(121-04-08) Sisterly Talk
Sisterly Talk
Summary: The fair and the plain Costayne engage in conversation about the latter's betrothal.
Date: 08/04/2014 (OOC)
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A quiet morn it is at the Costayne Manse, the hour already having progressed past breakfast time. Elinor has retreated after the morning meal, being more silent and thoughtful than usual, and now she sits in the salon, before her a work of embroidery, but she keeps pausing in her work, as her restless gaze turns towards the window at times, while at others she seems to lose herself in thought. Her sandy blonde hair has been pinned up at the back of her head, the dress she wears is of a dark green colour, and not exactly the flashy type.

Isabella is dressed in a tailored dress of an apricot color that borders on being pink. The way she walks through the halls, a sort of sashay in her steps, emitting her confidence, there is a distinct lack of guile in the way her expression reflects every emotion that she feels. Passing the salon, she looks inside and notices her sister there, so she bounces inside, filled with effervescent joy. "Eli! There you are! I have been hoping to find you since I met Ser Tironos!" She moves to kneel beside her sisters chair, looking up at her, all smiles. "How are you?"

Elinor looks up from her embroidery when her sister enters, a faint smile brushing her features, yet there is a warm expression that enters her brown eyes when her gaze shifts to Isabella. "Here I am," she echoes, before she stops, tilting her head a little. "You met Ser Tironos? Ser Tironos Tarly, the odd giant of a knight who has studied at the Citadel? What about him?" The glance she shoots her sister now, being clearly amused. Then looking down when she hears the question, and she sighs. "I am well enough, I suppose."

"Ser Tironos Tarly, the one and the very same." Isabella laughs softly from her kneeling position beside her sister. "He said he was going to be my good brother, and I was confused. And then he mentioned his brother and I had either forgotten or never paid much attention to betrothals." Her smile fades slightly and she tilts her head to the side. "Only well enough? Are you unhappy to have an appropriate match? Do you not get along well with him?"

The reply elicits a smile on Elinor's face. "It was all a very hushed up business, I still do not know why. Even I learned from it through Ser Axell himself, when he presented father's letter to me." The older Costayne sister will lower her gaze at the question though. "Happy? Well I suppose I am. A good thing father has managed to find someone willing to marry me, after all." Said with a tiny hint of bitterness in her voice. "And I think the Tarlys will be content with the dowry offered, to make the match acceptable." A glance towards Isabella. "As to whether I get along with him or not - I can hardly tell. I've only met him that one time. We hardly know each other, to be honest."

"Oh.." Bella takes a moment to consider that, though the relief in her eyes is unable to be hidden as her features could not hold subterfuge even if she tried. "I am pleased it is you who is to be married.." The awe and fear and reverence all there in her voice. "You are so brave, Eli. I know not how you could marry someone you have yet to even know. Is… does he at least seem nice?" Lifting a hand, she rests it on her sisters arm a moment. "Would you like me to help you with anything?" The bitterness she hears in the voice of her sister brings a slight frown and her hand tightens gently. "Eli, you are wonderful and anyone who does not see it is.. is… blind!"

A bit of air leaves Elinor's nose in an almost silent chuckle. "Brave? I? You flatter me, Bella. I don't have a choice really. When the other possible solution to my dilemma would be to become an old maid, a Septa even? And to be honest,… I am really scared. Unsure what awaits me. But I guess that will fade." Her hands fold before her in her lap, over that piece of needlework. "He seems a nice enough man, in a way. But then again, a bit rough around the edges, like an unpolished diamond. He lacks subtlety, really, likes to call things by their names. A bit candid at times, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. These are my first impressions of Ser Axell Tarly." The account is given with a wry grin, as Elinor turns her face towards her sister, a face that is not exactly beautiful, but unique rather. The long nose and and other characteristics have made some call her horseface behind her back. But right now these brown eyes are sparkling, and together with that smile, those plain features seem to soften and radiate with an inner glow. Especially after Bella's kind words. "I fear that more is required than a pair of good eyes, to notice that. I have used to think, that maybe I would end up marrying a blind man, after all."

"Oh Eli, you are so cruel to yourself.. why?" Bella sits back on her knees, regarding her sister as she confesses her fears and describes the man who will become the future of her sister. Husband.. It was hard to imagine! "He does not sound all too terrible, Eli. Perhaps he is blunt, though even being so, at least you would always know where you stand, perhaps?" Leave it to Bella to always find a bright side. "Please, do not be scared, if there is anything I could do for you, you know I would do it. Would you like for me to plead with mother and father to change their minds?" The last is a tease only to lighten the mood, and the smile she wears is impish despite the concern in her eyes. "I worry for you.. if you like, when you marry him I could come with you and be your lady in waiting, so you would not be alone. I will miss you, when you have to leave."

"Oh, forgive me, Bella. I seem to be in an odd mood today." Elinor manages a smile, that deepens when she hears her sister's reassuring words about Axell Tarly's possible strengths. "Do not worry about me sister. It is natural for me to be scared. You will be too, when your time comes…" As her sister will probably be not as difficult to marry off. "But I thank you, for your offer. It seems we will stay here after all, as he is not the heir, he has an older brother - possibly involved in some scandal, and then Ser Tironos, of course. I met him at the Maidenday Gardens the other day."

"I wish not for my time to come.." Bella says in a reasonable manner. "I believe I will be happy just spending time with you and my other friends." Of course she is kidding herself and she knows it will one day happen, but her own fear keeps her from admitting it even to herself. "I do know that you will be wonderful at your wedding, and if you like, I will fix your hair. I could make a crown of a braid and then have the rest spilling free over your shoulders. It would be so lovely on you." She visibly brightens as she hears where they will remain. "Oh you will remain here at the manse! I am so pleased!"

Elinor smiles at Isabella's reaction. "I am happy too, that I can stay here, even if things may change a little. And yes, please do my hair for the wedding. I don't believe it will be a huge affair, but then, I have never really enjoyed being in the center of attention." When her sister seems to be so pleased that she will stay, Elinor leans forward and gives her a warm hug. "Oh, Bella. I still can't believe any of this is happening…"

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