(121-03-27) Assurances
Summary: Valerity seeks them from her Hightower cousin.
Date: Date of play (03/30/2014)
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It is a summer evening. The weather is hot and fair.

This is one of the smaller of the Hightower's suites, but it is still grand. It offers a unique view from its large window — from the opening one can overlook the city and see the seven domes and seven towers of the Starry Sept, and the Maidenday Gardens in the middle distance. The window has a wide padded sill large enough for one to sit comfortably and watch the city. The room is decorated to reflect the view, with images of flowers and gardens. Vases of flowers sit on all the tables with beautiful blooms and greenery. In the large sitting room are velvet-cushioned chairs and couches. The dull gray stone flooring is covered with a dark hunter green Myrish carpet trimmed in gold.

On one side of the suite an archway leads into a little dining room, suitable for ten or twelve people, and on the other there is a door leading to a bedroom. In the sleeping chamber a large four poster wooden bed rests in one corner, with a green and gold coverlet and lavish pillows. A matching wardrobe and nightstands are also present in this room. The nightstands boast crystal vases with lily flowers. The wall that leads to the sitting room is equipped with a hearth that heats both rooms should it be needed. In one corner sits a large copper bathtub.

It's the evening after the Lord Errants' return to Oldtown, their 'hunting trip' behind them — all of their number but one. Valerity has waited and listened, gathered what information she could, but there's nothing left but this. Go directly to the source. One of them, anyway. As luck would have it, there's one in house. Up on the seventh floor of the Hightower, Lady Valerity Redwyne knocks on her cousin Brynden's door.

Having spent most of the time since he returned together with his wife, Brynden is slow to get to the door to open it now. Pausing for a few moments as he sees who it is, before he offers a brief smile and a nod. "My lady. Are you here to speak with my wife? She's resting at the moment, I fear," he offers, words kept rather quiet for now.

Valerity offers a quick, tight smile. "Actually, cousin," says the Redwyne, stepping inside the suite with a glance behind her, "it's you I've come to see." She turns to face him once inside, folding her hands before her. "How was your hunt?"

Pausing for a few moments as he hears that, Brynden raises an eyebrow momentarily. "Me? How may I help you?" Taking a few steps back so she may enter, he shrugs a little as he hears the question. "Not bad, not bad. Both for the actual hunt, and the other reason men gathers for something like that. To enjoy some time together."

Valerity nods. "Good." She doesn't look entirely comfortable being here. It's not as though they've ever really talked. "Good." She lifts her eyebrows a touch. "No injuries, I hope? No one — gored by a wild pig? Or the like?"

"Nothing too serious, no," Brynden replies after a few moments of pause, shrugging a little. "Some minor wounds, but that is the nature of hunting, after all." Studying the Redwyne for a few moments now. "Why do you ask?"

She lifts her chin a notch, studying Brynden closely. "You came back without one of your number." The cants her head in inquiry. "Where is Ser Abram, pray?"

Brynden nods a little as he hears that. "Ser Abram had some business he needed to attend to elsewhere, before he could return to Oldtown. He will probably be here in not too long, if I remember what he told us." A brief pause, before he offers a smile, "I was not aware you knew Ser Abram?" he says, a bit quietly.

"He will," Valerity echoes, releasing a breath. She lowers her lashes a moment and breathes again, then looks around and takes a seat nearby. Her hands smooth her gown over her knees. "I know where you've really been," she says, simply. "I'm not here to discuss that. I don't really care. But you can imagine, of course, how Ser Abram's… delay… might be alarming." She looks up. "So I ask you again, on your word and your honor — he was well when you saw him last?"

Brynden raises an eyebrow as he hears her words, a quick glance back towards the bedroom where his wife is resting, before he nods a little. "He had taken some hits, but all in all, he was well the last time I saw him," he promises now.

Valerity nods, looking immensely relieved by his candor. She manages a smile that's not quite so tight. "Thank you." She stands and goes to place a hand on Brynden's forearm, then pecks a hesitating, awkward kiss on his cheek. "Thank you, cousin." And last, but not least, "Do you know where he's recovering? That I might make a… discreet… inquiry about his well being?"

"Like I said, I don't know where he his business took him," Brynden replies. No matter if that business is getting healed up again or not. "It was good to get back home again. One of the few things I missed while out there hunting…" There's a look back towards the bedroom again, indicating that what he missed was the person within. A brief pause again now, before he adds, "I am sure Ser Abram is well." Meant to reassure.

She nods again, accepting with a sigh. "Your mouth to the Seven's ears." Valerity, too, glances at the bedroom. She curves a small smile. "I'm glad… that your marriage pleases you, cousin." She steps back to depart. "Continued good fortune in that — and all things. I deeply appreciate that we could have this talk."


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