(121-03-27) Soggy Wedding Plans
Soggy Wedding Plans
Summary: Illness has finally ebbed enough that planning of wedding plans can finally begin.
Date: March 27th 121

South Suite - 13 - The Hightower Oldtown

It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and overcast.

This is one of the smaller of the Hightower's suites, but it is still grand. It offers a fine view from its large window — from the opening one can overlook the Whispering Sound and see ships come and go. The window has a wide padded sill large enough for one to sit comfortably. In the large sitting room, are velvet-cushioned chairs and couches. The dull gray stone flooring is carpeted with blue and green Myrish carpet trimmed in white.

On one side of an archway leads into a little dining room, suitable for ten or twelve people, and on the other there is a door leading to a bedroom. In the sleeping chamber stands a large wooden four poster bed, with a matching nightstand, wardrobe and vanity table alongside. The nightstand boasts a crystal candle-stand. The wall that leads to the sitting room is equipped with a hearth that heats both rooms should it be needed. In one corner sits a large copper bathtub.

It is a hot summer evening, Hightower has been rather quiet as of late, though whispers of Ormund's illness have silently echoed through the halls. While the thirteenth level of Hightower seems somewhat quiet, though the dark figure moves down the halls, draped in a batter black cloak,he moves to the door of the South Suite, his hand moves slowly and knocks on it, softly, in a few quick raps.

Quiet despite the new guests of all the noble Dorn's being given rooms lower in the Hightower to protect them from the mobs that would love to see the Dorn's bleed and all sent back to the desert they came from. They brought a great deal of tension to Ormund's realm and with everyone in charge wanting to do something this way or that way hasn't helped things calm down. Not to mention the usual rumors about the Sea Witch now have gained a new twist. It's supposedly her fault that Ormund is sick and that she is to blame for his absence in such a dire time.

So while Millicent actually looks rather the most healthy she has in a great long while, she's been even more secluded and to herself than ever. To the point that she hasn't really come out of her chambers in weeks. Perhaps that is the reason why she looks so healthy, she's been sunning herself on the balcony, eatting the food that's brought to her and not suffering from excessive exercise like going up and down within the Hightower, or travelling to the Citadel to see Maester Thane for his remedies. When she answers the door Storm, her raven is on her shoulder and he greets the Lord of Oldtown with a, "Lord!" A pretty little smile is given to him as she steps back and swings the door open more. "Come in, Ormund. I am so glad to see you are feeling better."

While Ormund is feeling better, it is clear he is still recovering. Large black circles hang under his eyes and his skin looks a bit pale. Though when he see Millicent, his lips instantly curl up into a warm smile. "I always feel better when I can see you Millicent." he says leaning in the door and kissing her forehead, before entering the room and removing his cloak. "Ah an you Storm, I perhaps should have you train my guards, your power of observation never seems to amaze me." he says with a smile. His hand moving slowly through his red hair as he looks at Millicent, the smile still in place, "How about you my Love, how have you been?" he asks softly.

Millicent fluidly sweeps her hand under Storm's single foot and gives the bird a launching boost to send him away to one of his many perches. With that shoulder free now she twirls enough to slip herself in underneath his arm to help him to their preferred lounger so that she can help him down onto it before nestling in against him. "Missing you quite dearly. I wasn't allowed admittance by that maid of yours. She believes all of the rumors that I'm to blame for your illness. The fact that the core of the rumor is true does make me vexed darling. My wonderful, strong headed darling. I'm not worth a drowning."

Ormund smiles softly, "I've missed you as well." taking the seat he lets out a content sigh, "Pfft, let them believe what they will, but when you are a Lady of Hightower, they will quickly remember their place." he says his hand moving and running across his forehead, "You my dear, are worth a hundred more drownings and hundred after that." he says with a stubborn smile and a chuckle.

Millicent gives a little eyeroll, but it's clear that he's just said everything she could wish to hear and for his reward she gives his cheek a soft kiss and a nuzzle of the tip of her nose. "Just promise me you won't go dying again any time soon. Especially without me being there able to give you one last kiss. You my love will die in bed old and happy. Which is why we must be careful with all of this Dorn nonsense. Everyone is so quick to start a war. We must be staunch in efforts to avoid it, without looking like we are trying to avoid anything out of weakness. A fine edge blade we must walk."

Ormund nods slowly, "I agree." his hand moves slowly through his hair, "Many many men want the glorified death on the battlefield." he starts letting out a small cough which he stifles with his hand, "I however would prefer just that, a quiet death in my bed, after seeing my grandchildren running around the bed laughing and giggling." he says with a wry smile, his hand moving now to rub his eyes, "The Dorn can be a simple task if handled correctly, we just as you say need to appear firm, while avoiding the war many desire." he says nodding.

Millicent reaches for the lounge's side table at the hint of the cough rising and she has a nice hot cup of the tea that Thane makes for her own cough. Birds of a feather they are now. At least until he gets perfectly well, which he will. She rakes her fingers through his hair as she holds the cup so that he can sip from it. "Now that you have come back from the dead. When do you think that we will be wed? Before or after everything is settled with Dorn? If we do after, we might be quite grey."

Ormund takes the cup in his hands and takes a sip, "Many thanks." he says softly as he listens, slowly sipping from the cup. "As soon as you are ready, simply tell me and I will send people to purchase what you require or desire and anyone you require to aide you in planning the ceremony." he says nodding softly, "I am good at running politics, weddings sadly, where not covered in my education as a youngling." he says with a chuckle, which causes him to cough slightly, but his smile waivers.

Millicent chuckles lightly before she has to take a drink of the tea herself before setting it back aside. "It wasn't much in mine either. I wasn't expected to live after my own Drowning. My older brother would tell me how shocked father looked when I revived. He'd never seen that expression on father's face before. But never the less, I am sure we can find someone that will gush over the arrangements. Lord Pansy perhaps, he does seem to love festivities if the rumors are truer about him than my own are. But truly, I don't mind something quiet. Maybe we can have it on one of your families pleasure barges. Which will in effort minimize the guest list."

Ormund takes another sip, "Perhaps Perhaps." he says slowly, his hand moving and rubbing his eyes slowly, "Loud or Big, Here or there, all that matters to me is that at the end of it, I may call you my wife." he says looking up at Millicent from his hands, "Though I do wonder…" he starts with a small chuckle, "Oh everyone would react if he simply didn't invite anyone." he says with a wave of his hand, "Obviously it is a idle thought, I am sure people would simply fall over dead if we did that." he says with a chuckle.

Millicent chuckles herself as she gets more cuddled in against him. "That is all that matters it's true. As far as inviting no one, you've been Drowned. You could just not keep that a secret any more and the Seven be damned, we just have a ship's captain wed us and really have your whole city in a frenzy. Their Lord a heathen!" She mock outcries quietly. "Well luckily for them, you have your permission and no longer need to play fiddle to my Father's beliefs." She kisses his cheek and rakes her fingers through his hair. "I say we leave it all in Aunt's hands and you just focus on flourishing."

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