(121-03-21) Relatives
Summary: Aevander and Elionys discuss them.
Date: March 22, 2014
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This is a little sandy-pebbly stretch of the Whispering Sound's shoreline, crescent-shaped and somewhat sheltered by the more precipitous coastline to either side of it. Terns and gannets and kittiwakes nest on the sheerest portions to the North and South, but it's much gentler here and the tiny inlet even offers good anchorage for small boats of shallow draft. The city of Oldtown, marked by the great bright spire of the Hightower, can be seen across the water to the Northwest.

There's a steep switchbacking track leading up to the Blackcrown Road.

Sunset in summer is a lovely time, and it seems Aevander has chosen to enjoy this one down by the shoreline of the Whispering Sound. He's made his way down the trail and found a spot on the narrow inlet where he can sit, watch the water and the bobbing boats, and consider the silhouette of sea birds as they fly above the water, dive down and resurface with a beak full of wriggling fish.

It appears there are not one, but two dragons down by the water this evening. Elionys moves across the pebbled shoreline ahead of her two guards, and though the words are lost to distance and the sound of the water, she is apparently chattering to one or both of them, though neither respond. It might be a relief to them both that she spies Aevander and ceases the cheerful rambling, and instead moves in his direction. "If you were trying to get away from your family for a little while, I may have just spoiled it for you," she says in place of a greeting.

Aevander turns his head and offers Elionys a smile. "Oh, you don't count," he assures her with a laugh, "you haven't given me any headaches at all, yet."

"Yet," Elionys repeats that last bet as she takes a seat beside Aevander. "Are you anticipating that I am going to give you headaches at some point, coz?" She grins up at him, leaning in close to bump her shoulder against him.

"Oh, I always anticipate headaches from kin," Aevander teases, returning Elionys's little shoulder bump. "Then, if I'm wrong, I can be pleasantly surprised instead of crushingly disappointed."

"That must be exhausting," Elionys sways away from him as he returns the bump, then straightens. "I will attempt to surprise, rather than crush, and if there is anything I can do to help you with all of it, you only need ask. Otherwise you will leave me with free time, and if left with that I might cause trouble."

"Mmm, well…" Aevander muses, "we can't have that. Daevon has moved out of the manse, now our uncle has decided to move in. Perhaps you might pay my brother a visit, sometime, see how he's getting on at the Hightower?"

"He moved out?" asks Elionys, those pale brows knitting briefly. "I had not heard." Of course, she spends so much of her time out, that's no surprise. "I will gladly pay him a visit. Do you wish me to try and convince him back, or just check on him?"

"Just check in, unless you see an opportunity," Aevander replies. "I need at least one family member he's not wroth with, in case he needs someone or I need to send an emissary."

"I think I can do that," Elionys tells him, smiling. "If it makes you feel any better, you aren't the only one having to deal with this sort of thing. I used to hear about it all the time at home, though I suppose I am lucky that I rarely ever had to deal with it."

"With siblings?" Aevander queries. "If you didn't, I think I may envy you a little."

"Yes," Elionys answers, shrugging. "I would hear about it, but it was never anything that I had to fix myself. That was left to my oldest brother, and our father. I'm sure they got very tired of it."

"Possibly," Aevander allows with a faint smile. "Though perhaps it made them feel important. Valued."

"Does it make you feel that way?" asks Elionys as she turns a little to better look up at him.

"Sometimes," Aevander replies. "Sometimes it makes me feel like shaving my head, donning a cloak and running away forever. It rather depends on the day."

"If half of the rumors around are true, I imagine it must." All hints of levity have gone, and now Elionys just sounds a bit solemn. "If you are the one who must shoulder the burden alone, it must feel awfully daunting at times."

"Well, I haven't been in Oldtown very long," Aevander points out with a faint smile. "I'm sure I'll grow into it."

