(121-03-21) Grapes and Offers
Grapes and Offers
Summary: Iris receives an interesting job offer from Teryin, while she gets incredibly distracted by his Braavosi companion.
Date: 21/03/2014
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The late afternoons have a certain magic to them. First of all the warm glow of the sun that is already moving towards the horizon paints the Quill and Tankard in several shades of orange, then there is this relaxed calm that mingles with anticipation of the evening that is about to come. This afternoon is not different. Iris is walking among the tables, her gait leisurely, almost lazy. The smile on her face relaxed as she carries three mugs of cider over to a table with patrons that converse in low murmurs. The smile deepening on her features as she continues towards the counter to linger there for a moment, leaning against it, her head tilted to the side as she seems to ponder something.

With the construction complete, but stocks still being filled at his own establishment; Teryin and Yorik enter the Quill and Tankard looking for a drink and meal. The two are in their normal armor, Teryin the golden chainmail and Yorik in his blue and gold cuirass. They speak in Braavosi to one another, just idle chit-chat about what's all been going on. They find a suitable table and draw the chairs out. "Now we just have to find smallfolk that'll fit the mold to work at the Golden Maiden." "Yeah, you don't want flea ridden barmaids and wenches." Yorik makes a gesture towards Iris, the closest barmaid he could see, trying to summon her. "This one isn't too bad. I'd bed her." Teryin just shakes his head, not noticing the barmaid right away. He's busy reading through a list of things on a parchment in hand. "You'd bed anything with a hatchet wound between the legs and a pair of utters." Words spoken with no eye contact, both laughing at the truth.

The new arrivals seem to catch Iris' eye, and she straightens, her hands moving to smoothen her plain but clean skirts - a reflex rather than a deliberate action. Her dark brown hair is worn in an orderly braid, and there is this faint scent of flowers about her. Her blue eyes sparkle with curiosity when she hears the two speaking a language that is foreign to her, and so she approaches with a slight smirk on her features, having noticed the wave of Yorik of course. Yet it is the other man who attracts her attention, as she recalls having seen his face before. "What can I bring ye sers?", the barmaid inquires, smiling at the two. "Some o'that cider?"

Teryin's eyes shift over the parchment towards Yorik, "Two ciders." The scent of flowers reaches his senses, taking it in all the same. He still doesn't quite recognize the woman not soaked from the rain and cradling soap like a newborn. When Yorik begins speaking in common, his Braavosi accent heavy, Teryin's eyes go back to the parchment. "You the special this afternoon Lass? Or do I have to come back later this evening?" A soft thud of Teryin's hand hitting the table, "We'll take two specials, if you have a large enough cork back there for my friend here…." Teryin does remember those eyes however, voice trailing off for a moment as he had finally looked up at the barmaid.

Standing now beside the table, Iris will let her eyes shift towards Teryin to study him a bit more closely, her gaze will be light though, and unobtrusive. Ser Teryin Lefford. She remembers him giving her that name. But to greet him, especially with that other fellow present, might be a bad idea. "I am the special?", she will chuckle instead. "Don't know, maybe? But not for everyone, ser." This added with a wink. "About the food, aye, those specials I can bring you right away." Smiling as she notices Teryin's looking up to her, she will shift a little, arms crossing before her. Amusement sparkling in her eyes as she wonders if he will actually remember their brief encounter.

Yorik takes the wink and runs with it, "I'm sure my Braavosi tongue could convince you." His hand coming to grasp the backside of the barmaid and giving it a firm squeeze. "You were the one at the market the other day.." The parchment slowly lowers to the table, "The one with the soap." Teryin never did get her name, but her she was again.

No blush will darken the barmaid's features at Yorik's remark. "Oh I bet your Braavosi tongue can do many things," she chuckles with a wry grin, not objecting to the squeeze of her backside, before she takes his hand and removes it with gentle determination from her skirts. "But this ain't the Bawdy Bard, ser." Teryin's words have her turn her head, then lower it as she inclines her head. "Aye, that was me, ser." Strangely enough, her cheeks take on a rosy colour as if he had caught her doing something inappropriate. Her upper teeth - of surprising light colour - gently biting her lower lip, as Iris studies the noble.

