(121-04-07) Meetings of Suns and Dragons
Meetings of Suns and Dragons
Summary: Mariya comes to ask advice of Daevon. Nobody seems happy with the answers.
Date: 04/07/2014
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Walled Garden - Dragon Door Manse - Starry Street

It is a summer day. The weather is cool and overcast.

The Dragon Door Manse has a large walled garden behind. The tall stone walls have iron spikes topping them to prevent climbers, and a heavy double oak-and-iron gate leading into the alley behind. It's quite solid, though there is a little door in it that one might open to look out. Near that gate is the stables, with an attached mews on one side and kennels on the other. There's a small paddock for the horses behind the stables, and in front of it a space for training at arms, with a simple pell as well as a more complex practice dummy that can pivot when struck. These utilitarian areas are separated from the rest by a lower, and gateless, wall. Orange trumpet-creeper grows over it in most places.

Between this wall and the garden is a great fire pit, ringed in glossy black stones, each cut to interlock with the next and engraved with the image of a dragon. They're all in slightly different poses.

Nearer to the Manse is the garden proper. Its has winding stone paths and is planted thickly in flowers and trees. Most of the blooms range in colour from fire-orange to blood red. Deep purples are also included in the garden's otherwise limited palette. The pride of the plantings is an enormous flowering quince tree, some thirty feet tall — not large for a tree, but vast for one of its type. Clearly it has been pruned for generations to take on this form, single-trunked, with its branches curving up and then down in a fountain shape. Each of them nearly touches the ground and is heavy with bright red-orange flowers. One can step through them to stand hidden under the umbrella of blossoms, shaded and cool.

Most of Oldtown's grand manses have a fountain at the center of their gardens. Here there are only a few small ones, here and there along the paths. At the center there is, instead, a black stone pavilion, standing in the open and unshaded by any trees. It is seven-sided, with arched doorways on its East and West walls. It is otherwise glazed, including its domed roof. The glass is black and clear and red, pieced together to form the three-headed dragon sigil of House Targaryen. The image is repeated on the floor inside, in red jasper set into the black marble. The pavilion houses long curved benches of that same black stone. It gets tremendously hot inside.

Daevon's at work in the training area as he often is, having managed to persuade one of the guards to spar with him. If Mariya gave advance notice she was arriving he's forgotten, and if not, well the servants will lead her through just as he's finishing up and a tray with lemon water and slices of fresh fruit is brought to him.

Mariya has not given advance notice of her arrival. Despite her attempt to blend in to the crowds lately, she has returned to wearing proud Dornish colors as enters the Targaryen Manse. As the servant leads her through to the garden, she can't help but glance around despite herself. Once in the garden, she waits for Daevon to finish without interrupting. No need to distract him while sparring. She'll take in the atmosphere and the surroundings.

"Mariya," Daevon smiles, warm and welcome to see her. "What brings you here?" He changes plans and finds a place in the shade to sit as opposed to the blazing hot gazebo. "Sit with me? How are you?"

"Ser Daevon." The greeting is just as warm, but slightly more subdued than normal. Quickly stepping forward to join Daevon once she's been beckoned, she easily sits next to the Targaryen prince. "Of course, I don't mean to interrupt your practice." As she adjusts her skirts properly, she reveals a slightly crumpled letter. It is clear she has been clutching it tightly on her way over. "It's good to see you, but I'm afraid I am quite worried. I know you've been in touch with my goodbrother while he has been searching in Dorne. Have you heard the latest news?"

"I'm always practicing," Daevon says. He nods at Mariya's words. "Yes, that I had. A copy of that same letter was delivered here. What do you make of it?"

Daevon's dressed simply, in practice clothes, covered in dust but clearly comfortable as he sits in the shade, speaking with Mariya. There's a water pitcher filled with lemon slices as well as a selection of fruit beside them. Mariya's holding a letter.

Glancing down at the letter in her hands, Mariya frowns. "It sounds as if they found nothing much else in Dorne. Nothing about Lady Yael, nothing of the raiders. And Lord Blackmont is coming to lay accusations against men who led a raid against him. If it's a Trial of Seven, Ser Osric means to fight for Lord Blackmont and Dorne. I imagine Ser Tameron will join him. Yet, even if there is a trial, we're not closer to finding the Lady Blackmont."

