(121-03-24) Praying to the Mother
Praying to the Mother
Summary: Trystan beseeches the Mother on behalf of his wife and child.
Date: 24 March 2014
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Starry Sept

The Starry Sept is the seat of the Faith of the Seven. The High Septon resides here, as do any number of clergy who study here or attend him and the faithful. Seven domes and seven towers make up the structure, all of them richly decorated with seven-pointed stars, carved or inlaid or painted, or in mosaics of tiles.

The largest dome, the worship area, is a heptagon like all the others, but much wider. The seven-pointed star is inlaid into the white marble floor in massive slices of highly polished semi-precious stones: amethyst and rosy quartz, jade and lapis, onyx, cat-eye and garnet. The soaring domed roof is painted a deep blue with glittering sparkles of mica mixed in, and hundreds of seven-pointed stars picked out in gold and silver leaf.

Each of the seven walls holds a statue, larger than life, of one of the gods. The Father, The Mother, The Warrior, The Maiden, The Smith, The Crone, The Stranger. They are painted wood, beautifully and realistically carved by artists of great skill. Their gowns and robes are leafed in gold and set with jewels, and their eyes are alabaster and jet, with irises of sapphire or emerald or deep brown citrine. The exception is The Stranger. His or her statue is plain, almost stylized, the face hooded and the robes painted glossy black with minute flecks of black dragonglass that make it glitter very faintly, like the most distant of stars.

It's early evening in Oldtown, the last of the afternoon services having concluded within the last half hour or so. Still, some smallfolk mill about the floor of the sept, making offerings at the altars, speaking with acquaintances or with members of the clergy. Leire is standing before the altar of the Stranger, speaking to a grieving widow and helping her to light a candle to leave at the feet of his esteemed effigy. She wears the robes of a septa, a seven-pointed star glinting at the hollow of her throat. When the lighting is done, she steps away to leave the woman to her silent prayers.

Trystan enters the sept, wearing simple clothes that don't quite fit his lordly station. He looks about, then immediately heads to the Altar of the Mother, making a nice offering and praying, his eyes closed. He seems a tad distraught, and is praying rather intently.

Leire flits among the faithful gathered in the sept, pausing to offer words of comfort, to congratulate joyous tidings, and ultimately to serve in whatever way she might. The seeming reverence of the prayer offered by Trystan at the Mother's altar draws her attention, and though she migrates in his direction, she does not move to interfere, only to hover on the periphery in the event she might be of service.

Trystan mutters his prayer, though some things are repeated, louder. Particularly 'wife' and 'child' and 'health'.

From the altar of the Mother, Leire retrieves a small, twined bundle of sage, holding it to a candle near the base of the statue until it emits a pleasant tendril of smoke. She allows it to waft over Trystan as he prays, the smoke climbing toward the benevolent, downturned face of the statue of the Mother, who seems to be keeping watch over her supplicants below. Placing the bundle of sage into a silver dish, she stoops to place it before Trystan, murmuring "It's thought to strengthen prayers for the well being of wives and babes."

Trystan blinks, then looks to the Septa. He smiles a tad. "Thank you. I've been… thinking I need all the help I can get. I hope that the Mother will help my wife through her sickness, and that it won't harm the child within her…" he continues his prayer, shaking a bit.

Leire listens with concern, not hesitating to ask Trystan, "May I join you in prayer?" The sage still smoulders in the small silver dish, its wispy tendrils climbing ever higher toward the Mother Above.

Trystan looks to her and nods. "Of course, Septa." He smiles thankfully to her.

Taking up prayer alongside Trystan, Leire returns his smile, her air one of calm reassurance. "Mother Above, turn your ear to the prayers of the son who prostrates himself here before you in the name of his wife and unborn child. In these times of uncertainty and vulnerability, grant him the comfort and peace of your maternal love. Enfold his wife and their babe in your ethereal embrace, guide them through sickness and into health, that they may continue to honor you with the sanctity of their familial bond."

Trystan smiles and continues his prayer wordlessly, happy to have an actual Septa praying alongside him.

Leire remains bent in prayer a little longer, her eyes upturned toward the face of the Mother. Her lips continue to move but her prayer is murmured too lowly to be audible. Habit draws her hand up to the pointed star pendant worn at her throat at the close of the prayer, her touch lingering there for a moment. Afterward, she retrieves the sage, which has now ceased to smoulder, and brings it back to the altar where the candle burns. She crushes a bit of the burnt edge of the sage between her palms, sprinkling the resulting particles over the candle's flame.

Trystan sighs as he finishes his prayer, then stands, moving to be beside the septa. "Thank you, for praying with me. I'm just scared… this is my first child, and… I'm nervous beyond words. Not something a man should be… he should be strong. Like the Warrior." he looks to the Altar for the Warrior. "But I can't help but think the worst will happen."

"You give voice to the fears of every man to have stood in your shoes before," Leire says with a soft smile. "It is a testament of the love you have for your lady wife, and for the child growing within her womb. The Mother was a wise choice for your prayers this evening. Who better to entrust with the fate of your beloved and your babe?" The Septa places a reassuring hand to Trystan's arm, giving it a light squeeze for solidarity. "Consider a prayer to the Father, as well, that he might guide you forth as you forge this new path. You will be depended upon for your strength, yes, but also your compassion, your integrity and your love."

Trystan nods slowly, smiling to her. "Thank you… I think I'll do that." He looks to the altar of the Father. "I hope that they will answer my prayers…"

Following his gaze to the altar of the Father, the Septa replies, "You might not know his answer, but you can find peace in knowing that he's listened." And then she tells him, "My name is Leire. I would be pleased to pray with you again, and will have your family in my thoughts. Please do not hesitate to seek me out here if I can be of further service to you."

Trystan looks to her and nods, smiling. "Lord Trystan Banefort. A pleasure to meet you, Leire. And I would like to have you praying with me. Thank you for thinking of my family."

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