(121-04-12) Two Foxes Talk About Family
Two Foxes Talk About Family
Summary: Sera comes to visit Arion in his rooms. A serious discussion about family is had.
Date: 12-04-2014
Related: Happens a few hours after Welcome Home

Arion is just getting out of the bathtub he wraps a towel about his waist and sighs sadly. His blonde hair is wet and smells of roses as does the rest of him but he looks depressed and also thoughtful. He heads into the main room the towel wrapped tightly about him as he goes to search for clothing to get ready for todays trial. He puases to look in the mirror and frowns before he opens the wardrobe on the left searching around for clothes. "I really need a valet.." He mumbles as he looks. His right hand is clenched and in it is a cloak pin of red gold, a circle of golden pansies surrounding a leaping fox.

Though he may not realize it, Sera has been pacing up and down the hall in front of Arion's room for a while now. Finally she steels her back before knocking on the door. "Arion?" she calls out, her nerves forcing her to open the door before he could officially invite her in. "I wish to discuss with you something of great importance, both to you and me." As she steps in she pauses at the sight of Arion but barely blinks before closing the door behind her. It's not like he would be into her or vice versa after all.

Arion freezes as he hears the knock. As the door is opened and shut again he turns and blushes a bit as Sera enters. "Sera I'm not…decent." He blushes a bit more and then takes a breath looking sad and thoughtful. "I suppose its just as well you came to me…Sera I need your help if you will give it? I will also listen to this matter of yours though I suspect I know what its about…they may be related matters in fact." He shifts uncomfortablly and pulls the towel closer his other hand still holding the cloak pin.

"No, no you certainly are not decent," she returns with a wry grin. Still, she doesn't leave but instead turns to give him her back. As she turns however, her eyes catch sight of the cloak pin. Arion doesn't get a chance to see her reaction however, as she waits patiently for him to be decent. "My worries can wait, Arion, I will listen to yours first and then we can see if it is the same subject. Please, tell me, what has been on your mind?"

When Sera turns Arion pulls out a pair of leggings and quickly puts them on making sure to keep his back to Sera as well. One that is done he reaches for a shirt and pulls it on over his head. "There my remaining modesty is preserved." He chuckles weakly and pins the cloak pin on the shirt just over his heart and looks to Sera. "My concern is this Sera…I feel like I am…" He sighs. "I am a disgrace to the family and I wish to change this Cousin…I may be a disappoinment to my father but he is not here…I can at least try to make my cousins proud of me yes? The thing is…I still care for Garvin..deeply but I have no wish to bring shame to either of us. I need help with learning to be discrete and perhaps some help with repairing my reputation as well if you will assist me?" He looks determined now and he seems to mean what he says.

His words actually seems to surprise her. When he declares that he is fine she turns to regard him before noticing the cloak pin and sighing, her lips curving upwards at the corners in a wry manner. "Well for one, you have to ensure that cloak pin does not see the light of day unless it is just you and Lord Garvin in the room. Not in front of Lord Garvin's friends, not in front of us, not in front of anyone. That cloak pin is a declaration, dear Cousin, and declarations are never discrete, hence them being called 'declarations'." Perfect logic. Sera moves further into the room. "It is best to wear such an item underneath your clothes, so you may keep it close to your heart but away from prying eyes who wish to harm you." She pauses before pressing her lips into a thin line. "See, that is the problem Arion, people can use your weaknesses against you at any time, let us not give them the blade with which to pierce your heart." She shakes her head then continues onwards towards the chair to seat herself delicately. "But I know a few things about discretion. In listening to me and following a few simple rules you would be clear. You would have your lover and the city's respect without losing the other. Why opt for one when you can easily have both?" She again pauses as she leans back in the chair, placing her arms on the armrests. "Will you listen to my advice? Openly and without doubts?"

Arion nods absently and he looks down at the pin and seems to have an inner debate before he unfastens it and pins it on the inside of his shirt before pulling out a doublet to wear over the shirt. "Very well..I..I would not wish harm to come to Garvin for my own foolishness after all." It is said softly but there is something in his tone that betrays fear and sorrow as well as a hint of determination. Once that is on and he puts his shoes on as well he strides over to the other chair and settles into it gracefully eyeing Sera carefully. "I will listen yes Sera. I will do my very best to try and heed your words as well." He smiles faintly and leans back into the chair with a sigh fixing his pale green gaze upon his cousin intently. "What must I do then?"

