(121-04-15) The Aftermath of Stolen Purses
The Aftermath of Stolen Purses
Summary: Arion arrives home in the afternoon after spending the night out. Sera seems to have an admirer and a shocking fact is revealed.
Date: 15/04/2014
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"Good." says Jac before he is leaning down to place his lips to her knuckles. A nost, and soft lingering touch, which will likely earn him a slap, if not a punch in the mouth. But then he is releasing and moving to step away. "Good, either send for me here, or pick a place you would like to practice, and we will start at your convience. Though from the early morning till before noon I am training and then issuing orders for the day." the bastard warns, in the need of placing a time. "A joy, talking to you-Sera." And there he tugs his own forelock before he'll be turning to head back out to the rain, once sword, hat and cloak have been returned to him.

The door to the manse is opened by Arion's sandy haired gaurd Arron as he and Jon escort a somewhat addled young fox back home. Arion looks a bit distressed he has a slight limp and it looks like he didn't get much sleep either. Jon looks to his lord with a smirk. "You still haven't told us what happened after you got robbed." Arion glares at the man. "Do you really want to know? There is a reason milk of the poppy couldn't completely hide my limping and Garvin is likely even worse off…somethings should best be forgotten lest they are repeated…though this particular sin I would gladly repeat. If I get my money back." Jon frowns. "But Garvin took you to Garden Isle after the thief got away…or thats what I heard…." Arion huffs and makes his way into the room freezing when he spots Sera and Jacelyn. "Oh…Good afternoon to you both."

When Jacelyn places his lips on her knuckles in the most ungentlemanly manner, Sera blinks, her eyes widening in surprise. Still, the Lady is far too slow to react and instead she remains rooted in her spot as he deftly pulls away. "I would never keep you from your duties, Jac. But before you go, I have one more question to ask you. Do you know of a good-" And then there is Arion and his guards, their voices a bit difficult to hide. Sera can't help but smile at Arion, "Good afternoon, cousim.

The arrival of Arion has the bastard there, adding a grin of his rakish quality, before he is nodding his head in the boy's direction. "Lord Arion." he adds before looking back to Sera. "Ask me another time, love." with that man is given a nod, before the servant appears with his things in tow. Items taken, and Black Jac Flowers makes good his escape.

Arion absently rubs his arms as if they are bothering him and offers Sera a warm smile and then it falters as he remembers something. He looks decidely nervous and then Jon speaks up for him. "Lady Sera…apparrently your cousin was robbed yesterday. Along with one Lord Garvin Tyrell. The thief apparently made a clean getaway." Arion huffs and mumbles under his breath something that sounds like. "It wasn't exactly clean…"

Sera waits until Jacelyn leaves before she fixes her eyes on Arion. Her eyebrows shoot upwards curiously as she peers at Jon then Arion."Is that so, Ser Jon? And where were you exactly when my cousin was being taken advantage of? Distracted by some barmaid?" Her lips quirk at the corners before she focuses back on Arion. "You have been robbed then? How much? How did it happen?" And there is a silent, accusatory question of 'why is your butt sore?"

Arion looks to Jon with a glare. "He was late again as was Arron but all the purple cloaks were there and they couldn't catch him so I doubt these two would ever stand a chance." Arron scowls. "I can catch a petty thief easily my lord." Arion huffs angrily. "Well he ran faster than Jon does when there is half price ale on sale and he climbed onto the roof tops to get away!" The young lord walks over to his cousin standing across from her and easing carefully into a chair. "Yes cousin I was robbed and he took all the spending money I had on me two dragons and too many stags to count." He sighs dramaticly. "Garvin and I were in Oldtown square coming back from rehearsing the play. We were talking and then all of a sudden the purple cloaks shout thief. I checked for my purse it was gone and apparently so was Garvin's." Arion blushes a bit and continues. "Do you want to know what the thief did to get Garvin's purse cousin…do you know where he keeps it?"

"Considering that blush, dear cousin, I am afraid to ask," Sera returns with a light laugh. "My apologies, I do not wish to make light of this situation but you have to admit I was not expecting s thief to steal from a noble so boldly! Do you remember what he looks like? Perhaps I can do something your guards could not do and bring your money back." Sera then pauses before her curiosity gets the better of her. With a heavy sigh she finally asks Arion, "Where did he hide his money?"

"Unaturally tall I swear he was almost seven feet…he had dark hair and dark grey eyes, fair skin and he wore a lot of black clothing. He also dropped a black peacock feather just before he esacped and I think he had a slight Westerlands accent. I had never seen him before that much is certain." Arion describes the thief and shifts slightly in his seat trying to ease pressure on his still sore butt. Sera's question about Garvin's money has him smirking humor flashing in his eyes. "Garvin keeps his coinpurse down the front of his codpeice cousin. The thief took it anyway…do you know where he had to put his hand to get it?" Arion manages a look that is almost properly shocked.

"While unnaturally tall may be an indicator in other cities it is the unfortunate case that we have many a tall people in Old Town. But! Never fear cousin, I will find your thief for you promptly. He sounds like a man we should keep in good company, as long as we keep an eye on our silverware…" When Arion describes where exactly Garvin keeps his purse the poor Florent woman's eyes bulge out in shock. "W-what?! I guess there really is no honor amongst thieves…" But then another thought enters her head and Sera's face drains color. "Does-Does that mean every coin to have touched Garvin's hands have also touched his-…and he gave them to tenders who have given me my change-.." Oh my, her paleness took on a more green hue…

"He was quite bold that is for certain…" Arion reaches forward wincing slightly to pat Sera's shoulder. "Its alright cousin I know for a fact Lord Garvin bathes daily. Now stop worrying about where he keeps his money and help me up the stairs. I need a good long soak in the bath and a nap." He rises slowly and looks to Sera expectantly offering his hand to help her up.

"He may bathe by the hour, Lord Arion, but I still would rather not touch anything near that area of his." She makes a face at that before smiling up at him. Taking his hand, she uses him to pull herself up before canting her head to the side. "I have some salves that may help with your aches cousin. I have been taught by fine healers a little bit of the soothing arts. Now lets go get you tended to…"

Arion chuckles softly at Sera. "Honestly I would rather you didn't either Cousin." He winces a bit at the pressure on his arms as he helps Sera up. "Do you have anything that will ease rope made blisters cousin? I took some milk of the poppy but…well." He blushes bright pink and shakes his head. "You don't want to know why but it couldn't ease all of my pains."

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