It's a fine day to be outside, even for bookworms, and so Aevander steps out of the manse to enjoy the warmth of the afternoon. Handy, too, that his brother and the Princess Mariya happen to be there, and with a drink no less. He heads over in their direction with a small smile. "Brother. Princess. Not very encouraging news from the Sword of the Morning, is it."

Daevon nods. "I wanted to ask the Errant Knights, as they're being called, if they saw Lady Yael. Did they…" he trails off. "She is very beautiful. If she had been there they would have noticed her. Ser Ryon's dead. If he took her that lead is gone." He sighs. "I wanted to travel to the Red Rookery."

As Aevander enters, Mariya glances upward and gives a weak smile. "Ser Aevander," she greets. "No, it does not. We were just discussing his last letter. It sounds as if Ser Osric means to partake in the trial. And I must admit, I fear for him. I am not sure if he brings a full seven with him." As for the Knights Errant, she frowns. "That is a good idea, to question them. Though, if the Red Rookery is gone, there may not be more information available there. Would Ser Osric not have searched it?"

Daevon shakes his head. "I don't think he did. It wasn't completely razed. I wish I could get one of the Knights to actually speak with me. If we can find Lady Yael's fate that would be of great assistance."

"If he does not, I am sure Lord Blackmont shall fill in the ranks," Aevander replies wryly to Mariya. Glancing at Daevon he notes, "Of all of them, I expect the squire Kevyn Cockshaw would actually be of most help, there. He doesn't seem so blinded by pride and anger that he can't speak without snarling."

"They may have been right," Daevon says. "The Red Rookery may have been to blame. They did not go through the right channels, but they felt no one was listening to them. They thought they were being brushed off. Is it pride, anger, or grief that motivated them? It doesn't excuse what they did."

"Yes, I agree. If we find her, we can find out what happened. But, in order to find her, we must find who took her. It is a conundrum. However, with the words of the representatives from Sandstone Hall and Quentyn's Holdfast, perhaps we'll have more information." Mariya tilts a head at Aevander. "I intend to speak with Ser Arros, of course, as I'm not sure if he received this letter. I came to ask advice on who else might look favorably upon us. I am not sure of the fighters that Ser Osric brings with him, but I would see my goodbrother returned safely to my sister. Otherwise, I fear for the peace should he be harmed and my sister have any sharp implements available to her."

"And if they were right, they have made martyrs out of men who should have been villains," Aevander replies with a small shake of his head, "let alone inadvertently slaughtered or absconded with Lady Yael Blackmont, for all we know." He glances towards Daevon and then gives a small shake of his head. "I'm afraid you will find no additional warriors among the Targaryens. We cannot side with Dorne against our own, even if they have brought this on themselves."

"I will not fight on either side," Daevon says. "Whomever wins it shall be enough to prevent the war. Lady Yael's fate is still in question though." He sighs. "They will need to have brought their own warriors."

"I would not ask, as I know you may not take sides." Mariya shakes her head. "I have not yet made the proper acquaintances to know who I would not offend to ask for help. I had hoped that as Ser Daevon had been here long and have not been under house arrest you may have names that I might appeal to. I care much for the peace, however, I care even more for my sister's family and my goodbrother. He is a brave man of principles I admire, but he has also an old wound that may put him at an ill advantage. If these men have indeed done as they are accused, they will not think twice about killing him during the trial. I had hoped to ask a knight I could trust to ensure his safety."

"I am sure Ser Osric is more than capable of keeping himself alive in this thing," Aevander opines, "nor will he be fighting alone. Lord Blackmont would not be fool enough to issue an accusation without skilled swordsmen to fight for his claim, if only to be sure his honor was not harmed."

"Mariya, he is a knight," Daevon says. "He will never be safe, and he knows the risks he undertakes. I can't do anything. I can't interfere. There's no one I can suggest either. Ser Osric will find the men he needs."

