(121-03-18) No Visitors
No Visitors
Summary: City Watch 1 - House Targaryen 0
Date: 18/Mar/2014
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A small, relatively quiet residential street, leading to the prestigious Starry Sept of Oldtown. The manses of the pious (and rich) line the street, clustered in the Sept's shadow like children around an old, decrepit grandfather. The Sept rises skyward to the West, dominating the street. The famous Maidenday Gardens are spread out opposite the Sept's seven towers. To the East is the Starry Street Bridge with its seven arches and the multitude of seven-pointed stars decorating its stonework. It spans the Honeywine to connect with Hightower Street. To the North is the long stretch of Sphinx Street, and the towers of the Citadel at its end. The the South is the Guildhall Row with its somber, semi-fortified halls and guild-owned docks.
There are banner-poles along the street, with banners depicting the Seven-Pointed Star in gold, on a white field. The street is quite immaculate, in spite of the heavily worn cobbles, smoothened by the treading of the pious, on their way to the hallowed ground of the Starry Sept.

Daevon leaves from the Dragon Door Manse and heads straight for the White Stone Manse. He doesn't pay the guards any heed, expecting them to stand aside and let him through.

Alys has spent the best part of the day so far with the watchmen 'guarding' the White Stone Manse. It's not a duty she is particularly enjying given the circumstances, but it's useful in that she is at least getting a first hand idea of the situation there. Or just outside there anyway. Keeping an eye up and down the street she's letting two lower rankers actually stand on by the door and watches as the knight as he approaches. Once it becomes apparent that he isn't going to turn aside, or head along the street she steps closer too, offering in clipped and authorative tones, "Sorry Ser, no visitors."

"Your orders do not apply to the Targaryen family," Daevon informs Alys. He seems to plan to continue on his route to the front door. "Stand aside." There's no room for negotiation in his voice.

Alys does hesitate slightly at that, there are orders, then there are Targaryens. In the end though, orders, and indeed, her personal preference to continue to isolate the Dornish, win out and she stands her ground. Optioning to play dumb and bounce this upwards as she states once more, "Sorry Ser, no visitors. My orders aloow no exceptions." Gesturing east in the general direction of the watchtower she adds, helpfully, "if you'd like to take it up with my superiours you are of course more than welcome to do so, but until I hear from them otherwise, it's no visitors." More than her job's worth and all that.

Daevon knows that Alys is just following orders. He doesn't even glance towards the tower. He gazes at her with ice-cold amethyst eyes as he decides whether or not to make her life a misery. Some Targaryen's might throw tantrums, some might be cruel, and perhaps if it had been a male guard that had approached Daevon there'd be a different outcome. "What is your name?" he asks. There is a slight softening in his expression.

Alys gazes straight back, careful to keep her face as neutral and professional as she can. His response is better than she'd hoped for though, half expecting some tirade about either being a mere watchman or a mere woman. It's almost a refershing change to get neither. "Lieutenant Cockshaw," she replies, although the hereldry on her pouldron likely gave at least part of that away before now. Then, for completeness sake, she adds her first nae too, "Alys."

"I am so sorry for your losses," Daevon says. "It is a terrible time and I understand that there are hard decisions to be made. You have no say in the orders you are given. I will indeed do as you ask, Liutenant. It would be churlish of me to make your life more difficult than it need be." With that said he turns and walks back.

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