(121-04-06) A Pansy, an Archer, a Rose, and a Fox
A Pansy, an Archer, a Rose, and a Fox
Summary: …walk into a cake house. Also a Wolf and his raven.
Date: 6 April 2014
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Good Queen's Cake House

This is an elegant place, with broad steps that lead up from the Square to a floor that is ten or twelve feet above street level. Two men in gleaming armour guard them.

There are tall arched windows with lace drapes to frame them. Delicate carved and silver-leafed chairs and tables set in front of them, allowing patrons to sit in comfort and look down on the people in the square. The entire place is decorated in silver and pale blue, with the image of Good Queen Alysanne and her dragon Silverwing worked in wherever it can be managed — the pair are in tapestries on the walls, carved into the backs of the chairs, and painted on the ceiling and the window-arches.

The Cake House is a favourite among those too genteel to visit taverns, and among well-to-do women who prefer not to host their friends at home lest it be noticed that they're not as rich as they'd like to seem. One cannot get a proper meal, but any number of cakes and dainties and fancy fruit and cheese plates are served, along with wine and sweet drinks.

Alaura is sitting with Tironos, nibbling cheese, and olives, a plate of cakes on the table and a pitcher of arbor gold as well. "Stick out? Like my Brother? Oh dear Gods, as much as I love him.. there is not that much flamboyance in me."

Tironos chuckles softly. Dressed in grays and soft blues, an iron link dangling from the shoulder of his doublet on one side and a black iron link dangling from the other. A pale steel link hangs from a leather thong tied around his right wrist like a bracelet. Sipping more of his wine and swallowing he says, "I mean if you are concerned about a negative reputation, then ensure you portray a larger positive one then he ever could a negative."

Lord Pansy appears to be on a charitable mission - the charity right now being possibly an attempt to either get Tellur to relax, or to show off the glories of the South. Hard to tell exactly what, but from the common-man's eyes, he has never been in a place like this before. Dressed far too heavily for a warmer clime, the young Tellur looks slightly swamped, his expression almost darting this way and that in uncertainty. Really, he looks as though he would love to pull his cloak off and throw it in the bay, but instead he is saying "…this place looks. Quite. Expensive, Lord."

Garvin pauses near the door to look around, nose wrinkling. "Is that how it looks?" he asks his Northern companion, as the six purple-cloaked guards who accompany him everywhere wait outside in the square. "I've never been in here before. I confess, I had hoped it was a tavern, but it looks more like the chamber where my lady mother is wont to take tea of an afternoon. Very lacy and…dainty. Perhaps we should…." His voice trails off as he spies his sister sitting with an unknown and very tall man. Frowning, he draws closer. "Alaura, what a surprise to find you here with…Forgive me, my lord, but I don't believe we've been introduced."

Alaura laughs at Tir and says, "Well I do try." She looks over as she hears her name, "Garvin! Sweet brother, please come and join us." She rises for her brother and says, "This is Ser Tironos, of house Tarly, he's not seen his family in over twenty years. Isn't that sad?!" She motions to the table, "I have some wine and cheese and cakes."

Tironos turns his mocha eyes to Garvin, then his companion and says, despite the introduction given, "Ser Tironos, at your service. I hope you don't mind my keeping your sister company, but she offered me a seat." He then looks back to Alaura and says, "I tend not to try myself, but as you can see by my height, it is a bit problematic." offering a good-natured smile to show his height actually doesn't bother him.

Tellur gives an uncertain smile to Lord Garvin, possibly about to impolitically state the truth: Most things look expensive to him. He says "…yes." Some thought is bubbling away down there, but as Garvin steps closer to speak, Tellur folds his hands politely, and remains calm. On his shoulder is a currently silent black raven, the creature blue-eyed and interested. He lifts a hand, idly, to ruffle the black, soft feathers of its breast as he regards Alaura curiously. Brother? Mmm.

Garvin pulls up a chair, regarding Tironos suspiciously. "Lord Garvin Tyrell," he says, giving the man a brief nod. "A Tarly who's not seen his family in twenty years? How did that come about?" He remembers Tellur then, glancing at the man briefly, then waving absently to another chair. "This is Tellur Snow, servant of our guest from the North, Lord Carolis Stark. Sit, boy." He looks to his sister then. "Did you say you have wine?"

Alaura motions her maid to pour a cup of Arbor Gold, for her brother and his companion, "Yes wine, it's not as good as what we have at home, but I think you will like it, it's sweet and fruity." She smiles warmily and looks to Tellur, "Well it is a pleasure to meet you Tellur Snow." She gives a nod and offers over the plate of cheese, olives, pickles and pieces of bread and oil.

