(121-04-09) An Oakheart by Any Other Name
An Oakheart by Any Other Name
Summary: In which Angharad and Johanna (or was it Josie? Joanie?) finally meet, running into Arion along the way.
Date: Date of play 04/09/2014
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Second Floor Corridor - Garden Isle Manse

The second floor corridor is actually a maze of halls and passageways, winding through the manse in a confusing manner, with tall, arched doors of dark-stained oak leading to the various rooms on this floor. The lighting is minimal, consisting mostly of fat candles in bronze sconces. The floors and ceiling are well cared-for oak, and down the middle of the aisles are long, beautiful Myrish rugs. The walls are covered in dusky fabrics interspersed with dark maple panels, casting a somber, almost gloomy feel to the manse.

It's a lovely, warm summer morning. Though it's raining outside, it's a deliciously refreshing summer shower, the kind for which gardens rejoice. In the Garden Island Manse, men are busy moving the furniture and belongings of Lord Laurent and Lady Angharad Tyrell, processing through the house like a steady stream of worker ants. There's the occasional bump and crash, followed by yelps of alarm and slightly harried laughter from the overseer — Lady Angharad, herself. "Mother's leaking teats, be careful with that!" And then, laughing, "Are you sure you don't need me to carry that for you? You're looking a little red in the face. STAIRS! There's stairs, there!"

Though Johanna has been tucked away in her quarters for much of the day, the clamor of the men moving the furniture, and their overseer is enough to draw her out into the open. She's careful to keep out of the way as she moves through the hall, dark brows creeping higher the nearer she gets. "It sounds as though you'll be lucky to get to your new home with anything intact," she jokes. Half jokes, flinching a bit as she hears another thud of something hitting the floor.

Lady Angharad peeks around a tall chest of drawers that's been staged temporarily in the hall, wince-grimacing in concert with Johanna at the thud. She blinks, then beams a wide, warm smile, combing messy gold locks away from her face with her fingers. "You must be Ser Quill's sister!" she says, coming forward to take the dark-haired woman's hands in greeting. "Johanna, isn't it? Laurent told me you were here — well — ages ago, when you first arrived. I can't believe we've managed to miss each other in the same house, all this while!"

It's nearly impossible to see a smile quite so wide and warm, and not smile in return, and Johanna is no exception. Her hands are easily taken, giving the Lady Tyrell's fingers a gentle squeeze. "I am, yes. I'm so sorry it's taken this long for us to meet. Quillian can attest to the fact that I— ah, tend to dedicate myself to my books and studies, and rather less time to spending time with the people I ought to." This is followed closely by a brief, and somewhat sheepish smile. "I'm glad we've been given this chance at least, before you move. Quill told me you and Ser Laurent were moving, though I didn't know it was to be this soon."

Angharad's smile is entirely forgiving. "We are nothing, if not a house full of idiosyncrasies — and certainly, a studious love of books is a healthier quirk than most." She reaches out to steady a stack of books — speaking of those — that one of the men is in danger of spilling sidelong. "And to be honest, I don't know quite when Laurent and I are moving, in fact. But there are so many things to go, and then to find places for and set right, once there… I thought it might be less taxing done in increments." She takes Johanna's arm in a sisterly fashion. "Are you hungry? I must eat six times a day, lately. I don't know whether it's because I'm with child or because I think that's what I should be doing because I'm with child, but either way — perpetually famished. And I need to get away from supervising for a while. It's terrible on the nerves."

"We are, aren't we?" Johanna's amusement at that is visible for a moment, though it fades with a gentle shake of her head. "Ah, yes, moving does take half an age, doesn't it? As does settling in. I feel as though I've only just settled in here myself, and I didn't bring anything close to what it would take to fill a household." When her arm is taken, she curls her's around Angharad's in return. "I've not yet eaten, and so will gladly do so with you, and don't worry, I've read that it's perfectly normal for a woman to consume a fair amount more than she usually would when with child. So you've a perfectly valid excuse, and I will have words with anyone who says otherwise."

