(121-04-06) Sin Does Not Rest
Sin Does Not Rest
Summary: Eva investigates the darker uses of Marcellus, who has been in the employ of Peri.
Date: 06/04/14
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"You are the Green Monster?" Eva's Lorathi voice slinks as she does, through the Thieves Market like a sly and nocturnal creature. Having just laid eyes on the man amidst the colourful crowds and singled him out watchfully, she stands in front of him now in the middle of the market, sizing him up more like a predator studies prey than any friendly encounter, his more imposing height is not remotely taken into consideration in contrast to her small stature. Yet she smiles, and it's welcoming. As a purring cat before it bites. "I am Eva," she explains, vivid, kohl-smeared eyes roving over him, "Friend of Peri. I hope you are him, or I have just called a stranger a monster."

Marcellus nods as he hears Eva's voice through the market. Not the tallest man but clearly one of the more muscled and strong ones at least. Though still mobile and agile enough to be fast. Stopping in front of her, studying her in return. Not fazed by her. "Marcellus." He introduces himself, nodding slowly about her being friends with Peri. His own voice does give away his Tyroshi accent. "Should you really call anyone a monster?" He teases. Clearly not really offended. "What might I do for you, Eva?"

"If it suits," Eva replies on the topic of monsters, her head tilting one to the left so that her gaze angles crookedly up to Marcellus. "That is the question," she pronounces. "Tell me, have you found employment? From Peri? From Xhabo?" The market, its popularity growing the more the hot sky dims, moves around them; Eva slides into it, taking up a stroll and presuming Marcellus will follow. Her robe-like dress, little more than a shift, today, in the heat, is fluid around her sandaled feet. Like Marcellus, bits and pieces of her uncovered skin are flecked by scars.

Marcellus nods slowly, grinning. Another nod at the questions. "At the baths. Xhabo giving his approval for me helping Peri there. And a little bit of guarding for a lady Jeyne. Though I am not sure if I fit as a guard for nobles." Shrugging. Seeming more interested in what Eva would be able to offer. Moving to follow her easily enough. His own scarred and tattooed body kept close to himself. Moving easily with her. "Where to?" He asks, though not seeming to worried about where they go.

Peri is, oddly enough slipping from the warehouse nearby, her fingers adjusting her hair. Around her arm is a basket. Fresh oils are in it. She is nice and bare footed like normal, Marcellus is spotted first - he's bigger. She pauses to haggle with a vender, taking a piece of jewelry off to receive a bundle of something. Her weight heads to Eva and Marcellus, giving a few fingers in wave, expression amused. "My monster, my friend." she offers, opening the bundle to check it before tucking it in her basket. Looks like it might be a pain killer.

Eva waves her bare arm in Peri's direction; spotting the woman serves as answer to Marcellus, as if she had planned this direction all along. She smiles just short of baring teeth, her intense gaze gentling, just a touch. "My pearl. We were just talking about what services a monster such as Marcellus here can offer." She looks over at him, her gaze critical yet skirted by mischief. "Beyond being such a noble guardian."

Marcellus does wave to Peri as well. "Well hey." He offers then looking to Eva about what he can offer. Raising a brow. Grinning at Eva. "I am sure there are many things I can offer." Chuckling at Peri's words. "So you say. Not sure if that is true or not though."

Peri grins a bit "He has my sales up by twelve percent by walking around shirtless in the women's baths pretending to be shy." she offers, baring her teeth at Eva, although hers is outwardly friendly. "I'm thinking I may have him drawn indecently for fliers." she jokes, adjusting her gown so her breasts don't fall out of the beaded portion, her laugh escaping "He is modest. The noble women love looking at him when he is glistening." she offers, expression mischievous.

Eva grins slyly at the other woman, and her narrowed gaze to Marcellus is slyer and seems to eat right through him, perhaps imagining Peri's words. "You fight, you guard, you draw in visitors to the bathhouse," she lists off, neutral but for the constant dark mischief in her voice, "what else are you good for? Your fame concerns me, Green Monster, as it t'would concern the Eel, who swims in secret."