Tironos looks to Garvin and says, "I trained to become a Maester for around ten or eleven years. After that I squired for about six or eight, and now a knight for four." He then looks to Tellur and says, "A fine raven you have, she looks well cared for." then offers the raven a nod of all things.

Tellur pulls up a chair, a droll look making its way onto his face at 'boy'. Not that he is rude enough to object to the comment from the Lord. His raven, though, walks crab-wise down his arm to examine people from his wrist. His smile, when he gives it, is the usual slightly obscure Stark expression, the eyes are the same. "Thankyou, lady," he says to Alaura "I see the generosity of the Tyrells extends from brother to sister with grace." And he takes a piece of bread to dip in oil, and says "Ser, thankyou. She's my Magwyn. She's very poorly behaved, but she does a fine line of naughty tricks." His voice is fond.

Garvin gives his nose another wrinkle, eyeing the raven with distaste and just a touch of fear, though he seems to tolerate the creature well enough. He waves away the food, but takes the wine with a nod of gratitude. "A maester?" he says, looking again at Tironos. "I don't understand. You studied at the Citadel for a decade, but gave up your quest to instead become a knight?" His gaze moves over Tironos a few times, and he lifts his chin a bit. "I see you have at least three links, so you must have been close to your goal. Why would you give all that up?"

Tironos nods to Tellur and says, "I would assume you taught her at least some of those tricks given you seem to approve. I have a bit of a love for ravens I'll admit, I earned my first link for ravenry." as he gestures to the black iron link hanging from his jerkin. He then looks to Garvin and says, "It takes more then three links to make a chain. Honestly I lacked the required neutrality to serve as a Maester. Fortunately for me while studying the smithing arts I bulked up some so by the time I left I had some muscle and my time as a squire gave me what I now have. I chose to become a knight because my father always wanted his sons to be fighters, I thought it the next best option after a Maester. Though I do fare better with mental tasks then physical even to this day."

Alaura merely listens she ooos as she sees the bird her attention going to the raven, she smiles and reaches for a piece of bread offering it to the bird, sorry boys attention is gone, there's an animal!!!

Tironos nods to Tellur and says, "I would assume you taught her at least some of those tricks given you seem to approve. I have a bit of a love for ravens I'll admit, I earned my first link for ravenry." as he gestures to the black iron link hanging from his jerkin. He then looks to Garvin and says, "It takes more then three links to make a chain. Honestly I lacked the required neutrality to serve as a Maester. Fortunately for me while studying the smithing arts I bulked up some so by the time I left I had some muscle and my time as a squire gave me what I now have. I chose to become a knight because my father always wanted his sons to be fighters, I thought it the next best option after a Maester. Though I do fare better with mental tasks then physical even to this day." He then smiles softly at Alaura's antics saying, "Ravens normally prefer bloody eat."

"Yes, but some of them have caused trouble," Tellur admits "I've taught her a few words, like those you would teach a starling, but sometimes people think she knows what she is saying, or that she can truly talk. Which can lead to trouble. Or they think I said it - the Maester at home said 'Shut up, fool' so many times, she now yells it at people." He is talking with his betters - and has forgotten it, apparently, so happy he is to just talk about his beloved pet. He grins, impressed by the tall man's skill and ring. And Magwyn is spoiled, so she struts towards the lady, swinging her tail, to take the piece of bread. Even if she would prefer meat, now she has the spoils of war to wave at everyone. She lowers it to a claw, and tells Garvin in a harsh, broken voice "Magwyn'spretty. Magwyn'spretty."

Garvin flinches at the sound of the raven's cry, leaning away from the bird. "Oh, it speaks. How…clever of it." He's clearly not a big fan of birds in general, but particularly not large ones such as Magwyn. He quickly takes several swallows of wine, turning his attention back to the people at the table. "So how do you know my sister, Ser Tironos?" he asks, trying to put on his pleasant smile again.

Alaura looks to her brother and giggles a little, "He is our Lord Father's bannerman brother, I thought I'd be polite and have him sit with us." She motions to her Septa and maid and more importantly her guard. She smiles as the raven takes the bread and says, "You are pretty, yes you are!"

<FS3> Tironos rolls Ravenry: Good Success.

