(121-04-12) Luck of the Seven
Luck of the Seven
Summary: Arrick, Mariya and Tameron discuss the upcoming Trial.
Date: 04/12/2014
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Walled Garden - White Stone Manse Starry Street

It is a summer morning. The weather is hot and clear.

This manse has a large walled garden behind. The tall stone walls have a heavy double oak-and-iron gate leading into the alley behind. It's quite solid, though there is a little door in it that one might open to look out. Near that gate is a stable, a kennels, and a mews. These utilitarian areas are separated from the garden proper by a low stone wall with a gateless entry. It's thickly growing with clematis vines bearing pale purple flowers.

The garden proper has white stone paths and is planted with flowerbeds and flowering trees. Most of the blooms are white and pale blushing pink shades. Near the house is a tall cherry tree that frequently bears a profusion of sweet fruit.

At the center of the garden is a large seven-sided fountain of white marble, filling the air with the sound of its splashing water. Tiny silvery fish live in it.

It is early in the morning - not quite an ungodly hour, but still early. It's a clear, hot day, which one might call perfect for a tournament. The stableboys are hurriedly preparing horses for the knights that will fight in a few hours. Standing in the garden, by the gate that leads to the stables is Mariya. Her dress is simple, a bright orange that matches the field the Martell sun and spear rest on - likely something she threw on in order to ensure her arrival here without much fuss, hair pulled back into a hasty braid. Her hands are clasped in front of her as she peeks through the crack in the garden gate at all of the bustle. She wants to make sure the man she is looking for does not enter and leave through a different door, completely missing her.

With the hustle and bustle outside, it seems many of the knights prepared for the tournament are being blessed by whichever Septon comes upon them first… As Ser Arrick was heading for the rear entryway, towards the stables, one of Lord Blackmont's Septons asked Arrick to kneel and speak of the seven gods and what each could do for him today, a day where Arrick would be acting on their behalf in a trial of seven.

After the prayers and blessing the Gargalen rose and headed for the exit, clinking and clanking in his darkened scale armor, gleaming cockatrice at the center of his chest.

It would be hard to sneak up on Mariya dressed in such clanking armor. As the prayers are finished and she hears someone approaching, the young princess turns to see who it might be. It's hard to mistake the Cockatrice on his chest. She takes a step forward to greet him, as she doesn't wish him to pass by and not see her. All the scales and noise might distract anyone. "Good morning, Ser Arrick."

With the impending fight on his mind Ser Arrick is greeted in a way he didn't expect, outside the other knights are punching each other in the arm and talking of whores and great victory and yet a little voice from inside the house greets Ser Arrick.

"Princess, I didn't expect to run into you so early." Arrick peers outside at the noise of horses and men and adds, "But I guess it'd be hard to avoid this confusion, especially for someone who enjoys noisy adventure."

"I said I would wish you luck before the Trial, and I meant to keep my word. As you said last night you were to be called in the morning, I thought I should be up earlier." Mariya glances at the roughhousing and crass knights behind him, then she gives him a smile, "It was not that hard, as I believe most houses on Starry Street could not sleep with the sound of so much armor moving from one place to another. And, as you say, I enjoy a bit of confusion now and again."

Ser Arrick returns the smile and then lets out a bit of a laugh as he says in agreement, "You really do like to be in the middle of confusion, you came all this way to see Dornishmen fighting Reachmen, you know, you could have just gone as far as the Prince's Pass for that bit of excitement." Arrick breathes in rather heavily and lets out a sigh as he raises his scaled hand in defense, "I jest, I wanted to get at least one more in before we ride for the tournament field. I thank you Princess for staying true to your word and seeing me off."

On such an early morning on a clear and hot day, most would find ways to cool off or stay inside. However, it seems an impossible task with all the commotion and noise at the White Stone Manse as knights and household prepare for the trial that is to happen later in the day. Arrick and Mariya stand talking by the gate to the stables as other knights jest and push each other about in other parts of the stables and garden - relieving tensions in their own way.

"The confusion merely follows me, I cannot lay claim to it. And I did not come here to see Reachmen fighting Dornishmen. I came to see Oldtown and its splendor and to help my sister settle in to her new household." With a wrinkle of her nose, Mariya shakes her head and sighs. "I guess it would not be right if you did not." She pauses and holds out her hands, cupped in them is a small bundle wrapped in fabric. "I brought you something for the field. I hope it will bring you luck."

The young Gargalen knight slowly reaches for the bundled fabric and as he touches it soft state he wrinkles his own nose and asks solemnly with widened eyes, "Is this a trick? I may deserve such." Arrick hands stays in contact with the bundled fabric, waiting for the assurance that he's not walking into a trap of little Princess proportions.

Tameron had slipped off for the morning, or perhaps he only found somewhere quiet to train. He's washed and in clean clothes when he joins the hustle and bustle of the stables, not yet kitted out in his own armor. "Good day, princess," he greets with a nod. "Ser Arrick."

Mariya can't help but laugh at the question. "You would certainly deserve it, but no, it is not a dead scorpion, nor is it a trick." When Arrick opens the bundle, he'll find a long chain with a small silver pendent in the shape of the seven pointed star of the Seven. The laugh resolves itself into a warm smile. "I brought it with me from Sunspear. I thought it might help protect you today." Letting that speak for itself, she adds, "Tomorrow will be the box of mud."