"Yes, and if Lord Blackmont is not actually trustworthy, as I have been told I must think about? Then, am I to leave my goodbrother's wellbeing to men I do not know and cannot trust?" Mariya shakes her head again firmly. With purpose, she stands. "I know he is a knight, but I was told just days ago that how could I risk myself should Lord Blackmont prove to be playing us all as fools. How am I to ignore that very same threat when my goodbrother is on the line? I may be just a lady and unable to help him in combat, but that does not mean I will not do all in my power to stack the fates in his favor. I understand both of your views and I thank you for your time, good sers. I will be glad to help in searching for the Lady Yael in any way that I can, but I must also see to the needs of my family."

"Alas, Princess, I am not sure what may further be done. I cannot comprehend why Lord Blackmont would arrange a challenge only to lose or see Ser Osric slain. It makes no sense," Aevander replies.

"I did not say such things," Daevon says. "It is likely a thing best discussed with your family." He then adds, reluctantly. "My Uncle, Maelys, loathes the Tyrells. Perhaps he could suggest someone."

"I do not think he means to see Ser Osric slain and I would hope that he is not false. However, nothing of this entire endeavor makes any sense and so I would see to it no matter how strange, that Ser Osric is protected from it." To Daevon, Mariya gives a small smile. "No, it was Ser Tameron that advised me that it was too dangerous for me. However, with both Ser Tameron and Ser Osric gone and I have not seen Ser Arros in awhile, I thought to ask help from a friend. Forgive me for putting you in an awkward position, that was not my intent. If I do speak to your uncle, I will let him know it was his reputation rather than any other thing that brought me to him."

"My Uncle's reputation is a terrible thing," Daevon says. "He is not a good man. He was exiled for killing one Tyrell, and returned to kill another. He brought slaves with him, and the head of Ser Laurent's father, the Lord Tyrell's brother. He is despicable. He was in charge of a sellsword company, he managed to survive for twenty years by that way of life. Would you be willing to ask a man without honour to assist?"

Aevander's brows lift as he glances at his brother, "You are the one who suggested she do so, Daevon. Did you offer such simply to hear her refuse? For myself, I would prefer you not as Maelys, princess. He is mercurial enough he may decide to fight for Dorne simply to amuse himself, and that would create a rather substantial political headache for my family."

The frown returns to Mariya's face when she is told more of Maelys' reputation. If that is what she is to invoke for his help, it's best that she know more of it. "No, that is not my intent, then." There's frustrated sigh as she thinks over it more, glancing toward Aevander. "I have one or two others I hoped to ask for help and advice. There is precious little I have been able to do throughout this ordeal, but if I can speak with one or two whom may turn the trial in our favor, then that would be something. Then I will not. As I said, I did not come here to cause your family trouble. I would never wish that."

"Do you think our Uncle might not take it on a whim to volunteer anyway?" Daevon asks. "Or that she might not hear of his skills without knowing his full reputation? And no, I didn't suggest his name to hear her refuse, he does know men that fight." He nods at Mariya, just acknowledging what she says.

"I think he is more likely to fight if directly invited to do so," Aevander replies with a small shrug. To Mariya he smiles an offers, "My thanks for that, princess. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated."

Mariya glances between the brothers, absorbing the information but not commenting on it. "I will not ask," she repeats. "If he goes directly to Lord Blackmont to offer his sword, however, I have little I can do on the matter. He has the right to choose his champions, but I can politely tell him that the Martells would take kindly upon refusing."

Daevon nods at Mariya. "Thank you." He sighs, just seeming tired now.

"My thanks once again, princess," Aevander replies. "I think perhaps it may be Ser Osric himself who might know of knights willing to take up Blackmont's cause. Perhaps you would do best to speak to him of your concenrs?"

"You're welcome. While Ser Osric was in town before me, it was not much longer. I will, though I had hoped to find others he may not have known." Noticing Daevon's demeanor, Mariya curtseys. "Pardon me, then, sers, I should be off. Thank you for your time. Forgive my intrusion. "

"It's never an intrusion," Daevon says, soft and somewhat sad. "It's always a pleasure to see you. I just wish that I could have helped."

"I am sure all will be well enough in the end," Aevander offers gently, to Mariya or perhaps to the both of them. "A good day to you, princess."

Mariya's smile is mild, though still sincere. "I understand. A good day to you both, as well." With that, she turns and makes for the exit.

Daevon doesn't seem all that convinced. He sits in silence now.

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