(121-04-10) A Request
A Request
Summary: In which Tameron has one for Mariya.
Date: April 10, 2014
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There has not been much rest at the White Stone Manse since the first mention of the Trial of Seven. Mariya is of those that always seem to be on the move with one plan or destination or another. It is late in the morning in between one of those errands, that she has tucked herself away in a corner of the grand dining room. It's a large space - much too large for one person - but it also seems the best place to sit for a moment to catch her breath, a simple glass of cool water in front of her on the table.

Tameron's days have been less about recruiting and more about training, though this afternoon his tasks include seeking out the youngest princess of the ruling line. He's directed into the dining room by a servant, and it actually takes him a moment to take note of the small figure hiding in the corner. But when he spots her, he strides in that direction. "Princess Mariya. …Are you hiding?"

As Mariya is not doing much other than sitting and contemplating, it does not take her long to notice the entrance of Tameron. She stands and though her cheeks flush a light pink at the question, she shakes her head. "Not exactly." With a glance toward the doorway, she adds, "I just wanted a quick rest. And I did not wish to do so where everyone would stumble on me. I don't want them to take my moment as hopelessness or despair." Once she's sufficiently explained herself, she continues. "Do you need me?"

"Are you so busy, highness?" Tameron asks, his mouth quirking into a faint smile. "Seeking out champions for Dorne?" For her question, the knight cants his head. "I… if this isn't an intrusion, I would have a word with you, princess."

"I have been attempting," Mariya admits. "Though, I must say that my news so far has not what one might call 'good'. I fear I have no names to add to our lists. There is still some time, though. I will keep talking with any who will see me." With a quick nod, she gestures for him to take a seat nearby. "It's no intrusion. What would you wish to speak about?"

Tameron considers the seat and, perhaps, the impropriety of sitting in front of a princess. But then he tugs out the chair and drops into it. "The Princess Ashara believes Maelys and Daevon Targaryen will fight for us. And there is a Ser Arrick that has come as part of Lord Blackmont's forward vanguard who will take a place on the field. That's not so poor a showing for Dorne, even with two spaces yet open."

Mariya also sits again, hopefully making the sitting less improper. "Ser Osric also thinks so, but I have spoken with Ser Daevon and he said he will not take sides. He certainly would not do so at the side of Prince Maelys. According to Ser Daevon he is not a good man. I dislike the idea of such a man fighting for Dorne. If the Seven are to decide, we should have men who are good as well as who have skills with a sword." At the mention of Arrick, she nods, glad of a name she has no qualms against including. "Even with Ser Arrick, I believe us still three short."

"Ser Arros will also fight, I expect, so that eaves but two." Tameron's quiet a moment as Mariya explains about Daevon, and he gives a small nod. "I hear Maelys Targaryen is a very skilled warrior who happens to dislike the Tyrells. 'Good' or 'bad' aside, it may be a boon to have him."

"Ser Osric, Ser Arros, Ser Arrick and yourself. I do not count on the Targaryens as being involved. There is only one Tyrell named accused and Maelys has already killed the man's father." Mariya does not sound pleased about that. "Were this a melee or a tournament, perhaps it would be good to have him - but the Gods are to judge these men and find them and their cause either innocent or guilty. Is it not better to put men the Seven would smile upon on the field? Ser Osric charged me to find knights of fine character and I cannot in good conscience call Maelys Targaryen one. I told Aevander Targaryen I would not ask Prince Maelys. But, I fear that much as Ser Osric would not listen when I told him of Ser Daevon's answer, others may not listen to that, either." After a pause, she tilts her head. "Is this what you wished to speak to me about?"

"The gods don't exist," Tameron replies simply enough, "and if they do, they won't be watching. And if they are, they certainly won't look into the men's hearts and give those with the most goodness the greatest skill. Worry more about who can slay who more effectively than what any of the seven would think of them. Perhaps I should speak to Maelys Taragryen. No one has charged me to do otherwise." And then Mariya comes back around to the question of why he sought her out. "Ah. No." He clears his throat softly. "I'm sorry, it was not. I meant to ask your assistance on another matter."

