(121-04-06) Whose Raid Is It Anyway?
Whose Raid Is It Anyway?
Summary: Ser Daevon seeks answers from Kevyn, Alys and Brynden about the Knights Errant. They have questions of their own.
Date: 06/04/2014 (DD/MM/YYYY)
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Quill and TankardHightower And Citadel

Sun Apr 06, 121 ((Sun Apr 06 12:24:58 2014))

It is a summer day. The weather is cool and raining.

This is the common room of the Quill and Tankard, that famous Oldtown Inn that has never closed in five hundred years. The building is a noble old half-timber structure with plastered stone between the enormous old black beams. It sits on a small rock of an island at the edge of the Honeywine River, and is accessed by a little footbridge, or by water-taxi.

Rivermen and seamen, smiths and singers, priests and princes, Lords and sellswords, travelers both noble and small, and the novices and acolytes of the Citadel - all come for a taste of the fearsomely strong apple cider that makes this inn so beloved by Oldtown's people. There is a pleasant buzz of chatter, cups and tankards being filled and refilled, and general laughter.

The fire in the hearth allows for a merry glow and a comfortable warmth from Oldtown's breezy, misty cobblestone streets. Benches and tables offer places to sit, and there is a deliciously toothsome smell in the air of food from the back.

!!! Currently at least two City Watchmen are stationed here at all times. They will be quick to arrest those who offer violence to anyone. !!!

Daevon's of a mind to find any of the Knights Errant or whatever it is that they're being called, and the Quill seems as likely a place as any to begin such a search. He's shared with Eonn his intentions. It's mid-afternoon when he steps inside.

Kevyn is living here at present - along with Viggo - so it's a decent place to look for him. He is in the common room, as it happens, eating through a lunch of the fish of the day, bread, and some greens. His clothes are dusty from whatever squirely duties he's had to occupy his morning, and he's presently too focused on his food to immediately notice the coming of the Targaryen.

Eonn follows a step or two behind Eonn.

Brynden comes in from the street.

Daevon's eyes rest on Kevyn a moment and he walks over to the table. "Afternoon," he greets. He's wearing his serious expression, perhaps even worried, there's a slight darkness to those amethyst eyes of his.

With her cousins staying at the Quill, Alys has taken to heading over for a few meals a week before or after work. This time it's before, long enough before that she's even dressed a a properly lady. Something which alway gives the two watchmen on duty something to think about. Stepping in she spots Kevyn easily enough and heads for his table, recognising Daevon a she gets near. "Ser," she greets formally first, then more relaxed to Kevyan, "cousin. I trust the day finds you well?"

"Cousin. Good day." Kevyn looks up at Alys and offers her a slight smile, if not one terribly full of cheer. He's glad to see her, though. His expression moderates more when he sees Daevon. He rises politely, to offer a respectful bow. "Ser Daevon. Umm…afternoon." The fact that the man's paying him serious attention is noticed, with some wariness.

Eonn stays quiet. He just stands there, looking sombre.

Daevon dips a nod of greeting to Alys. He doesn't seem to recognise her though, but then he's distracted, other things on his mind. Daevon's useless at smalltalk, and all those social niceties when there's something on his mind. He takes a seat, without asking, he's Targaryen after all, asks of a cider from the serving staff, and then asks Kevyn. "The Errant Knights?" As if that in itself is a question.

Alys returns Kevyn's smile with one of her own and takes a seat. A Daevon orders a side she tags on a watered wine and the same lunch as her cousin is enjoying. At the question from Daevon though she glances around briefly, checking to see if any of the named group are about. Failing to find them though she turns back but doesn't interupt since the question was aimed at Kevyn, but does offer him a faintly reassuring smile.

"Uh…" Kevyn doesn't exactly look thrilled when Daevon joins his table, but he's not about to object to the presence of a Targaryen. The non-question doesn't exactly surprise him, but he does seem to expect there to be more to it than that. He waits a beat, for more to be asked. When it's not, he confusedly replies, "Ummm…aye, Ser? The name's one I've heard about the city. What…?" He meets Alys gaze for a moment, seemingly grateful for her smile, though he doesn't just now return it.

Eonn doesn't sit, but stays near regardless.

"Why?" Daevon asks, that word rather lost in fact. "Your name's amongst them, the only non-knight, Ser Viggo's squire. Why?" he asks again, as if none of this seems to make sense to him.