The tall knight smiles at the bird and says, "Yes I learned early on about their talking. It is a good idea to watch what you say around them. I got into a bit of trouble not long after I started working with them by trying to teach them to say something rather impolite about one of the Maesters. Though in my defense I was a boy who had only recently come to the Citadel and was just starting to learn about them." He then chuckles softly at Garvin's words and says, "They don't so much talk as mimic. As to your sister I held the door open for her when I came in and she invited me to her table as there were so few available. So far she has proven to be enjoyable enough company." He then nods to Alaura and picks up a piece of food and looks to the raven saying, "Pretty." to get the bird's attention on the new piece of food then says, "You are pretty." any time the raven attempts to take the morsel he jerks back his hand and repeats, "You are pretty." till the bird says it, then allows the raven to have the food. He then looks to Tellur and says, "Keep repeating that enough times ad it will stick. I is better if she calls everyone pretty, that tends to offend fewer people."

Tellur notes Garvin's uncertainty, and says to him "I'll step out shortly, and send her to be with Loathely." Loathely? He seems anxious to be polite, and then he smiles at Alaura, warmly. Which, for someone related to the Starks, is: I bent my face, is this the right expression? He watches the Knight thoughtfully, as Magwyn whistles in frustration - she wants the treat. She mumbles "Shut up!" a few times, but then grudgingly says "Pretty," in the end. "A good idea," the boy says, and then rises "Excuse me, I'll tell her to go to Loathely. I might be a while, she often tries to sneak back to me."

Garvin looks rather relieved when Tellur takes the raven away, letting out a quick breath, then draining his goblet and giving the others a smile. "Yes, our lord father's bannerman. Horn Hill has ever been one of House Tyrell's staunchest supporters." He waves the goblet around until someone refills it, smiling still. "Did you fight in the Dolphin tourney, Ser? I don't recall seeing you, though I didn't attend all the events."

Alaura pouts a little as she watches the bird go, she sighs and looks to Garvin,"Can we get a bird sweet brother? Just a little one, like one of the pretty colored ones from across the seas?"

Tironos nods to the departing Tellur, then looks to Garvin and says, "I live in oldtown and only compete in the tourneys that take place here. If there has been one in Oldtown in the past four years I have taken part in the joust and the grand melee, sometimes the equestrian events as well. The safest bet is if you see an overly tall knight it is me." smiling softly. He then chuckles softly at Alaura and says to Garvin, "Seems as her brother you have two choices, give in, or marry her off quickly." in a good-natured tone.

Garvin scrunches his face again as he wrinkles his nose. "Aren't there enough ravens in Maester Jacsen's tower?" he asks his sister. "In addition to the ones Tellur brought from Winterfell. Must we have more birds as well?" He gives a small shudder, then sips more wine. "Marry her off? Most definitely not my place, nor a fate I would wish upon anyone, let alone my own sister. On the other hand, it might be less trouble in the long run than letting her keep a bird in the house." He looks to Alaura again. "I suppose you would want to keep it in the house, rather than, say, in the garden?"

Alaura tottally sticks her tongue out at her brother and hmphs, "No it's not your place, and yes I'd put it in the gardens, a pretty bird now a raven you silly. It could sing with you!"

Tironos says, "Of course in the house, outside it could get away." is he actually having fun at Garvin's expense, or just at the expense of brothers in general? He then adds, "Fortunately I am the third son, so I have little concern about having to take on such a responsibility myself, even if i had sisters." He then looks to Alaura and says, "A songbird in a cage would certainly be fitting for as long as the winter stays away. Who knows, you could even try to learn to breed them yourself and sell them off or give them away to friends."

Garvin shudders again, giving his head a shake. "I've enough competition among human singers, dear sister," he says, before taking another long drink of wine. "Although…There will be song birds in the next play being performed at the playhouse. I suppose I might be persuaded to let you have one or two, if you wished." He casts a quick scowl toward Tironos, giving his eyes a roll. "You aren't helping my cause, Ser. Breed them? What a horrifying notion. We'd soon have song birds roosting in the rafters of every room in the manse!"

Alaura claps her hands and says, "Yay!!" She leans over to give her brother a hug, "Ohhh would't that be lovely? Until the cats started eating them, and then they'd shit EVERYwhere! No no just in the gardens or a dove in a pretty golden cage? Wouldn't that be nice?"

Tironos smiles good-naturedly to Garvin and says, "All the more reason the speed up a betrothal. If you get too many you can have them in my rafters, I live alone for all intents and purposes anyway." He then looks to Alaura and says, "The risk of being eaten is why you give them away or sell them first." as he takes another sip of his wine, smiling once more. Though the smile is more then just good-natured, there is almost as though there is more to it.

