(121-03-15) The Vision Comes True
The Vision Comes True
Summary: The witch's vision comes to light, Teryin finds out it was himself that was to blame.
Date: 15/03/2014
Related: Nightmares, Witches, Little Girls

Isara is sat upon a balcony overlooking a garden, currently writing in a book. She's dressed in soft pinks and her hair is pleated back around a lovely woven cap of green.

Teryin had another sleepless night, his thoughts brought him out to the beach where many things were told to him. Even the trip to get the chicken was filled with adventure. Today was slightly different, though the same young Stark girl seems to find him where ever he goes. It had been raining heavier through the day, but now it's a soft drizzle, barely enough to notice fully.

There's a soft knock on the oaken chamber door. "My Nightingale? May I enter?" Words spoken through the thick obstacles between the two. He had removed his jerkin and cloak, replacing it with a dry tunic of silken fashion - blue in color.

Isara has been ill from chicken so has not gotten out much, the woman glancing towards the door. A brow is raised though she will look back to her book, flipping the page as she brings up a stylus, "Unless we have suddenly stopped sharing rooms, I'm quite sure you may." She'll call out, quite disturbed by her husbands absences in the middle of the night.

The door opens, his loving eyes seeking out her form. "I was not sure you sought my company. I had gone out in the rain to keep an eye on the construction with Yorik. On the way back we ran into the Starks." His movements bring him closer and closer to his one true love. "I escorted the daughter and Lady back to their Manse and came home." He leans down to place a kiss within her hair, happy to see her awake finally today. "Has Lady Leof or Lord Trystan stopped by? Lady Leof was all kinds of excited to meet you and drink tea."

"I've been ill, I've only recently awoke." Isara will murmur, tilting her head to take the kiss as she continues working in her book, faint smile upon her lips, "Not that I know of. I'm sure in time they will, or I'll entreat upon them perhaps."

"The handmaiden spoke of your illness, I hope you are feeling better." Finger traces down from shoulder to her elbow before he's drying off a chair and pulling it under the protection of an outcropping. Settling in next to her, a hand lightly placed upon her forearm, the bandage wrapped around his own. "Seems something else is troubling you my love." His jade gaze glances at the book, "financial records?"

"Your absences from our bed." Isara will reply easily enough, her voice terse as she tries to control her emotions. And she does so, quite admirably, "And no, writing up mock menus."

"So you did notice." Teryin's lips twist as he muses telling her what happened lastnight. A slight sigh escapes those lips, eyes staying on the woman who seems to drawn into her own thing. "I couldn't sleep. The nightmares just won't stop. I woke in a sweat and went for a walk south of town, down to the beach." As he speaks, the fingertips begin to stretch along her forearm in a gentle caress.

"Unable to find solace with myself, you have to part from me to find it." She will state dryly, lips parting a moment as she pauses, exhaling in, then out, a method used to calm herself. And then she'll nod her head. And force a smile, scribbling another item onto the page, before crossing it out and reaching out to dip her stylus into it's ink well, "Good for you."

Teryin's brows furrow slightly, his voice staying calm even as the words of the witch linger in his ears. "I find solace in you, but did not wish to wake you. You were ill, I did not want to toss more of a burden onto you." The brows relax, fingers resuming their caress of her forearm, trying not to disturb her writing.

Nodding her head with that same smile she'll look up from her book, closing it and setting it on the side table. Stylus will get plunked into the ink pot and she will turn to look to him fully now, "You did wake me, and I found myself alone."

A shrug then however, "But men are wont to do as they wish. I hope you found peace at least in your walk." Said as she reaches out for the thing of tea at her elbow, "Perhaps we should join our new friends for dinner tonight, what do you think."

"Why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you call me back to bed or ask what was wrong?" Teryin's eyes drift to the look, caught briefly before she shrugs and speaks again, reaching for the tea and breaking eye contact. "I found more to worry about on the walk. Not peace. Peace is when you're in my arms, when thoughts are washed away like the cisterns empting into the sea." The way she speaks is testing his calmness, "If that is what you wish, we can. But if you are still feeling ill, you should remain inside, closer to the hearth and get warm."