Having been out and about, taking a walk, Brynden steps into the inn now, starting to head towards one of the corner tables, his steps a bit slow. Looking around, he spots Kevyn and Alys, offering a brief nod to them, before he makes his way the rest of the way over to his chosen table now.

Alys raises an eyebrow faintly at that remark from Daevon. Sure, Viggo is friends with the group, but she's not heard him named as one of them before now. And Kevyn? Certainly not. "Forgive me Ser if I speak out of place," she starts gently, "but how can my couin here be considered an Errant Knight when he is not yet a knight? I've not known anyone call him such before yourself just now."

"If some matter is connected to Ser Viggo, Ser, than I suppose it connects to me by that," Kevyn says. He sounds rather resigned to that fact, more than anything else. "He's my knight, for better or worse." He's got a cup of watered wine of his own, to go with his food, and he drinks from it after saying that, eyes going from Daevon to Alys. And briefly to Eonn, though as the man's staying quiet, he doesn't interrupt that. Looking away from the table briefly, perhaps seeking somewhere else to look, he spots Bryden's entrance. He cranes his neck a little, to try to catch the Hightower's eye, though he doesn't call any sort of verbal greeting.

Eonn smiles faintly, with one side of his mouth, humourless.

"I had heard both Ser Viggo and Kevyn's names mentioned in connection with the group," Daevon asks. "I wanted to know if there's any truth behind it. Better that than not asking. If Ser Viggo were here I would be asking him. But Kevyn, I admire, his bravery, his promise and though we have not truly spoken I have watched him. I would have nothing but good words to say of him, and so to hear his name in connection with such harrowing events, is… I don't understand it. Nor Ser Viggo, who I've only heard spoken of highly. In truth, all the names that the rumours hold, there are those I would call friends." He follows Kevyn's gaze over to Brynden. "Ser Brynden, you will join us? Another name I heard, another I cannot fathom. Why are people saying such things?"

Alys hadn't spotted Brynden's arrival, but does give the man a brief nod of acknowledgement as her attention is drawn to his presense. Eonn she's not looking at at all though, if he's going to play silent muscle then she's happy to dismiss him from the conversation. Kevyn's answer gets an encouraging nod but her ears are mostly on the Targaryen. "Thank you for the clarification Ser," she replies with a faint dip of her head, "it is my experience though, that many people will say many things. Many of then not true."

Arion comes in from the street.

Eonn looks to Alys quite plainly, now. He cants his head a tiny touch to one side.

Looking up as he hears Daevon's words, Brynden comes to a stop now. "I was just about to have a quick drink before heading back to my wife…" Looking between the others, before he shrugs a little bit. "Are you buying, Ser Daevon?" It's asked a little lightly, sounding like he just had to ask the question, not expecting an affirmative answer.

Kevyn flushes at Daevon's words. It must please him to hear such things from a Targaryen, though this is hardly a circumstance where he can enjoy the praise. "Lady Alys says it well enough, Ser. If I have been spoken of well, it gladdens me, though in truth I'm not sure why. If I'm spoken of ill…well, much the same. As for the matter of the Knight's Errant…" He takes a deep breath, and lets it out slow. "…I have tried to serve Ser Viggo, and serve my family, as well as I know how. Which is not well at all, I'll confess, but I can do no less. The Seven can judge me for that as they will." A pause and he says, with some hesitation, "Do you…since you're here, Ser Daevon, there is a matter I'd like to as you about. If I may." When Bryden approaches, he offers the man an almost grateful inclination of his head. "Good day, Ser."

It's mid-day, and Kevyn, Alys, and Daevon are at one of the tables. Eonn is standing by it. Brynden has just entered. Kevyn has a plate of lunch in front of him, though he's paying it little attention just now.

Daevon's never even considered the possibility that Eonn might be the silent muscle. Eonn's not even wearing Targaryen colours. Neither's Daevon for that matter but then he rarely does. "Indeed," he says to Alyss. "And the only way to discover the truth of any matter is further investigation." He nods at Brynden. "Of course," the smile barely touches his lips. "Order what you will and join us." He listens to all that Kevyn says, and then nods. "Ask what you will."

