(121-04-07) Poor Instructions
Poor Instructions
Summary: Daevon apparently gave some.
Date: April 7, 2014
Related: Scene occurs immediately after Meetings of Suns and Dragons

"You spoke to some of the Errant Knights?" Daevon asks. "What did they say?"

"Only to Ser Laurent who did not speak so much as growl and froth," Aevander replies with a roll of his eyes. "He will hear nothing that contradicts with the version of events as he has devised them in his mind."

"What did he say?" Daevon asks. "Not to Kevyn?"

"Not since we heard from Ser Osric," Aevander replies. "I spoke to him once before then. He seemed less certain about the whole thing, though I am sure he will stand by whatever decision Ser Viggo makes."

"As most squires would," Daevon says. "I'm going to speak with Kevyn again. He's haunted by it. Ser Brynden also told me that he hadn't been to the Red Rookery. He looekd me straight in the eyes as he said it. Eonn thinks they were lying."

"Unless he peeled off from the group and didn't join in the attack, it seems likely he is. He did go on the hunting party, and I can't imagine he would have been invited along if he didn't wish to play a part in the attack." Aevander sighs softly. "Invite Kevyn Cockshaw here. Let us both speak to him. And Bastion as well, he can show the lad the maps and whatever he's made of them. Perhaps one of these 'knight errants' will listen to words from one of their own."

Daevon shakes his head. "I'd rather speak with him on my own. He won't betray Ser Viggo. I wouldn't ask it of him. With three of us he may feel ganged up on and defensive. He's lost family and he's haunted by what happened. The letter has some news that will lift his worries a little."

"Oh? What news was that?" Aevander asks with a lift of his brows.

"Of Ser Ryon Blackmont, the late castellan of the Red Rookery," Daevon says. "That he had a dalliance with Lady Yael It's a connection at least. No proof, still, it's not a matter of proof anymore. That will be decided in combat."

"Ah, you mean that their unsanctioned massacre was warranted," Aevander replies with a small frown. "Yes, I suppose it is. Better than a war, at least."

"No," Daevon sighs. "It was not warranted. Why would I think such a thing? Of all of them though, Kevyn's still a squire. How many squires say no to their knights? How many would have taken a stand? If you'd been in such a position, your family slaughtered, nothing seemed to be done about it, and your knight who was also your uncle was going to take matters into his own hands, would you have stood up and said no? Would you have betrayed your family?"

"I would not have, though I wonder what you would have done in a similar situation," Aevander muses, though his tone is more curious than cutting. "But I don't think this Kevyn is as rebellious as you, and whatever doubts he has, he's as like to bury them than examine them. Talk to him if you like, then, and offer him a chance to hear our suspicions. We shall see if he takes it or no."

"I left," Daevon says. "I chose to turn my back on my family. I walked away from that Knight and I forged my own path. And I've done everything I can to not be the sort of knight who abuses his position, who takes advantage of others, who merely plays lip service to his vows. Most people won't. But I can understand something of how difficult that situation was. No, I don't think Kevyn is rebellious. He's a good man, he'll be a good knight if he has the chance and he learns from this."

"He'll be a knight, at any rate," Aevander replies, "good or otherwise."

"How do you decide which of the knightly vows to keep?" Daevon asks, his question a little gentler.

Aevander considers, brows lifting. "Do you suggest I don't keep them all?"

Daevon shakes his head. "No. I don't." He admits. "You know that. I'm a poor Knight. You've always been the best of us."

"Ah, no, you're a very good knight, brother," Aevander argues with a small shake of his head. "You're just not a very good Targaryen."

"I'm a terrible Targaryen," Daevon admits.

"You are," Aevander agrees with a soft laugh, "but a good man, and we love you. So no more running off, all right?"

Daevon smiles. "Love you too, Aevander. Just…" he trails off, laughing. "I did promise no running off. I've… ah, I'm going to employ Eonn and his daughter. To let you know. Cerys adores Kelinyx. And Eonn's… well Lady Mormont has no need of his services any more."

"Ohhh gods," Aevander sighs, staring up at the sky for a moment of dismay, "more mongrels running through the manse? Haven't you collected enough, yet? We're going to run out of rooms before long, and your wildling is intolerable. I won't have him threatening the girls, I don't care how much vitriol Visenya spews."

