(121-04-08) The Full Shocking Truth
The Full Shocking Truth
Summary: On the day after the fight with Sylas, Thadeus receives a Targaryen visitor, Lady Cerys. While she insists on issuing certain orders what he is or is not to do, the Tully offers a tiny detail of the incident, that concerns them both.
Date: 08/04/2014 (OOC)
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Leaping Trout Manse

This smaller grey stone manse has a leaping trout painted on its door. Like most Oldtown Manses, the streetside wall has no windows on the first floor, leaving the small foyer dark. The light of a pair of flickering torches at the walls reveals a stairway to the right, leading up.

Ahead is the living area, to one side a table made of cherry wood with chairs of the same material, with carvings depicting the Tully trout at their backs. Cushions in red and blue pad the the chairs. Opposite the table is is a hearth of white marble, with the likenesses of two trouts facing each other worked into the mantelpiece. The walls are hung with tapestries showing the sigil of House Tully, and a warm woollen carpet in red and blue covers the dark grey stone floor.

A pair of windows offers the view of a well kept garden with apple and cherry trees and a fountain in its center. A small wooden door gives access to it.

One night has passed after the spar that had almost turned into a duel, or a skirmish rather, between the old enemies of Iron- and Riverlands. The weather is slightly overcast, a breeze blowing outside, as grey clouds gather. A good day to stay inside. At least one Tully has a good reason to.

Thadeus is up already. Early in the morning a maester came by to check on his bandage, and to change it. Brows were furrowed once again at the Tully heir, while a solemn voice repeated the rebuke of yesterday, that he had not stayed where he were and had summoned a maester to see to him right there, instead of walking - limping rather - all the way back to his Manse.

The Bull Fish looks pale, maybe due to blood loss, he wears a wide shirt and a pair of wide breeches to cause not too much inconvenience. The wound in the thigh and its bandages covered by the thin fabric of the breeches, to make him presentable and in a state to receive guests. Seated in a comfortable chair, his feet resting on a small wooden stool of sorts, a glass of watered wine beside him on a table, Thadeus seems to be in thoughts, his gaze lingering on the window, contemplating the weather perhaps?

If the guards will announce about the arrival of princess Cerys, they are lucky! This young woman bursts inside the room, where Thadeus Tully is, with the force of quite a good storm.
Cerys' pale features are frowned, when her silver gaze lands on the Tully heir. At some point, it is good she is clenching the fabric of her silver gown in the tiny fists, because if not that gown, it may look like her hands would be on Tully's neck.
The young girl is just staring at the man for a while, while her escort: guards and handmaiden are staring at her, a little bit confused and scared. After all, someone made this young dragon angry. Finally she whispers, coming closer to Thadeus, "Do you think, that a Targeryen princess is dreaming about a dead husband?" It is all what she asks. Her killing gaze is on Thadeus.

The Tully's gaze shifts immediately towards the door, once it opens, brows twitching upwards at the vehemence of Cerys' entrance, the guard who would have announced her, entering a second too late, after her, before her retinue follows. Thadeus’ lips will curve into smile, however, as he sees those emotions rage in his almost betrothed, and following his instinct, he will set his feet onto the floor, as he rises to offer her the polite bow she deserves, swaying only just a bit as he does so. "My lady,.." Grey-blue eyes notice her wrath, but that does not drive away the amused sparkle in his gaze. Straightening slowly, he will shake his head, that smile diminishing a little. "Probably not."

Feeling a sudden wave of agony in his thigh, his face will twist a little into a pained grimace, before Thadeus lowers himself carefully back into his seat. "Forgive me, it was not my intention." Putting his feet where they rested before with a sigh. "But it is kind of you to come by and pay me a visit. It is incredibly dull to sit around and wait, unable to do anything." He reaches for the glass and hesitates, looking up at Cerys. "Won't you join me for a bit? Pray have a seat, and maybe you wish for some watered wine as well?" His gaze shifts briefly to her handmaiden, but no wink is offered to her, as Thadeus is certainly not in a flirtatious mood today.

"By the Seven!", Cerys exclaims, "Just sit down!" She gestures with her hand towards his seat, when the man stands up. Then the girl shifts from one foot to another, nervously and annoyed, listening to the man's explanation.