The door opens with a flourish as Arion stomps in looking flustered with a letter in one of his hands. "I can't believe this! My father has gone mad if he thinks I can find someone willing to take me on as a knight!" He sighs dramaticly and stomps for the fire crumpling the letter and tossing it into the flames. He sinks into the nearest chair with a distraught expression. "He would really disown me if I don't do this?" He looks upset and waves over a server. "Your finest red wine and in large amounts if you please." The woman nods and goes to fetch the young man his wine.

Eonn says quietly, "Sometimes they lie and sometimes they don't." He sounds sad.

Alys tilts her head slightly to Daevon, acknowledging his point before leaving Kevyn to ak his question. She has a few of her own, but none that she considers particularly pressing so she allows herself to be distracted for a few moments by the new arrival and his apparent frustrations.

Daevon's gaze only flicks briefly to Arion as he enters before returning to those at his table and the conversation at hand.

Brynden nods as he hears that, moving to place an order, before he steps over to the table with the others. "Thank you, Ser Daevon. I trust you are well," he offers to the Targaryen, before he smiles, "Lord Kevyn, Lady Alys. I hope the two of you are well as well?" Turning to look over at the new arrival, he studies the man a bit thoughtfully now. And then there's a brief nod to Eonn as well.

"Another name I've hear tied to the Knight's Errant, Ser Daevon, is Lady Yael Blackmont. And it's one that troubles me very much these days," Kevyn says, managing to speak without really stumbling over his words. Though they come slowly. This is clearly something that's been weighing on his mind long. "The Blackmonts say she was kidnapped. I know of this not. But I do think…I think she's tied in with what was done to my family. Perhaps she's the reason my cousin, Ser Eryk, and the others at the Nest are dead. Perhaps not. What I ask is this. Have you spoken with the Dornish of her? And can she be found? I feel, Ser, that is she were produced in Oldtown before…" He drinks some wine. "…that things might go different in the coming days. Or perhaps not. Perhaps they cannot now. But I do believe she's tied in with getting justice for my slain kin, and few seem to be thinking on that very much. I would like to see it done, even if I can't bring it about myself…" He trails off when Arion enters so dramatically. That causes a brief stare, though he's too focused upon his own matters, and Daevon, to gawk overmuch.

Eonn turns his morose gaze onto Kevyn.

Daevon nods at Kevyn. "Lady Yael Blackmont was the one person who survived the massacre. It seems likely that her abduction may have been the motive behind the massacre. Lord Blackmont himself was not responsible, nor were those at the Red Rookery. I've been trying to discover where is. I could find no trace of her on this side of the border though. Some of the Dornish are investigating their side." He nods. "I think there is still hope of peace, as well as justice. But it's been made all the more complicated by the attack on the Red Rookery. Those Knights chose to pursue revenge, not justice. If the Blackmonts choose to pursue revenge for their fallen kin then we have war. I'm hoping that we can find the Lady Yael, and discover the truth of the matter before it comes to that."

Arion's wine arrives and he takes a long drink from the goblet a pout forming on his lips. He seems to be both sulking and thinking things over and taking large gulps of wine in the process. He glances at the table full of people nearby and then looks into the fire continuing his silent inner debate.

Listening to what's being said now, Brynden's expression is a bit distant as he looks between the others now. He doesn't say much at the moment, just listening carefully for the moment.

Kevyn frowns at Daevon's words. "What proof have you of the Blackmonts' innocence, Ser?" He sounds vaguely tired, at the sureness with which Daevon states that, but curious as well. "You sound very sure of it, as did Ser Aevander when he spoke with me. But, if you will forgive me, I have heard much from your family insisting upon the innocence of the Blackmonts in the death of my kin, but no proof is ever offered. Save accusations that the evidence me and mine brought back the attack on the Nest is flawed, somehow. How, is never quite explained. If you will forgive me for saying it, Ser." As for the rest of it, he doesn't speak to it. He can't, really. "What's done is done, Ser. As I said, the Seven can judge it right or wrong. As for Lady Yael…the woman whose earring was left behind at the Nest had been set an honored place at my lord cousin's table. I do not think she'd been abducted there. What was between her and my cousin Eryk, I know not. I suspect it was foolish of him, whatever it was, and plainly to his doom, but not abduction."

Eonn emits a harsh bark of laughter. It's not loud.