"They do." Mariya's reply is quick and earnest. She will not fight religion with Tameron at the moment, all she says is, "Ser Osric certainly believes that it is a matter of the heart as well as the sword. I've said all of the reasons why I would not wish him for our side, but it is ultimately up to him who shall represent Lord Blackmont's cause. If you wish to speak with Maelys Targaryen and Ser Osric approves, there is nothing more I can say on the matter." And, as she said, she moves on from the topic of the trial. "Of course. If I can help, I will. What is the issue?"

"I know he does," Tameron agrees softly, glancing down at his hands, fingers of one plucking at the bandages wrapped around the knuckles of the other. "Magden Quick," he replies, glancing up, again. "She's… well. My squire." He takes a moment to gauge Mariya's response to that before speaking any further.

"Yes!" Mariya brightens at the name of Magden. "She's lovely, Ser Tameron. Wait, no, should I use lovely when speaking of a squire? Forgive me, I'm not sure the proper protocols. We spoke the other evening and she told me of her position." It's clear that she has absolutely no qualms about a woman squire.

A corner of Tameron's mouth lifts for Mariya's approval and he offers a small nod. "She will do well, I think. She is talented, and if others can only see that talent…" his shoulders lift and fall, "I don't expect the doors of knighthood to open for her, but a woman can be a warrior in Dorne. She could earn a name for herself this way."

"I agree. She seems shy, but determined. I've only spoken with her the once, but I think she could do well." Mariya smiles her agreement. "Yes, she could learn from you and then when you deem her ready of knighthood, she could return to Dorne. There are always cause for more guards in Sunspear. When the time comes, I can speak with my mother about it should you wish."

"If she would be keen for such a position, I would be grateful, princess," Tameron agrees. "And I would ask… If I am slain on the field of battle, I know Ser Osric will make sure she has a place and position. But, should we both fall, I would ask that you take Magden into your household."

The idea is quite a troubling one to Mariya. While she has been quite involved in attempting to gather knights to the cause, it's clear she does not like talking about the possibility that some of them may not return. "Of course I will, though there will be no need. Both of you will return." She is firm in that assertion.

"I believe we will," Tameron agrees, "but never the less, just in case I am wrong… well. I thank you, princess. That puts my mind to rest."

"Of course. Perhaps I should refuse so that you would force yourself to survive no matter what happened on the field, but I know it unnecessary." Mariya smiles softly, though, and shakes her head. "And I think you would know that no matter if I had refused you now, should anything have happened I would have seen to her. As everyone continues to tell me, I have too soft a heart and too trusting a demeanor. I would not be able to turn her away."

"In this case, your soft heart and good nature works to my advantage, so I'll not chastise it," Tameron replies with a faint smile. "I believe her to be worth your compassion, princess."

"See, no one chastises me when it works in their favor." Mariya grins at that. "I would not say she is not. I have not met many who are not worthy of my compassion and she certainly seems a good woman. I would be glad to be of help to her - even after you return from the field."

"Thank you," Tameron murmurs, easing his chair back from the table. "I should wash, before it's properly time for dinner. "I'll leave you to your quiet."

"You're welcome," Mariya replies easily. "If there's anything else I can do, please let me know." As Tameron stands, so does she. "I think it's quite admirable that you are taking her as your squire, just so you know."

Tameron considers as he nudges the chair back under the table. "It is what it is, princess," he replies simply. "Suppose now we'll see what the rest of this place makes of it."

"True. I take it she be holding your banner at the Trial." Mariya smiles, obviously thinking it will not be quite the uproar it may turn out to be. "We're Dornish. A woman doing what many here may think is only a man's role is not out of the ordinary for us."

"She is my squire, highness," Tameron answers, "she will fulfill her duty." He offers a small nod for Mariya's comment before adding, "Ser Osric seems to feel that in that respect, knighthood is different, being an Andal tradition."

"It may be an Andal tradition, but we are not Andals," Mariya replies. "Perhaps she cannot be a knight, but there are squires who do not get their spurs. She is to learn the way of the Warrior from you; she can do so without a knighthood."

"No, but we are among them," Tameron agrees, "and they will not see Magden Quick through Dornish eyes. Byt if we have your support and that of Ser Osric, then I know we've little to fear from Reachian rabble."

"You certainly have mine." Mariya can't speak for Ser Osric, but she has faith in him and that he will support them.

Tameron offers the princess a soft smile and a small nod. "I know it. My thanks, highness."

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