(121-03-20) Meeting the Green Beast
Meeting the Green Beast
Summary: Peri presents Marcellus to Xhabo.
Date: 121-03-20

Court of Thieves
Though it is known as a court, the windowless chamber hardly resembles the grand courts of the nobility. It is a long room, with a sunken floor for a handful of supplicants to stand while they plead their favors and grievances. Upon the higher section of floor sits a long table that serves as a desk for a tribunal to hear cases. The table is constructed of sturdy wood, and provides a suitable barricade (and a place for stashed weapons) in case of trouble. Behind the table are three carved chairs, the center chair being the tallest, the next tallest to its right, and the smallest to the left of center. When Court is in session, the room is always protected by armed guards. Two doors behind the tribunal table lead further into the building.

Peri is quiet, slipping in, her light silk gown prim and in place "Remember to show respect when you are called, my little monster." she whispers, tilting to peck Macellus' cheek. She looks calm and serene like normal, curls still damp and a goodly amount of jewelry decorating her figure.

Marcellus following Peri along he just nods to her words. Grinning a bit, "Of course." He assures her. Waiting quietly. Letting his gaze look around the area. The short green hair having his hand passing through it soon enough. The dark gaze calm as he stands and waits. Clearly not as fancy looking as Peri.

The guards in the room watch patiently, their usual ease around Peri fades at the sight of the fighter with her. Behind the tribunal table, a guard opens a door, and out steps the tall, ebony-skinned form of Xhabo Duna. He moves not to the tall, center chair of the table, but to the seat to its right. Settled in, he looks down to the sunken floor where the only supplicants stand, and beckons them forward. "Peri. Tell me why you have to the Court of Thieves."

Peri gestures politely at Marcellus "Another with broken chains has ended up in this city. This one I know reasonably well." she bows her head "Because the people in this city are a bit shy of our kind, I have come to request aid for this man - in the form of assistance finding employment. I myself can not at this time support more employed folk in the bath without dipping into my meager coin." she coos out, bowing, enough that her silk gown strains as she bows down.

Marcellus does stand with hands behind his back as he watches the other man easily. Not seeming to mind at all to let them speak. Tilting his head a bit. Letting any reputation he has speak for itself, as well as allow Peri to speak. Trusting her enough. The scars clear on his body from his work. As well as the tattoos, at least one being a former slave mark that he has altered.

Xhabo nods, smiling with but a discerning furrow of his brow. "Peri, you do not need to bow to me. We are all undermen here." He turns his heavy gaze to Marcellus. "I know of you. I am told that 'the Green Beast' is a terror in the pits. I have also heard it said that you are originally from Tyrosh. That is where I am most recently from, as well. Tell me how you came to Oldtown."

Peri chuckles faintly, patting Marcellus' rump before moving to sit on a chair, her eyes closing as she takes time to oil her arms, lazily.

Marcellus smiles a bit at his words to Peri, with a chuckle to her pat. Then nodding a bit towards the man, "An honor then." He offers about being recognized. As for how he got her, he grins a bit. "Found a ship. Found a way to sneak in and get something to convince the captain to allow me to travel along." He explains with a bit of a shrug. Not having to use violence for everything it seems. "It helps to be able to help in the ways one can. When we did find ports I fought to gain money. Among other methods." Not seeming to mind saying too much to the man, for now.

Xhabo strokes his chin thoughtfully, nodding at Marcellus's explanation. "You were a slave, yes? That life can harden a man…or shatter him. How did you break your chains?"

Peri takes a few papers out of a satchel at her hip to read quietly. Her real business at the court was introduction more than actual business it seems.

Marcellus nods and smirks, "I was. I was going to earn my freedom if I manage to win a certain amount of fights compared to losses. I manage to do as much as they wished. Then I. Sort of made sure that they would do as they promised. I can be convincing when I have to." He offers. Glancing towards Peri with a small grin before looking back to Xhabo again. "It takes more than that to break me."

Xhabo smirks, chuckling. "I can see that. You do not have the hooded eyes of a broken man. It may be that Loraquo could have use for your skills. Peri, how would you like to keep Marcellus on as security for the time being. I have an interest in seeing my investment protected, and it would give me an opportunity to observe how Marcellus operates as part of an organization."

Peri glances up "I would not mind, Although he would need lodging as I can't have my bath house full of naked muscled men allll the time." she offers, smiling "The women enjoy him greeting them in the bath house. You just are aware I only pay myself enough for personal necessities and business necessities so it was not possible on my personal coin." she admits. The business necessities however can be quite pricey.

Marcellus chuckles and grins, "Sounds fair." He offers. Looking towards Peri to allow her to answer. Trying, but failing, to look sweet. Then back to Xhabo. "Anything you wish. Be it protecting on finding and taking something." He assures him. Nodding to Peri with a chuckle. "As sweet as she has been to me, it would be rude for me to take up place from her as well." He offers and watches Xhabo, in case he can help out any. "It would be fine either way. I know how to manage to survive." He assures him. In case everyone has their hands full.

Xhabo nods. "Peri, help him find lodging near the bath house. The expense will be taken care of. We shall try this for…shall we say one month? Then we can revisit the arrangement and determine if it is time for a change. Is this agreeable to the both of you?"

Peri bows her head "I am sure it will be agreeable. So long as he remembers - if a noble man or woman strikes me to let it go." she offers. She stands up, moving to hand a piece of paper to Xhabo, it is a letter from a Dornish Sailor expressing extreme pleasure with the bath houses' splendor and desire to come again soon. She grins "Business is good." She watches Marcellus "I'm sure this will be agreeable, and there are some apartments near the bath house I'm sure they aren't that expensive.

Marcellus nods, "Of course. Anything is better than nothing. And this is quite a good arrangement for the time being." He offers. Stretching his neck a bit. Looking to Peri to hear her response as well. "I will do my best to allow it then. Though as I am to offer security, I might at least say something to them, if I may?" He suggests with a grin, "Though I will follow your gestures. You tell me to help or not." He tells her. Nodding about where he is staying. "That will all work out I am sure. And thank you." He says to both of them.

The guard behind the tribunal table steps forward to take the paper, but Xhabo waves him off, leaning forward to claim it himself. He reads it over with a broad smile before handing it back to Peri. "Do as Peri requests. But if she is struck, I expect you to inform me about it."

Peri smiles "There is no sense causing a public scene with witnesses." she offers honestly to Xhabo. "As long as blood isn't drawn it is not so terrible, I figure." she offers to Marcellus "The nobility have much draw and while some houses find me highly favorable, I do not have power of my own." she admits, she only has manipulation. She folds the paper, tucking it into her small bag. "I listen to all words regardless of source, Marcellus."

Marcellus nods slowly. "Of course." He offers about reporting any strikes to Peri. Nodding a bit more as he just grins. Bowing as they seem to be taking their leave. "Again, thank you." Waiting to see if he has more before he will leave.

Xhabo gestures to the guard on the opposite end of the room that the pair came in from, who opens the exit door there. "I look forward to seeing how we can help each other. And please, there is no need to bow. They call me a prince, but there are no true royals in Undercity. Be well, my friends."

Marcellus nods and grins a bit. "Well, that is good then. Be well." He offers before turning to wander out of there. No need to bother the man too long after all. Else he might change his mind.

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