"When I woke you were gone. Your absence when I reached out was what caused me distress." Isara will state, "But, I am told that is the way of things here in this city. Husbands disappear at night, and wives are to hold their tongues." Or steel their blades. She wasn't sure which was the appropriate action, "I'm fine, I wasn't that ill yesterday. A mild stomach worry, I'd be out of this manse."

"So rumors would have you believe that I am out whoring with thoughts of losing you?" Teryin asks in disbelief, "If those are your thoughts, I'd have them spoken unveiled." Fingertips leave the woman's forearm, his touch not even noticed. "Last eve I found a witch along the shores of the beach. She knew much of my dreams, spoke of my future. When I asked what was to become of us, she said…" The man sits back now, eyes staring over the walls in the back of the garden, distant. "She said I had the scent of tragedy like all who love truly. That I will see my share of heartache before I lie with someone I love." His hand moves to the bandage, fingertips itching at the fabric.

"I have asked you to make love to me, and since we have arrived you have not." Isara will state, hearing the words of the witch with a nod of her head, "Instead of being with me, you go to some creature who would tell you ill of us. Why do you think she said that?" Asked with a raised brow, "Are you so naive? A man out, with a wife at home, wandering. They use what is in the moment to tell you your 'future'. Of course she would say that. Why else would these nightmares be haunting you, why else would you not make love to me for the first time." Her cheeks rise in color, "Why else does a man wander at night, thoughts of direness with the one he says he loves utmost at home alone." Her head shakes, "You make your own misfortune, Teryin, and take it as prophecy when someone simply tells you what any plain can see."

"When have I had the strength? For the first few days in town I was breaking my back to build /your/ establishment. Only to come home and fall into an empty bed alone while you did your thing around the manse." Teryin's voice stays calm even though it's been days since they had actually spoken. He knows that yesterday she had tried to remind him of her love, but the nightmares stayed. "You twist this into me seeking out a witch to spin me lies and falsehoods. What would you tell me? Calling me naive, maybe I am. I was out to clear my mind because clearly something was bothering me."

The only sign of his frustration is the clenching of his fist atop the arm of the chair. "Under all of this happiness is me being terrified. The thought of losing you. The thought of not being good enough for you. Maybe the witch was spinning lies, but what if she's not? She had powers no mortal could possess. I saw them with my own eyes."

"I want us to be happy, to make love, and create life - a child. One we can raise together, here in Oldtown, away from the plight of my parents. We can grow old here, running the winery, tending the vineyards, working at the eatery, and raising our son or daughter or a multitude of them." The fist unclenches, legs slipping from the chair as he comes to kneel before the woman. "Isara my dream of us started such a long ago. I have never betrayed you, nor will I. I love you completely and want to spend my remaining days growing old and living in peace with you."

If he needs to, he'll forcefully take her hand, but hoping it doesn't come to that, his fingers will slide over the flesh and bone of knuckles, fingertips slipping into her palm to guide her hand between both of his. "Tonight. I shall reaffirm my vows. Overcome my fears. Take your beautiful body and magnetic soul to bed. And we will become one. I can only pray to the Crone that you understand my fears before. That you accept my apology and wish to share the same dream with me. The dark rings under his eyes only allow the moon to kiss the jade hue of his iris', those orbs looking longingly towards Isara.

Isara raises a brow, "Empty in the middle of the day, when it should be empty?" What is he on about, she's never not been in their bed at night. The idea itself is ridiculous, "I twist nothing, you're twisting the very air before us entirely. You allow some witch to play with your mind. You /went/ there displaying everything for her to see, you are plain to read." Twisting things? Isara most certainly is not, "So you would believe a witch over everything you've experienced with me because of what, exactly." None of this makes sense to her at all. Her own fears were born out of more worldly women finding his fancy, and easily dismissed as exactly that, foolish fears. But his? Where does it come from. It makes /no/ sense to her whatsoever. She lets him take her hand, blue eyes staring at him, bewildered, "I do not understand your fears." He can pray all he wants, she doesn't get it, "After a lifetime of you telling me of your love …you doubt it now? I do not understand it." Said carefully, lest he twist that around on her, "I have the same dreams as you, it's only as of late they've grown a shadow."

