(121-03-17) Happily Ever After
Happily Ever After
Summary: Isara and Teryin come to terms with the move and eachother.
Date: 17/03/2014
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It has been one of those days, filled with awkward silences when in each others presence, at least from Isara's end and idle chatter thankfully filled with plenty of things to do. The business, other things to do with their move, all that sort. However time was put aside to go for a nice ride, horses having been ridden out in the evening for a bit of quiet and cool air provided by the light drizzle. She is wearing a light summer cloak of light green, and an empire waisted dress of golden brocade, hair braided back and tossed over one shoulder, "I think this is a good spot to stop." She'll call out to the guards attending them as well as their other servants, bringing her horse to a slow stop at the pool.

Teryin has spoken when spoken to, words seems to only trip him up. He's in love with the woman and tries not to dwell on what had transpired. The black steed is covered by a red saddle blanket, his armor left at home, the light tunic worn. The ride is a welcomed one, his jade eyes stealing looks as the sun just reflects off her tender flesh. Yorik is with them, dressed in his cuirass. Normally more talkitive with Teryin, but on this ride he is the silent guardian. As Isara stops the group, Teryin is already dismounting and handing the reigns to a young servant. "My Nightingale." His feelings for her haven't changed, hand rising beside her mount offering a way down.

Isara's feelings haven't changed. But there are added dimensions now. Things to put doubt into her mind like clawing tendrils of darkness. Being young, in a new place, it's to be expected to have a few things pop up, but now it's all taken hold of her. The world seems …changed. Not as vibrant. The joyful exuberance that usually holds her has lessened, and she'll look out over the horizon, distracted, looking startled when Teryin is beside her then extending his hand. A smile will falter to her lips and she'll nod, reaching down to take his hand, other going to his shoulder as she dismounts with his assistance, "Thank you, husband." She'll murmur, looking to the large boulder, gesturing towards it, "That looks like a lovely place to sit." Softly said as she nods to the servants, "Set up the blanket there, please."

Her handmaidens and servants are quickly bringing the blankets towards the boulder. Teryin holds out his arm, knowing that she'll take it. His movements are slow, allowing them to set up the perch before they arrive. "This is a beautiful place. Nearly as beautiful as you." His wears the charming smile, jade eyes trying desperately to show his feelings. "Do you miss Golden Tooth or Pinkmaiden?" Questions asked as they come closer to the boulder.

Isara's smile is slow to grow further, though it does, mind still off in thoughts but she'll force her attention here, squeezing his arm before releasing it once they've come to the edge of the blanket, gathering her skirts to move to sit down, "I miss …both. Everything. Before we came here." Said softly as she lowers down to sit, spreading out her skirts modestly, her legs sliding out to the side a bit, slippered feet peeking out from beneath skirts. She will then look over her shoulder at her husband, raising up the arm connected to it to extend her hand out, fingertips wiggling, "You?"

Teryin takes those wiggling fingertips, moving to rest beside her. At first it's only a crouch. "I miss the conflicts I was in." He'll admit openly, fingers squeezing those of the woman's. "Being outside of the walls and free. Nobility meant nothing once the battle started." His eyes remain locked on the fingers at play. "But I was always missing a part of me. As right as it felt, as free as I felt. I still was not complete." Slowly his gaze rises up to Isara. "You complete me. Coming here is difficult because I want us to be happy." Legs begin to shift, the knight falling to arse. A knee propped up as the other leg extends out. "I don't have Hobbs to talk to and as stressed as I am, I'm sure you have more than I."

"Plenty of conflicts here, no?" Isara will murmur softly, listening to the man as she watches those jade eyes of his in the waning light, "I would not make light of your stress, Tery." The young woman will state, looking down to their hands now, her other grazing along her skirts before she's looking to the pool of water, "They are far more than mine. Truly, I've only a few." A shrug, her smile falling smaller, shoulder brought up to cheek as she exhales out slowly, feeling toes dancing in her slippers, "You will find people here to talk to."