"You can have words with them just before my husband smashes them into a pulp — or after. As you prefer," says Angharad, grinning as she and Johanna descend the stairs to the main floor. "I am fortunate to have such stalwart defenders. Is it still raining, I wonder? Maybe we can eat on the veranda…"

"If he could not for some reason, I expect my brother would gladly step in and do so," Johanna tells her with a quiet laugh. "He's rather good at that sort of thing as well. I'm sure you've heard all about it." She gives Angharad's arm a little squeeze. "I'm not sure, it looked as if it might stop a little while ago, but there's no telling. It does us no harm to check though."

There seems to be a commotion on the floor above and Arion slips down the stairs with a smile on his face. He pauses when he sees the many carts being loaded. He looks to the two women and grins clearly in good spirits. "Well I move in and another is moving out. I suppose thats just the way of things though I hope it wasn't I who scared you off?" His eyes shine with mischief and he offers a dramatic little bow. "I am Lord Arion Florent and it is a please to meet you both." There is a loud crash upstairs and Arion bites his lip and glances up the staircase "Here's to hoping they didn't break my mirror…"

"Your brother is somewhat renowned for such things, tis true," says Angharad to Josephine, merrily. She stops and blinks at Arion. "Are you? I — well! Welcome, then! How… entirely singular to have a Florent in the house!" She glances at Johanna, then hurries on, "I'm Angharad Tyrell and this is Lady Johanna Oakheart. Are you… a friend of cousin Garvin, milord?" She perks up her eyebrows. Do tell.

Johanna's gaze comes to rest on Arion, watching him curiously as he approaches. "Ah, Lord Arion, a pleasure." She doesn't pose the question, as Angharad beats her to it, but she does await the answer.

Arion looks at the two women with a mischievious smirk. "Indeed I'm probably the only Florent daring enough to visit nevermind live here. And yes it was Garvin who offered to let me stay here. It was very kind of him." The smirk fades into a warm smile as he studies them. "I hope that will not inconvenince anyone?"

"It's the Florents that have umbrage toward the Tyrells, good friend, not the other way around. I don't think daring is the word your kinfolk would use." Angharad flashes Arion the sunniest of smiles. "Of course he did. Cousin Garvin is always so keen to cultivate new companions. It's not a bit of inconvenience. Would you care to join Lady Johanna and me in breaking our fast?"

Johanna only glances at Angharad as she comments on relations between the Florent anf Tyrell families, but for the present, refrains from commenting herself. "Unless you plan on stealing my books, I cannot see it being any sort of inconvenience to me," she assures him, smiling.

"In fact," says Angharad, giving Jolene's arm a squeeze before letting go, "I should go and check the kitchen, she what's at hand. We're eating a touch late in the morning, so I should let the cooks know. Usually they just have Garvin's hangover cuisine at this hour — horrible stuff. I'll meet you on the veranda — back in two shakes!" And the Tyrell lady hurries off.

"House politics has never been something I enjoyed…only yet another thing my father fond fault with me about." Arion admits and then adds. "Not all Florents are the same…I hold no anger toward the Tyrell family though saying that infront of my family would be most…unwise. But yes I would be most pleased to join you if you wish." He sighs then looks to Johanna and chuckles. "Fear not my lady your books are quite safe unless you wish to loan me one and even then it would be in careful hands. I do enjoy reading from time to time." He watches as Angharad rushes off and then looks back to Johanna with a smile.

Johanna turns to watch the fleeing Lady with a vaguely amused smile, then turns back to Arion. "I cannot imagine your family would take kindly to that, nor can I see them being overly pleased that you're here. What made you decide to stay here?" she asks, head tilting to the side just a smidge.

Arion frowns a bit. "Then it will be just one more reason why I am a dissapointment to them. Honestly all I ever realy wanted was to be accepted and noticed for my own merits instead they point out my flaws and tell me what I need to change…it gets old fighting for approval. Here I do not need to fight for it and I am happier as well." He smiles fondly. "Lord Garvin made the offer and I still am not certain why he did despite the fact that I am grateful for it but tell me something Lady Johanna…does he often invite friends to stay with him?"

