(121-04-10) Giving Gifts and a Shopping Trip
Giving Gifts and a Shopping Trip
Summary: Arion meets Garvin in the Hightower Square. Gifts are exchanged and then Tellur shows up and they all go shopping.
Date: (10/04/2014)
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Its is close to lunchtime and Arion is coming out of a high end jewler's shop with a triumphant look upon his face. In his hand is a small circular shaped object, a ring maybe? He examines it carefully looking over its details and then his gaurds show up with amused expression on thier faces The dark haired one Jon is carrying a small wooden ring box with roses carved upon it. Arion takes the box and carefully deposits his prize into the box where it sits upon a green silk cloth. The Florent closes the box with a grin and glances around almost nervously as if afraid he will be caught at something.

Four Purple Cloaks stand outside a nearby goldsmith, looking bored, yet still alert enough to notice when Arion steps out of the jeweler. One elbows another and nods that direction, and soon all are grinning and whispering among themselves. They fall silent and stand at attention, though, when Garvin and two other guards emerge from the goldsmith's shop, Garvin looking rather pleased with himself. He's not carrying anything though, but as soon as he sees Arion, his face lights up. "Arion!" he calls cheerfully, quickly moving in that direction.

Arion looks the box in his hands over with a smile. He doesn't notice the purple cloaks but Jon and Arron do and they both grin and snicker offering the purple cloaked men a salute before whispering to each other. Arion meanwhile hears Garvin's voice and looks up in shock and also pleased surprise. Then he looks back down at the box and bites his lip looking nervous but he steps over that way as bravely as he can which is made easier by his joy at seeing Garvin again. The box is gently shifted to one hand as he closes the distance between himself and the Tyrell. He bows at the waist and smiles warmly at the other lord. "Garvin. It is a true pleasure to see you again. I…I have something I wish to give you. I suppose I could give it you now if you like?" He smiles shyly and lifts the box in his hand offering it to the Tyrell. It is made of a pale wood with rose vines and blooming roses carved into it. It is a small box likely designed for a ring. Slowly Arion turns the box around and opens it showing what is within. It is a silver ring, a simple yet masculine band with an elaborate foxes head at its front. The foxes face is done to the very last detail and complete with pale green stones for the eyes. In the foxes open mouth is a purple stone shaped into a pansy. It is an masterfully crafted peice of work and yet Arion's eyes are still focused upon Garvin biting down on his lower lip as he waits for a reaction.

Garvin's eyes light up, and his jaw drops as he leans down to look first at the box, then to the ring inside it. "This is for me?" he asks, standing up again to gaze into Arion's eyes, his own beginning to show watery signs. "It's absolutely beautiful! I only wish I'd…It isn't finished yet, but…." He bites at his lower lip, glancing at Tor, who simply rolls his eyes and offer Lord Pansy a small bundle, something wrapped in a bit of red velvet. Taking a deep breath, Garvin lays it on the palm of his hand and unwraps it, then offer it to Arion. It's a cloak pin of red gold, a circle of golden pansies surrounding a leaping fox. "I wasn't going to give it to you until the emeralds were in place. The eyes, you know, little emerald chips, but I only just got it from the goldsmith, and…." He shifts nervously from one foot to the other.

Arion nods not trusting his voice at the moment. His smile is as bright as the sun at Garvin's reaction and after a moment he finally manages to speak. "You like it then? You will wear it?" He goes silent his eyes widening at the pin. He seems stunned and then he leans in close to Garvin whispering into his ear. "It is perfect Garvin..just as you are. I will be proud to wear it. Now I need to restrain myself…I'm a second away from kissing you senseless." He pulls back with a grin.

Garvin shivers as he feels Arion's breath on his ear, and he sucks in a breath, closing his free hand into a fist to restrain himself as well. "Of course, I love it," he says, cheeks flushing as he reaches for the ring. "I'll wear it always. And this box is lovely, too. You didn't have it specially made, did you?" He tries the ring on a couple fingers before settling on the third of his left hand, which he then holds at arm's length to admire the way the sunlight flashes off the silver. "It's absolutely beautiful."