Teryin reaches over, the side of his finger gently guiding her chin towards him. "Last eve my biggest fear nearly consumed me. Losing you. But it was no witch nor woman that did it, but me." Those gems of his find the sea-blue gaze he sought after, "I know I cannot change what happened, but I'm sorry." His body will slide next to hers, "I do not need others. I have you." There he sits, so close to her, lips but inches apart, eyes simply lost in the sea of blue.

"You /do/ need others. Those you can trust. People you can talk to of things you can not with me." Said earnestly, "It struck me …this morning." She'll tear her eyes away from his gaze, lips pressing together, feeling him so close to her, hand lifting from his so she can brush a lock of loose hair from it's braid back behind her ear, "We have been living in a fantasy, you and I, things of story. But we've entered the real world now, haven't we, since coming to this city."
Shifting upwards she'll rise to her knees and shift towards the edge of the rock, sliding feet back as she lays down onto her stomach, elbows up in front of her, arms crossing as she looks down into the shimmering gently dancing waters, "I have to reach out too, find new friends, people I can speak to. Grow up." Nodding slowly, having been running this over in her head since leaving him the last eve, "Know that the fairytale is an illusion." Wine will get brought by a servant, each asked and Isara deigning it with a flick of her fingertips lightly.

Teryin listens to the words, pained by them and how she shifted away. He doesn't speak right away. Eyes pull away from her body as she sprawls out to gaze into the water. Still he listens, no words. The nodding of her head only breaking his heart as she affirms her thoughts. He'll turn away the offer of wine, sliding off the rock to stand near the edge of the pool. Even with the remaining light, he can see two faces reflecting back at him.

Isara watches as the face joins in alongside hers in the reflection, "At least our awakening occurred at the same time. Or near to it." Ah, there is a smile that will touch her lips, head tilting back to look up at her husband, cocking to the side, blue eyes dancing darkly in the remaining light that slowly drifts on the horizon to nothingness, "A new adventure for us to embark on. Together."

Teryin will keep looking into the water, the smile noted, the turning of her head - still seen. But he won't look away from the water. He knows her words mean well, but how can see call this a new adventure together when she just spoke of meeting and needing others? "It wasn't just fantasy." Words spoken in a hushed tone, eyes diving deeper into the water. Thumbs come to rest along the black belt at his waist.

Isara will ease back up onto her knees, hands on thighs, a deep breath taken in, "Wasn't it? This perfect little world, in our own small bit of dew on a leaf, unawares - myself at least, of the world at large, how expansive it was. How you would need more than just I to speak to, to find guidance in. Like Hobbs. We had this perfect-"
Her voice will carry as she leans back, kicking her feet out from beneath her to scoot forwards again and dip her feet into the waters, leaning back on her hands, feet swirling slowly, slippers and all in the lovely warm waters, "-World built around us. Me, really. So naive." A small smile will erupt on her lips, a self-depreciated one, "Kept safe from everything. Poor little Isara, poor little girl with such an ugly stutter."
Soft laugh will drift then, a snort, really, chin dropping in towards her chest as she closes her eyes, dimples showing, "Its okay. I'll get used to it."

Teryin will glances over his shoulder at his wife, those few words all he's said. He continues to listen to her, her thoughts about their world - his world - solely revolving around her was true, but his love had nothing to do with feeling sorry for her. "Hobbs was the only one in my family that approved of our marriage. Is that something you wanted to hear back then?"

The man wants to bite his tongue off, listening to her just sit there and belittle herself. It was almost like she is trying to convince herself that she's right. "I am your husband, not because of pity. Not because of land nor titles. Not even to please your father. It was because I love and worship you." Turning fully, Teryin will approach her perch, hands coming to rest atop the boulder near her thighs. "I have always loved you Isara." Those jade gems finally gaining the strength to travel up the length of her arm towards the beautiful face of his Nightingale. "You won't get use to it, because I won't hurt you like that again." A hand comes to rest on her shoulder.