"I never went there hoping to find anyone." His eyes continue to look up towards her, "Why do you keep insisting I /went/ to a witch like a fat child runs to the baker's booth? I believe the words of the witch because of what I saw. If she can create life from wooden statues and float, why can she /not/ see the future?" He doesn't want this, his whole reason for being knelt between her legs was to show he loved her. "You're loading a crossbow for me to shoot myself with." Metaphorically speaking the man doesn't move, "I don't understand why the witch telling me what she saw of my future bothers /you/. Are you JEALOUS? Worried that the one man, who in your own words; saw you through your problem and loved you just the same, would betray you for another woman??" He doesn't understand where she gets him doubting his love for her, "How can you say I doubt /my/ love for you? I told you that I fear not being good enough for you. Not being able to please you in bed. Not being able to converse like friends and lovers alike."

"So then we are doomed." Isara will state with a nod of her head, as he keeps going on about believing in what the witch said, "Am I not your future? Should it not bother me when it is so dire?" Asked with a frown, and blinking as he accuses her of being jealous. That has her blinking hard at him, looking stung, her hand drawing out from his, "I am not speaking at all of any other women in any sense, why you …insinuate as much is beyond me." Jeebus, this just keeps getting worse and worse, "You went out looking to air /our/ …/your/ issues …to anyone who would listen. Instead of bringing it to me." Cheeks rise up in a dark red as she rises from the seat, "I am not the one who left our bed to wander. I am not the one who went to others, anyone as you said, to air out your worries."

Teryin rises with her, done with trying to explain things and just tripping over himself. "Isara. Enough. I'm done putting my foot down my throat. What I'm saying is I love you. I'm terrified to lose you, though I've no reason to be." His hands grip her shoulders, keeping her from walking away. "I would do anything to keep our marriage together. You are my Nightingale. From now on, any issues I have with us or me in general will come to you - and you alone. I will share everything with you." Face stern, but in those jade eyes is love and affection. "I cannot lose you."

"You've hurt me most severely, Teryin. And for what r-re-eason, I still do not know or understand." Swallowing hard she will nod however, kept in place only by his hands on her shoulders, blue gaze on him, hurt entirely there. Her jaw is tense and she is biting down hard on the inside of her cheek to keep from crying, "I do not know why you would do this to us." Is all she can manage then before she raises a hand up to press underside of her palm to an eye, "I am not lost to you, though you would air it out as such, why you would do that to us-" Repeated again, her eyes welling up as she rolls her eyes up, fanning her face, "Please let me walk. I need to think. To breathe."

Teryin hates seeing her like this, the pain worse than any nightmare he could have. Perhaps those nightmares were a warning to him, one he did not heed. Now he's living and breathing such a nightmare. He could continually repeat how sorry he is, but he's said that enough. The man may even try to tell her that he'll prove to her how sorry he is, but that will take time. He's most confused because when he was on the beach with the witch, he would have done anything to make sure his nightmares didn't come true, to keep his marriage strong in light of those terrible thoughts. Her talk of airing it out that he's lost her just brings a solemn look upon his face. "I want to be with you now, to hold you." An exhale, eyes dropping from her view, fingers relaxing enough to let her go if she wishes. "But if you wish to be away from me, I understand." The tips of his fingers trail down the nightie, finding her waist and leaning in to kiss her forehead. "I'm a fool who loves you and will always love you Isara."

Isara does wish it, pulling away after the kiss to her forehead, "I have always thought you the most thoughtful individual, Teryin. Someone who held me in high enough regard not to treat me thusly." Said as she steps back, "Perhaps in time I will find you that way again." Her tongue will flicker out from beneath lips to whet them as both hands raise up and push back through her hair. No. She's not going to cry, those tears will not fall from her eyes. "Perhaps you should tell the witch that. Lest you thoroughly curse us." Very rarely is Isara hurt by Teryin, in fact the last true time was when she was in that vineyard of their first meeting, "Unless of course this is the path set out to make the future you believe so steadfast true." But it's obvious she is now. Since night has well fallen she will stride away, barefoot, off through the garden, to weave a path on her own through the manse, walking until thoughts and feelings are sorted, or at the very least exhausted from her for the evening, which will likely turn to the morning.

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