Poor lovers. Tellur is jut making his eay into the large square, on the back of an ill-favoured, wall-eyed yellow horse with thick fur. The beast looks about as pretty as a bald cat - shaggy as all hell, and with a face only a mother could love, assuming she didn't drown it. Tellur is come looking for clothes for the south, shirts, anything that can help him escape the heat. His horse is looking for someone else's flowers, and as Tellur glances entirely the other way, a muzzle comes vaguely exploring up over Lord Arion and those embroidered roses.

Arion just smiles knowingly and reaches to take the pin. He pins it onto his doublet with a bright smile. "And I shall wear this always as well." He is about to say something else but a muzzle on the back of his doublet has him letting out a yelp and reaching for his blade as he whips around to face whatever monster just tried to eat his clothing. He blinks when he sees its just a horse and removes the hand from the hilt of his sword to push the beast away. "Off with you..I don't have any sugar cubes or carrots on my person.." He takes a nervous step back and will likely bump into Garvin unless the Tyrell moves away.

Ugly as sin that blue-eyed horse might be, but whereas many a-beast has an ill-favoured nature as well as appearance, this animal gives Arion a plaintive, hopefull look. It dips its broad head down and hopefully scuffs at the ground once or twice, glancing at him sideways like a flirt. Admittedly - this is not a pony. This is an awful, awful looking horse. Broad-girthed and pin-bellied, designed for…who knows what. Tellur did tell Garvin he had hunted wolves. As Garvin speaks, Tellur says mildly "I am sorry to disturb you, Lords. But Loathely here would never bite a person deliberately. You could put a baby on his back."

Arion smiles faintly as those hands are placed on his hips. He eyes the horse a moment and shakes his head looking amused at Garvin's words. "Indeed and as much as I'm sure Lord Garvin would enjoy seeing me shirtless that will have to wait." He glances up at the Northerner and then looking at the horse again. Finally he sighs. "Jon! Go get me an apple." But Jon apparently knows something about Arion's moods and has already got an apple in hand from a local fruit vendor. He offers it to the horse trying to tempt it away from his lord.

Garvin holds Arion's rear close to his own groin for a moment or two longer, before finally releasing the man's hips and stepping to the side, to try and maintain some modicum of dignity for the both of them. "Is that what you call your mount?" he asks Tellur curiously. "Loathly? What a terrible name! Why, it's a lovely creature." The look in his eyes, however, tells a different story, as he peers at the poor beast.

Either Tellur Is Ignoring what the two are doing, or is still sort of clueless. Never mind. He is roughly the same age as them, at least, just a bit rougher. Jon offers the apple, but Loathely just pricks ears towards it, and glances at Tellur, who then nudges him "Say thankyou, Loathely," he grins. And the horse gives a low whinny of a noise before delicately taking it and begining to mumble over it with drooling pleasure. And Tellur thumps the gelding's shoulders and says "Loathely is ugly, Lord, but he's the best horse I could ever have. He's honest, brave, and he once stood over me when I was injured, the poor thing, like he could do something about a wild boar. He's a good horse." His voice is rich with affection.

Arion takes a slow step back as Jon offers the apple. He eyes the large shaggy horse carefully a moment to make certain his clothing will not be forcibly removed. He looks to Garvin and smirks faintly. "Well it seems my doublet has survived to see another day! Perhaps I should start wearing more red rather than green…green seems to attract hungry horses." He looks thoughtful and Tellur's words about the horse cuase his eyes to widen a bit. "He is loyal then if nothing else…loyalty is always a good thing."

Garvin giggles a little at Arion's comment about his doublet. "'Twould be a pity to see such a fine doublet torn from your body," he says, his tone indicating it wouldn't be a pity at all, eyes sparkling. "Have you seen my new ring, Tellur?" He steps forward and holds his left hand up, so Tellur can get a good look at the silver ring on his third finger — a simple yet masculine band with an elaborate foxes head at its front. The foxes face is done to the very last detail and complete with pale green stones for the eyes. In the foxes open mouth is a purple stone shaped into a pansy. It is a masterfully crafted peice of work, and Garvin seems quite taken with it. "A gift from a very close friend." He glances toward Arion then, a small grin on his lips.