Isara has already convinced herself of such. And come to peace with it. Over a bottle of wine and a lot of time. Well. A day. Hardly a ton of time, but enough, "I knew. Your mother didn't keep it secret." Said with an expansive shrug, leaning into his hand once he's settled down near her, tilting her cheek into his hand, nodding her head slowly, blue eyes darkened considerably within the night air, lanterns having been lit now, glowing merrily nearby, "I know you won't." Lips will lightly dance up further into a smile, her hand coming up to meet his as she leans in towards him, drawing her lips nearer to his as her eyes search his.

Teryin is still lost, so confused by her words and actions. "I'm…so confused Isara." His gaze is lost to her again, face darkened by the coming of night and hidden in shadow from his body blocking the fires. "This was to be our dream, and now my nightmare continues to come true." Thumb brushes against her cheek before that too is brought down to the rock's surface. "Now you seem set on both of us finding others. To keep us company, to lean on. It's as if you want to believe that you are not good enough anymore."

"Is it still not our dream? Will we not ..make a family, enjoy each others company? It may not be a fairytale, but it is …something more real. It's good." Said with a nod of her head, "My maiden, as I walked last night, came upon me, and told me that it is not bad to have outside influences. It's good."
She reassures him, knowing she's not enough deep down, "You need more Hobbs in your life. And it's so good for you." Nodding, her lips parting as teeth get shown in a partial smile, "Now. Let past be past. Yes? We will …embark and embrace this new life."

Teryin's jaw clenches, knowing how fragile she use to be, wondering if it's not the same frail girl he knew. "You deserve a fairytale. I want to give you a fairytale life." Talk of her handmaiden's words only force his facial features to tighten further. "I do not need more Hobbs. I need you." The smile is noted, his jaw still clenched between words, "I won't let this go, not until you understand. I cannot go through living this way. Having you not believe you are good enough for me."

Isara is completely shattered inside, truth be told. The fragile creature is broken down and not quite sure how to reassemble the pieces, opting instead to pretend that everything is at it should be. That she is fine with what happened. It takes all her energy to do so, she wants to be a good wife in the hopes he won't stray from her, and being a good wife means towing the line. The good enough comment has her smile faltering, lips trembling as she forces it back up, the lights behind him betraying in a glow the pain in her stark blue gaze.
"But is it not true? Has it not always been? I am /lucky/ you chose to be with me." Blinking furiously she will turn her gaze away, struggling to regain her bravado confidence, "You will gi-give me …e-eh-everything …and m-m-m-more. I k-know this." Far more than she deserves. And look, again, with an inhale in that smile is back and she nods, looking back to him, eyes lit with a glimmer of moisture, but she's good at fighting back such things. Maybe he'll take it as a twinkle in her eyes, "Wi-wine?"

Teryin couldn't miss the pain in her eyes, his jade gaze already moving back up to her face. "I didn't chose to be with you!" His voice is belittling, but rather stressed. "I was /yours/ since we were thirteen." Her stuttering returning he already knows that he is getting further into the issue. When she turns away, his hand will swiftly move to her chin, but does not turn her, instead he lets her own movements bring the gaze back. Closer he'll lean, the shadows of his body hiding the lighting of her face. Fingers move to her cheek, thumb stroking it with love, "Isara, if anyone in this relationship is not fit for it - it would be me. For you are more beautiful than the Nightingale herself and such a woman that /any/ man would cherish."

Teryin's nose brushes against the tip of hers, eyelids flickering as he does so. "Isara, I want to make love to you. To settle your fears and mine. To show you that I need only one in my life, /you/." His forehead comes to rest against her, a hand taking her own in his. "Wine." The word spoken loud enough to bring a servant running with a skin and two glasses.