The girl just rolls her eyes at the end of the story. She shows no any happiness or willingness to stay for a wine. Instead, she looks around the room and finds a servant of Tully. She paces closer to him and tucks a tiny note into his hand, "No wine for this man. Do you understand? You go to the kitchens and ask to make this type of tea. He will have to drink it three times per day. Make sure, that whole cup would be taken without cheating. Oh… It will be incredibly tasty!" Cerys finishes in irony and paces back near the table, where she flops on the offered seat, finding the Tully's gaze one more time, "So, instead of hurrying our betrothal, you just go and drink at the inns and get into fights? I will not…" her gaze slips to the man's hurt leg and her gaze softens.

The old Cerys returns. The girl reaches for the man's hand and squeezes it in her tiny one, "Is it hurt so much? I don't want you to be hurt for the sake of our family… our future family."

Thadeus frowns when he overhears the Targaryen lady's words towards his servant. "Wait, my lady, this is my house, these are my servants,… Do you want to punish me by taking the only joy I have left at the moment?" A faint smirk appears despite his objections. "Go to inns? Get into fights? I certainly wasn't looking for this one, Cerys." When she comes over and takes his hand he will squeeze hers gently back. "But… tea? Really?" The Tully sighs, his gaze dropping towards his thigh at the question. "It does hurt, but I've so far declined to take any milk of the poppy to soothe the pain. Wine was the medicine actually." He falls silent, a line appearing between his brows at her last remark. "Our future family… For one moment it seemed as if there wasn't to be any, to be honest. That… squid aimed for my… ahem… family jewels." And there he offers her the full shocking truth.

"You will drink more of that tea and less wine. That is an order!" Cerys frowns, but quickly starts giggling, "I just want to take care of you. I need you, I want you, and the dragon always gets, what she wants." The blush comes to her cheeks and she turns her gaze away, placing the hands to her own lap now.

"What I wanted to say is, that our families are almost agreed. Yes? I wouldn't want to have my second betrothal broken. People will start thinking, that it is a curse," she sighs. Hard to say if she is worried about what others will think, or she is worried, that she will start thinking like that.

The last remark of Thadeus brings confusion into Cerys eyes. The young girl takes one of these silver curls and starts whirling it around her fingers, "What jewels? He wanted to steal the jewels of your family? You should have to inform guards about it! Thieves must be caught." She looks really serious.

"An order, by a Dragon?" A soft chuckle leaves Thadeus' lips as he slowly inclines his head. "Who am I to disobey?" The blush is noted however, and it seems to please the Tully. "You want me indeed? Now that makes me wish all this betrothal business were already signed and agreed. And the wedding ceremony already over." One hand reaches for one of her hands in her lap now. "And do not worry. I expect a letter any day now, with word from Riverrun."

That innocent question of Cerys has Thadeus laugh out loud, though. "Family jewels is a nicer word for my balls, Cerys. As he meant that dirk to hit me about there." Pointing towards his crotch with an almost amused flicker in his eyes. "Thereby ending my ability to father children. That… kraken scum." The words almost a hiss, as his amusement fades, and those grey-blue eyes take on a hard expression. "He will pay for this. I swear, by the Seven." One hand clenching into a fist, while the other reaches for the watered wine in that cup. After all Cerys has not taken that away from him. "I will bring my case before Lord Hightower. And either that Lord Sylas will get a punishment, or he will be forced to settle things in a duel. A real one this time. He will beg and whine, when I kill him. Because that is what I am going to do." The cup is raised in a toast before he takes another sip from it.

Shifting a little as the Tully heir puts the cup back onto the table, another wave of agony will wash over him and he will lean back with a low moan. Followed by a curse. "Seven Hells." His eyes close for a moment, before his features relax again, when the pain subsides.

Cerys calms down, hearing about the words from Riverrun. The smile comes back in her features and she more and more becomes similar just to that adorable fluffy little kitten, not a dragon at all. "I… I just mean… I want you, but… It's not like I am saying…" She tries to mumble something more clear, but all her words are just a mess.

