(121-03-29) Sleeping Dragons
Sleeping Dragons
Summary: Visenya visits the Umbral Tower to hear what Thane has learned about hatching dragons, and to seek his aid with a personal matter.
Date: 121-03-29
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The Umbral Tower hasn't changed much since Thane was elevated to Archmaester. He has some better supplies and research equipment now, and his door has been replaced with something a bit more secure. But otherwise, the rickety structure remains the same. Still, he has make a nominal effort to tidy up in expectation of the arrival of a Targaryen. Even the irreverent Thane Thricewise knows better than to risk offense to royalty. He's had a small table set with wine and goblets, where he sits at one of two chairs, perusing a book with a dragon stamped into its leather cover. He has instructed an acolyte to remain at the main door of the tower to escort the princess up when she arrives.

And so the Acolyte shows the Princess into the Umbral Tower. It is drizzling outside, and she wears a lavish fair-trimmed hood which she lowers once she reaches the floor that Thane dwells on. "Archmaester." She offers with a respectful little bow of her head. Her amethyst colored eyes sweep the room curiously, and search over the exotic things held within.

Thane rises at Visenya's arrival, returning the respectful nod. "Princess Visenya. Thank you for coming." He gives the acolyte a curt nod, "You may go." Gesturing invitingly to a seat at the small table, he goes to fill the goblets with wine. "Since our last meeting, I've been researching everything I can on dragon eggs."

"Good." Visenya says with a pleased little smile. She picks up the goblet once it is filled, and has a little taste of what is contained within. "And what have you found?"

Thane takes his own seat, patting the leatherbound book on the table. "It is as I feared. Information is difficult to come by. In this case, the difficulty is in finding accurate information. Your family had guarded these secrets well. First, as far as my research shows, there is no way to know if a dragon egg is fertile. Only the dragons themselves seem to be able to tell. As for hatching them…there are many methods that have been tried, and each successful hatching will insist that their method was the secret. The methods vary widely, but there is one theme that repeats itself in many of these scenarios: heat. Fire and heat is the only pattern I could see. Some have places the eggs directly into fire…even wildfire. Otherwise insist that certain herbs must be burned in the fire with them. Some leave them in the hot sun whenever possible. Some believe it best to keep them constantly warm, while others advocate intermittent heat."

Visenya nods her head to this. "My cousin, Prince Aegon, told me this as well. He has long desired a dragon's egg, and has done much research on Dragon's Stone. The best way seems to be as hot a fire as one can manage. I had just wondered if the Citadel had access to something beyond what we might have." She bites her bottom lip a moment before venturing further, "..You have your silver link, yes?"

Thane nods in agreement with her assessment of intense heat being a good method. At her question, he nods again, touching a finger to the chain circling his neck. "I do. Several, in fact. Why do you ask, My Lady?"

"…What we speak of will be kept in confidence?" Visenya gives Thane a rather uncomfortable look. "It is well-known that my bloodline carries some deficiencies of the mind. We don't lack intelligence, but…well, we're quite all mad."

"Of course, Princess," Thane assures her. His stern gaze isn't exactly comforting, but it is very, very serious. "I'll repeat this to no one. So what is it you feel I can do for you?"

"I'm not mad." Visenya says quickly. Defensively. "I just…I have fits. It's as if someone else is controlling me. I hurt people. I break things. I say things I would never say."

Thane nods, stroking his chin. "I see. Have you ever recognized any kind of antecedent for these fits? Something that seems to play a part in their emergence?"

"I get very high strung. Very energized." Visenya sighs softly, "And after I have one I am back to my normal self. Well, once the sweet sleep or milk of poppy wears off."

"Hmm. Those would be the most common suggestions for handling an attack. Mind you, those are reactive solutions. Am I correct in assuming you are looking for something more proactive?" Thane arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Visenya nods her head. "Yes. You would be correct. I want them to stop."

Thane takes a long, deep breath, exhaling slowly. "My Lady, that is a tall order. Overcoming the influence of the Blood of the Dragon is…well, I suppose I know of no one better suited to try. But it will surely take time. Experimentation." He taps his fingers on the table thoughtfully, then rises and moves to his supply cabinet and begins searching through the collection of phials and jars. "For now, I'd like you to begin a tea regimen. This will help to keep you relaxed, which should help to stave off future attacks."

"Will it have the same affect as sweet sleep? I don't want to be turned into some sort of half-asleep sort of creature." Visenya takes another swallow of the wine, "It won't dull the senses?"

Thane shakes his head as he begins mixing a variety of herbs into a small pouch. "No. The sedative effect will be very mild. There is sweetsleep in this mixture, but rather than the large dose you would take during a fit, this is much milder. It won't inhibit your faculties. It will simply help you maintain control of your emotions. We can also work on some meditative techniques, but that will take time."

Visenya seems satisfied with this answer. She stands up from the table to watch Thane put ingredients into the bag with a curious expression before she puts her hood up and over her silvery colored hair. "Thank you, Archmaester."

"Of course, Princess. I am ever a servant of the realm." Thane finishes measuring out the herbs, and ties off the bag. "Brew a cup a day with a pinch of this," he instructs, offering the pouch. "If you find yourself especially agitated, a second cup will be fine."

Visenya takes the bag from Thane, and puts it along with her hands under her cloak. "You've my thanks. And, if you can accomplish what the maester at Dragonstone never could, you will surely have made a friend of me for life. Goodnight." And with that, she heads out the door.

"One last thing, My Lady," Thane quickly interjects. "About the dragon eggs. There are many accounts of eggs taking over a year to hatch…some even taking decades. All I can say is to be persistent, but never to assume they are not viable. There have been 'family heirloom' eggs, assumed to be infertile, that have hatched in the back of some treasure, only learned of upon the discovery of a poor hatchling starved to death."

Visenya pauses in the door, "I see." She says quietly. "Well, even if they do not hatch, perhaps my children will have suitable mounts?" She smiles lightly at this, and then she departs.

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