(121-04-03) News From Dorne
News From Dorne
Summary: Daevon brings some to Ser Tameron and Princess Mariya
Date: April 3, 2014
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Visiting the Dornish and Tameron in particular was actually second on Daevon's list of priorities, right after he'd spoken with his own family. Unfortunately the need for sleep got in the way. He shows up, dressed in Targaryen colours, knocking on the door.

It's good to be back in the manse and not being accosted on the street, and Tameron has enjoyed sleeping in a bed that belonged to the Martells rather than the Hightowers. The servants, those that remained in Oldtown, have been reinstated, and one opens the door to lead Ser Daevon into the sitting room. Tameron Sand arrives shortly thereafter and offers Daevon a nod and a wan smile. "Welcome back, ser. What news?"

"Ser Osric remains in Dorne, at my request," Daevon says. "He is Lord Blackmont's guest and is investigating further. I will send him a raven, but there are some things not to be trusted to such messengers. Lady Yael Blackmont is missing, her husband searches for her, but we found no trace. It is thought likely she and Lord Eryk Cockshaw were conducting an affair. She is the one person to have survived the massacre, although her own horses were killed, so it seems likely she was abducted."

Tameron nods a little. Perhaps he's had access to the letter sent by raven to the princesses. "If Lady Blackmont is missing and had run off with Ser Eryk, does that not make it more likely that Lord Blackmont was responsible after all?"

Daevon shakes his head. "I do not think she ran off with him. She was just having a liaison with him and had intended to return. Lord Blackmont, and his men, are searching for her after she did not return when she said she would. The Blackmonts would not have had time to commit the raid. It took the party 3 days to travel to the hunting lodge. It was a day and a half after they arrived that they were massacred. They could not have received a message and travelled to Wickham’s Nest in that time. They would have had to be waiting. Besides, Ser Osric has been investigating and he says they're not responsible. I trust him. I think her past needs to be delved into. The Manwoodys, her maids, any information about previous lovers that she had. There's much that we cannot do on this side of the border. But these things are likely for the Martells to deal with."

Tameron's brows lift slightly. "The lord knew his wife was openly off on a tryst with another man, and he just… let her go?" he asks, surprised. Still, it's the rest that's the more pressing. "Ser Osric is trustworthy, but he hasn't a head for intrigue. He ought to have support, if he's to remain in Dorne and investigate."

Daevon shakes his head. "I do not know. I suspect she claimed to have other business." He nods. "He should certainly have support. That of others who can deal with intrigue. I am likewise not well versed in such things."

It's shortly after Daevon's arrival that Mariya practically flies down the steps to seek him out. How does she know he's in the house? Perhaps she has a Daevon-sense or a keen hearing attuned to his voice. More likely a servant alerted to her of the guest within the manse. It's impossible to hide her grin as she practically bursts into the sitting room. "Ser Daevon, you've returned!" Then, she softens her voice and glances behind her, "I should remain quieter. Should Ellia hear that you're back without Ser Osric, she would certainly accost you." Poor Tameron, at the moment she only has eyes for the Targaryen.

Well, the Targaryen is very pretty. "And you are distinctly not Dornish, ser," Tameron feels obliged to point out wryly. "As the danger to the Martells and Daynes in Oldtown has passed, I can ride to meet Ser Osric if Lady Ellia would bid me go." He offers Mariya a small bow and she rushes into the room.

Daevon smiles at Mariya, soft and sweet. "Mariya, how lovely to see you." He nods. "Ser Osric is in little danger where he is, and he looks for that which we could not. If there'd bee another choice he would have certainly taken it." He nods at Tameron. "I think it something for your household to decide. I should not be one to tell you what to do. However, I think we will need to work together if we can stop this war and any further bloodshed."

Mariya bobs her head in lieu of a curtsey to Tameron. "She may take kindly to that, T—Ser Tameron." She still has not yet made the smooth transition into calling Tameron 'ser' yet. It's close, however. "It's so good to see you," Mariya agrees with Daevon. "I'm glad you've returned safely. I'm sure Ser Osric is in good hands, but Ellia worries. Are you speaking of Lady Yael Blackmont? Is there any use in searching for her? As the raiders were not Blackmonts, they could be anywhere and are the most likely to have her."