Marcellus raises a brow at the looks both women offer. "Enjoying the view?" He teases. Not sure what else to offer in the situation. Nodding about what he does do. "Well, I am a green beast by name. If it draws too much attention then such is easily fixed I am sure. Besides occasionally having me scare away sneaky foxes and thieves could be well used. But I am also sure an Eel would know how to hide something such as hair." He offers, since that is what most recognize him by. "I haven't only fought. I survive. I spy. I stole things when I was young." He offers before shrugging. "I am also learning to make proper tattoes." Having covered some of his old slave marks with it as well. "How's that for a start?" Having more to him than that as well, it seems.

Peri grins at Eva "A woman from Yunkai assumed he was my pet. Marcellus, if you wish to make fifty dragons…" she jokes, not entirely being silly but not entirely serious. "If you want to hide your hair, I can dye it. My hands are trusted to dye Targaryen locks, I'm sure I can touch yours." she offers to Marcellus, openly. "Yes, you really must do something about mine. I bloody hate it." she mumbles, pressing one finger into her bustline to show hers. She grins again, shifting her basket, offering a piece of sweet bread to each of her companions.

"It is… a start." If there is anything modest about Evallash, it is the speed at which she decides here and now. The speed at which she may have already judged Marcellus is another matter, ambigous and critical as she looks him up and down again, landing on his hair, a gaze only distracted but briefly for Peri and her tattoo.

Eva steps ahead of the two, stopping when she's standing exactly in front of Marcellus. "I will ask you two questions, at the behest of the Black Eel," she addresses the man, gravity in her bearing, "and your answer will determine how we proceed, or do not proceed, in the days to come. Her chin tips up, subtly heightening her stance. "In your opinion of yourself, what is most ignoble act you have done?"

Marcellus chuckles to Peri's words. "You make me sound as if I work at the brothel." He teases. Not upset in any way though. Shrugging about dyeing his hair. "I am not sure. AS I said, there are times when the hair helps." He suggests. Nodding about her own slavemark. "I will make something nice of it." He assures her. Nodding to Eva as she tells him to answer questions. "Ruthlessly punching men near death, or to death. And in some cases enjoying it." He offers without hesitation. "I am sure it depends on what people think is ignoble though."

Peri tenses for a brief second before visibly relaxing, her fingers smoothing her dress. She listens to Marcellus attentively, looking curious. Her arm hooks with Marcellus' gently, leaning on him before taking out a scented brick to rub lightly over some of her flesh - to keep from smelling like an unwashed whore late into Saturday night. "He's also been involved in cuckolding." she teases, just softly. Her expression is bland "If that is the worst you've done, I'm far worse than you, Marcellus." she offers, expression and face honest.

Eva stares at Marcellus rather unreadably for a long moment, her eyes bright with a calculating manner far deeper and darker than their golden brown. Her mind is matched better to the black paint around her eyes. At long end, she smiles. It's not exactly approving; it's not exactly otherwise. "You've already answered my second question," she says without further explanation. She slips between Marcellus and Peri, a small hand winding out for that sweet bread after all, seeming also unfazed by the other woman's confession of ignoble acts.

Marcellus chuckles at Peri, shrugging, "As I said, depends on what is ignoble. I've hunted people, I've spied. And more. Though not backstabbing, though due to the fact that I only had masters. And they were too scared to not uphold ther part of our agreement." About letting him get released. Of course he most likely had to beat them up or similar to make them agree. "As I said, depends on what all think." Always his face staying neutral now. Watching as she takes the sweet bread. Which makes him look at Peri. "And thank you for the sweet bread."