"I am sorry for your loss," Daevon says to those at the table. "What occurred was horrific. Such senseless loss." He sighs. "I didn't say the Blackmonts were innocent, did I? Only that the attack did not originate from the Red Rookery, nor was Lord Blackmont responsible, or even aware, of it. Lady Yael was most certainly not abducted by Lord Eryk. It seems most likely that they were lovers. She has business in the Reach. She travelled with him willingly. They avoided Cockleswent Hall. However she was taken from the hunting lodge and has been missing since. Her horse was killed with all the others. I do not know if she went willingly or not, or the motives behind the attack. I could find no trace of her in the mountains, nor on our side of the border. There are people investigating the Dornish side." He looks at Eonn, arching a brow to invite him to share his thoughts. He won't push though.

Eonn catches Daevon's look. He says, quietly and dryly, "Gods do not spare men the burden of judging right from wrong."

Daevon nods once in acknowledgement of Eonn's words, and there's sadness in his eyes for all that he agrees.

Arion sighs softly and finishes off his wine looking upset still. "My brothers are wrong drinking doesn't help drown sorrows.." He rises and pays for his drink before starting for the door.

"And yet, still having proof before you speak of something originating one place or the other, as well as Lord Blackmont's awareness would probably be a good thing." Brynden speaks those words slowly, relatively calmly as he does. "And what you back your words with would probably lend more weight to them when you try to convince other of their truth." A brief pause, as he looks between the others at the table for a few moments.

Kevyn nods gravely, when Daevon says Eryk and Yael were likely lovers. "That seems the way of it to me, Ser," he agrees quietly. "And more the fool for him. But, aye. Whoever she's with now…" And he's reluctant to call them her 'abductors,' either. "…and the lady herself are the only ones left alive who know the truth of what happened at the Lodge. For what it may be worth, I pray you find her. For my own sake, if naught else. I would offer to aid but…" He shrugs. "…opportunity for that has passed, I figure. As for the Red Rookery…what happened there is a dark thing. It cannot be undone now, though." *re*

Arion leaves the Quill and Tankard and crosses the little bridge from the door to the street.

Eonn looks to Brynden. "It is a strange thing to tell the Prince that he ought have proof before he speaks, yet be silent about those who paid a bloody visit on the Red Rookery on what proof?"

"I am not trying to convince others of the truth, yet," Daevon says. "I am busy conducting investigations, trying to discover what the truth is. I have suspicions and conclusions but no hard evidence. I doubt I will have until I find the fate of Lady Yael. The perpretators of the attack on Wickhams Nest will be punished. The slaughter at the Red Rookery makes it all the more difficult." He nods. "It cannot." He sighs. "Grief makes men do many terrible things. Those who are Knights, we are meant to be better than that. Such bloodshed, such slaughter. If you are fortunate then the Lady Yael will be discovered in Blackmont lands."

"It sounded to me that you were trying to convince other of it, Ser Daevon. If I misunderstood, or heard wrong, I apologize." Brynden offers to Daevon, before he adds, "But it sounded like you were saying that it was beyond any doubt that it was so. If you had seen my nephew's mother since she was given the news about her son, you would understand the reaction, I believe. The empty gaze, the shock…" Sighing a bit, he shakes his head a little bit. "And it is quite true that what happened at the Red Rookery was probably done by people who does not know better, or have any clear proof, but that might be because of how the news were delivered in public. You know how rumors spread, and what was just a report of the situation can become irrefutable proof to those telling the story when they speak of what they heard from soneone who heard and so on."

Alys still has half an ear on the conversation at hand, her cousin's question regarding the Lady Yael and the subsiquent back and forth, and when Arion leaves she turns back, taking a sip of her wine as she does so. She keeps quiet for now though, letting her eyes flick from face to face as the men talk, knights, squires, and.. well, whatever Eonn is. Faces are watched, reactions measured, and conclusions forming.

"My family beseeched our liege lords and the king for aid when our kin were slain, Ser, and received little more than lip-service for it," Kevyn says. This still rankles him, clearly, though he seems sad and frustrated more than anything else, and it's not clearly directed at anyone. He nods to Brynden. "I do pray that there's still a chance for justice to be done. Now…my knight has many duties for me to attend to this afternoon." He's vague about what those duties are. Locating Viggo seems prudent just now, though. "Have you anything more to ask of me, Ser Daevon?"

