond my years and am not from Westeros," Finnuala tells Kain with a grin. Relishing the reveal, she gives Trystan and Kai a wink as she flips over the first card. "I have drawn for you the Twisting Path. This first card represents the first decision upon your path." As she speaks, she flips over the first card, which portrays a woman with a bird. "You are on a path of fulfillment, a calling to greater things with endings you may never know."

Trystan looks the card over, seemign to be intrigued so far, he smirks, waiting to see the man's reaciton and the next card.

There's a raise of one brow, Kain lowering his cup of tea slowly. Perhaps he was humoring the woman previously, but there's a certain look…surprise? It's only just barely etched on his face. Now he's regarding, clearly now more curious than he previous was. He regards the other men's expressions as well before his attention returns to Finnuala.

Seeing that she has hook Kain in her reading, Finnuala happily begins to flip the other cards over, though slowly. Making sure that all who are interested are involved with the reveal, she turns over the next card, a group of people gathered around a table, a man seeks to hang a large disc above them, but the card is upside down. "This is represents the first False Path that you may take. It shows a decision that comes from a leap in judgement. If you decide to follow instincts as opposed to the facts that are in front of you, you will be led astray in your pursuit."

The next bit of insight makes Kain close his eyes for a moment, as if recalling something in his memory for an event years ago. Whatever it is is left unsaid. Opening them again, he awaits the next card to be flipped.

The next two cards, Finnuala flips over together, as they are tied together and she is driving to the crescendo to her reading. "These represent the second decision open to you - one true and one false. As you move forward in your journey, you would find people who would help you. The True Decision," she gestures to the the rightmost card, a woman with a child in its arms, "says that there is that there are two who would give you practical actions and find your cause true." The second card she reveals is a woman with crossed arms, looking downward - card upside down. "Another would tell you what you wish to hear, but is there only to seek vengeance, she would betray you at any moment."

Trystan is completely focused on the cards and explanations now.

Kain is as well. The wandering healer has gone oddly still for the moment.

The last card is flipped over with relish. Though her attention is solely on Kain, Finnuala can feel the looks of Trystan and others on her reading and her own person. Though this is how she gathers her coin, she appears to not notice the audience. It would seem that all in her vision is Kain and the cards in front of her. The last card is a man with a sword. "Your true path is a man who sees past deception and confusion. You look past illusion and into the heart of the matter. If you follow the proper path before you, you will find your judgement, no matter the circumstances."

Once the final card has been read, Kain leans back into his chair, considering. He is quiet for a long moment, having to drink, then finishing off his tea. When he speaks it is calm and perhaps pleasant. "You have a gift, Mistress. I'm pleasantly surprised at your ability into seeing the unseen. There are…more than a few aspect I could consider somewhat apt given what I have already experienced. It is a humbling experience." Shuffling a hand inside his robes contructed of animal furs, he places five silver stags on the table. "I don't know what you charge, but I will hope that it suffice."

Trystan smiles as the last card is flipped and explained. He nods slowly, grinning. "Well done, Mistress. I'm certainly impressed. Perhaps I may have my own fortune read by you some time?"

Pleased, Finnuala takes the silvers and pockets them - not in one of her pouches but somewhere indeterminate within her gown. "As I said, the light illuminates, even where the mist would conceal." Sweeping herself up from the table, she smiles fondly at both Kain and Trystan. "I would be glad to read for you again, should you need of it. Ask for Finnuala in the Market and I am sure you will be led to the proper place." To Trystan, she brushes a hand across his cheek. "The same for you. I read for both Smallfolk and Highborn. The Cards do not care for status, only the future."

Trystan smiles and takes the hand at his cheek, kissing it softly. "Much like the gods, they realize we are all just people." He smiles to her, nodding. "I look forward to the reading."

"I may keep that in that mind." Kain remarks lightly, watching her get up and leave. "Should I come to a question that I find remians shrouded, in spite of my efforts, I will remember the offer." There's an amused look, as he flicks his hand out, realizing it had in the same position for so long during the reading.

Kain pages: She would hear voice whisper in her ear, as if someone was standing next to her say. "Your powers are impressive. None could read so precise unless they were…gifted."

Gathering her cards, Finnuala puts them in her prized pouch as she smiles at Trystan's statement. "Then, look for me in the Market Place and I shall be put an end to your anticipation." As she starts to move for the door, she whirls around, thinking someone speaking right in her ear. The voice is familiar and she looks at Kain, recognizing the voice, but realizing he is still in his seat. The fortune teller narrows her eyes at the man, before it melts into a warm smile to all those in the Bawdy Bard and then, with a flourished bow, exits.

Trystan chuckles, then looks to Kain. "Well, that was interesting."

Kain offers a nod to Finnuala as she makes her leave, then glancing down at his empty teacup. "Indeed. I don't think I have had my fortune told as accurately before. It was very interesting."

Trystan nods. "I've never had my fortune told before. It was interesting to see it happening to someone else."

"I've had them read to me before, but never so accurately." Kain replies. "It was a refreshing change of pace from the warnings of death and the statements that I would find myself with five different loves with four children by my thirteth birthday. Most times I've written off most fortune tellers as charlatons. Thankfully, she," he glaces at the door. "Seems to have quite the gift."

Trystan nods. "Indeed. It's always nice to have the real thing at times."

"Indeed." Kain agrees, standing, and taking up his sturdy walking staff. "Well, it is late, and I have traveled far to come to Oldtown. I need my rest and meditation. I bid you a good night, my lord." Bowing once, he makes way up towards the stairway to cheaper rooms set on the east side of the bar.

Trystan nods to him. "And to you as well." He then is quickly swarmed by the more expensive girls, though he just speaks with them a short while before he gets up and leaves.

Kai blinks as he regains conciousness, having randomly passed out in the corner. He sighs quietly, running a hand through his hair as he ponders his own problems silently, eyes shooting about the room as he quite rudely ignores the whores that approach him.

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