Isara's gaze will drift to his, bidden by that gentle touch of his to her chin. Desperately wanting to believe his words but not trusting herself to. And so she doesn't, but the words do offer a faint balm to her tortured mind. Slowly nodding, bottom lip sucked in and suckled on briefly. Then bitten down on. But as he draws in closer, nose to hers, she will let her face fall as eyes close, lips pulling to the side, "I would not guilt you into making love to me, Teryin. It is not fair to you." Hand into his, warmth of his palm felt in hers, needing to feel his closeness to her, anything. And then there's wine. And she's licking her lips quickly, offering a soft laugh as they're presented, taking one with her free hand though she doesn't move from where she is, forehead to forehead with Teryin, "But I would not say no, either." Last words whispered.

Teryin will draw back slightly, giving her the chance for a drink. "Guilt me? Isara, I've wanted to. I /need/ to. Do not ever think you are not worthy of me, my wife." He'll hold her hand forever, the other coming to rest atop her thigh in another sign of closeness. The moon isn't hidden and through the breaks of boughs finally lights the jade eyes as they stare at her with love and affection. "I will do everything I can to mend the wrong, to make you happy again without putting on a face and pretending it."

His words continue to work their magic, albeit in small ways, her gaze searching his in a bid to see if he's lying, but she sees nothing that would lead her to believe that he's anything but honest. The hand on her thigh is indeed welcome as well, her smile breaking as she nods her head, catching the color of his eyes and feeling her heart completely melting, "I love you." She'll murmur softly, cheeks rising in color as she will take a moment to take a drink of her wine, bracing herself.

Teryin squeezes her hand gently, eyes remaining focused on her. He loves her and everything he does and is now shows it. "I can stay out here all night with you, just to prove to you that I'll do anything for you. That you are the only one I need, want, and love." Fingertips slowly draw down her thigh over the fabric of the skirt, waiting her to finish the drink. As she finishes, his lips are immediately embracing hers. Eyelids close tightly while fingers firmly squeeze in reassurance and hope that things will be okay. That the fairytale can continue and all their troubles can be overcome with one another.

Oh. That was abrupt. Barely a chance to swallow the red dew before she's feeling his lips in against hers, her heart stopping a moment before doing a series of flips, making her feel rather light headed. An abrupt wetness between thighs as she feels a heat grow and tingling that runs up along her thighs outwards to her knees, then toes, while also traveling opposite up her abdomen, through her soft perky breasts onwards through flesh. Maybe its the wine, maybe it's just this moment, but the goblet is dropped on the blanket as she leans into the kiss, eyes closing as her free hand lifts to gently touch his cheek as the other tightens in his.

Teryin doesn't break the kiss, even though a few cat whistles are tossed in their direction. His tongue parts her lips, trying to draw out Isara's tongue. Slowly it teases hers, letting it sift along the tip and over top. That hand on her thigh stays there, fingertips massaging the muscles.

Isara would have been so happy to give into his kiss, to shyly explore his tongue with hers, but those cat whistles totally kills the moment for her and she'll turn her head with a furious blush, biting the inside of her lip hard, his massaging hand touch with her own, "It's late, and I worry for b-b-ban-bandits." Huskily whispered, her lips swollen, cheeks bright with color, pupils engorged, and her chest heaving with increased breath. Whew. Time to slow it down, "Let's head home."

Teryin chuckles lightly as she breaks away and blushes. The hand on her thigh slipping from beneath hers to caress her cheek. "I think you are right." He doesn't give dirty looks or scornful words to any of the guards, most treat him like a friend rather than a 'boss'; just because he treats them the same way. He'll lift her into his arms, servants recognizing what's going on and chasing after the blankets and goblet. As they approach her mount, he'll lift her onto it, handing the reigns to her with a loving look. "I'm glad we came out here tonight." It's about this time when Teryin's horse is brought to him by Yorik, a smug grin across the Braavosi's lips. The Lefford mounts the steed and the group heads back under light of the moon.

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