As Tameron approaches, Mariya greets him with a friendly wave. "Good morning, Ser Tameron. I hope you slept well. It seems as if it will be a hot day today. That may work to your advantage, as we Dornish are used to the heat."

Ser Arrick quickly takes the chain and pendant as another knight approaches, he offers while clenching his gift tightly, "The Princess is right Ser Tameron, we all know that heat kills." Ser Arrick taps his scale armor and add,s directed towards Ser Tameron, "They are likely to wear plate, burning alive inside their special steel boxes." Without saying much about it the Gargalen opens his scaled hand and peers down at the pendant and then whispers to the Princess, "Thank you for the gift, I know it will protect me because it came from you."

"Mmm," Tameron asks, blinking in mild surprise at Mariya's question. "I slept fine, highness, I thank you." He smiles faintly at Arrick and nods. "Then may the Reachmen feel it on the field. Perhaps this is the first sign the seven will favor the Dornish, eh?"

Mariya gives Arrick a smile at his response, cheeks tinging slightly pink. "You're welcome, Ser Arrick." For once they've had an exchange that will not require apologies the next day. All it took was a deadly fight to make it happen. When Tameron blinks in surprise at her question, she tilts her head just slightly. "I'm glad. I know I had a hard time sleeping - thoughts of the Trial would not let my mind rest." She nods at both observations. "I hope as well, sers."

Arrick turns from the Princess, feeling his own cheeks flushing, but he's wearing armor and its hot anyways, so he has an excuse. "I cannot agree with you more Ser Tameron, the seven have blessed us Dornishmen with the heat of our homeland, I cannot imagine their will being any easier to understand. We will carry this day, the Reachmen will be found guilty and Lord Blackmont will have his truth." Ser Arrick motions out towards the garden where the other knights have been preparing and adds, "We shall have wine and food and drink after our victory."

"I spent much of yesterday training, I am not sure I could have slept restlessly, had I tired," Tameron assures with a faint smile. He glances from Arrick to Mariya and back again. Hmmm. "Well… let us win that victory first, ser, before you begin planning festivities."

"I certainly hope so, Ser Arrick. The weather is a good sign." Mariya is an optimistic woman. "I hope they will look favorably down on us and that all will return tonight." Even if the gods do not find for Dorne, she hopes that everyone will return unharmed. If so, there certainly will be celebration, wine and feasts. "Ser Osric believes us in the right and that Lord Blackmont's accusation true." And that is all that is good enough for her in the matter. "Ah, perhaps I should have attempted that, then. It seems a proper recipe for a good night's sleep." And with everyone saying she should learn more combat arts, it would be a win win.

Arrick peers at Ser Tameron with a bit of surprise saying rather confidently, "The festivities WILL be here later tonight ser, I shall pour you your first drink!" Ser Arrick clutches his new pendant a little more tightly as he looks to the Princess, "After this is over, I may stay in Oldtown for a time, rather than return to Dorne with Lord Blackmont, my father has trading interests running through this port that need to be directed. I may have time to offer you some training in the meantime, I'm sure there are other knights more than willing."

Tameron quirks a faint smile. "Perhaps next Duel of the Seven, you will give it a try," he tells Mariya, attempting to seem somber. He glances over at Arrick, and only presses his lips into a thin line, rather than make further comment.

With a glance to Tameron at Arrick's confident declaration, Mariya replies, "I do hope so, but just because we may be in the right does not make you safe from the others. Please be careful, Ser Arrick." Then, she blinks in surprise, adding, "Stay in Oldtown? Truly? I thought you hated it here." That seems to be all they argue about. "I assumed you would be on the first ship home." To Tameron, she says with a faint smile, "I will wish that there will not be, so I do not have to make the attempt. But, I will remember your advice, should it happen."

Arrick nods to the Princess and says simply, "I'll be careful and as for Oldtown and my love for Dorne, there will always be Gargalen ships moving in and out of the harbor. I can find my way home to Salt Shore anytime, maybe now is a time for adventure? Or at least that's what you made me think." Arrick's attention turns towards the stable and the horses being led out and he says to Ser Tameron, "It may be time for us to accompany Lord Blackmont to the tournament grounds." The Gargalen smiles at the Princess and says while stepping down into the garden, "I will find you afterwards and thank you for the gift more personally." The Gargalen bows his head and simply says, "Princess."

"Do, princess," Tameron approves with a soft laugh. He considers Arrick's words and then nods himself. "If it is, then I should get kitted up and see to my horse and squire. I will see you on the field, Ser Arrick. Good luck to you."

"I believe it always a good time for adventure." Mariya smiles. "Then I'm sure Ashara won't mind you staying at the Manse while you do so." As the time has come, she nods. "May the Seven smile on you, Ser Arrick. I will see you afterward." To Tameron, she reaches out her hands to put on his arm in quick and reassuring squeeze, before letting her hands fall back to her sides, adding, "I know you do not believe in the Seven, so I will merely wish you luck." Then, she moves back into the house in order to keep out of the way of the preparations and to check in on her sister.

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