"It is," says Tellur, very quietly "Loyalty and perseverance." He strokes the horse's ragged neck, the fur all different lengths, then knuckles it gently "Anyway, he's well trained, and he's smart, and he will not shie at a shadow like some prissy beast with ginger up it. He's not seen combat, of course - but he's surefooted and he won't be an idiot's horse, dead from a rabbit hole." He then leans down to look at the ring, blinking at it thoughtfully "That looks very -" Expensive. Tellur pauses, then says "Handsome, milord." His lips quirk.

Arion sticks his bottom lip out in a pout but his eyes shine with amusment. "Next time Garvin I will use your clothing as a shield from hungry northern horses…." He smiles as Garvin show of the ring, there is pride in his eyes and fondness as well as he looks to Garvin meeting that grin with one of his own. He chuckles at Tellur's words. "Its nowhere near as handsome as the man that wears it though." He steps closer to the Tyrell with a soft smile upon his lips.

Garvin clenches his fists again as Arion steps closer, using every bit of his self-control to keep from taking the man in an embrace. His face is alight, his grin brilliant. "The friend who gave it to me is fair to look upon as well," he says softly. "And ever so well dressed." This apparently reminds him of something, and he turns to look at Tellur again. "Have you seen a tailor yet, Tellur?"

Tellur's voice is soft as he speaks to Arion "You are in public, milord. You should have a care, for those who are less understanding, and might take matters out on those close to you." He finally slides off his rawboned horse, and he leans on the animal as he answers Lord Garvin "Not yet, milord - I was looking for one. Well, for a few shirts. I'm bl…very hot, milord. The baths help a bit, but I don't like the penny baths so much. They smell, a bit."

Arion's hands twitch apparently he is also restraining himself as well. He smiles brightly and his ears and cheeks blush slightly at the praise. He glances to Tellur his gaze slightly curious and listens as the other tells of his search for a tailor. He glances to Garvin breifly and his eyes soften as he does so before he looks back to Tellur his expression thoughtful yet he remains silent for now.

Garvin blinks several times, his expression one of complete confusion. "What is a penny bath?" he asks, head tipping a bit to the left. "Does someone fill a tub with pennies for you to bathe in? Because I wouldn't think that would be very comfortable. And you'd end up smelling of copper, which…wouldn't be my choice." He glances to Arion to see if this is some Northern custom he's heard of.

Tellur suddenly looks amused again, though the face barely moves. He explains "The baths here, milord. There are the baths for those of money or nobles who want a private space to discuss matters, or hire someone who can work their muscles to help bruises heal. The water from those baths runs into the penny baths down the hall, for people like me. I bathe in the runoff."

Garvin's nose slowly wrinkles. "Oh, you mean the public bath house? I've been there a time or two, but not recently. I know the woman who runs the place, and we don't see eye to eye on a few subjects. There's an area where people bathe in the runoff water from the main baths? That's…disgusting!"

"It's what I can afford, and what most commoners can afford, Lord Garvin," Tellur says, simply "Would you rather have people watch their children go hungry, or be unwashed entirely?" He shakes his head a little, and then he adds "You don't expect a stableboy to afford a crown a week for bathing, do you?"

Garvin looks baffled again. "Why don't you simply bathe at the manse? I know there are tubs that could be filled with water, for I've seen them filled. That wouldn't cost you anything at all."

Tellur says "…am I a guest or am I Lord Carolis' servant, Lord Garvin?" Once more, the amusement is back "I don't know, Lord Garvin. I've been whipped before for taking a place not mine, until blood ran down my legs - let me assure you, it's left me _very_ inclined to err on the side of caution."

Garvin's eyes bug wide, and his jaw drops open. "Who would dare to do such a thing to a Stark?" he demands, looking horrified. "I can assure you, I will not allow such a thing to happen while you are staying at Garden Isle."

Arion stands there in shock his eyes wide. Finally he gathers himself enough to speak. "I cannot fathom not having fresh bathwater everyday or my rose scented soap but I suppose I am more…accustomed to my luxeries than many. But such cruelty…I wish I could say I've never seen it before…but it is not so. Some poeple can be quiet cruel." He looks sadly to Tellur his eye filled with empathy. "For what its worth you have my sympathies and three new shirts as well..from my own pocket. Consider it my way of easing spirits…I always go shopping when something bad happens after all." He grins but its clear something is bothering him.

