(121-04-04) Mapped Out
Mapped Out
Summary: Daevon, Aevander and Bastion try to determine those Houses most likely to have razed Wickham's Nest.
Date: April 4, 2014
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Daevon sent a message to Bastion asking to speak with him, at the Dragon Door Manse at Bastion's earliest convenience. There was an added note to bring any maps of The Reach and Dorne if such were possible. He's waiting in one of the sitting rooms, where the servants will show Bastion when he arrives.

Bastion is rather quick to respond to the message and is on his way to the manse. Knowing his way around town is good as well, since it makes it go a bit faster to get there. Having recently got of guard duty he still wears his armor when he arrives. In his hand two scrolls. Most likely the maps. The servants leading him to where he is to go. "My lord. You sent for me."

"Thank you for coming so quickly," Daevon says. "Please, take a seat. Would you care for a drink?" There, pleasantries dealt with now.

Aevander makes his way in, sipping from a mug of something steaming and with a faint floral scent. He offers Bastion a nod in greeting before glancing over at his brother. "Maps, then?"

Bastion moving to settle into a seat, "No, thank you." He offers about the drink. Looking towards Aevander with a nod before looking back to Daevon. "Indeed. I admit, I've not been much to Dorne so I can only offer what I've heard and what others have gathered. But around our own surroundings I have quite a bit." He assures them.

"Ser Bastion Stark, my brother Ser Aevander Targaryen," Daevon introduces. "Maps." He confirms. He gets straight to the point. "The massacre at Wickhams nest does not make sense. We rode through the mountains and there doesn't seem to be the time needed for the Blackmonts to have received a message about the Cockshaw's arrival, and then to travel the distance there. Nor does a message on horseback seem to make sense either."

"Ser Bastion," Aevander greets with a nod before walking over to the table where the maps are to be laid out. "Can we be so certain a raven wasn't sent to Blackmont?" Aevander asks his brother. "That would have gotten a message to them much more quickly than a rider."

"Ser Aevander." Bastion greets in return. Nodding about maps and seemingly agreeing. "I would say that is my take as well." Laying the maps out. "While crow would be possible to give them the message I am still doubtful to them having enough time." He offers, making sure all of the maps can be seen.

"Ravens can't fly anywhere, only where they've been trained to do so," Daevon says. "I don't think there's a way to send a raven from High Garden to any of the three closest border outposts. Ser Osric had to travel to Lord Blackmont to be able to send a raven, for that was the closest location he could do so and that took him days. While it's possible, it doesn't seem likely. But that's why I wanted a look at the maps and someone who's an expert at looking at the bigger picture. I'd like to know of all the locations where a rider on horseback could have been sent, and which a raiding party could be sent from in the timespan. And also the places where ravens could be sent and would be able to respond in an appropriate time. We know the hunting party was impromptu. That it took them three days to ride from High Garden to Wickhams Nest. They were there for a day and a half when they were attacked."

Aevander nods, sipping his tea and leaning in to look over the maps. "All right, that seems a good approach. Where do we begin?"

Bastion starts to look about it a bit. "So, let us just figured out the main first. For a rider they would more than likely be sent from High Garden. Though a single courier could ride faster than a hunting party. And I am guessing they would not be in as much of a rush. So we have four and a half days in total of travel time. It's hard to split the time of how the single courier would ride. But he would never ride for as long as the raiding party would. So at the most he would had been riding for 2 days, give or take. Most likely less as the raiding party would need time to prepare as well. I will make a more detailed map later." Starting to do a circle around High Garden. Followed by what could be made by a raiding group. Though the second circle being around Wickhams Nest. "I would say it would be something like this." Then going down into the details. Doing a bit more with where ravens can be sent and received. "I mean, none of this is exact as stands, but it should give us a bit of knowledge. The zone where these circles lay within each other should be the most likely area for them to be at. Most likely shifting a bit." He says, with the area having some possible spot/s most likely. "Then we need to add terrain and all of that. You know, all the things about how fast all of the riders would be going in. Actual recon of the routes within the circle. I am not certain on where ravens could be sent other than what you offered, and so forth." He explains. Of course he could be far off. "As I said though, I am going to need a lot more time. But hopefully this can at least assure you that we will be able to pinpoint it a little at the very least."

Daevon nods, listening intently to Bastion and watching what he does. "They were a noble party, so not travelling at their fastest, and the stopped at lodgings each night to be entertained. They also avoided Cockleswent Hall. With these details a rider from High Garden seems more likely than one from Wickhams Nest though. Or even from any of the stops they made." He nods. "I know you will. Already what you've said has been of great help. I don't think it was the Blackmonts. There's also the question of where could they have taken Lady Blackmont. We know the trail was lost in the mountains." He gestures to the location. "Where the raiding party split up."

"I don't think we need perfect precision," Aevander muses, "Just a place to start. And, certainly, those that we must eliminate due to the impossibility of the raiding party arriving in time." Glancing at Daevon, he asks, "How do we know they were a noble party?"

"The Hunting party were noble," Daevon says. "Not the raiders. Of them we do not know."

Bastion nods as he listens, "Indeed. I am sure there are only a few places they could come from. Hopefully give us a suggestion of who it could be. Perhaps mercenaries. Which would add another element to it all." Meaning anyone could have had hired mercenaries to sit in wait. Nodding though. "Ah, yes. The raiding party can be anyone. But the nobles, indeed they would take it easy. It's only a hunting party as well, I don't think there would be a rush. As I said, I will look at it a bit. I doubt raven would had been sent. And it seem unlikely for Blackmonts." He offers, shaking his head. "We shall see." Maps and recon, along with surveillance. He should be able to offer something for this at least. "I will go about this as soon as I can." If they are done with the maps he will gather them so he can study them himself later.

"Thankyou," Daevon says. "If there's any more information that you need please let me know. Although I'm sure you're capable of finding it out on your own."

"Ah, sorry," Aevander murmurs, "That makes much more sense." He watches as the maps are collected, then gives a small nod in agreement for Daevon's thanks, though he doesn't voice the same. "I look forward to hearing what you find, ser."

Bastion bows as he rises, "No worries, and I am certain I can find it all." He offers, but does thank for his offer. "I will give information as soon as possible. Good day, for now." He says, turning to leave.

"Thank you," Daevon says again, letting the servants guide Bastion out.

Aevander lifts his cup in a small salute of farewell before polishing it off.

"Have you spoken to the Hightowers yet about the results of my investigation?" Daevon asks. "And is there any evidence of who raided the Blackmonts?"

"Not yet, I wanted to see what the maps could offer. Evidence?" Aevander gives a small shake of his head. "None that I've found, though I haven't look excessively. But… I suspect it was Viggo Cockshaw and his ilk. The 'hunting party' that road off a few days before the attack."

Daevon sighs, shoulders slumping at this and he looks utterly devastated. "There are names of all those in this party?"

"Ser Viggo, his squire Kevyn, Ser Haywood, Ser Abram, Ser Quillian, the Thorn," Aevander replies. With a soft sigh he adds, "And Brynden Hightower."

Daevon nods at this, as each name is spoken, and he's just not sure what to say. It's despair or anger and for now it's the former winning out.

"Truth me told, I'm surprised they waited as long as they did, for all half of them were frothing at the mouth for blood," Aevander replies. "Damn fools."

"They will be punished?" Daevon asks. "Severely." He stands up. "I am going to hit some things with my sword."

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