(121-04-06) Squirely Beatings
Squirely Beatings
Summary: Alys and Kevyn spar. The results are predictable.
Date: 06/04/2014 (DD/MM/YYYY)
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Watch HouseHightower Square

Sun Apr 06, 121 ((Sun Apr 06 16:38:21 2014))

It is a summer day. The weather is hot and clear.

The big stone watch house has arrow-slits more than windows. It main room has a large fireplace and a number of rough trestle-tables where watchmen may meet, eat, rest, and plan their actions.

Other rooms include armouries, dormatories, supply rooms and even a small bath-house. There's a stable in the back. Upstairs there are smaller meeting rooms, and private chambers for the commanders. In the basement, there are a few cells for the temporary housing of prisoners.

The weather makes any work in the yard hot and hard, but then sometimes that's life, criminals don't stop for summer and neither do wars. Decked out in her full plate harness but with her helmet under her arm for now Alys awaits her cousin's arrival. She's still got an hour or so before she has to be on duty and with the Blackmonts coming apparently demanding blood, now seems like a good time to get a spot of extra practice in.

Kevyn is wearing the full maile and shield that's been loaned to him by his kinfolk. He still doesn't have his own proper gear - no knight yet - but he's been thrust into spots where it's needed lately, so he's acquired a few odds and ends. He's avoided sparring with his girl cousin since coming to Oldtown but, between the stress of the meeting with Prince Daevon and - whatever he said - not wanting to hang about the Quill in close proximity to Viggo, he was amenable to the idea today. "We should get a permanent place in the city if…" He trails off, not wanting to finish that sentence. "…if things work out. Get you rooms away from here. It'd be more comfortable."

"The rooms here aren't so bad," Alys states, in a tone that suggests she would not fight particularly hard to stay. Offering her cousin his choice of training blades, Metal, but blunted, she cntinues "if it looks like cousin Viggo will be staying around though then yes, I think a place in town would be nice. Will Haywood be about for a while as well?" She's been buy of late, hasn't actually seen him since their little hunting trip.

<FS3> Kevyn rolls Blades: Failure.

Kevyn takes a training blade, a one-handed broadsword he can use with his shield without too much strain. He lifts it, and gives it an experimental swing and attempt at a twirl. He's trying to look impressive. Then he drops his sword. Which is not impressive. "Umm…still working on that move. I…maybe won't use it in a fight."

Alys takes a blade herself and tests the weight, although not in any think like as fancy a style as Kevyn. Happy enough she settles her helmet in it's proper place, tightens the chin strap and then picks up a shield of her own. Well, of the watch's, but ine shes used before. Walking into a clear spot in the stable yard she tries not to grin too hard at the mistake before agreeing whole heartedly, "a solid plan cousin. Now, shall we begin?" Flexing a couple of joints she then settles into a defensive stance, allowing Kevyn the first attack.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alys=Blades Vs Kevyn=Blades
< Alys: Good Success Kevyn: Good Success
< Net Result: Kevyn wins - Marginal Victory

Kevyn gets into a stance that involves less fancy flailing around, which means he manages to look less silly. His posture's naturally defensive. He seems reluctant to hit her first. Being that she's a girl and all. "Ser Viggo and I have been working on the forms for one-on-one dueling. So this'll serve well." He steels himself to thrust at her, and he manages not to drop his blade this time. His form is rough, but not bad all things considered. He's clearly been practicing. Possibly for dear life. "What…what'd you make of that before? With Ser Daevon?"

Alys moves to parry the thrust and mostly succeeds, although thre wa smore force to it than she'd judged so he does get a faint ding in. 'Hmmming' quietly to herself she takes a moment or two to take another stock of her cousin's potential before the next pass. "I think he's having a good sniff to see if there are any cracks. Why? That I could not judge. He might want to know so he can avoid surprises as he deals with the Blackmonts, he may want to know if he can defuse things easily by handing over those who rode." She's careful not to implicate either of them in her reply, given the surroundings aren't quite private. Talking over though she moves in for an attack of her own, swinging in from the side to build more momentium.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kevyn=Blades Vs Alys=Blades
< Kevyn: Good Success Alys: Good Success
< Net Result: Kevyn wins - Marginal Victory

The way she replies makes Kevyn more aware of his surroundings, and he nods, returning to a more defensive posture. It lets him parry her next attack, though it doesn't leave him much room to get in anything more than another ding, himself. "Aye. Likely that. Perhaps he'll actually find the Blackmont lady. Perhaps that'll put an end to things." He does not sound hopeful, though.

"Aye," Alys agrees, "if she turns up alive and well then it'll likely defuse a fair amount." Not all she reckons, but some at least. "If she turns up dead though…" that thought is interupted by Kevyn getting his ding in and she grunts slightly at that, obviously not happy with her own form even though she does manage to jest as she moves in again, "you know I'm just playing nice to build your confidence before we really start right?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alys=Blades Vs Kevyn=Blades
< Alys: Failure Kevyn: Good Success
< Net Result: Kevyn wins - Solid Victory

Kevyn shudders at the prospect of a dead Yael Blackmont. He doesn't want to think about that. Alys' jest gets a laugh, albeit a weak one. "Pity the Dornish don't feel that way." He holds back until he sees what he thinks is an opening and then lunges. Sort of/kind of getting into this enough to lose his fear of hitting a girl. Maybe saying 'Dornish' reminded him of how much he needs the practice.