Garvin scowls though, not a very pretty look for him. "Nevertheless, I'll have no one whipped while I am at Garden Isle. You may be Lord Carolis' servant, but you are also my guest, and I shall have you treated as one. The next time you desire a bath, simply join the other servants when they take their." Clearly he has no idea that his servants generally use the Lysene penny baths. "Now then, that's settled. Let us see if we can't find you a few shirts." He looks Tellur up and down. "And doublets. And leggings. Shoes wouldn't hurt. Nor would a few jerkins. Is that your only belt?"

Tellur is not. Certain how to handle this outpouring of sympathy and empathy. Because this is his entire life, and he is trying to work out how _not_ to say: Milords, many peasants froze to death in the last bad winter, and you concern yourselves with rosepetals? Nevertheless: Free things. Those are good. Finally he says "…I am actually usually happy, milords - it is perhaps not easy to explain, but I have access to libraries, and that leaves me happy." He finally says "You two should come on an extended hunting trip - with Lord Carolis. And perhaps your men at arms, but no servants. For something like stag or boar, though…boar can be tricky." He taps his belly, then he says "Yessir, this is my only belt - is it always so warm here a man need only wear leggings?"

Arion places a gentle hand upon Garvin's shoulder as he spots that scowl. "You are a good man Garvin I know you would never allow someone under your roof to be harmed…I admire that greatly and if I have anything to say about it there will be no one under my care whipped either..Spankings though are different matter." He smirks and then adds. "Lets see if we can't find a tailor yes?" Slowly he withdraws his hand and offers Garvin a small smile.

Garvin wrinkles his nose a bit at Tellur. "I'd rather not hunt something as dangerous as a boar. I prefer quail or partridges or…." He grins suddenly, glancing at Arion. "…Foxes are rather fun to hunt." He looks to the Northman again. "Not that I normally catch anything when hunting, but it is pleasant to leave the city from time to time, ride out into the countryside, and the hounds do so love having the freedom to dash about to their hearts' content. But! Let us find a tailor, indeed. Mine was supposed to stop by the manse today, but he was suddenly called upon by a particularly snarly group of Targaryens, and one simply does not say no to dragons, eh?" Grinning, he turns to look around the square. "There's one, I believe?"

"Thankyou, Lord," Tellur says to Arion, but then he grins at Garvin "That is the point, Lord. To show people that you are going out and doing something like this - it gives them less amunition. Choose deer, if you prefer - I have a belly full of scars due to boar, it is true." And then Tellur follows towards the tailor, himself, saying to both of them "Lord Carolis is eager for me to represent myself politely - and his House is wanting him to make a good impression…I suppose my Father is just glad I'm a man now and of little more embarassment to him…his Lady is the same age as me."

Arion chuckles at the mention of hunting foxes. "Hunting foxes can be quite fun yes…" He leans in close to Garvin to whisper his hand brushing the Tyrell's side. "But then hunting pansies can also be fun…especially when you find the perfect one." He pulls away with a sly smile. "We shall have to go out riding one day don't you agree Garvin?" And it is then that he starts to make his way in the direction of the tailor.

Garvin blushes a little at Arion's whisper, shooting him a secretive smile. "Oh yes, we must all go out riding. The last time I went turned into a most memorable time, though by the time I returned home, I could barely sit in my saddle anymore." He giggles at this, for some reason, as he leads the way to the tailor's shop. Peering though the small window, he nods. "Yes, this place should do." His guards hang back, chatting among themselves.

Styles are something the Stark bastard knows nothing about. He glances at Ation and Garvin, and sighs a little, muttering something that sounds a bit like 'teenagers' under his breath. Still! Teenagers paying for things! Tellur pushes the door open and then brusquely says to whoever he finds in there "Three shirts, and three hose, whatever you have that fits." There, see? HE CAN DO SHOPPING, GUYS.

Arion frowns at Tellur and quickly intervenes. "I'm paying for this so we will do this right! Take his measurements first we want to make sure what we get fits perfectly. Now Tellur do you have a preference in colors? I think he would be most comfortable in simpler styles so something simple and in soft and light fabics Two cotton shirts and one silk. Though perhaps the silk shirt should be more fancy. Let me see…" He starts searching through the availible articals of clothing while the shop assisant gets the northerners measurements.

