(121-04-01) Home Again, Home Again
Home Again, Home Again
Summary: Daevon returns from his travels and shares what he's found.
Date: April 1, 2014
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It's the middle of the night, all is dark outside when Daevon returns to the dragon door manse. Road-weary, and as in need of a bath as he is his bed he sends a servant upstairs in order to wake up Aevander.

It's a few minutes before Aevander comes down, drowsy and sleep-tousled, wrapped in a robe and barefooted. He yawns mightily as he steps into the room where Daevon waits. "Could you ask a servant to bring a pot of tea, if we're going to be up? Welcome back, brother. A safe journey, I hope?"

Daevon takes the opportunity to at least splash his face with water while he waits on Aevander. "As safe as to be expected." When Aevander asks for some herbal tea he blinks then adds to the servant. "Something to keep us awake, lots of honey, and lemon." Then back to his brother. "Has a raven arrived from Ser Osric yet?"

"Mmm," Aevander agrees, swallowing down another yawn, "earlier today. Blackmont claims his wife was kidnapped, claims some sort of border conspiracy and that he had nothing to do with Wickham's Nest. Even should that be true, he'll want something to do with it now that one of his outposts was attacked and nearly all within killed."

"Seems the Cockshaw sons, Viggo and Haywood, is it? They seem the most likely suspects for burning the Red Rook place," Daevon says. "It wasn't anyone at Cockleswhent Hall. We saw it. Ser Osric lost family there." He nods. "It looks like the motivations for the attack were to kidnap Lady Yael Blackmont. Her horse was killed with the others though. She's not on this side of the border, and it's not safe from any of us from the North to investigate Dorne. They're killing first, asking questions second thanks to that attack."

The older Targaryen brother nods. "Aye, seems likely. Ser Viggo, Ser Haywood, the Thorn and a few others went out on a supposed hunting trip. But, they returned with no trophies, and a day later, word came of Red Rook. So then, you think Lady Blackmont was Ser Eryk's guest, and the slaughter was to steal her away?" Aevander considers, scratching at his feebly stubbled jaw. "It was someone from Dorne, then? Someone with some interest in harming Lord Blackmont?"

It's the middle of the night, all is dark outside when Daevon returned to the dragon door manse. Road-weary, and as in need of a bath as he is his bed he sent a servant upstairs in order to wake up Aevander. The one to wake Visenya though was perhaps a little nervous. Daevon's sitting, speaking with Aevander.

"She was his lover," Daevon says. "Both she and he had a reputation for such things. She was seen with him, and they avoided Cockleswhent Hall. We'll need word from High Garden if that's where she joined them. She travelled to the Reach to join them, then the entire party rode to the hunting lodge. There was no time for the Blackmonts to ride to Wickhams Nest. It couldn't have been them. We need some Dornish investigating. It wasn't the Blackmonts that attacked, and it wasn't anyone on our side of the border as far as I searched. I'd think it was someone from Dorne with an interest in harming Lady Blackmont. Perhaps a past lover. I'd start with the Manwoody's, before she was Blackmont she was Manwoody. But we can't go there."

Aevander says, "What do you mean, there was no time?"

"The party rode from Highgarden to Wickhams nest on what seemed like a whim," Daevon says. "They were only there a day and a half before they were attacked. For the Blackmonts to have attacked a rider would have needed to be watching, waiting for them on this side of the border. Why would they do that? Then the rider would have needed to fly back across the border, all the men would have needed to be already ready. The whole group would have had to ride recklessly fast across the mountains to get back there. Massacre everyone, and then ride back across. Without taking a break. It's possible, but highly unlikely. And no way a raven could have alerted them from High Garden. It just doesn't fit."

Visenya walks down the staircase with a brocade robe on over her nightgown, and her long pale hair unbound and tousled from sleep. She suppresses a yawn with a hand, and stands near the door to hear her twin relate the tale of his journey into Dorne to her elder brother. She stops a servant girl that is eavesdropping idly by grasping the girl's jaw between her finger's somewhat roughly, "Oh, are you a part of this conversation now? Why are you standing here when you ought to be running a bath for the Prince or fetching him some food? GO!" She pushes the girl's face away.

The poor eavesdropping servant runs off to do as commanded. Or just to get out of Visenya's path.

Aevander nods slowly, his fingers drumming on his knee. "You said we can't investigate Dorne, and you're right. But Ser Osric can, and he's already there. Perhaps we should send a few others to him? Do you trust him to remain faithful to the search, now that it seems someone in Dorne looks more like to be the culprit?"