Teryin gives Yorik a hard and sharp look, the Braavosi shifting in his chair and grumbling. "Well atleast she can go get the food and drink instead of stare at you!" Yorik's words are spoken in Braavosi, keeping the lass from understanding. The Lefford turns back to Iris, a playful smirk on his lips after she confirms the previous encounter. "My friend here said he doesn't need a fancy place for that." A total lie, but he's taking this chance to put both Yorik and the lass on the spot. Yorik's fingers curl into a fist, eyes burning into Teryin.

Brows rise at the remark in that foreign language, but Iris notices the grumble and shoots Yorik an amused glance. Her gaze shifting next to Teryin again, she will chuckle at the supposed translation and shake her head, before she lets her blue eyes drift once again towards Yorik, raising a brow. "It's still early in the day, ser? Why don't you let me get you something to drink and eat first, to cool your… temper?" Her blue eyes glint with amusement now, before she turns to get what she has announced.

Teryin continues to smile, picking up the parchment as the barmaid turns to retrieve the order. "If you could keep your mind on task, you'd see she would fit perfect at the Golden Maiden." Both tongues returning to Braavosi, "You can keep her for a barmaid, I'll find a way to keep her myself." Yorik is a well built man, exotic looking with Braavosi accents, and deep brown eyes. "Yorik, brother, you're a good looking man. Great knight, but your vices blind you. Enjoy your meal today, we'll talk more later about this one."

It does take a little while, until Iris returns with two mugs of cider. But when she does, she puts them down before them on the table, her gaze maybe flickering a bit when she shoots Yorik a glance, while her lips are still curled into that slightly amused smile. "You don't hail from here, sers?", she inquires, matter-of-factly, as her curiosity gets the best of her. Deep blue eyes shifting towards Teryin now. "My name's Iris, by the way." As if he had asked for it - which he had not, at least not with words.

The parchment is set down, both men taking the cider. "Braavos. But spent quiet a few years in Golden Tooth, as a ward to Ser Teryin's father. My father was his tutor." Yorik replies, lips taking the glass as the cider is sip momentarily. Teryin takes the mug, but does not drink. "I am the youngest son of Lord Gallard Lefford." Teryin explains he's from the Westerlands with more words fitting a title. "A pleasure Iris." Teryin leans back in his chair as Yorik starts in on the meal. "So how long have you worked here Iris?" The questioning begins, a less formal interview for the job he wishes to offer the lass.

Her gaze flitting down for a brief moment in akcnowledgment of Yorik's answer, Iris will return his gaze next with a smile. "Braavos. That's very far away, ain't it?" The expression in her face almost turning dreamy at the exotic origin, until Teryin's own explanation seems to draw her back to the here and now. "Ser Teryin." She addresses him with the name he gave her at their first encounter. "Three years, ser.", is her brief reply to the nobleman's question.

Yorik leans a knee out from under the table, patting it with a hand. "Have a seat, my brother basically wants to know if you will work at his and his wife's establishment." Teryin chuckles, "Well since Yorik is so blunt about it." He brings the mug up, taking a sip of the cider and exhaling in the pleasant taste of the drink. "Three years is a good long while. From what I gathered at our last encounter was that you really would fit in well with a more noble crowd. A cleaner and fancier eatery." His jade eyes watch her reaction to the invitation of his colleague.

"Should I really?" Iris asks Yorik, tilting her head. "If I sat down there, I might not be able to listen properly to your lord." She'll bite her lip though, offering him a teasing smile, before she will draw a chair out to settle down on. Her blue gaze curious and at least a little intrigued, when it comes to linger on Teryin again. "You are looking for… what exactly? A cook? A serving girl?"

Yorik's shoulders drop slightly, but he continues to enjoy the special for the afternoon. Teryin offers his brother a consoling chuckle, returned by a wink as Yorik's foot slides the chair closer to him. "My wife and I are in need some some…" He pauses a moment, taking another drink of the cider. "Cleaner and more noble looking serving ladies. It'll be more for the wealthier society, so gratuity should be more than working here." The mug is set down, "Not saying you couldn't work at both." Yorik takes in the scent of flowers, drinking from his mug. "You smell of sweet flowers in the meadows." Yorik's words in Braavosi, smiling charmingly towards the lass.