However, very quickly poor innocent little Cerys almost makes the chair fall down, when she quickly stands up on her feet. Her face becomes like one huge perfectly riped red apple in the sun. The girl gasps, covering her lips with pale fingers, "My lord!" She can't stop herself, though, from glancing at the man's crotch. She staggers a little bit, and quickly looks at the spot in the wall.

"My Lady!" Her handmaiden gasps too, coming closer and tossing a really disappointed glare at the lord. She shakes her head as she would be saying «Are you not ashamed?», but she whispers, "Is everything alright?"

Cerys just pushes the hands of her handmaiden away, "It's just really hot inside." Is it? At this moment the servant comes back with the herbal tea. He places it in front of his lord, while Cerys just grabs the goblet of watered wine, which belonged to the lord a second ago. Poor girl takes a really huge gulp and lowers herself in a seat again. She does not let go of the goblet.

"What I mean, is that, my lord, the situation is really horrible," Does she really mean the situation? "but you are forbidden to get into any duel. What if your…" She chews on her lip for a moment, glancing at the man's crotch again, before taking another gulp of wine, "I believe that during the duel your family's jewels might be in danger as your own life. Please, I beg you, just forget everything. If he won't be punished by the right people, alright? Better drink your tea…"

Thadeus raises a brow, clearly amused now, when he listens to Cerys' stammering. "Did I misunderstand you there?", he inquires, looking a touch hurt. "You don't want me in that way, more like a prize you want to put up in your shelf?" Not that he would mind that much. His smile broadening as he notices the rosy coulour of her cheeks. "I assure you, luckily for us both, he missed. So it is just my thigh that gives me discomfort at the moment." And nothing stands in the way of him fathering many more children, his smirk seems to add.

His gaze shifts towards Clarissa, and noticing her glare the Bull Fish will tilt his head a little to the side. "Sorry I had to bring that up before your ladyship, but I was merely answering her question, good woman. In all honesty.” When Cerys continues to speak, his attention will focus on her again, and a frown will appear on the Tully's handsome features. "What do you mean by saying any duel is forbidden? That man attacked me in a most despicable way, that may have affected us both." Their betrothal still has to be confirmed. "I owe him a lesson at least. No way can I let him get through with this." He shakes his head, maybe at the suggestion to refrain from a sword fight, maybe at the advice of having some tea, maybe both. A hand wave is given for his servant. "Bring us more wine, Lady Cerys is thirsty."

"Ooooh… I don't mean, that I need you just as a prize on my shelf, my lord," Cerys lowers her gaze shyly, just staring at the goblet of wine in her hands. "I… You are handsome, yes. So, everything is good… I mean… Alright. And…" She takes the last gulp of wine, emptying the goblet and placing it on the table.

"What I meant by forbidden… If it will be a duel, you have the same chance of dying as the other man. And I can't afford loosing you, when I almost have you in my grasp." The young lady changes the subject a bit. But even this looks a bit uncomfortable for her.

The girl stands up and offers a deep curtsy, "My Lord, I care for you. That is why I ask you to drink this tea instead of wine. That is why i am asking you not to get into the fight before we are married. Though, if you are ready to…. I am just asking you to stay safe. Please, get better, because soon we will have to celebrate our betrothal. You need to be able to dance." Cerys giggles and turns to leave. Her escort offers polite curtsies and bows too, before disappearing after their lady.

Thadeus takes a sip of wine, too - from the goblet his servant had intended for Lady Cerys - with his grey-blue eyes lingering on the Targaryen as he chuckles softly and puts the goblet down onto the table. "You already have me in your grasp, Cerys. The announcement will be naught but a formality. My father, for once, seems pleased with my choice, as disapproving as he has been of… some others." Rolling his eyes a bit as she continues to advertise her tea, but he will not contradict her this time. "Is that really so…?" He inquires softly, one brow arched, as he sits up a bit when she moves to stand, until that sudden movement makes him wince. "Oh certainly." He chuckles. "Dance. I will be able to, I promise." Thadeus shoots her a glance however when she says she cares about him, is if probing her if she is telling the truth or just using words to lure him in. "I consider myself very fortunate," is his brief reply. "And if it willl please you, I will drink some of that tea later." Inclining his head towards her as the Targaryen lady departs, before he leans back again with a sigh.

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