(121-03-14) Jewel in the Markets
Jewel in the Markets
Summary: Teryin finally reaches the markets and bumps into a mysterious woman
Date: 14/03/2014
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With evening setting in, Teryin is barely in time to fetch a chicken he plans on bringing home for dinner. His companions had left him with the Baneforts and went to the habor to watch the ships come in. After paying for the bird he turns rather swiftly, trying to escape the rain that has begun to fall on the city. He didn't see her passing and accidentally runs into the young woman. "I'm so sorry." Genuine concern crosses the features of his face, the large man is quite taller and broader than the lithe form he grabbed to keep her from falling. Those jade eyes look from the chicken to the woman, "If you're alright, I think I can go a night without chicken." A charming smile etches itself along lips, the rain coming down and soaking his tunic.

Iris had bought herself a bit of time away from her duties at the Quill and Tankard under the premise to go to the market and speak to some suppliers of the inn. The two hours that had been agreed upon with the tavern owner had stretched into four, when the comely barmaid had lingered for a bit longer to buy herself some soap. But now it is almost evening, and noticing the time Iris had hurried to return to the Quill and Tankard, being already late for her shift. As surprised by the rain as Teryin probably, she had missed to notice the young nobleman in time, and likewise bumped into him, her brown dress over her slightly off-white chemise already a bit drenched from the downpour, as well as her dark brown hair that she wears in an orderly braid.

Iris looks up startled, as she finds herself grabbed by the taller man, her blue eyes widen, before their expression softens and she smiles. "M'lord.", she mutters with a voice that sounds quite pleased with the sight she enjoys - as well as the confusing situation of being held in such a fashion by a handsome noble such as he. Her gaze drifting to the chicken that he dropped in order to catch her, then to his hands on her clean but drenched chemise covered arms. "Oh… no. It was my fault, M'lord. Didn't look where I was going. Sorry about… your chicken, M'lord." And then after a pause: "I'm alright, M'lord."

There is a moment before Teryin straightens the young lady up. Smallfolk it seems, but the knight had been around plenty and killed plenty. "I'd ask if I needed to check my coin pouch, but a thief would have ran off." He chuckles and finally lets his fingers release their hold on her. "Good to know I didn't hurt you, seems I'm running into all kinds of folk today." The red tunic turns a dark crimson from the wetness, the golden embroidery darkening as well. "You look almost highborn. Not like much of this riff-raff that scuttles around." The jade gaze finds the blue gems set in ivory skin, "You looked at that chicken like it wasn't worthy of me." A soft chuckle, "Expecting me to eat wild pork and fancy game like most nobles?" There's a hint of humor in those eyes, reaching down to pick up the chicken. "There's good meat in all animals."

Looking almost a bit disappointed when Teryin lets go of her, Iris shakes her head at his first remark with a chuckle. "I ain't no thief, by the Seven" Then straightening a bit at his compliment her gaze will drop down to study her attire, that clings to her curvy forms, blushing even a bit. "You're jesting. But then again… nobles and common folk don't look so different with wet clothes, I s'ppose?" Her gaze raising again to shoot him an almost challenging look. "Well…" she continues to his remark about the chicken. "In a way, yes." Raising a brow at his latter remark. "How do you mean that, M'lord? Like… a commoner girl as I may be 'good meat' as well?" Uttered in a certain innocence that contradicts the slightly frivolous nature of her words. Reminded of her bargain from a bit earlier she will bend over and pick up the small bundle that had escaped her grasp upon the sudden impact of the encounter, frowning as she notices it is drenched as well. "Seven Hells!" A low mutter, before she straightens again, the bundle in her hand.

"Nobility is given at birth, knighthood is earned, common folk are the cogs in a wheel that keep a kingdom working." The challenging look is returned with one of charm and amusement until the brow raised and question asked. Teryin stands there in silence, letting unspoken words explain as eyes follow her movements toward the bundle. The knight lowers himself to assist in the gather, but she is too quick. He stands with her, hand adjusting the scabbard belt to send both into a criss-cross pattern along the small of his back. "Well, I was speaking about food. But if you wish my opinion on the matter, I'm sure you'll make a good wife to any man that would have you. As I said before, you look highborn." Continuing to fix a curious inkling, his eyes look at the bundle, "What have you there? Did I damage anything of importance?"

"Oh?" Both brows are raised at Teryin's reply. "Just about the food?" Iris has to smile though at his compliment. "I ain't noone's wife yet, M'lord." As if he had asked for the information. "And thank you." As a slightly rosy tinge colours her cheeks. Her gaze dropping from his face to the bundle in her hand next she shrugs. "Not exactly break. It's a piece of soap, M'lord." Even blushing more as she admits that. "It's going to be soaked by the rain. I better get going…"

"Well then, perhaps we'll bump into eachother another time. Ser Teryin Lefford." He smiles and allows the woman to pass, the Lannister Manse his destination now. A little mystery is good, not knowing her name as she slips through the thinning crowd and he goes his own way. They'll meet again, that is for sure.

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