(121-03-15) Lowly Needs of a Drunken Fish
Lowly Needs of a Drunken Fish
Summary: On a late evening Thadeus and Cerys have another encounter.
Date: 16/03/2014 (OOC Date)
Related: The Bull Fish and the Dragon; happens on the night before Fish on a Dish.

Oldtown Square Oldtown

It is a summer night. The weather is hot and overcast.

This is a small cobblestone market square, packed with people from all walks of life in Oldtown. Food vendors offer sizzling, toothsome-smelling dishes, and peddlers offering every sort of thing one can possibly buy with coin line the cobbled walkways, with carpets, weapons, wines, scrolls, armor, cloth, tools, cookware, and myriads of cheap trinkets sure to please.

There is a general babble of voices and chatter as the city folk try to negotiate with the sharp street vendors of Oldtown, and the occasional scuffle as the City Watch snatch up pickpockets and cutpurses from the crowd.

There are some worn stone benches here and there, and grassy swards for the smallfolk to gather upon. In the center of the square stand a set of four heavy wooden pillories, where wrongdoers are frequently held fast for public punishment.

A late night it is already in Oldtown, and Oldtown Square almost deserted, except for the usual few people who have failed to find their way home yet. One of them being Lord Thadeus Tully who is just emerging from the Bawdy Bard, with only two knights accompanying him. The Tully heir being in rather good spirits, and as the already slightly wobbly gait suggests, also having had more than one ale on this wonderful starry night. Supported by one of his retainers with a firm grip to his upper arm, Thadeus turns his gaze upwards toward the black sky, a drunken chuckle following soon. "Aww… just look at them stars, as if the Seven looked down upon us…" They better not. As the door opens again, and one of the comely but barely clad maidens that work at the Bawdy Bard rushes out, and hands the Tully what looks like a sword in a scabbard. "Oh… did I really… leave that?" Thadeus smiles at the whore, leaning forward to offer her a long and scandalous kiss to her lips. "Thank you,… whatwasyournameagain?", he babbles, while one of his retainers accepts the sword which is probably wise, given the current state of the man. From the giggling girl, that seems quite pleased with the treatment the Tully lord gives her.

And how can the stars in the sky be without the moon? Soon the dazzling light of the moon shows up and it is nothing else, but the young Targeryen beauty! She walks out from the baths, wearing an incredibly light silver gown. Her long tresses of snowy hair have the glinting of silver too, likely, because they are still slightly wet. The drops of water fall on the girl's dress and the fabric around her shoulders can be easily seen through, showing the soft skin of Cerys’ shoulders. The sweet aroma of perfume is spreading from the girl as the light of her pale skin and bright smile. She is followed by her handmaiden and two guards. The company easily notices the sources of noise near the Bawdy Bard. The guards steps in front of the young lady, and handmaiden tries to drag Cerys away, "My lady, we should go home. Your brothers might be worried." However, the girl's curiosity keeps her standing and staring at the Tully heir.

Thadeus offers a smile to the wench, his grey-blue eyes lingering on her for a moment longer, even after he breaks that kiss. His gaze drifts away from her then, over the almost deserted Oldtown Square. And even the drunken cannot ignore the moon when it approaches. Straightening at once, he will stare over towards the Targaryen, his hand gesturing for the wench to leave him. "off you go, lass…" Muttered at a low volume, as Tully heir and Targaryen lady are engaged in that battle of stares. His mouth finally curving into a smirk, as the implications of her seeing him here in that unmistakeable situation with a whore slowly dawn upon him. It will not keep him from approaching her, slowly, really trying not to sway too much. The supporting hand of his knight waved off.

"Good eve, Lady Cerys." Thadeus will greet in a surprisingly clear voice, offering a bow that may lack a bit the elegance from their previous encounter. Leaving it at that, as he waits for a reaction from the Targaryen.