His words about Garvin is enough to cause her eyebrows to pop upwards. "You speak as if there is a very real possibility it may happen…" She trails off to peer at him before leaning forward as he sits before her. "You must understand cousin that every action has a consequence, whether obvious or not. Every wall has eyes and every wall has ears, and yes I am including when you ask the servants to leave. Not all do. I was taught this very hard lesson in King's Landing." She shifts her weight a bit as she looks outside of the window uncomfortably, "and in my case the rumors weren't even true and yet I was still driven out of King's Landing. In yours, considering how true and /proud/ you are, well, you understand why this is so difficult." She shakes her head before smiling. "Alright, lets begin: Rule number one, if you wish to uh…consumate your passions it will be here or his, that is all. No taverns, no inns, no dalying in the lake. It has to occur during normal visiting hours so please, no overnight stays. You may spend all day there but your nights has to be here. Second, there can be no affections displayed in public. And I mean NONE." She is very firm about this as she fixes her eyes on his. "No touching, no brief caress, no look of longing. Look at him as you would your brother in public. That is how they used to hide away their passions, those who have your certain uh, proclivities, they hid it by pretending to be the bestest of friends in the public eye. This way, when they are seen in public nothing is thought of it. If you give each other adoring gazes however, then no fool would fall for that 'friend' lie, understand?"

Arions frowns and lowers his head a bit. "Perhaps I do." He looks up again meeting her eyes as she lists the rules and then he nods slowly looking thoughtful. "I think I can manage to follow those rules…though I am not certian about Garvin's reaction. Perhaps I should invite him over to explain things? I would not want him to think I am not interested and I would also like to preserve his own reputation if it is possible." He looks to Sera in question now. "Are there any other rules I must be mindful of Cousin?"

At his frown, Sera sighs as her shoulders droop down a bit. "Listen, Arion, I know this is difficult. If you do not think you can keep your affections to yourself then perhaps meeting in public may never be an option, at least not while your blood runs hot for each other. You are responsible for your own actions, and because of that you are responsible for how you are perceived in public. It is all on your shoulders, my sweet Cousin. It is a heavy burden we nobles have to bear with our titles and our wealth. It is a freedom the smallfolk have that we don't, and it is something I have always admired about them." She smiles softly before shaking her head to clear it. "As for more rules. Gifts of obvious declarations," she nods at the pin's general location, "is reserved for private as well. Do not trust his servants, they are not yours, understand? Their loyalty is to him and not you, it will never be to you because you cannot ever have the binding contract of marriage. The same thing goes for him, TELL him not to trust our servants because they are loyal to you." She then pauses to add, shifting the topic a bit. "Just as how you may see us ruining your life with your association with Lord Garvin, my love, the same has been happening with us, which is why we have not been very welcoming to the idea. I understand your want of him, and the way it hurts when we deny you is the same hurt you cause us when you defy us. This, this will make things easier. Hide your pains with some light Milk of the Poppy so that people will not notice the limp or the squirms on the saddle. Don't leave love bites in visible places. Do see him, in fact I encourage you to call him over today. See him, greet him cordially, dismiss the servants /then/ take him to your room and have your way with him in every manner you wish. Offer him milk of the poppy for any aches then send him on his way with the largest smile on his face."

Arion sighs softly. "I have been selfish haven't I cousin? I care and worry for Garvin and blinded by my desire and love for him I defy and hurt my family." He looks saddened by this. "I am sorry. Truly I am I will try to be more conscious of my actions in the future. I will do as you say and I will also speak with Garvin about what you have said. I want Garvin yes but I know he will never be able to replace having a true family…that is another of my desires you know. Love and a family that cares for me." His gaze softens a bit and he smiles. "I don't know if I shall ever have both at the same time though…but I shall make do. Thank you Sera. You have spoken wisely and I will listen. You have my word on this." He smiles and it seems clear he is being sincere with her.

Sera's eyes brighten as his words and she lets out a little laugh of relief and excitement. "Marvellous! Oh Arion you've made me so happy! Trust me, if you follow this then all will be well, AND you can have a family and your love as well, I promise you! In fact, I can help you!" She's so excited that she jumps up, clapping her hands before suddenly reaching for him to wrap her arms around him in a sudden hug, which is a bit awkward since he is still seated. "You've made me /and/ Abram happy with this. I shall speak to him as well of course, but I am so happy to have my family back and on one page. We shall be each other's backs once more."

Arion smiles and rises to his feet wrapping his arms around Sera in a hug smiling warmly. "I am glad Sera and I shall do my best to better my reputation and that of our family as well. Now I need to get ready. I am to be Abram's squire for the trial so I must be off soon. Take care my sweet Cousin." He places a gentle kiss to her forehead and moves off to finish getting ready for the trial.

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