Alys seemed to do significantly better against the Dornish than she's managing against her cousin, and there's some distinctly unladylike words as his blow strikes true. Her own mere tanging uselessly off his shield. "Duelling eh?" she asks rhetorically, "whatever happened to good old, honest, slugging it out?" Not that she'd likely win a slugfest, being of the weaker sex, but she needs to grumble about something and that'll do for now. Taking a step or two back to recentre herself a moment she takes a deep breath then enters the fray once more.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alys=Blades Vs Kevyn=Blades
< Alys: Success Kevyn: Good Success
< Net Result: Kevyn wins - Marginal Victory

"Not much slugging in tourneys," Kevyn says. "Though, I've only been in the one of those. Oh!" He winces when he hits her…but it does seem to add to his confidence. He makes another, less tentative, attack. "It's the sort of fighting Ser Viggo knows best so…"

Alys seems happier to ding one in on him, even if he dings back harder. Happier that is, not happy, she's still far from that. "Tourneys is it?" she notes, laying the ground work for a taunt, "not real fighting? Just playing at it for the unwashed masses? That why you want to become a knight?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alys=Blades Vs Kevyn=Blades
< Alys: Great Success Kevyn: Good Success
< Net Result: Alys wins - Marginal Victory

"I want to become a knight…" Kevyn grunts. "…to serve my family…the Reach…the smallfolk…" Grunt. Swing. One that leaves him quite open, even if the stroke itself isn't a bad one. "…because it's what my father expects of me…because my brother can't now…"

"Remember to breathe cousin," Alys offers, helpfully, as she dings a decent blow into his shoulder and receives a weaker one in return. That's more like it. Loosening up a bit she continues to try and verbally distract him as they spar. "Protect the smallfolk. A truely noble cause. Tell me, how do you propose to do that while fighting to tourney circuit? Has Viggo developed a way to be in two places at once?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alys=Blades Vs Kevyn=Blades
< Alys: Good Success Kevyn: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Kevyn strikes forward, though his blade does little but clash against Alys'. "I don't figure I'm good enough for the tourney circuit," he admits. "Ser Viggo…it's different with him. I know he's sometimes…but in front of a crowd, you can see the grandeur in the way he fights. My brother Jace had that, a little, before his accident. Not sure I ever will. If I ever earn a knighthood…maybe that's not what I'd do with it. Not sure what I would do with it…if I can even think about it in a month's time." Hey, maybe he'll be dead, is the unspoken part of that.

The clashing of blades is not all that alien a sound to the yard, but that doesn't mean Alys wouldn't prefer for it to have been blades clashing off armour. "You'll still be thinking about it a years time," she offers, half jibe, half reassurance, "likely even for long after you get your spurs. You live in your head more than cousin Viggo does, it's a side effect. One thing I will say though, is that I find it faintly interesting who the Prince spoke to earlier and who he did not," meaning he hadn't asked her if she had riden to Dorne. A useful side effect of being a lady perhaps?

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alys=Blades Vs Kevyn=Blades
< Alys: Success Kevyn: Failure
< Net Result: Alys wins - Marginal Victory

Maybe Kevyn's getting over-confident. He's practiced enough over the last few months that he's achieved a certain standard of workmanlike mediocrity. Plus, she's a girl. He plunges forward, striking to try and knock the blade out of her hand. He ends up stumbling, messing up his footwork…and putting himself in a bad position she can take advantage of without much fuss. "Aye. For the good, that he isn't looking at your. Perhaps not cousin Haywood, either. Which is also good. He's heir now, with Eryk…he has obligations. And I don't live in my own head that much." Though he is too much in it at the moment to pay proper attention to defense.

Alys sidesteps the stumble to avoid a collision then dings a blow off the top of Kevyn's helmet. It's not in anyway enough to hurt, or concuss, but it should hopefully let him know that he'd be dead were this real. "Not terrible," she appraises with a faint grin to let him know she doesn't entirely mean it. "You're welcome to come and spar when I'm free though, if you want. I need to keep my skills up or I won't be taken seriously." The 'awww,a girl in armour, how cute' effect. Returning her blade and shield to the racks she unbuckles and removes her helmet once more. "I suppose we shall have to see who he is after once the Blackmont's arrive. I suspect I shall be kept busy during their visit but will speak with you or cousin Viggo when I can."

Kevyn winces at the 'killing' blow, flushing. "Not terrible? Thanks." Said dryly, but he seems to know it's actual praise. And it means more to him than he really expected it to. "Aye, I might again, sometime. I've been meaning to say…when we…when we rode out…" He's reluctant to say the words 'Dorne' or 'Rookery.' "…you held your own. Against the…well, against them." A pause and he admits, "Better than I."

"Against the boars?" Alys supplies, it was allegedly a hunting trip after all, "thank you cousin." Reaching over to slap a gauntled hand on his shoulder she motions briefly towards teh watch house itself. "Pleasant as this is though, I am afraid that duty calls. You'll likely want to go give our cousin a run down on our lunch guest too. You did fine there too by the way."

Kevyn lets out a "Heh" sort of laugh. "The boars. Aye." He claps her shoulder in return, then goes to put up his practice blade. "Duty ever calls. Good eve, cousin."

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