"Aevander, sometimes you're a judgemental prick," Daevon says. He's not angry, more amused, this is the sort of reaction he was expecting. "Valnod is not mine. I'm not even sure where he currently is. Am I going to have to lock you in a room with my friends until you realise that they're people too."

"If you do, it's likely we won't all come out alive when the door's unlocked again," Aevander warns. "If Valnod isn't yours, then kindly make him go hang about elsewhere if he tries to come back. Really, Daevon. That one is half-feral."

"Aren't we meant to protect those who cannot protect themselves?" Daevon asks. He considers. "I think, of the four of them, Valnod's the one you're in least danger of harming you if I were to lock you in a room with them. Not that any will. Just… do you have to be so nasty to them?"

"I was perfectly nice to your lady bravo, and I find Eonn tolerable enough. What I'll think of this girl who runs loose through the criminal areas of the city, I cannot say," Aevander replies. "I'm nasty to Valnod because he has no respect and no civility. If he thinks he has the right to threaten a princess of Westeros, I'm sorry, but he is not welcome in my home."

Daevon sighs. "As you say, brother."

"Which is Daevon-speak for 'I'm going to do exactly as I like and then heave great sighs when you complain about it'," Aevander muses with a wry little smile.

"Indeed," Daevon says. "But don't you do the same? If I thought that there was the slightest chance he would hurt anyone, he would not be here. You know Visenya tries to drive men to hit her. He didn't. She tried similar with Garvin."

"He didn't because you intervened. Next time you may not be there, and you are fooling yourself if you think he won;t try again," Aevander replies. "I don't care what Visenya drives anyone to do, no one may lay a hand on her. Certainly not some wild giant who thinks himself better than the ruling house of Westeros. No, Daevon. Not that one."

Daevon sighs at Aevander's words. "Perhaps I should find somewhere else to live."

"Again?" Aevander asks. "Why don't you just find Valnod someplace else to live. Not all of your charity work needs to sleep under our roof."

"I've been looking for somewhere he will be happier," Daevon says. "I had not thought he would stop this long here. He has the wanderlust."

"Well, then may it take him and soon," Aevander replies. 'Perhaps you could introduce him to Bastion or one of the other Northerners. They might have more in common."

"Hmm," Daevon replies. It's the I've heard you but chances are I won't do that sound.

Aevander sighs softly. "Once, just this once, couldn't you do this small, simple thing for the family rather than for yourself? Just put him in another damn manse. You found one for yourself easily enough. Put Valnod in it." He blinks, brows furrowing. He darts a quick glance around the gardens before asking, softly, "Are you fucking him?"

Daevon looks horrified at that suggestion. "No. He's an innocent. I was concerned that the pansy would take advantage of him. Do you truly think me so…" he shakes his head. "That would be such a terrible abuse of power, Aevander. I found him close to death. I saved his life. I know that he… he managed to get this far. I know that. I know that he can take care of himself. I know that he doesn't belong here. I've just no idea what else to do. People treating him like an animal."

"Then teach him better," Aevander replies. "He can't speak properly. He'd run about naked if he had his druthers. He's shaggy and unkempt. How do you expect people to treat him when confronted with all of that?"

Daevon's scowling now. He doesn't answer. Offended it would seem.

"I'm not saying anything that isn't true," Aevander points out, his tone gentle. "You asked why people see him as less, and I'm telling you. If you cannot send him away, then you had better help him fit into the society he insists on living within, for his own well-being as well as your reputation."

"Did you really think I was fucking him?" Daevon asks. "That I'd endanger my sister for some wild man I found and could keep as a pet and fuck and…?" He shakes his head. "Aevander, you don't need to keep going on."

"It seemed unlikely, but I was hard pressed to think of another reason why you're so adamant about sleeping him under the same roof rather than halfway down the street," Aevander replies. "I don't know why you feel you should put Valnod above Visenya. I only wish you would stop."

"I already explained my reasons," Daevon says. "I put his life over her discomfort. I would not see him slaughtered like an animal."

"And that means you are required to side with him over your own blood?" Aevander asks, brows lifted. "That seems a very poor repayment for your kindness."

"No, Aevander," Daevon says. "Yes, I was more concerned that she would get him killed, than he would cause her any harm at all. She was angry. I've seen what anger can make people do."