Peri leans, pecking Eva's cheek. "I was given a gift but I've it memorized before it was ever recieved." she offers Eva a small poorly bound tome on Irogenia and the seven great sighs of Lys. Her own expression is amused. "Mandatory education for one of my ilk, I'm afraid." She watches them "I am lucky my sins are so distant, or I'd never be allowed to run a business. I am also lucky to have protection. Now then, perhaps we could get out of the crowd and find somewhere to settle and drink some wine or cause some mischief?"

"It depends only on what you think, and what you feel," Eva tells Marcellus, firm on this; and, still, utterly lacking judgment. If anything, her eyes gleam a bit more for every mention of harm, spying, hunting. She examines the tome from Peri, flipping it open with one hand while the other is occupied by sweet bread. "Innoble is a poor word; I do not care what nobles think. We all have our sins, and the Black Eel is in the business of using them. If that suits you, Green Monster, you may be called on." She tears a bite from the sweet bread and holds her head high, looking out through the Thieves Market. "I could do with wine." Mischief is a given.

Marcellus grins at Peri and nods a bit. "Well, I am sure it is nothing that would matter to us." He tells her with a wink. Chuckling to her last. Nodding to Eva, "True enough." He offers. Smirking about nobles, "They are but a mean to a use." He says with a shrug. Nodding to her. "I am still here, am I not?" Moving to join them for wine and mischief.

Peri reaches to pet Marcellus, giving his ass a light swat. "We could go to the bath house, the tooth and nail - although I would need to change clothing, or the quill, or that other bar.

After but a simple and swift nod in return to Marcellus, Eva takes Peri's colourful attire in, and her smile takes on some of that mischief clear and bright. "And why is that— surely you would not fear being mistaken for a whore at the Tooth and Nail; you look more expensive. Your monster here would not let anyone thieve your coins."

Marcellus smirks at the sway by Peri, "Anywhere works." He assures them. Grabbing Peri's arm as he let her stay near. Turning his gaze to Eva. "Of course not. They should know better than to try even." As well as nodding, seemingly agreeing about looking more expensive.

Peri grins a bit "I don't want to get filth on the dress, Xhabo just gave it to me." she considers "Why would I be upset about being mistaken for a whore? There is no shame in it. Also we've all had our bodies sold for us here, whores at least get to make that choice themselves." She grins lopsidedly "Besides, I'm pretty sure if I did not look so comely naked I would not be allowed finer silks than some nobles.

"The Tooth's whores are half sick and not so comely," Eva explains, gliding a hand scarcely to Peri's back to touch the silky fabric. "Lead us into mischief, pearl," she says, an odd little glimmer in her and a quirk in her smile; it is often Eva who leads people into mischief, after all. "For as long as I can stay. The Eel's silent song will call me to business."

* * *

Tooth and Nail

This squalid winesink never closes — somebody broke the front door, probably with an ax, years ago. It doesn't latch, and it'd not even a complete door. Bad weather can leak in through its broken edges. There are a few battered tables, and stools and benches or just empty barrels to sit on. The furniture, such as it is, doesn't match and is probably mostly stolen. It doesn't last long in here. The place has a dirt floor strewn with straw and rushes. They don't appear to have been changed for decades and they emit a dank smell.

The drink is cheap, the food cheaper, and the whores may be cheapest of all.

For a penny one can sleep, or do any other thing, on the second floor. It's drier up there. However, it is all one room and there are neither beds nor a limit to how many 'guests' are sold lodging there each night.

Marcellus grins at Peri, "Ah, well. I am sure your dress will be fine." He offers. Moving behind the two. Not minding the view. Moving past them to hold the door to allow them entry before watching a bit longer and following them in.

Peri is amiable to lead, her rump bumping Eva's hand. Given she's virtually hanging out of her gown, it is likely Marcellus is the envy of the town - He has two beautiful women with him afterall. Peri settles on a chair, legs folding as she hums softly. She chuckles "I will perhaps wear the green one Riker sent from Dorne where he stopped to restock his ship on his way to Tyrosh later, although it is a bit too exposing, even by my standards.