Iris lips curve upwards and she nods. "More noble looking… You said that already when I met you in the market, M'lord." She shrugs when he continues. "Why should I work at both places. I'm not saying the Quill and Tankard is bad, but… Maybe I can have a look at your place?" A low but definitely pleased chuckle leaves her when she notices Yorik has been sliding her and the chair closer towards him. Blue eyes come to linger on the Braavosi when he speaks to her in that foreign tongue, and they sparkle despite her having to guess his meaning from the tone of his voice and his charming smile.

It's Yorik winking at the blue-eyed beauty now. "He said you smell of fresh flowers, similar to those found in the vast meadows." Teryin will explain the words before continuing on about the business venture with the lass. "You are simply a server here correct?" Teryin lets the two casually flirt amongst each other, his knife and fork used to cut the food properly. Yorik plucks a grape from the bowl between two fingers moving it towards the lips of Iris.

"He said that?" Iris inquires, letting out a quite pleased giggle. Her gaze remaining on Yorik, while she listens what Teryin says to her, she will nod. "Aye, M'lord. I can help in the kitchens as well though, if there is need for that." Leaning forward when she sees that grape coming, her lips curving even more now to make them part a touch, while the barmaid's gaze remains locked with that of the Braavosi, the expression within her blue eyes almost dazed fascination.

Slowly the grape is teased along her lower lip, the Braavosi grinning ear to ear. "He did mention something like that." A bite of the venison, scoop of the potatoes, drinking it down with cider. "Well versed. That's good. We'll need a head Mistress of servants at the Golden Maiden. Would you be up for the task? A better position, more pay. I've been debating asking my father for the gold to build a manse here in Oldtown. Perhaps offer better living conditions for the few that do work for us." His jade eyes side glance at the two.

Iris will allow the teasing of her lower lip, at least for a moment, before she'll snatch the grape from Yorik's fingers with her teeth, chewing on it as she still hold eye contact. Alas, it will break at what Teryin has to say to her. "Um… M'lord? Head Mistress? The Golden Maiden?" She swallows the grape, her gaze and full attention now on the Lefford lord. "Certainly, M'lord. When can I start?" All laziness is suddenly gone from her bearing, as she leans back, folding her hands before her. "This sounds like an offer I can't say nay to."

Yorik is loving this, at least until Teryin intervenes. "My wife, my sister, and I own the Golden Maiden eatery and winery. The construction has just finished. We're in the process of stocking the larder and filling barrels of wine. Thinking large. Expanding our wines to certain businesses in the area and marketing them across the Narrow Sea as well as the Seven Kingdoms." Teryin cuts more from the venison. "It will be some time yet. We're just getting started. I know we've just recently met, but rumors around the Quill hold you in high regards. Less riff-raff and more noble lords. I have a sense you'd fit in well. My wife will have to meet you and approve as well. But I see no issue yet."

Iris will not exactly ignore Yorik, but she is too aware, that she may risk missing out on all the important news /if/ she should resume the game from before. With things as they are she will sit in her chair, listening. Then smiling, before she inclines her head. "I am glad you think I'd fit in well," she remarks, "M'lord. Just let me know when to meet your lady wife." A faint smile when she says that. With that Braavosi getting to her head she had almost missed this important piece of information. That Teryin was married.

Alas, Iris is not officially hired as of yet, and so the duties of her current position suddenly threaten to claim her again, when a slightly annoyed patron waves to her with his empty mug. "More Cider, if ye please!" And so the barmaid rises quickly, offering what she deems to be an appropriate curtsey to Teryin and a glance and smile towards Yorik. "I must be off, M'lord. Ser. Cider." And impatient patrons that await. She rolls her eyes in mock despair, along with a goodnatured laugh. "Still working at the Quill and Tankard…" And with that said she moves on.

Teryin is pleased with her reaction to the offer, knowing he should be able to convince his wife Iris would be a perfect fit. She was very clean, almost too clean, and her demeanor was desired for service. Sultry, but not bawdy. Will bring in wealthy customers and keep them coming back. "I will send Yorik to summon you when the time comes." A brief professional nod towards the barmaid, giving the smallfolk a bit of respect. Yorik playfully runs his hand down her back before sliding the chair under the table as she moves to deal with the patron.

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