"You have to fight for it everywhere, Lord Arion, the expectations are just different," Johanna remarks, not as reproach, but a casual observation that is concluded with a slight roll of her shoulders. "Lord Pansy? He invites who he wants to invite, he's…friendly, so I cannot say as I am too surprised that he would invite you too."

Arion looks thoughtful thinking over those words a moment and he is silent for a few minutes and his eyes lower for a moment eyeing the floor. Finally he looks up and smiles once more. "So it depends on what one finds worthy of fighting for then? No matter where you go you will struggle but you will be happier if you find something you wish to struggle for and fight to keep is this right my lady?"

"I suppose that's the case," Johanna answers him after a moment to consider. "What one wants to fight for, what one must fight for, what one must prove to attain whatever goal has been set. The battle is always different, and it's always changing, but there is always a battle. Make no mistake in thinking you're singular in that."

Arion nods and smiles warmly now. "Of course everyone must go through similar struggles yes? I thank you Lady Johanna. You give excellent advice. It seems all the ladies I have met since my arrival are very kind and wise…yourself included." He inclines his head and his expression is grateful and it seems a weight has been lifted from him as well.

"I—" Johanna begins, hesitates a moment, then inclines her head slightly. "It is nice when you find yourself in the presence of people you can rely on to give good advice. Not that it's always hard to find it, sometimes the harder thing is to find people who actually listen to good advice."

"Indeed…sometimes it is hard to listen to even the best advice when it is not what you wished to hear." Arion smiles faintly and studies Johanna a moment. "So what sorts of books do you have in your possesion My Lady…do you have a favorite subject to read about?" He looks curious now his smile widening a bit as he watches her.

"Just so," Johanna says, then she halts, seeming as though she's about to say something more but not doing so. Not immediately. A smile surfaces and she nods. "Yes. It's never easy to listen to the advice of people who recommend against what it is you would like to do, or decide to do if it were wholly up to you."

Walled Garden - Garden Isle Manse

This large garden is a wonderland of splendor. Small trees and exotic flowers are in bloom, their aromas permeating the area. The entire garden is enclosed a high wall, covered in vines and ivy. There is an area where fresh herbs are growing, and another for roses of red, white, and of course, Tyrell gold. Other beds have daffodils, tulips, lilies, and pansies. Spread out and mingled amongst the rest of the plants are a variety of wildflowers. The two far corners are dominated by massive oak trees, which spread shade over the area. The luscious scents and beauty add to the natural feel of the atmosphere here.

Stone benches of polished marble surround a long pool, also of marble. There's a statue of a small dolphin above one end, spouting water from its snout. The pool isn't very deep, only about three feet, and small, colorful fish dart about playfully. Luxuriously soft towels are folded and placed on some of the benches. To one side is a lounging area, with outdoor furniture which comfortably seats six.

Quiet conversation carries on as both Johanna and Arion make their way down the set of stairs and through the great hall, out to the garden in search of Angharad. "Well, it look as though the rain has stopped," she observes, leading the way toward the veranda.

Almost simultaneously, Angharad leads a small contingent of servants out to the garden, each bearing a tray of fruits, bread, honey, butter, soft cheeses, lemoncakes and oatcakes and cakes with swirls of cinnamon — it's quite enough to feed a dozen guests. Pitchers of cool water, sweet tea, fruit juices, and an urn of strong coffee are also set at the garden table. "Here we are!" says Angharad, cheerfully. "Doesn't it all look delicious? Only, I wonder what you two are going to eat…"

Arion looks up at the sky with a smile and a nod. "Yes it has. Hopefully the sun will shine now….I do not like the rain." He leads Johanna over to a table on the terrace and pulls a chair out for her. Then Angharad and her group of servants enter the garden's and he grins a playful spark in his eyes. "A fine breakfast indeed my Lady Angharad and I do believe I shall have cheese and fruit and…is that cinnamon cakes?! Mmm thats almost as good as chocolate cakes." He pulls out another seat for the Tyrell lady and then sits down himself.