The handmaiden Clarissa frowns at the man and takes the hand of her lady, "Please. Lord Aevander wouldn't be pleased, seeing you with… such company!" She finishes and yes, she is brave like that! The guards are trying to keep distance between the heir and Targaryen, however, she gently pushes one of the guards away and steps forward, studying the Tully, "Ah…" finally she speaks softly, "Already enjoying Oldtown?" Cerys looks at the whore, if she is still out or at the building, which the Tully just left.

The guards receive a glare from the Tully, as does the handmaiden… No not exactly. He winks at Clarissa, remembering her from the tavern, so he takes her words of warning to Cerys with amusement. His gaze drifting from handmaiden to her charge as Cerys steps forward, he will smile, an impressed flicker in his eyes, at her courage and the ethereal beauty which presents itself before his eyes in such close proximity. "Aye," Thadeus admits to her question. "It seems Oldtown has some diversions to offer," a casual remark as there is no point denying it. "Although… if I had known I would have the pleasure of meeting you again,… This visit may most certainly not have happened." A careless gesture towards the brothel. "You look enchanting, Lady Cerys." He will try to reach for her hand if Cerys or her guards allow it, to place a gentle kiss onto it. He may be drunk but not too drunk to remember the ways to impress noble ladies.

Cerys herself will withdraw her hand from the Tully not letting him kiss it. She clasps her hands on her abdomen and shakes her head, smilling playfully. "Then it was your mistake, my lord." She says, "You should remember, that Oldtown is not so huge and any minute I might be somewhere close." Cerys explains, starting to play with one of her curls, but silver eyes are studying the man. "I am not a simple lady. You were the one, who called me the most beautiful. Moreover, the blood of the dragon is in my veins. The lips, who kissed these dirty…" She just gestures toward the brothel, "These lips can't touch my pure skin. I am the challenge, not the easily reached goal of the night!" Even the handmaiden straightens haughtily and glances over Tully with the gaze, which says: <Ha! You will never touch my lady!>

His brows will move upwards as the hand is withdrawn, but he more or less must have expected it. Thadeus nods with a rueful smile to her scolding. "The mistake was mine, my lady." he agrees, inclining his head. "I am aware a dragon will not be easily caught. Forgive me if I have insulted you." Words of surprising modesty. But anyone acquainted with Thadeus knows he will not leave it at that. "But bear in mind that we others who dwell on the ground are prone to the temptations of the world - and have needs that must be fulfilled, if we want to remain sane, while persuing high - and possibly unattainable goals." A bit of air leaves his nose as he studies Cerys from half closed eyes, his lips curled into a smile. "I will not lie to you, my lady. I /am/ a man with needs." The knight beside him inhaling sharply as he makes that candid confession. "Forgive me my honesty, but I feel you deserve nothing less.", Thadeus adds with a bow, swaying just a touch at his own sudden movement.

"Shouldn't a noble lord be a good example for his people?" Cerys gestures one more time towards the brothel, "This is not a good example!" She giggles and elegantly tosses silver curls at her back, baring a long and elegant neck. "Are your needs so huge, that a wife and children can't be enough?" Her keen gaze is staring straight into man's eyes. "Shouldn't you concentrate on family and your people more? I am sure, that would help your needs, not interrupt? After all, aren't you the heir of a quite well known family? I heard many good words of your father. Children should be trying to become better than their parents." A slightly ironical grin flashes in her pale features, when Cerys gaze slips from man's eyes across his body and back to his eyes.

Thadeus follows her gaze towards the brothel and he chuckles. "This is not a good example?", he echoes, looking back at Cerys with his grey-blue eyes. "I may have a family, but my wife died two years ago. So with noone to warm my bed, where should I go, but to whores? Rather chase handmaidens?" His gaze flits towards Clarissa and he winks. Amusement slowly fading from his features when Cerys mentions his father. Maybe that is a sore point. "I may try, given the right motivation," he quips back, smiling as he notices that glance of hers, and countering it with a quite pointed glance of his own towards her comely physique. "Or given the adequate guidance by someone who is morally so far above me." His eyes now finally moving to meet her gaze again.