Garvin lets out a small groan, though he suffers the quick embrace. "Bad enough having the noisy creatures all over the playhouse," he grumbles. "Four and twenty of them! I suppose it's my own fault for writing a scene with a song bird pie." He turns again toward Tironos, quirking one brow. "I say, that's the second or third time you've brought up a betrothal for my sister. I don't suppose you'd be willing to take on the task yourself, hmm?"

Alaura picks up an olive and begins to nibble on its tasty tasty flesh she gives a chuckle, "I was already betrothed once Ser, to a Lannister, alas he died in a hunting accident, and so I am waiting on my Lord father and Lady Mother to arrange another, though if my hunch is correct there has already been one suitor to ask for my hand." She looks to Garvin and tsks, "No offence ser, but Garvin, he's not even close to anyone daddy would want me to marry!"

Tironos looks to Garvin and says, "I'm far from the most desirable of candidates for marriage compared to my older brothers." He then looks to ALaura and bit more seriously and says, "No offense taken milady, and you have my sympathies. Whether you knew him or not, it is still a tragedy."

Garvin gives his eyes a quick roll, head shaking. "He is our lord father's bannerman," he reminds his sister with exaggerated patience. "And let's face it, neither you nor I are first born. Matrim will get the best match, while we shall be content with whatever match is chosen for us." He glances over Tironos appraisingly. "And regardless of the order of his birth, he's a fine looking man, and a bold knight at that. You've always dreamed of marrying a knight, haven't you? You could do much worse, you know. I understand there's an elderly Florent who's been sniffing around Highgarden for a new wife…."

Alaura tsks at Garvin, and says, "I am the first born daughter of Lord Tyrell, and if they are going to pair me with a Lannister before and as I said.. Ther eis already one suitor that has asked father about me as far as I know, mother told me." She gives a nod and puts her pit in the bowl, before reaching for a cake, "Oh look Brother.. a lemon one!" She nibbles on it and mmmms, "The best!" She sips her drink a bit and says, "Though I haven't seen Ser Haydn in quite some time."

Tironos looks to Garvin and says, "There is also a complication to your plan. I was originally to be a Maester who aren't allowed to marry or have children. I have yet to hear from my father whether or not he will permit me to marry now that I can now, in theory, be wed."

Garvin lets out a small groan, eyes rolling. "Another Lannister?" he asks Alaura, taking another long drink. "Why would you want a lion anyway? They're nearly as arrogant as the dragons." He shakes his head, looking again to Tironos. "Who is your father then?" he asks curiously. "I say, you aren't Ser Jason's younger brother, are you? I've not heard any news about the accusations against him in some time, but if he's found guilty of murder, it may be that you'll move a rung higher on the ladder of heirs."

Alaura gives a hmph to her brother and says, "Says the Lord who is marrying a Dragon." She takes up her glass and drinks the remainer quickly and fills her glass again and says, "And it isn't in my hands, if Father says it is a good idea then I go where he wishes too.. but then he's the one who wanted Matrim to marry a Cobray girl."

Tironos looks at Garvin silently for a few moments before saying, "My father is Lord Alan Tarly, and my older brother Jason is the first born. As to accusations I can't say much about them as I've not heard from my family in some time as I said. I only recently learned my other brother Axell was somewhere in the city recently. Whether he is still in the city or not I cannot say as I've yet to get confirmation." After a bit he then adds, "With all the talk of lions and dragons, perhaps I should have taken the Maester vows and saved myself a menagerie of dangerous animals." likely trying to lighten the mood and get onto more enjoyable topics.

Garvin blinks a few times, looking curiously at his sister. "Hadn't you heard? I'm not longer betrothed to the dragon princess. Or any princess, for that matter. She refused to marry me, and she made quite a scene about it, too. Not as great a scene as she made riding naked over the city on that bloody dragon, but still quite a scene. Nasty, wicked creature…and the dragon wasn't very pleasant either. For myself, I was happy for the betrothal to be broken." To Tironos, he nods. "I met Ser Jason but the once, at the Quill and Tankard, on the night the accusation was made against him. Meaning no offense, but he didn't seem a very pleasant fellow. I can't say I've met your other brother though. Axell, you say his name is?" He thinks for a moment, swirling wine in his goblet, then shakes his head. "No, I've not met him."

Alaura stares at her brother and blinks, "Oh dear.. well.." she lays a comforting hand on Garvin's shoulder and says, "I am sure there will be a better match made for you, someone who doesn't go riding naked through the skies.. I dare say that would be quite cold!"

Tironos nods to Garvin and says, "I have always been tall as I was saying to your sister but I was quite skinny as a boy, I had hoped they had grown out of that streak. Though it is curious both of my brothers have been here in the city and I have only recently heard of such. I suppose I should train less and socialize more. Yes, despite being taller Axell is roughly a year and some months older then I am. Though I was only about five or six when I came to Oldtown, so no telling what my brothers have been up to." He makes no mention of the naked ride.