"I don't mind the rain, and it's necessary for, well, everything," Johanna remarks as she watches the parade of servants pass by with the near feast in their arms. The remark from Angharad is answered with a quiet laugh. "I'm certain we will manage, if nothing else we might be able to forage greens from the gardens here somewhere, I'm sure some of it's edible."

Angharad laughs, smiling her thanks to Arion as she's seated. "I was jesting, milord, that I meant to eat it all myself. My husband and I are expecting our first child, and I was telling Johanna before you arrived how I've been eating everything in sight." She grins at Jodi, enthusing, "Some of it is! I planted Laurent's plot, over there, with quite a few edibles, herbs, and berries."

"Did you?" asks Johanna with visible interest, twisting around in her seat to look in the direction of the plot. "I thought I saw a patch with edible plants, and was hoping to be able to plant some on my own, though I've yet to have a chance to ask Lord Garvin about it." She settles back in her seat again. "Will you have a garden at your new home? My brother said you were going to be living somewhere outside of the town proper?"

Angharad glances up as a page boy comes running out to call Arion away, rolling her eyes slightly in the Florent's absence. "Probably summons from cousin Garvin," she notes, holding her cup out for one of the servants to pour her tea. "A small keep, Laurent tells me — I haven't seen it, yet, but if there isn't a garden I'm sure there's room to plant one." She sighs. "I do wish Ser Quill were coming with us. It's good for Laurent to have a man of like mind around. And then we could garden together!" Though… she likely means herself and Josie. Not Quillian.

"I'm not sure if they've spoken about it or not, Quill and Laurent, but he told me he plans on going," Johanna confides after glancing off at the messenger. She makes no comment as to the nature of the summons, even if she smiles at Angharad's guess. "I asked him if he wanted me along as well, and he said he did, so if this all works out, I will gladly garden with you. I was rather unhappy about having to leave my plants behind at Old Oak, but I'm glad to be here now."

"Is he? Oh, how splendid!" Angharad looks truly pleased, reaching for several thick slices of bread to slather with butter and honey. "I had thought that Ser Quill would remain here for — well, reasons and reasons. We'd be so delighted to have you both, of course!"

Johanna waits until Angharad has begun to serve herself before she too reaches for some of the bread, finding it safer to go for the food only after the pregnant, and very hungry woman has done so. Self-preservation and all. "I'm glad for it," she admits, leaning in just a little nearer to Harry. "It will be nice to be in a household that is, perhaps, a touch, ah…" she hesitates, considering her words carefully, and then lands lamely on, "Quiet?"

Angharad laughs at that, putting her hand quickly over her mouth so she doesn't spew breadcrumbs in the process. "Well," she chuckles, washing her mouthful down with tea, "I hope with all my heart we can have something resembling domestic bliss, at least most of the time. Less drama. Less lemurs." She cants her head, squinting as she considers, "Or were they marmosets?"

It's Johanna's turn to laugh now, eyes bright with humor as they land on Angharad again. "We will be in a house with Laurent, Quill, and his wife, I imagine domestic bliss isn't quite what should be expected. Those three are far too, mm, not domestically blissful for it to be that." She tears off a corner of bread, not bothering to add anything to it, and pops it into her mouth. It's not untill the bite is chewed and swallowed that she smiles at Angharad again. "I am honestly not sure, but either way, there will be less of it and that will be a blessing."

"You know, I haven't really spoken to your goodsister — though we've met…" Harry thinks on it, then adds, "I think. We've at least been in the same room. Is she quite a match for your brother?" she asks, mischievously. "She seems like a lady worth knowing, if so. And you would, I think, be quite surprised how sweet Laurent can be when he's not stomping about and being… thorny." Then, "Oh, of course, the lemurs were before you came. It was so dreadful. Garvin brought home a circus act from the free cities — there were these… creatures with huge eyes and tails scampering all over the dining table. That was when he was first engaged to Visenya Targaryen and something someone said insulted her and she made quite a scene. I swear we forgot all about the monkeys with a dragon flapping its wings at the table."