Speaking of whores, one of the Tooth's more scrawny offerings makes an abrupt and wide detour around Eva as she enters; a man at a rickety table spies the Lorathi woman and raises a glass only to be utterly ignored. "Is that where Riker has gone?" she inquires of Peri instead, climbing onto an adjacent seat toes first, crouching like an animal with no concern for manners. Her shift style dress bundles loosely around her, dipping bare in the back, exposing skin and scars to the winesink without concern for that, either. "I thought, perhaps, he was putting water between himself and dragons."

Marcellus grins as he moves to take a seat with the two lovely women. Not seeming to pay attention to any envious folks. Making himself comfortable and letting his muscles flex a bit as he leans on the table. "I am sure he is quite busy, whatever the reason." He offers with a grin to them both. Letting them talk and not so subtly eyeing them both.

Peri watches the two "He's going to get a wife, I believe." she offers, dully. She sounds less than excited. Perhaps slightly annoyed. She eyes a wench "Whatever isn't complete shit tonight." she orders, rather calmly folding her legs, leaning back.. Her dress exposes that she is pretty immaculate fleshed, but not a scrawny teenager - she has jiggle. "I.. did not expect him to marry a foreign girl, to be honest." she murmurs.

Peri pauses "I think perhaps Riker forgot why he doesn't have other salt wives and even iron women avoid his ship." she mumbles.

"Wine," Eva tells the server, wrapping her arms around herself on her perch. "What does he have to gain from a foreign wife? That he does not have to gain from you? Does she have riches?" Her dark head, heavy with tangles, curls and braids, tilts, curious but only half-invested. "Power?" A furrow mars the space between her brows on a thought.

Marcellus nods slowly as Peri speaks. "I am sure he will not forget you." He offers, gently pushing and squeezing her shoulder with his hand. "If he does, more for us. Right?" Giving Eva a grin at that as well. Shrugging about what Riker gains. "Connections perhaps?"

Peri taps her chin "Salvage rights." she offers, "Any riches Riker has I have helped him acquire. Also I may remind him that she would under his silly laws, only be another salt wife - as she is not an iron borne woman." she looks amused. "I will admit some nervousness, perhaps jealousy. Riker has always been my big stupid drunkard." she offers with a grin. "On the upside though, every weird thing he does only gives me more and more freedom lately. If he leaves me entirely I think I'll look for a husband."

Eva gives scoff, then a snort at the mention of a husband. She winds an arm up to take the wine brought over, clutching the mug. It looks poor and watered down, but it's still wine. She downs a substantial gulp. She unfurls her legs and sits more traditionally in the seat, though one knee bobs up again, all under the fabrics of her clothes. "You have your freedoms, you do well for yourself. What need do you have of a husband?" Another drink.

Marcellus just grins as he listens to them, "Eva, you sound like you want to steal her to yourself." He teases with a nudge to the smaller woman. Looking towards Peri then. "I think it ddepends on what she looks for."

Peri chuckles "I want financial security and a future for stupid babies." she offers, "Oh if I could marry a woman, that would be fine as well." she jokes. "I want to make sure when I am old, someone is there to care for me." she teases. "To make sure I am attended to and not left to die in a hovel."

"I prefer not to attach myself to anyone in such a way." Eva swings her mug in a dismissive motion toward Marcellus. "I believe some women are not meant to be mothers," she says, splaying a ringed hand on her own chest, "And I will be dead before I ever need a care-taker." To this, however, she lifts her drink up above the middle of the table, content with reality as she sees it, her mouth splitting into a grin. "To having young and dying young and being young while we are."

Marcellus chuckles. Shrugging a bit. "Other reasons perhaps?" He suggest. Leaving that to her own thoughts though what other reasons there are. Gesturing to get a drink as well. "We live and die as we go, right?" He offers with a shrug. Enjoying his drink. "I am sure you will manage well enough, Peri." Smiling to her.