Garvin tosses his head, flipping an errant curl from his eyes. "It was infamous, is what it was. And afterward, she had the audacity to say I was too embarrassing to wed. Me! Whatever else I may have done, I've certainly never paraded around the city without clothing, nor have I ever endangered the lives of all the thousands of people who live here by riding a dragon known to char and eat people." He gives his head another shake, then holds his goblet to be refilled again. "Father didn't seem terribly upset that she broke the betrothal though. I do feel a little sorry for Ser Daevon though, as I suppose he'll have to marry her after all. But only a little sorry. Truth be told, they are better match for each other than for anyone else. Both spiteful, willful, and entirely too judgemental."

Alaura raises an eyebrow at Garvin and says, "Yes I'm sure my sweet brother." She sips more at her wine and says, "That would be the Targaryn way, to marry brother to sister of course." She nibbles her cake and offers one to her brother, "These are simply delightful!"

Tironos states, "I did not personally witness the 'ride', though i heard about it later. A curious course of action, whatever sparked it." He then takes another sip of his own drink, has he actually had a refill yet?

Garvin looks at the cake for a moment, then shrugs and takes it, giving it a nibble. "Very sweet," he admits. "And yes, they do seem to marry brother to sister, don't they? Even though the Septons preach against such practices. But I suppose, when you hold the Iron Throne and have dragons under your control, you can do pretty much anything you please, with or without the approval of the Faith." He shrugs and nibbles again, looking at Tironos. "Consider yourself lucky that you were spared such a sight." His eyes dart back and forth, then he leans a touch closer, whispering, "I swear, she wasn't wearing a stitch. It was shocking, to say the least."

Heavy steps are heard as Arion makes his return followed by a slammed door. The young blond lord's face is flushed and he looks to be on the verge of screaming at someone. He also appears to have drank even more wine than he had earlier. There are a pair of gaurds in Florent colors with him now as he stomps his way to an empty table not bothering to glance and see his former company is still here. "Why me Jon?! What have I done to anger him so? I am a good son! And…agh! I want cake! Lots of cake and more wine!" The gaurd on the left a tall man with broad shoulders and dark hair grins at Arion. "Now little Lord your father wants you to grow up…can you blame him? Being a squire is not so bad aye? Its either that or loose your place in the family." Arion gives the man an angry look. "Do you think I even considered leaving my family over something so little?! No! I would never disgrace myself that way! Still what knight would take me on? I'm too old…its is a mission doomed to failure." He sulks and takes a sip of the wine he has been brought.

Alaura looks over to Arion as he returns and raises an eyebrow to the man, she shakes her head and pours herself a third glass of wine, "OF course it's sweet, just like me." She smirks and finishes off her cake.

Tironos listens to Garvin and shrugs saying, "Perhaps in her mind it was more of an insult to you. That is showing all what you missed out on. At least in her mind. Who can say." Looking back to the rather loud conversation between the squire and guard Tironos offers simply, "I was sixteen when i was first squired and I was one for seven or either years. Show your commitment to discipline and willingness to earn your place and you may yet find one willing to take you on my young Lord." He leaves it at that for now however. He then just smiles softly to Alaura.

Garvin blinks as the young Florent bursts into the cake shop, turning toward the disturbance. "Well, how old are you?" he asks, looking Arion up and down a few times. "You don't look too old to be a squire. My own is sixteen, and he's no closer to being a knight than he was the day he arrived at my doorstep." He gives a small shrug of one shoulder, then sips his wine again, chasing it with a nibble of cake. "You have a familiar look about you. Have we met?"

Arion turns his head and blinks as he spots Tironos and Alaura along with another nobleman. He rises somewhat unsteadily and offers a polite bow. "Forgive me for running off like that Lady Alaura and Ser Tironos. Apparently these two arrived late with my luggage and I was needed to sort out a problem." The guards both chuckle and grin and the blonde lord ignores them looking to Garvin next. "To answer your question I'm seventeen and no I do not think we have met." He stuides the other a moment before adding. "My name is Lord Arion Florent." He looks to Tironos and nods his head. "But you are right in your words Ser…truthfully I do not wish to be a knight…but I should and will do it for my family."

Alaura smiles at Arion and says, "This is my sweet brother, Lord Garvin Tyrell." She gives a giggle and sips on her wine once more, "This is really good wine too." She picks up a piece of cheese and pops it into her mouth.