"I have no doubt of that," Elionys assures him as she leans closer and puts a hand on his shoulder, squeezing gently. "You will, but while you're growing into it, it'll be difficult. So, knowing that, please let me know if I can assist you. I would rather that, than you deciding to flee in the night."

"I won't flee," Aevander replies. "One questing sibling in the immediate family is enough, I think. But thank you, cos. I will keep your generosity in mind." He turns his head to smile at her softly.

"We're family, it's what we're supposed to do," Elionys tells him, giving his shoulder one last squeeze before the hand slips away. "Besides, maybe together we can manage them all and help refute the rumors that we're all mad."

"I am quite certain those rumors are exaggerated," Aevander agrees. "Only half of us are mad, surely."

"Yes, but half is enough to make them think we're all insane," Elionys replies, but it's with an easy, unconcerned smile. "Have you ever met a man named Ser Axell Tarley? I happened across him when I was out a few days ago."

"Mmmm… Tarley? No, I don't believe so. The Tarleys, in general, are not very fond of my little wing of the family," Aevander replies. "What did you think of him?"

"He was kind enough to me," Elionys begins, fingers thrumming idly against her knee as she considers further. "I think he was curious about me, though if it is anything beyond a fascination about our family, I cannot say what it was. He asked if he could call on me again though, so I imagine we might find out eventually."

"Mmm," Aevander murmurs, one brow lifting. "You are a bit above a Tarly suitor, wouldn't you say, cos?" he teases with a grin.

"Yes," Elionys answers him without a hint of objection. "But it cannot do us harm to try and mend the wounds between our families, and make new friends, can it? I doubt he will do so anyway, he may simply be out to upset the rest of you by visiting, or to try and trick me into revealing things about the family. We will have to wait and see on that as well."

Aevander gives a small nod. "Well, considering we're about to embark on some sort of feud with the Tyrells if our uncle has his way, perhaps rebuilding old alliances is wise," he muses wryly. "Well done playing your part."

"Are we?" This bit of news seems to come as a surprise to Elionys, and has her looking up at Aevander again. "What is it that we're going to be at odds with them over? Does it have to do with that fight you got into?"

"No, no, it's this uncle again. Maelys. He was challenge to a duel by Corey Tyrell and slew him. And then brought his head home and left his body behind. I expect the Tyrells won't stomach it. Corey was Ser Laurent's father."

"Ah, yes," Elionys nods slightly, and that apparently isn't so much a surprise. "I thought you meant there were more issues atop those in the past. I can see how his return might bring up the problems of the past, but it's not as though we can shove him off."

"Ah, well, this duel happened a few days ago," Aevander notes wryly, "but no, it's not as if we can. Daevon wants me to. Send him off to live in some other manse."

"Is it that trouble that upsets Daevon so, or something else?" asks Elionys, more quietly than her previous questions. "I feel like I know you well, and then I realize how little I actually know, how many things you only know when you have time with them where these sorts of things come up."

"That," Aevander replies, "the man's reputation, the fact he brought along a passel of slaves. Daevon isn't wrong, this uncle will be a complication, if not an outright problem, but we cannot simply turn him out. Not least because that seems more dangerous than keeping him close."

"Yes, if we put him out now, we'll have even less warning about what he might be doing," Elionys agrees, frowning slightly. "And if he is there, if he is around us, it might lend us some influence with him."

"That's what I think as well," Aevander agrees with a nod. "Daevon refuses to do so, and if we will not turn him out, he has decided to turn himself out. Which is… unsurprising. But disappointing, never the less."

"So I will speak to him, and we should both try to speak to our uncle," Elionys states, words quiet so they're kept between them. "See if we can help to manage whatever else might be coming along after his arrival. And to think…" She glances up at Aevander again. "My brothers thought it would be dull here compared to King's Landing."

"Thank you," Aevander murmurs, shifting his weight so his shoulder rests up against hers. "I am coming to find that of all the things Oldtown may be… dull is not one of them."

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