"Visenya," Daevon greets his sister. He nods at Aevander. "Yes. I trust Ser Osric. I had thought to send a raven telling him to remain, and asking for some Dornish to investigate this further."

Visenya wraps her robe tighter around her frame, and pads across the floor on bare feet. "Why not alert the Martells? Surely they will have more of a right to act when it is one of their vassals attacking another?"

Aevander offers his sister a smile and gestures for her to join their little midnight conversation. Looking over at Daevon, he notes, "She has a point. That doesn't mean we shouldn't continue investigating as well, but perhaps letting the Martells know what's been found would be wise. certainly, it's the courteous thing to do. Who is it that told you Eryk Cockshaw was bedding Lady Yael?"

"Ashara was with us," Daevon says. "You're right. Still, why would they attack her here and not in Dorne? How did they know her plans? A map and a list of likely places that could have travelled to Wickhams nest in the same time it would have taken them to travel from Highgarden." He thinks. "Not one person, but many suggested that it seemed likely. It explains her presence with them."

"I'm not sure what you mean by a map and a list, but something that's bothering me, brother… anyone coming from Wickham's Nest by way of Dorne would have to cross through the Red Mountains, wouldn't they?" Aevander queries. "If the Blackmonts couldn't reach the Nest quickly enough, how could another Dornish house have managed to do so?"

"Raven," Daevon says. "We know that those outposts didn't have rookeries. You couldn't send a raven from High Garden to them. You'd need a messenger on a horse. So I need a map. I need a list of places that can get ravens. A list of any ravens sent from High Garden to Dorne while the party was leaving would be nice. Is that even possible?" He sighs. "I'm not good with maps though. Ser Bastion is. I may ask his help in this."

"You need sleep." Visenya says firmly. "Go to bed for a while, and then you can continue."

"But I still don't understand how anyone who had to go through the mountains could reach Wickham's nest quickly enough, even if word came by raven rather than rider," Aevander replies. "What makes you sure the attackers were Dornish? I don't want to go accusing them a second time without something substantial behind it."

"I need a bath," Daevon admits to Visenya. He is grateful for her words though, only then Aevander's asking more questions and he has to answer. "It took the party three days to ride from High Garden to Wickhams Nest. They're nobles, it would have taken them perhaps a day to pack and set off on top of that. They were at Wickhams nest for a day and a half. So you have anyone who could have travelled to Wickhams nest within five and a half days, minus the time it would take to send a raven, and assemble troops." He shakes his head. "I'm not eliminating the possibility that they were Reach men. Hence the need of a map. But we need investigations on both sides of the borders."

"Perhaps Lady Blackmont was in on the attack?" Visenya suggests with a half hazard shrug. "Maybe she wanted the Cockshaw dead?" She gives Daevon a small nod and a gentle smile, "I know. I sent a girl to prepare one for you."

"Well, it seems likely the Cockshaws had a spy for someone in their company, either among the traveling party or at High Garden. All right," Aevander exhales softly. "Wash. Sleep. We'll fetch you maps in the morning."

Daevon shakes his head. "Her horse was dead. She lost an earring. Her possessions burned. I think unlikely. A vengeful ex-lover perhaps? Who was she with before Ser Eryk?" He starts to stand up. "Or perhaps she was the mastermind and there was more to her than most assumed. And her actions, driving both sides to war, were revenge against her husband. We cannot know yet." He frowns a little. "I keep having this dream. Men, two households, one in yellow, one in grey, preparing to fight eachother. Two dragons, one black, one white, gazed down upon the battlefield waiting to choose sides." He nods. "Let people who need to know know. I wish we'd found more. Perhaps the lack of finding things is something in itself."

"Yellow?" Aevander queries as Daevon speaks. "That's interesting. The body the first search party found in the well. He carried a yellow favor tied around his arm."

Visenya nods mutely to this. She stifles another yawn with a hand. "And the gray?"

"Yellow is the colour of Blackmont," Daevon says. "Grey of Hightower. Or maybe it's something else. After I've slept I'll think on it more."

Aevander's shoulders lift and fall in a small 'who knows' shrug. "Considering the current state of affairs, that conclusion seems reasonable enough. As does going back to bed."

"Why would a lover of Lady Blackmont carry a yellow favor when yellow is her husband's color, and not her own?" Visenya asks.

Daevon would answer the questions but… bath. The bath is calling his name and so off he goes to finally get clean.

"I didn't say the found man was a lover of Lady Blackmont," Aevander replies. "Only that he had a yellow favor on him."

Visenya nods quietly, but says nothing. Instead, she gets a thoughtful look on her face.

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