Tironos nods to Arion and says, "I am now twenty and seven years of age and only been a knight for four years, you can imagine how old I was when i stopped being a squire. Truth be told my father's desire for his sons is why i became a knight myself. Though the change was mostly brought on after I failed to become a Maester which I believe we discussed briefly before you were called away. As i said dedication, determination, and a willingness is all you need. Past that it is a matter of doing your best to train the skills needed to acceptable levels." Then to ALaura he says, "I told you the cheese and sweets worth good here. I suppose that means I have paid you back for your kind invitation to join you."

Garvin drains his goblet again, then holds it to be refilled by…well, whoever has the flagon. "Arbor gold, if I'm not mistaken," he says with a smile to his sister, already showing signs of slight intoxication. He looks Arion over again, then nods. "Ah, a Florent, I should have known." He reaches up to touch one of his own ears, nodding again. "It is an honor to meet you, Lord Arion. Won't you join us for some wine? Oh, and other things as well, I suppose. Cakes and cheese and olives and…." He shrugs, glancing at the table. "The lemon cakes are very tasty, but the wine is better." So saying, he gulps down even more.

Alaura has it!!! She pours her brother another glass, his second to her third. She finishes off her cheese and says, to Tir, "Well to you my friend you've not had a bit of this, or a bit of that.. here have some more wine!" She pushes over the flagon to Tiro

"The wine is very good yes." Arion takes a large gulp from his own goblet of wine and makes his way over to the table. "I would be pleased to join you and thank you for the offer My Lord." He offers Garvin a wide smile and settles into a chair at the table. He looks over at the collection of food and eyes the lemon cakes carefully. "Lemon? Hmm…I'm not sure about lemon cakes…" He makes a face and takes another long drink of his wine. The gaurds with him take up posts nearby watching thier lord and whispering to each other discretely.

Tironos reaches out to halt the sliding flagon, then nods to each respectfully and says, "If you will all excuse me, i fear I must retire for the day. I have to finish some work at the forge before the morrow." as he stands to his full height of six foot eight, which given the other nobles are now seated makes his height even more dramatic. He then offers another respectful bow of the head to each and turns to make his way towards the exit, perhaps one of the most steadily-footed exits given how little he consumed, as anyone keeping track he only had the one glass.

Garvin's eyes widen a touch as he looks up, up, up at Trironos, not really appreciating just how tall he was until he's standing. "It was a pleasure to meet you, Ser Tironos," he murmurs, still blinking in surprise. As the knight leaves, Lord Pansy turns to the squire again. "They're very sugary," he says with a smile. "The lemon cakes, I mean. Did I hear that you are only recently arrived in Oldtown?"

Alaura chuckles and starts to nibble on a piece of bread as she dips it into olive oil. "Good Gods that man is huge." She watches Tironos leave and she turns to Arion and syas, "You seem to have had some problems settling in my Lord?" She offers over the pickle, cheese, olive and bread plate to Arion and then goes to get the flagon of wine and blinks, "Aww it's empty!"

Arion's eyes widen as Tironos stands up to leave. He pouts dramaticlly. "I feel short…" He looks to Garvin and smiles before glancing with a bit more caution to the lemon cakes. "I suppose I could try one…I've never met a cake I didn't like I don't think." He reaches for one of the lemon cakes looking to Garvin once more. "Yes I arrived just recently Lord Garvin. My father commanded I get out of his estate, grow up, and get a life…his words not mine. Though I don't know why he said that…I had a very nice life before he told me to get a new one…" He sticks his full lower lip out and sulks as the gaurds start snickering. Alaura's word have him looking to her. "A few my lady….those two are completely incompetant. How hard is packing clothing supposed to be?! I'm missing several of my favorite outfits! Oh and they where late getting here too." He glares at the gaurds who burst into laughter while still trying to look somewhat serious. "My lord…you had packed too much…does one really need seventeen different pairs of trousers…not to mention all the shirts and doublets and that mirror was too big to move." Arion takes a gulp of wine and pouts some more. "I am here and without my full wardrobe as well….it’s a disaster I tell you…"

Garvin nods sympathetically, drinking more of his wine. "I know just how you feel," he assures Arion. "I had to leave so many of my favorite things at Highgarden. But never fear, there are some excellent tailors and seamstresses in Oldtown. I have at least one new outfit made every week." He casts a scowl toward the guard. "Seventeen pairs of trousers is barely enough, I assure you." Glancing between Arion and his sister, he lowers his voice a little. "Smallfolk never really understand the burdens we must bear, do they? Both my valet and my squire are always complaining about how difficult it is to keep all my clothing looking neat. If you don't already have one, I highly recommend you find yourself a valet. I don't know how I could ever live without mine." He drinks again, then reaches for the flagon. "Empty? That won't do. Barmaid, more wine!" Then he remembers this isn't a tavern. "Er, I mean…um…Cakemaid?"