Tameron smiles faintly as his newfound title is nearly lost and then remembered. "I expect trying to find the Lady Blackmont is a large part of why Ser Osric remains in Dorne, princess. We can search that side of the border, if the Reachmen will search theirs."

"If they'll let you return to Dorne, to ask after her," Daevon says to Mariya. "I think this is a search that would as much require speaking with people than it would following tracks. I suspect a past lover but I could easily be wrong. She was formerly a Manwoody, I think there may be much to find out by speaking with them. Finding her friends, her maids, and asking many, many questions. There are things people will tell a woman they will never speak to a man of."

"If we are searching for persons willing to kidnap a Lady to reach thier ends, I'm not sure bringing a Princess among them is the wisest decision," Tameron points out with a small frown.

"They might. Knowing more about her might help with the search and who might have taken her. Kingsgrave is a bit farther than Blackmont, though many of her maids might have followed her to Blackmont." Mariya frowns. "The Reachmen are firm in their belief that it was Blackmonts that perpetrated the act against Wickham's Nest. I'm not sure they would devote any time to a search they would find a waste of time. We could ask, of course. They must wish to keep the peace as much as we do. And we're not even quite sure what their ends may be. If Ser Daevon is correct and a former lover has absconded with her, then his means are already accomplished and I doubt a Princess would tempt him."

"They're wrong," Daevon says. He shakes his head. "There are those who wish to keep the peace and those who do not. The Lord Tyrell, and The King, both wish to ensure there is not another war." He nods at what Mariya says. "I may be wrong. It's best to keep an open mind to all possibilities. Assumptions are deadly, especially wrong ones."

"If that is why she was taken, then that's so, Princess, but as Ser Daevon says, we can only guess at motives at this point," Tameron replies. "If the noble knight of the Reach will not help, there are always those that can be hired with coin. If Ser Daevon or another respected knight will lead them, their findings would be respected enough."

"I know," Mariya replies. "They are also a hard-headed bunch, though. From what I've seen they would sooner hate a known enemy than look further into matters." She sighs and nods. "Yes, I know. However, we must know more about Lady Yael, as it seems she is the key to finding out what really happened at Wickham's Nest. And while you both are fine knights, Ser Daevon is quite right that her maids would not divulge her secrets to you."

Daevon's thoughtful, looking Tameron up and down. "Hmm, I would think you would have ways to get women to talk, still…" He shakes his head. "It is not for me to decide. I will be trying to arrange investigations here, however they're not my forte. More likely I'll speak with someone who does deal with such things."

"If the men of the Reach would rather hate the wrong enemy and thus let the right one slit their throats in the night, then they will soon all be gone and no longer any bother to us. I have seen war before. I will see it again, if the men of Westeros are too blind to stop it." Tameron's shoulders lift and fall in an agitated shrug. "Princess, while you may be right that maids may not speak to a man of certain things, that doesn't mean a woman who is not a Princess of Dorne cannot be procured to help. Someone from Blackmont's keep, or even a servant from Starfall could be summoned." He glances over at Daevon for that passing comment and his brows shoot high. But, he says nothing in return.

Daevon's comment apparently passes over Mariya's head, or she has more important things to think about. Unable to argue further, she sighs and waves a hand, "Fine, then send a maid. Perhaps with the combined persuasion of Ashara, Ellia and I, we can convince Lord Ormund to commit knights and men to searching this side of the border. The Hightowers seem to be quite reasonable, at the very least."

"I would rather prevent any more bloodshed," Daevon says. "I would prefer not to see war again." He shakes his head at Mariya. "I think you far better capable of conducting such a search than a random maid."

"Capable or no, my duty is to House Dayne, and I would not be serving it well were I to bring my Lady's sister into possible danger, Ser Daevon," Tameron replies. "You have said several times these decisions are not for you to make, so I ask only that you honor that statement and respect mine."

Daevon rises to his feet. "I had not intended to cause offence. I shall leave you to discuss things then."