"My lord, then I know a perfect solution for you…" The girl beams widely and steps a bit closer to the man. Her hand maiden gasps, "My lady, don't!.." But Cerys is just dragged by something, that boils in her heart. Likely, anger and jealousy of her sister and many other things. A few more steps closer to the Tully, "I might have an offer for you, my lord. Totally political one, but very beneficial." She steps even more closer that the man could feel her breath, when she leans to whisper something into his ear.

Cerys whispers: I might find you a wife, your needs will be taken care of, and your prestige will rise, and that wife will get what she wants too.

The Tully’s lips will purse when the Targaryen lady approaches him so audaciously, and his brows will rise at her announcement of an offer. Leaning a touch forward, to allow her whispered words to reach his ear, one of his fingers will move to his chin scratching the stubbles there pensively, until he straightens again, a low chuckle leaving his lips. “You mean to step into my father’s footsteps then?”, he quips, shooting Cerys an amused glance. “If so, be warned… My late wife was a Reyne, some argue, she was below my station. I will need to pick a wife of a more influential House next, to placate the wagging tongues back home in the Riverlands.” The smile on his features is almost impertinent, as his grey-blue eyes linger on her with amused curiosity, his arms crossing now before him, as his drunken state slowly seems to cease - helped along by the fresh air, perhaps, and the invigorating presence of the Targaryen beauty.

The young Targaryen beauty remains standing where she is, "You will have to change your behaviour, and then I will find the best wife you could imagine, that you will ever have!" She nods, beaming widely. Her hands move to smooth the fabric of her dress. "But for that, you will have to find me, when you won't be drunk. Unless you are curious about my offer now and are willing to make some promises." Cerys giggles and withdraws slightly, "I heard that drunk people are making promises way more easily than with fresh head!" She covers her lips, muffling the sound of another giggle. The breeze plays with Cerys' curls, making them hug her neck and shoulders gently.

There is a reason Thadeus is not called the Smart Fish, but the Bull Fish. It gives him an advantage too, to pretend he is dumber than he actually is at times. Such as now, when the Targaryen is giving him vague hints, without actually promising /anything/. "Change my ways?", the Tully heir inquires, raising a brow. "Without even knowing the match you are speaking of?" He stares at her incredulously. "I am curious of course, but not sufficiently so to make promises of any kind. And not drunk enough either." A chuckle, and he shakes his head. "But… if I understand you correctly, you ask me to give you a call at your Manse?" Straightening as he ponders that, and the possibility of encountering Targaryen siblings to Cerys, Thadeus will finally incline his head. "Fine then. I’ll call upon you,… as soon as I feel… in a state to do so…" His reply a bit vague there, as the effects of the ale kick in again. "I’d offer to escort you home…" he continues, grey-blue eyes shifting from Cerys to her retinue of handmaiden and guards, "But I can see you are well guarded already." A wide gesture to them, that makes him almost lose his balance. A swiftly offered hand of one of his own knights supporting him just in time.

"Then let’s wait for tomorrow. Then I will tell you, who am I offering to you…" The girl shakes her head, "I will find my way back home. I do hope, you will do the same!" She curtsies and waves for her guards and haidmaiden to follow. Though, before disappearing behind the corner, she looks back at the Tully with a wide smile in her features.

Thadeus will stare after her, leaning onto the offered arm of the Tully knight by his side, even returning that smile of Cerys with a wink of his own - more a reflex really, before his gaze returns to the two knights in his company. "Did that just happen…? She caught me kissing a whore, and she invites me to her house?" Shaking his head the impressive Tully heir will stand there for a moment, pondering before he give a light shrug. "Either way… I feel I need to retire to the Tully Manse." And so Thadeus walks off as well, as he feels the effects of a turbulent afternoon and evening finally kick in, his two knights escorting him all the way to his current domicile in Oldtown.

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