Peri takes her drink up, tapping Eva's. "I want to live to be a crone and scare young pretty women with whispers of 'I was once beautiful like you'. Women with no wit or charm fear that most of all." she offers with a cackle. She offers a sweet smile to Eva "traumatizing nobility in a way they can do nothing about seems the most fun." she leans to rest her hand on Marcellus' wrist gently.

"I must admit that almost makes me want to live to old age," Eva says, still grinning as she lowers her mug — as far as her mouth, for another drink. "We live and die as we go," she repeats Marcellus, approving, which earns the finishing of her wine already. Like the nobles they mock, she slings her arm past the back of her chair and holds her mug out as if she expects it to be magically filled on her whim.

Marcellus grins at Eva at her antics. Downing his own before getting more. Grinning at Peri as her hand comes to his wrist. "I am sure you both would age with grace." Winking to them.

Peri chuckles "I'm going to die young and leave a pretty corpse or make it to the stage of withered bat." she offers, "Or get eaten by a dragon." she offers, taking a deep draw and waits for her glass to be refilled, because Peri looks rich it likely happens quicker. She watches the two. "Eva and I both would manage fine without our pretty faces - we have brains behind them and we have backs from laboring. The pretty faces are just well bonuses." she offers with a laugh "Although if my face gets screwed up I'm going to wear a modesty veil and show as much of my tits as I can without getting arrested." she jokes.

"An observant man," Eva remarks on Marcellus, giving him a scant look out of the corner of her eye. "Or does he just curry favour," she suggests, turning her head toward him with her dangerous catlike grin and nodding to Peri. "Just so," she says, not unlike a Bravoosi might. A chuckle builds in her throat, half syrup and half rasp. "A pretty face is a weapon and so are tits." Her mug is filled, likely thanks to Peri's finery placing graces upon their table, and she lifts it again briefly before drinking.

Marcellus chuckles as he studies Eva for a moment. "As if you mind either way?" He offers, "And why continue for favour. I am sitting with you both am I not? I can just be honest." Grinning a bit. Nodding about brains. "Indeed. So indeed you would do well." Grinning at Peri managing to get them drinks faster.

Peri shifts and climbs into Marcellus' lap, reaching to touch Eva's curls with one hand. "To being wonderfully terrible and enjoying this while it lasts." she offers, grinning widely. "I've also decided I desire to see snow before I die." she offers.

Eva eyes Marcellus with one of her ambiguous stares; it's short-lived, ending in another grin. "I have never seen snow," she says, "I would rather see a wolf. Will you travel north, then," she looks on to Peri, dark brows lifting.

Marcellus seems quite fine with Peri settling on his lap. Grinning at her. "Comfy?" He asks her before looking to Eva. Raising a brow at the stare. "Feeling left out?" He teases, giving a wink. Nodding about snow and wolves. "Both sound interesting enough."

Peri leans to peck Eva's cheek, eying the door cautiously and spotting something "I need to be going, forgive me, my adoring one?" she asks, leaning forward to offer Eva a proper peck. "Marcellus I'll be sleeping in the bath house tonight. Make sure the storeroom is locked when your shift is over?"

"Not at all," Eva answers plain as can be to Marcellus; her smirk at him transfers into returning the peck to the other woman. She rises when Peri does. "I will take my leave, too. Sin does not rest."

Marcellus nods to Peri, "Of course, will do." He assures her, raising a brow as he's left without a peck this time. Most likely will come back around on Peri at some point. But for now just grinning. Looking to Eva as well. Nodding as she excuses herself as well. "I suppose I should make sure that all is safe all over as well then." Pushing up. Brushing his hand against Eva's arm. "Until next time." Then grinning at Peri. Hey, he didn't get a peck after all.

Peri presses her lips to Marcellus' openly, making sure her fondness is known. A moon is set on the table and she stands up, heading out to get back to work, or nap. Something of that nature.

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