"She was angry because she was hurt," Aevander replies. "If you care for her safety, if you care of Valnod's, give him somewhere else to live so he and Visenya are not under the same roof."

It is from within the manse that Elionys arrives, slow steps that carry her along the path of the garden and in the direction of her two cousins. The gown she wears tonight is different from her usual, loose and flowing, and revealing just enough of her arms that the bruises up both are visible.

And thankfully there's a distraction and Daevon rises to his feet to see Elionys, his expression turning to one of concern.

Aevander might say more, but then the prodigal cousin returns… damaged no less, and his eyes widen a little. "Cousin?" he asks, pushing to his feet. "Elionys… what on earth happened to you?"

Everyone's in the garden, speaking.

Elionys approaches the men, inclining her head first to Aevander, though she doesn't smile, and that might stand out as unusual from the often cheerful young woman, and then her gaze shifts on, coming to rest on Daevon. It's he that she approaches, and if she is able, comes to a stop directly in front of. "Cousin," the greeting is soft, but as soon as the word has passed her lips, one hand whips up to try and slap him hard across the face.

Daevon will let Elionys slap him. He doesn't flinch, doesn't move, and his amethyst eyes meet hers. Her handprint obvious upon his pale flesh.

Visenya steps out of the door leading into the garden just as Elionys slaps Daevon across the face. The heels of her shoes click against the flagstones loudly as she approaches her brothers and cousin. Her eyes are darkened to violet in rage. /She/ is allowed to slap her twin, but who the hell does Elionys think she is? "What are you doing?!"

Well, that was… Aevander's eyes widen and he looks from Daevon to Elionys again. He's silent, Visenya's words question enough, but there is definitely a 'what the the world??' expression on his face.

Daevon doesn't seem surprised for all that he is silent. He keeps gazing at Elionys levelly, certain she will explain herself.

"You," the word is spat, like venom, and Elionys' eyes narrow as she holds Daevon's gaze, the assaulting hand lowering just enough that she can jab him in the center of his chest with one finger. "You are a careless, thoughtless man. He could have been killed." That finger, if allowed to remain there at his chest, thumps against him every few words. Visenya's approach is met only with a cold look, but no answer is forthcoming. Not for her.

"He wasn't killed." Daevon replies, levelly. He doesn't stop Elionys from prodding him. "Neither were you."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Visenya=brawl Vs Elionys=brawl
< Visenya: Failure Elionys: Success
< Net Result: Elionys wins - Marginal Victory

Visenya tries to wedge herself between Daevon and Elionys' finger. Her hand will reach out in an attempt to shove Elionys backwards. However, it seems her cousin is more firmly rooted in place then she anticipated. "/You/ don't get to touch my brother." She practically growls out, "Who was almost killed?"

"Visenya! Elionys!" Aevander snaps there's suddenly slapping and shoving going on. "Somebody had better begin explaining what you are talking about. Now, if you please."

That attempted shove is answered with a shove in return, the arm not already occupied with jabbing Daevon in the chest coming up to push Visenya back, though the effort makes Elionys wince. She might have held her ground, but it hurt a little. "Shut up, Visenya," she hisses, not even bothering to look at the shorter Targaryen woman. "He did not die, true, but that was no thanks to you." If there was more, it's cut off by Aevander demand, and though she goes quiet, she doesn't back down from either twin just yet. "He almost got Aegon killed." Sort of.

"What happened?" Daevon asks Elionys. There is concern in his voice as he speaks.

Visenya loses her balance, and gets pushed back into Daevon with a small 'oof'. She uses both arms to push herself off of her twin as if he were a prop, and clenches her hand into a fist that she is undoubtably ready to swing. Elionys' words stall her, however. "…What are you talking about?"

Aevander's gaze again jumps from cousin to brother before his eyes narrow just a touch. "Elaborate," is his short but firm request.

"What happened?" Scorn very nearly drips from the words as that jabbing finger lowers, and both of Elionys hands curl into fists. She is ready to fight back if need be. "What do you think happened? You sent him to a dragon without properly telling him how to feed it. If he had gone alone, he would likely be dead now." She turns from the twins a moment to look back at Aevander, angry expression softening a touch. "Whatever else he may be, your squire is brave."