Alaura looks to her maid hand hands the flagon back to the woman and murmurs for her to get more, she gives a sympathetic look to Arion and says, "Oh yes I too can sympathize, as my brother said, I too had to leave a bunch of my lovely gowns at high garden." She smiles at the Florent and says, "So do you know what I did the first thing I got here? I went to a seamstress, and had her make me another dozen gowns to replace all the ones that father made me leave behind." She beams and giggles at Garvin, "I think he has more clothing then I do!"

Arion smiles widely at Garvin and Alaura before finishing off his own goblet of wine. He nibbles on the lemon cake and makes a face before setting it aside. "I don't think I like lemon much…But perhaps one of you could recommend me a to a good tailor? I probably should get a valet too other wise Jon will be stuck on wardrobe duty rather than gaurding me." He gives the tall dark haired guard a smirk and the man scowls at him. "I don't get paid enough to do laundry my lord." Arion chuckles and looks back to the Tyrell siblings. Alaura's words have him eyeing Garvin curiously. "Does he…well I have more clothes than my sister as well so maybe thats not so odd? Men have to look good too you know!" He nods his head for emphasis to this statement and reaches to take a sip of wine. "It’s..empty? I need more wine too it seems."

"Well, of course I have more clothes," Garvin says, as though it should be perfectly obvious. "Men need more clothing than women. After all, I have a playhouse to run and taverns to drink in every night, while you mostly stay home and…What do you do all day? Needlework, I suppose, or tending the roses and lilies. It isn't as though you need to change outfits seven or eight times a day, like I do." He gives Arion a nod then. "More wine is the answer to many of life's little troubles, I've always said." He turns to eye Jon again, appraising the man for a long moment, then looking to Arion. "I can think of quite a few things I'd have him do," he says in a low, confidential tone, "but handling my wardrobe isn't one of them."

Alaura rolls her eyes, and says, "Yes Sweet Brother I tend roses, and I simply cannot wear silk while tending roses, or any of the other flowers in our manse." She tsks and thanks her maid who brings over the flagon of wine and starts on her.. fifth cup now? "I"m sure you can Garvin I'm sure you can." She picks up a peice of pickle and pops it in her mouth. "I should be getting back to my roses though.. let you boys.." She looks between the two and says, "Get to know each other better." She smirks a bit.

Arion looks between Jon and Garvin with puzzled confusion. "What would you have him do then?" He asks Garvin in a low tone. Jon looks amused by something and whispers to his feelow gaurd who snickers. This action has Arions brow furrowing in thought clearly even more confused. He looks to Alaura as she gets up to leave. He sticks out his bottom lip and pouts. "Very well my lady. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. But….I think I'm missing something here…" He looks to Garvin curiously. "What am I missing? I get the feeling there is something I don't understand." The gaurds are both snickering now looking highly amused at thier lords expense. Arions pouts again looking far too cute for a young man his age.

Garvin pretends to look scandalized by his sister's words, but can only hold the feigned expression for a moment before he begins giggling, his face flushed. "I don't know that we'll be getting to know one another that well," he says, eyes alight as he looks at Arion again. "Well, not unless we both have quite a bit more wine." Grinning still, he nods to Alaura. "But if you really must go, be sure to have two or three of the Purple Cloaks accompany you. The streets aren't safe, you know." Once more, he turns his amused gaze toward the young squire. "What is it you don't understand, Lord Arion?" He glances toward the snickering guards, his cheeks reddening further. "Oh. Er, that is…Guard the bridge! Yes, that is what I'd have your men do, stand sentry on the bridge to Garden Isle. I'm sure I'd sleep safer, knowing such big, strong, brave warriors were keeping watch over me while I sleep…all alone in my bed, with no one to keep me company." Suddenly, he remembers that he's talking to the squire, not his guards, and his eyes return to Arion. "I'm sorry, what were you saying?"

Alaura throws her head back and laughs as she stands, "I'm sure you don't my dear brother." She leans down to kiss him on his head and then takes her gobblet, drinking down the contents of the wine she sets it back down, places a few dragons on the table and steps away, stumbling as she does, "Oh my.." She giggles and links her arm with her maid, and nudges her old sleeping septa, "Come along Septa Tria, let's go home." She looks to her guard and says, "I have a guard, isn't he just handsome and dashing?" She chuckles and starts for the door.