Garvin giggles a little as Arion takes charge, his eyes alight with amusement. He turns to the shopkeeper with a grin. "Doublets as well. Hose, trunks, a few jerkins. Oh, and we shall need some belts. The one he has is…inadequate." Suddenly, his eyes brighten wickedly. "And we'd like to see some smallclothes. Tellur, you'll need to strip down a bit to be measured."

Tellur looks at the other two, confused. How you buy things is not…this way. Right? He eyes the tailor, confused, but hopefully the man can spot someone two shades higher than commonfolk in the company of Lords and know what to do. Under direction, he steps towards the back of the shop and shrugs out of his shirt and so forth, leaving breeches on. He has an incrediable jagged scar across the belly, still shiny, so not so long healed. He holds his arms out as required "…er. I like. Black." Of course. Stark. "…and red." Stark. "And white." Stark.

Arion eyes Tellur. "Black is dull by itself! You give me so little to work with…Okay white and a dark blue for one shirt…red with a hint of black trim for the other and may something in…white and black? Garvin?! Do they have silk smallclothes? I need another pair." He rushes over to look at the selection of small clothes well the tailors bustle about looking for something that meets the Florents requirements as well as Tellur's mesurments. In the end sucess is acheived and shirts are found and presented to the northerner to try on. Meanwhile Arion is hiding near the back of the shop looking over a pair of pale green silk smallclothes with ivory lace along the edges with critical eyes. He glances around shifty eyed as if wondering if he can get away with it.

"I am dull, all by myself, Lord," Tellur cannot help but say, a little amused by all of this. He shrugs the clothes onto himself, and he apparently has pretty much as much body modesty as Lord Carolis - that is to say, none whatsoever. You lose that stuff once you attend a few too many Northern hunts and campaigns. He is not a very mature man - no more than eighteen at the most, with a youth's body worn by some hard work, not really by experience. So he strips off when required, and dresses when required, and complains, just a bit, in a very Northern way about colours. They do get him into his new things, though, and soon Tellur is headed back to likely horrify Carolis.

Garvin insists on having a little bit of color in there somewhere. In fact, he presses the tailor to fit a brocade, sleeveless doublet in a floral pattern of reds and greens, which Garvin pronounces passable for Tellur. Once the Northerner is gone, Garvin creeps to the back of the store, grinning as he peeks over Arion's shoulder. "Lovely," he whispers, slipping right up behind and pressing himself lightly. "Will you model them for me later?"

Arion smirks as he feels Garvin press against him. He arches back into that touch and looks over his shoulder at the Tyrell. "Gladly if you wish it…" He turns around slowly till he is facing Garvin. He speaks softly. "Do you have any idea how much you test my control? All the time we were speaking with Tellur I wanted to sweep you into my arms, kiss you, and carry you off to have my way with you." He leans forward and presses a soft yet heated kiss to Garvin's lips. Then he pulls back slowly and reluctantly and smiles softly touching the pin Garvin gave to him with one hand.

Garvin lets out a small, wimpering groan when the kiss ends, keeping his eyes closed for a long moment to block out the rest of the world. But at last, he opens them again and steps back, giving a grin. "You still need a copy of the play," he says, fingering the silky smallclothes, as he glances toward the shopkeeper and tailors, who do their best to pretend not to have seen anything. "We should finish our business here and go to the playhouse. There's a copy there you may have. And perhaps we can see if the Lion Knight's armor will fit you well enough."

Arion smiles mischieviously and nods. "I think I am done looking so we can leave now if you like?" He looks to the pair smallclothes and fingers them a moment his expression thoughtful and almost longing before he moves to exit the shop waiting by the door to see if Garvin will follow him. His pale green gaze follows the Tyrell hungrily watching every moment carefully.

Garvin quirks a brow curiously, watching Arion leave the pretty smallclothes behind. Then a wicked grin overcomes him, and he quickly takes them to the shopkeep, who wraps them up with the doublet he got for Tellur. After exchanging coins for the package, Garvin jonis Arion at the door, wetting his lips. "Shall we then?" He waists for the young Fox to head through the door first, then follows. His men in the square snap to attention and fall into formation around them.

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