"I told him where to leave the sheep," Daevon replies, now looking baffled by Elionys' words. "I told him where I left the sheep. I also told him the name of a dragonseed boy who's researching dragons for me and for him to speak to. And I told him not to go alone. I didn't expect him to take you."

"I didn't send him anywhere!" Visenya says, her voice slightly rising in pitch before she whirls around to look at Daevon, "You sent them without consulting me? Damnit, I'm the one who found it! Why was I not told?" She looks back to Elionys, "So basically you went there, and the dragon did not react as you'd like. How is that anyone's fault but your own?"

"I only had a few hours notice that I was to leave the city," Daevon says. "I was scrambling to do a whole lot of things and get prepared. There's no excuse. I'm sorry Visenya, I didn't think. I knew the dragon needed fed, if I was away for too long. You were here sorting out the whole political mess with the Dornish being imprisoned. When Aegon came to me. I'm sorry Visenya. I fucked up again."

"Really, Visenya?" Aevander asks, his brows lifting high. "Should I show you the same lack of compassion you show our cousin when you point out the things said about you since your ride on a dragon's neck?" He looks next to Daevon, "And you sent my squire to handle a wild dragon without telling anyone? Not even me, the knight who is responsible for his welfare?" Turning to Elionys he adds, "And you, cousin! You have a perfectly good head on your shoulders. How could you have traipsed off after a dragon with no one but a squire as your companion?"

Elionys' gaze rounds on Daevon again, those fists clenching all the tighter. "Sure you did." That she doubts him is visible, but further accusations aren't put to voice. Instead she glances at Visenya again. "I liked you better when you were crying over Lord Pansy." With that she steps back and starts to turn back to Aevander, nodding. "You're right, that was foolish. I should not have assumed that our cousin would have the knowledge he needed. I am sorry to have caued more trouble for you."

"I didn't know Daevon sent them because no one told me, Aevander." Visenya says through gritted teeth. "It might have been prudent for them to come speak to me, but apparently since Elionys thinks she is much higher and better than me obviously she would not consult me. I only ate with the damned thing, slept with it, and rode it." Her voice drips with sarcasm, "What would I know?"

"I am the only one to blame," Daevon says. "Not Visenya, not Elionys. I fucked up again. No one's dead though."

"Visenya, please," Aevander groans, lifting a hand to press it over his face before curling it into a fist and dropping it down by his side. Glancing at Daevon, he nods. "Yes, I think this one rather is on you, brother. Too much time on your own, you've forgotten how to consult with others. Don't do that, again." Elionys gets a glance, a faint smile and a small nod for her apology. "Thank you, cousin. Now, are you hurt badly? Do you need a septon? How hurt is Aegon?"

"Next time give me longer than half a day to prepare for a trip that may take weeks," Daevon says. "But you're right it wouldn't have happened if we had communicated."

"Perhaps consider why it is no one wants to speak with you," Elionys shoots back at Visenya, only glancing at her briefly before she turns away, putting her back to the twins to move for their brother instead. "He will recover, as will I. I think it may have tried to play with us," she says, her lips quirking a little. "Only, we're small."

Visenya crosses her arms over her chest, and says nothing. Instead, she settles on staring at a shrub with narrowed eyes and grinds her teeth. In between-grinding she silently counts. one…two…three…
Daevon has reconnected.

"That, um…" Aevander is not quite sure what to make of a playful dragon that leaves bruises. "Well. I am glad you were neither of you too badly harmed. What happened, precisely?"

Elionys exhales and moves to Aevander's side, keeping her back to both Daevon and Visenya now. "I will explain everything that happened, but later? I don't feel like doing so here just now."

Daevon frowns as Elionys turns her back on them.

"Apparently I defend my brother from what appeared to be an unprovoked assault, and I am a horrible person. Please. By all means. Tell him. We're leaving." Visenya stares daggers at Aevander, "I am tired of you never defending me, and allowing others to mistreat me." That said, she grabs for Daevon's hand and tries to pull him further into the garden.

"And I am tired of you shouting daggers and then expecting me to make your apologies," Aevander returns to his sister as she turns to drag Daevon off. Looking over at Elionys he offers, a bit more calmly, "Very well. Then perhaps you should rest a spell. I can have food and drink sent up to your room, if you wish it. Go and try to sleep."

Daevon lets Visenya lead him away. "Thank you." He says quietly.