Still standing, Mariya looks between Tameron and Daevon in surprise and makes no move to unblock the door she stands in front of. "Sers, I believe you both have the best of intentions, therefore, I will have neither of you take offense when it is my wellbeing is what may be cause. I see no offense in Ser Daevon believing me a capable woman. You have been charged to care for my sister as well as her children and I am quite grateful to you for your service, Ser Tameron. I will take your caution to heart, however I am also able to make my own decisions, especially when the fate of Dorne and its peace are at stake. It is my right as my mother's daughter." Finally it would seem that the 'ser' will come naturally. "And Ser Daevon, I do not believe you must leave due to the disagreement. I would hear your insight."

Daevon remains where he is standing. "It is not offence," he says gently to Mariya. "Simply that I wished to be true to my words. It truly is not my place. I do believe you to be a competent, capable woman, one who is perhaps not given the freedom needed to grow into her strengths. It gladdens my heart to see you here in Oldtown, and that there are responsibilities you finally have."

Tameron huffs out a small, soft sigh as Daevon makes to leave and Mariya intervenes. "If it is the fate of Dorne that concerns you most, highness, bear in mind that war would be inevitable if you were to come to harm during an investigation that involved the Reach. Or if it were one of our own that attempted to hurt you, it could well enough be the extinction of an entire House." He eases to a stand as well. "I don't doubt your capabilities or your intelligence, Princess Mariya, but I do question the wisdom of putting yourself at risk for the sake of a task that could be performed by another."

"Ser Tameron," Daevon says. "You know that I too am of royal blood, do you not? If I were to do as you suggest, to take no action where others may perform that task then there would be little point in even leaving bed in the morning. We all have our responsibilities, the things that we must do, and for those of us with royal blood there is much expected of us. How can we be expected to lead, if we ask others to do everything for us? We are not just figureheads, or decorative ornaments to be gazed at, so fragile that the slightest touch will make them shatter."

Mariya continues to keep her place as door guard. "I am glad to be here, as well. Despite all that has happened since my arrival." It was not exactly the best timing. There is no sigh as she addresses them both. "If a house of Dorne raised a hand against me and is behind an attempt to start a war through the raid of Wickham's Nest, they know the vengeance that is my mother must give. If I am only to go to Blackmont or Kingsgrave to talk to Lady Blackmont's maids, I merely am going where others tread before. We do not believe them behind the raid, shouldn't I should be safe?"

Daevon nods at what Mariya says. He seems to have nothing to add though.

"The difference being that you are a knight, trained to fight and hardened in battle," Tameron replies, "and the Princess Mariya is neither. And, while you are a Prince of Westeros, you are not the child of the King. Princess Mariya is the daughter of our ruling queen and, I would dare to say, more likely to stir her fury were she to come to any injury." Addressing Mariya more directly he replies, "The trouble, highness, is that while we may have our thoughts as to what happened, we do not know. Kingsgrave is likely not responsible, but if they are? And if it is their wish to revive the border war? Then I have led you into a trap. Or, if Kingsgrave is safe, but what we learn there leads us to travel onward, to visit those we then suspect, what then? Do I abandon Ser Osric to see you back to Oldtown? Do I place you in greater peril by bringing you along with us?"

Daevon sighs softly at Tameron's words. He does not argue though, instead he just walks for that door Mariya is guarding.

Though Mariya's arms are crossed, she sighs, matching Daevon's. As Daevon approaches the doorway, she would not forbid him leave, but she does not look happy at his intended departure. "I'm glad you are back safe," she tells him as approaches. As for Tameron, she purses her lips in thought. Exasperated, she leans against the wall instead of sitting. It's not very proper, but she doesn't seem to care. "So, we are not to trust to trust Dornish as well as Reachmen?"

"And I," Tameron adds for finding Ser Daevon returned and well. To Mariya, he says, "You read the raven's missive, highness. Ser Osric believes there may be some plot at work; one created by men on both sides of the border. If that is true, how can we trust anybody until we uncover who is responsible?"

"I am glad that you are safe too," Daevon says. And then, conviction shining bright in those amethyst eyes. "I believe in you, Princess." And with that he leaves.

Mariya smiles at Daevon as he exits before returning her attention to Tameron. "And if this is the work of those both sides of the border, that is all the more reason to solve this as quickly as possible. If I am not to go, then we must find someone who could get the information we need immediately. Someone of high rank who can talk to the maids and ladies with authority, but in a way so that they won't be embarrassed to talk of Lady Blackmont's lovers."