Stepping from the hallway that leads to the rooms is a young woman with long black hair the color of midnight. Seeing more then a few people milling about she gives a look around to see whom is about before making her way to a table, and ordering of all things breakfast!

"You did misunderstand," Daevon says. "I have spoken with her, and all the family at Cockleswent Hall to offer my sympathies, and reassurances that the matter was being investigated. That simply because we are still searching for the truth does not mean nothing is being done. Would you rather I said nothing at all? In saying nothing, it seems that people seem to believe that nothing is being done and that has catastrophic results. So I tell you now what has been found so far, and I answer the questions asked of me." He shakes his head. "Not lip-service. They simply did not offer the armies that were wanted for revenge. Messages take time. Travel takes time. Meetings and investigations and getting the right people takes time." He looks right at Kevyn. "You were at the Red Rookery? As were you, Ser Brynden?"

"Then I apologize for the misunderstanding. It is just that I thought, when it sounded like you were closing some doors definitely, without having the proof to do so. I should not have thought so, of course." He looks about to say something more, but then the drink arrives. "And if you answer the questions asked of you, may I ask what it is that leads you to believing Lord Blackmont had nothing to do with it?" Sounding a bit curious as he takes a sip of the beverage now.

Alys reaches out a hand to her cousin as she him rankled and notes the sadness in his expression. Offering him another faint smile and a slight nod of reassurance she opens her mouth as if to say something then pauses as the direct accusations are made, changing the motion to one of drinking wine instead. Now seemingly like an exceptionly bad point to interupt.

"I was hunting with my knight," Kevyn replies, without meeting Daevon's eyes. It's said rather mechanically, but it's all he says. "As I told Ser Aevander. Speak with Ser Viggo if you wish to know more of that. I shall not betray his confidence, with all respect." He doesn't look at Alys as she takes his hand, though the gesture makes him untense a little. A very little. The woman's entrance isn't noticed right off.

"Lord Blackmont has men searching for his wife," Daevon says. "If he knew her fate then that would not be the case, at least not to the extent that it is. And because I trust the word of the man who is investigating Lord Blackmont's involvement and who says that Lord Blackmont is not involved. The investigation is still ongoing though. No doors have been closed yet. You never answered my question."

Daevon nods at Kevyn. He doesn't push things.

Sirawen takes her seat at the table and settles in, her big blue eyes watching the things going around about her. When she gets her breakfast she delicately begins to pick at it.

Brynden nods a little as he hears that. "I see. Unless he is sending his people out on a fool's errand to cover his own tracks, but that would of course only be speculation." He then shakes his head, as he takes another sip of his drink. "Like it has been stated before, I was off hunting, along with Ser Viggo and the other men. Since that is the truth of the matter, I have no other answer for you."

With the moment now gone, Alys withdraws her hand again, although that doesn't mean she isn't still looking out for her little cousin. She gives a slow, silent nod at his answer about hunting, then turns to ask a simple question of Daevon. "If you forgive me for asking Sir Daevon, who is investigating Lord Blackmont's involvement. Ser Aevander? Apologies if it has already been mentioned, but I must have missed it if so."

"It was Ser Aevander who came to see me at the Sept," Kevyn says, somewhat in answer to Alys, though he sounds curious about that himself. Even as he stands. "If you'll pardon me, cousin. My lords. I've matters to attend to." He will wait about to hear Daevon's reply about the investigation, though.

"That wasn't an answer to my question," Daevon replies to Brynden. "Were you at the Red Rookery? A simple yes or no." He focusses on Brynden for now, and doesn't answer Alys.

"No, Sir Daevon. I was not," Brynden replies, studying the man carefully for the moment.

Alys turns back to Kevyn a he stands, then moves to push herself to her feet as well. "I will walk with you some way cousin," she offers, "I have time yet before I am needed elsewhere." Daevon's question to Bryhden gets him and odd look though, given the Hightower had just said he was hunting with the others, but the answer is given and so she waits to see if her own question will be graced with an answer before she and her cousin depart.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Daevon=empathy Vs Brynden=persuasion
< Daevon: Good Success Brynden: Good Success
< Net Result: Brynden wins - Marginal Victory

"Thank you," Daevon says to Brynden. He takes a deep mouthful of his cider, still looking troubled.

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