Elionys turns her head to the side just enough to catch a glimpse of the departing twins, her own hand reaching to try and take Aevander's in hers for a moment. "I'm sorry," she repeats, this apology quieter than the last. "I will go rest, and some food and drink would be nice. Thank you."

Aevander nods, covering Elionys's hand with his own. "This family keeps too many secrets," he murmurs gently. "I cannot look after you if I do not know what dangers you intend on facing." He offers her hand a gentle squeeze. "We'll speak later."

"Don't thank me." Visenya says fiercely, "You are my brother. Unlike some people that means something to me." She then lets out a light, airy laugh, "Make apologies for me? Liar. You do nothing for either of us. Good thing /you/ won't be in charge much longer." She stops to turn and give Elionys a once-over, "And I suggest betraying your siblings over something prettier, brother." That said, she saunters over to the gazebo, Daevon in tow.

Daevon's eyes widen with surprise at Visenya's words and he actually stops, turning around to look between Aevander and Elionys, questioning. "Are the two of you one of those secrets?"

"I know, I should've told you," Elionys murmurs to Aevander in return, though anything more is cut off by the call from the other cousins. It is better, for her at least, that they can't see her face, or the momentary way it falls, though angry resolve is quick to return, hardening her expression. "Later," is all she says, agreement issued with that single word before she tugs her hand away and turns to stride from the garden.

"We are not," Aevander answers Daevon's question first, though he's watching Elionys go, his expression faintly concerned. Then his head cants and he sketches a sort of bow to Visenya. "Well, my lady, if that is what you think of me, I am only too happy to turn the duty over to another. May he have better luck than I." So saying, he heads back into the manse to see about getting food sent up to his bruised cousin. And to look in on his more-bruised squire. And to sulk.

"Why not?" Daevon asks but Aevander's walking away and he sighs, then looks at Visenya.

"Good! I'll book you a ship back to Dragonstone. I don't need a guardian. If you had an ounce of respect for me you'd realize that." She looks to Daevon, and frowns, "You honestly want our brother with that fat cow? I want to beat her stupid, ugly face against the flagstones. No one strikes my brother." No one but Visenya, that is.

"She's not fat, or a cow," Daevon says. "He likes her. She's family. I think he'd be a lot happier if he relaxed a little. Stopped telling us what to do and lived his own life for himself."

Visenya releases Daevon's hand, and sits down on a bench. "She hit you." She points out with a growing frown. "I don't give a damn what would make him happy. When has anyone ever thought of our happiness?"

"All the time," Daevon says, sitting down as well. "You're just angry at him. He's always trying to smooth things over. Never thinking of himself." He shrugs. "She only hit me because I let her. I could have stopped her if I'd wanted to. She was upset." He sighs. "Rightly so. I'd thought he'd go out in search of the dragon regardless. I was his age once. I would have." He pauses. "I'm sorry that I made your home unsafe for you."

"Of course I'm angry at him! Do you have any idea what it feels like to be everyone's last consideration?" Visenya's eyes become shiny suddenly, and she dips her chin downwards to hide her face. She is quiet for a moment before saying, "Aegon is obsessed with dragons. Of course he'd go. I…it should be my responsibility. I will feed the beast now."

Daevon nods. "I thought he'd go. I thought he'd go while I was away, without taking ropes or supplies or anything else. That he'd go on his own and get himself killed. And what good is telling him not to? If he'd not come to me I wouldn't have even remembered about the dragon needing fed. That could have been worse if it decided to go for food again. I have a boy, dragonseed, Bryn, who's training to be a maester researching dragons, finding out everything he can of them. You should speak to him." He looks thoughtful. "And have you tried music?"

"I've met Bryn. Archmaester Thane brought him with when he came to look at my dragon's eggs." Visenya finally says after she wipes tears from her cheeks, "Eventully, it will get bored with sleeping, and it will go out and kill something for amusement regardless of how much it is fed. We need to tame it." She shakes her head, "I'm not a good musician. …the best thing is thinking to it."

"Learn?" Daevon asks. "Or sing to it?" He nods. "It likely will. You know dragons far better than I."

"Talking to it did no good." Visenya mentions, "But…if I thought very hard about calling it then it would come. I know it sounds crazy, but I think I can make it hear my thoughts."

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