(121-03-15) Escaping Starks and Dornish Squires
Escaping Starks and Dornish Squires
Summary: Genevra meets Tameron in the Oldtown Square. Blades are admired, food is wasted, a deal is struck, and Genevra escapes her Septa…twice.
Date: 15-03-2014
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Oldtown Square

This is a small cobblestone market square, packed with people from all walks of life in Oldtown. Food vendors offer sizzling, toothsome-smelling dishes, and peddlers offering every sort of thing one can possibly buy with coin line the cobbled walkways, with carpets, weapons, wines, scrolls, armor, cloth, tools, cookware, and myriads of cheap trinkets sure to please.

There is a general babble of voices and chatter as the city folk try to negotiate with the sharp street vendors of Oldtown, and the occasional scuffle as the City Watch snatch up pickpockets and cutpurses from the crowd.

There are some worn stone benches here and there, and grassy swards for the smallfolk to gather upon. In the center of the square stand a set of four heavy wooden pillories, where wrongdoers are frequently held fast for public punishment.

The market is bustling with activity this day. Its late mid morning close to noon and the markets are packed with people. A pair of gaurds in the colors of House Stark follow an irate looking septa as they search the crowd and the older woman rants. "Where is that girl! She better get back here. Her lady mother will be angry if she ran off again." One of the gaurds scoffs and the woman glares at him. Bravely he raises one eyebrow and speaks. "Forgive me Septa Elise but Lady Hellan never notices when her daughter disappears and when she does she never does anything. That girl has been through five Septas and all of them have quit in frustration. Forgive me for saying so but the odds are stacked against you." The woman huffs and practically yells. "Why are you not concerned?! She is helpless girl she could get into trouble!" The other gaurd pipes in now. "Genevra Stark is trouble and she has better survival skills than most grown men. She will return with nothing more than a minor cut or scrape and life will go on."
Meanwhile while her septa and gaurds argue Genevra is wandering through the opposite end of the sqaure munching on an apple given to her by the local fruit merchant. She is currently lingering near a stall selling weapons her dark grey eyes linger on a pair of short blades, longer than daggers but shorter than swords she eyes them so eagerly the merchant gives her a curious look along with several others who pass by. A young lady in trousers and without an escort? Still the dark haired girl can't take her eyes off the blades for a long moment. Finally she glances up looking through the crowd to make sure she wasn't followed. Certain that her escort is still arguing among themselves she goes back to admiring the blades with a critical eye. She glances to the merchant. "May I?" She looks to the blades and he shakes his head. "No. What would a girl like you do with fine blades like those?" Anger shines in those dark grey eyes and Genevra draws herself to her full and somewhat lacking height. "I would train and I would fight with them. Thats what blades are for they are not toys." The rightous anger in her eyes is surprising and the merchant seems to consider her a moment while several people stare openly at her.

It's a busy time in the market, and so a good time to be there if you don't want to draw attention. Tameron Sand is there as the dornish 'servant' permitted a daily visit to collect food and supplies. He's dressed plainly in browns and beiges, though the cut of his clothes and the tan of his skin may both mark him as dornish, if one cares to look very closely. Still, he is not as dark as many, and he speaks the common tongue without any accent, so he's been able to go about his tasks unmolested. There's a basket hanging on his arm, slowly filling with the items he purchases, and Tameron is moving past the weaponsmith's stall as the girl in trousers snaps her angry reply. The boy is quiet, considering, before he leans down just enough to say to the girl, "I would not bother, little Lady. His blades are poorly balanced."

Genevra looks up at the young man and smiles faintly at his words. Slowly she nods in understanding. "I see well thank you for letting me know." She glances back to the blades one last time. "They are pretty but likely useless in a fight if the balance is off. I'll find something else." She nods and looks back to the young man carrying the basket and tilts her head grey eyes looking him over curiously. "I am Genevra Stark and its very nice to meet you. I don't suppose you know where I can get a decent blade similar to those? I need to practice with something bigger than a dagger but longswords are much to heavy." She seems quite serious falling into step beside him partly due to curiousity and partly due to the yelling of her Septa which is drawing steadily closer. She glances over her shoulder breifly and makes a face in the womans general direction even if she is too far way for the older woman to see her. "Number six is worse than all the other Septas I've had put together. So loud…" She glances back to the young man and waits for him to answer her question.

Tameron blinks several times as the girl gives her name. His brows lift high and his mouth opens for a beat in which nothing comes out. "Stark?" he queries. "I had not though those so far to the north would travel such a ways to Oldtown. I hope you have not come all on your own." He walks, navigating the crowd and moving slowly enough that the girl should be able to easily keep pace. "I am Tameron Sand, squire of Ser Osric Dayne, and I might know where you could get such a weapon. But first you must tell me who it is that will be training you to use it." He glances in the direction of the septa as her shouts and flailings inch closer.