"She is quite the woman, my goodsister," Johanna answers delicately, and if it seems that she's being especially careful with that answer, well, it's because she is. "I think Quill needs someone that is a match for him though, he'd be awfully bored with some meek creature as a wife, as would Laurent, I imagine." She reaches for cup, pouring herself some coffee and not bothering to add a thing to it. "I suppose that makes them both very luck to have found strong women who aren't the least bit dull."

Angharad grins at Joselle, cheeks pink. "Hush! I blush, you know, and when I do it's all… mottled. Not my best look, at all." More bread, more tea. "Thank you for the kind vote of confidence, my friend. You're very kind." She perks up. "Do you ride? We could go out riding, some time, if you like. Laurent and I went all the time when we were courting, but — " She stops, sighs, and her face falls. "YOU," she looks down at her still-flat belly. "Honestly. I keep forgetting about you." She looks up again, apologetically. "In… eight months or so?"

Johanna's smile is hidden behind the rim of her mug, but the amusement is bright in her blue eyes. "I'll be sure to only make you do so when we're alone," she vows, a grin firmly in place as the cup is set back on the table. "I do ride, I enjoy it quite a lot. When you are able to, I definitely agree that we should go out."

"Really, I don't think there's any danger — I haven't fallen off a horse since I could walk — but Laurent would be beside himself," Harry explains. "He's convinced I'm carrying a son. Not that he wouldn't be concerned about a girl child, but — you know. The heir and all that rot." She takes a cinnamon cake and demolishes it quite nearly in one bite. "I worry, sometimes, that I'll disappoint him if the child's not a boy. I don't think I could bear to see disappointment on his face."

"Yes, I do not want to see your husband upset, even if it's over nothing," Johanna replies, taking another bite of her cinnamon bread. "I would like to assure you that it'll be a boy, or that he won't be upset if it's a girl, but I don't want to be made a liar. What I am sure of, is that whatever happens, he will love the child, as will you, and things will turn out well in the end."

Angharad smiles. "I would much rather have that assurance than any other, really. That sounds like a lovely ending." She pours more tea and selects a blood orange from the bowl of fruit. "What brought you to Oldtown from Old Oak, then? I hope our good fortune was no ill fortune of yours."

"No, there was no ill fortune involved," Johanna is swift to assure, smiling. "My father suggested it, I think with the hopes that he'd get my nose out of the books, but didn't consider the fact that the citadel is here." She grins. "So I agreed, and I was glad to get to see Quill again, he doesn't visit nearly often enough. Or he didn't, so now I get to see him."

Harry smiles, fond and wistful. "Gods, but I miss my brothers. I'm the youngest of six, only girl. I was an impossible pest, but they were such fun." She blinks, as though she's just considering something, and asks, "Do they let people in the Citadel?"

"I haven't any idea," Johanna admits, but that lack of knowledge doesn't deter her, apparently. "If they haven't, I'll just have to convince them that they want to. I intend on going to visit the Maesters there soon to tell them why they should."

"Do you?" Angharad's eyebrows go up, her grin delighted and eyes merry. "How bold of you! I don't think I could ever be so brave. Tell me — what will you say?"

"I have not the slightest idea what I will say, but when I do, I hope that it's brilliant," Johanna admits with another grin. "And if it's not, I will have to replace brilliance with persistence, and go to them every day to explain why the decision they made the day before was not the right one." It appears Quill isn't the only stubborn one in the family.

Angharad laughs, beaming. "That's… an astonishing plan. I adore it, and cannot wait to have daily reports once you've set it in motion." From inside the manse, there's a profound crash — a sound like something wooden tumbling down the marble stairs and ending in a pile of splinters. "Oh… sweet gods…" Harry puts a hand over her face and dissolves into laughter. "That can't be good." Standing, apologetic, she says to Joanie, "Please excuse me? I should go see what needs replacing… and if I need to call the stonecutters for the stairs…"

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