"What? What do you mean we are getting to know each other….we are talking yes?" Arion looks both confused and flustered blushing a bit as he refills his goblet and takes a long drink from it. He catches Garvin's look towards his gaurds and looks even more confused. "Why would you mention being alone in your bed anyway….I sleep alone..isn't that normal until you get married?…I'm confused." He takes another gulp of wine glancing to his gaurds who are on the verge of all out laughter. "Whats so funny?!" He damnds and the second guard a sandy haired man who is even taller than Jon replies. "Sorry my lord sometimes we forget how…sheltered you are." Arion sighs at this statement. "Well I'll never learn if people keep sheltering me will I?"

Garvin watches his sister and her small entourage depart, then giggles again at the guards. "I was rather sheltered myself," he confesses to Arion, refilling his own goblet, then taking a good, long swallow. "And I slept alone, too." His eyes take on a wicked gleam, as he leans a little closer to whisper to Arion, "I would be more than happy to assist in your education, but I suspect your men wouldn't allow it. They're here to protect you from people like me, I'd wager." He breaks into another fit of giggles as he sits back again, face flushing once more and raising his voice for the other men to hear. "Unless, of course, they wished to join us. That, I'm certain, would be most educational indeed."

Arion blushes a bit more and looks to Garvin curiously and somewhat hestitantly as well. "Why would they need to protect me from you Lord Garvin? You have been quite nice to me so far…are you planning to do something to me then?" The question is spoken in a way that seems entirely innocent and the gleam of curiousity grows in those pale green eyes. The two gaurds looks at each other and after a few whispered words Jon speaks up. "Umm my lord…I just remembered something Arron and I forgot to unload some of your possessions. We should go see to that right away." He and the other gaurd hurry off without a word leaving Arion looking after them in bewilderment. "Well if my safety depended on those two I daresay I'm in trouble." He huffs and looks to Garvin biting his lower lip ina gesture of nervousness. "Well what are you planning educate me in then?"

Garvin blinks as the two men hurry off, then bursts into another fit of giggles, almost girlishly. He tries to say something to Arion, but each time he starts, he's cut off by more giggling, his face reddening. Finally, out of breath, he just stares at the young squire, flashing his brilliant teeth in a lopsided grin. He sucks in a long, deep breath, then follows it up with another gulp of wine, and when he's absolutely certain he can speak, he leans very close to Arion and whispers, "Have you ever been to a brothel, Lord Arion?" He sits back again, eyes flashing with amusement. "And please, call me Lord Pansy," he adds, hoping it will help enlightened the poor, clueless squire.


Arion pouts as Garvin giggles but when the other nobleman leans in closer the Florent's cheeks turn pink with a blush and he looks incredibly flustered. He smiles back somewhat shyly and then the confusion returns. "A brothel? No I haven't but what would that have to do with….anything?" He blushes heavily and looks at Garvin closely studying him with care. "Lord Pansy…why would you have such a name? And what does it have to do with brothels?" He looks extremely curious now despite his growing blush.

Garvin opens his mouth to say something, but words fail to come out, so he ends up just staring for several seconds, his jaw hanging open. Finally, he shuts it again, brows drawing together as he thinks. Then he remembers that wine solves all troubles, so he has another few gulps. "Lord Arion," he begins, eyes somewhat out of focus as the alcohol really begins to affect him. "I am going to say something which I first heard only a few months ago, shortly after I arrived in Oldtown: Gods save me from virgins." He nods toward Arion's goblet. "I think you'll need quite a bit more wine before this night is through. Where should I begin?" His eyes slowly slide back and forth, taking in the rest of the cake house, making sure there aren't any ears too closeby. Then he leans in once more to whisper. "I'm called Lord Pansy because I prefer the company of men." He pauses, brows knitting again, then adds, "In bed, I mean. That is, without clothing." Still not sure his words are making any sense, he tries to clarify further, but falters at the last moment. "Do you know what men do in brothels? With women, I mean. Or rather, to women. You know, don't you?"

Arion takes a long drink of his wine eyes widening as Garvin admits he likes men. Even his ears have turned a light pink from blushing now. Its his turn to be speechless. He opens his mouth and then closes it and then takes another drink of wine before he can speak. "You have sex with men!?" He whispers back to the Tyrell shock and curiousity warring on his features. "And yes I know what men do to women in brothels…I'm not stupid..I just..don't know..how one does that with a man…" He takes another gulp of wine and swallows before biting his lip before his curiousity wins out. "How does one do that with a man anyway?" He shifts in his seat eyeing Garvin curiously now.

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