"My mother Hellan Stark brought me and my brother Wylliam to Oldtown. So no I'm not alone even if I don't really know why we are here. I think it has something to do with father though…" Genevra shrugs dismissing the thought and then brightens up when he introduces himself. "A squire?! What is it like do you learn much? I have always wished I could be a squire or at the very least fight without making noblewomen faint in shock…though that can be fun sometimes too." She smirks a playful glint in her eyes and then goes serious again at the question. "I am still working on finding someone to train me….I really want to learn but so many people seem to think I'm weak becuase I'm a woman. I'm not like most women and I don't want to be!" She takes a few quick steps away from the direction of her yelling septa and looks back to Tameron. "Come on you are going back to the Manse where your knight is yes? I know a shortcut…I think." Her brow furrows in thought as she tries to remember which shortcut it was.

Tameron takes a few steps as Genevra speaks on and further introduces himself. And then he must hit a crack in the cobblestones, because the basket slips from his hands and falls to the ground. "Maiden's perky tits!" he snaps, dropping down after it to gather the basket up and stuff all the fallen items that can be salvaged back in. "I was going back. Now I'll have to rebuy… whatever that was." He eyes something that's now a sad a muddy lump. "Bread I think. And there was cheese, but I think it's rolled."

Genevra frowns as he trips and crouches down to help him pick up his fallen items putting them back into the basket. She makes sure everything that can be salvaged is back in the basket and then straightens up once again. "I can help if you like? At least until Septa number six finds me…then I'm in trouble and due for another lecture." She frowns slightly glances back in the direction of the still shouting woman. "How on earth can she yell so much and not run out of breath? Anyway I think the cheese merchant is over there and the bread merchant is…there." She gestures in the direction of each stall in question and smiles faintly up at the Dornish squire.

The lad nods for the offer of help, straightening up and dusting off his knees with his free hand. "Cheese first. It's further away from your septa number six. And squiring is… well, it's a lot of work and a lot of being dirty and sweaty and achy. And there's reading and writing. Memorizing. But a knight pledges himself to the seven, and you Northerners don't believe in the seven, do you?"

Genevra shakes her head softly at the question. "No…we follow the old gods." She looks disapointed for a moment and then seems to consider something. "But I can still learn to fight I just can't be an actual knight." She seems quite determined and starts off in the direction of the cheese vendors with a smile directed back at the Dornish squire. "Still being a squire doesn't sound bad….I get dirty and sweaty fairly often myself. As for the aches that comes with training yes? You have to hurt a bit to get better. The memorizing sounds like the hardest part to me." She smiles and dodges her way through the crowd pausing ocassionally so he can keep up with her.

"Well, it's important for knights. Likely not a bad thing to learn even as a non-knight, if only to understand who you'll most likely be fighting," Tameron replies as they walk. He's quiet once the reach the cheese stand, placing his request and handing over a coin as the wheel of cheese is set in his basket. "Perhaps I could give you a lesson or two. if you might be willing to do something for me?"

Genevra nods and considers the offer curiousity bright in her dark grey eyes. She tilts her head her dark braid falling over one shoulder as she thinks it over. "What would you have me do in exchange for lessons? I would very much like to learn but I know better than to agree to something before knowing what it will cost me." There is a hint of playfulness in her eyes and she is focused on Tameron at the moment she she doesn't notice that her Septa has gone quiet and is drawing ever closer to the pair through the crowd.

Tameron nods as they move away, heading towards the bread stand, next, as the septa creeps closer. "We Dornish can't get out much, just now," he replies, "but we could use news of the city. What the rumors are, if any further word comes on the happenings at Wickham's Nest. Anything related to that mess, really. If you could keep your ears open and tell me what you hear, I will teach you lessons in swordsmanship, in exchange."

Genevra grins at this deal and nods eagerly. "I always keep my ears open. I tend to hear a lot since no one seems to think twice about me overhearing things. I am after all just a girl. I will do this and let you know what I hear in exchange for lessons." She smiles happily up at him. "Thank you…I." "There you are! What were you thinking?!" The Septa has cuaght up with her charge and Genevra looks like she wants to hide from the loud woman. The Stark gaurds look at the young girl torn between amusment and pity for being to subject of the loud womans ire. The older woman reachs for Genevra who dodges out of the way with a glare. "Don't touch me. You think you can lecture me about proprity when you charge around the square with the subtlty of an angry bull?" Genevra tone is calm and disdainful a bit of her noble nature showing now. The Septa splutters and tries to find words and the girl looks to Tameron. "It was nice meeting you. I'll find you later to give you the news and we can talk further about lessons then." With a bright smile she is off dashing into an alley and out off sight. The gaurds rush off after her and the Septa finnally regains her self enough to glare at Tameron and relize she has lost her charge…again. She hurries off after the gaurds muttering under her breath angrily.

Tameron watches on with bemusement as the Stark girl manages escape again. Then he smiles faintly, shakes his head, and sees about getting himself a replacement loaf of bread.

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