Tameron sighs softly once Daevon departs, sinking down into a seat. "You truly think the maids will refuse to speak to a man about this topic, if the are ordered to by Ser Osric, or by their mistress? We do not need to cajole these girls, they will be instructed to speak truthfully by their betters."

"I think, depending on the woman, that they would lie to protect the honor of their mistress." Mariya frowns. "As you say, there are not many we can trust at the moment. However, perhaps they will speak with you. I know nothing of Lady Blackmont, nor what kind of loyalty she may inspire. That is our problem at the moment - we know nothing. She may have been taken by a lover, by a band determined to start war, by rogues. Though, I must say I can't believe that anyone Dornish would take her to start a war. It must be that she went with a lover."

"I can believe it," Tameron replies. "I do not say that's what happened, but I can believe it possible for a man to act for such a cause."

The frown has yet to leave Mariya's face. "I can't imagine anyone who would actively try for war. Why do you believe it so possible?"

"Because all men carry a darkness within them, princess," Tameron replies. "Some fight it, some hide it, and some revel in it. There are those who can see the profit in war and those who simply miss the screams."

It's clear the idea of people who simply hurt to hurt is something that Mariya certainly does not like to think about. It comes clearly too close to home. "Yes, there are evil men and they exact their wrongs onto others. But, to do so to so many…"

Tameron only shrugs for that. "If the benefits outweigh the losses, then some would say 'why not'? Not everyone feels the weight of a human life as you do, princess."

"But, the losses…" Mariya isn't sure she can continue talking about this with Tameron. The loss of a human life already outweighs the anything else in her mind. "Perhaps they should. Everyone is someone's son or daughter."

Tameron glances down and then over at the window. "There are so many things people should do that they don't do," he replies softly.

"Yes, that's true." Mariya sighs and follows Tameron's gaze to the window. After a pause, she says, "We are a morose bunch lately. We should have some sort of grand dinner or something of the like to cheer everyone's spirits."

"I must for Dorne as soon as your sister gives me leave," Tameron replies, looking back over at Mariya and offering hr a soft smile, "but perhaps a grand dinner is just the thing to lift the mood. And as good an excuse as any to remind the Oldtown merchants that cons carried by the Dornish are worth the same as any other."

"I'm, honestly, surprised she hasn't insisted you go after him and drag him back already," Mariya smiles. It's obvious that she loves her sister and is also worried for Osric while he is away, but it is easier to jest about her sister. "I'm sure you will bring him back safely. Otherwise Ellia will hunt you down."

"I do live in constant fear that she shall do so, should I disappoint her," Tameron replies with a straight face. "She is most fearsome."

With a laugh, Mariya nods. "That is most wise, ser. She is certainly a force to be reckoned with. I believe Mother agreed to the marriage with Ser Osric as she believed that only the Sword in the Morning would be able to match her without fear."

"He's stubborn enough to try," Tameron agrees, "so there you have it. The two hardest heads in Dorne, united by love."

Grinning, Mariya nods. "It is a good match. I fear what might have happened should they both found lesser spouses. I'm not sure Dorne could have handled it. Ser Osric is lucky in both wife as well as squire. Former squire, that is."

Tameron smiles faintly, his gaze dropping as if he's a bit abashed by the praise. "If anyone was lucky, I expect it was me, princess."

"I believe you both lucky, then. You are a good and faithful companion to my goodbrother." And loyalty means much to Mariya. "Even if you argue with princes and princesses."

Tameron huffs a soft laugh. "Don't think you're so special, highness. I argue with everyone."

Mariya laughs. "I believe you do, but they're not all capable of having the Princess of Dorne send you angry letters by raven."

"True enough. That is your special privilege," Tameron teases, the corners of his eyes crinkling.

"As far as special privileges go, that is not a bad one to have. Stern words from a ruler." Mariya pushes away from the wall finally. Her mood has cheered somewhat it would seem. "I should see about that grand dinner. Perhaps we'll wait until everyone is home to make it that much more special. Make sure to say farewell before you leave."

Tameron nods, offering Mariya a bow as she makes to depart. "Yes, highness," he agrees. "I will."

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