(121-03-14) Nightmares and the Garden
Nightmares and the Garden
Summary: Teryin and Isara speak of their love, Teryin's nightmares, and getting chicken for dinner.
Date: 14/03/2014
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It's a hot summer day, the clouds drowning out the bright sunlight. Teryin is seated out in the back garden, the walls keeping prying neighbors from spying. He's had a rough afternoon, dealing with the workers assigned to building the winery. Seems some had been too drunk to work and the knight had to make sure they learned their lesson. The wine cup is brought to lips, the drink slow and subtle. He's garbed in a red Lannister tunic with golden embroidery. At his waist is a black belt, adorned with jewels and intricate designs. Propped up next to his chair are his valyrian blades, still sheathed within the scabbards.

Isara is out for a walk, staying within these walls as it would seem there is trouble afoot in the city beyond and this Lady is wanting to avoid as much drama as she can. Her soft slippered feet will take her into the garden, a handmaiden with her, both of them in quiet conversation, "…at the very least, yes." Isara will murmur to the beautiful blonde at her side, curving a wide smile as she lifts a hand up, "But it would be up to the Gods, would it not?" Fingers splay and her handmaiden will nod, laughing quietly before they both spot Teryin, "Teryin." Isara's smooth voice will call out as she continues to smile.

The voices and soft laughter reach his ears, but he's gotten use to the sound of Oldtown. He's been more concerned with the reason they are in Oldtown than any rumors which seem to float along the wind like leaves. The jade gaze is held above the rim of the cup for a moment before piece is brought into his lap. Looking at his beautiful wife, Teryin remembers every reason he took her for his own. A hand lifts in greeting, his normal companion Yorik out enjoying the city. "My Nightingale." He'll rise from his seat, setting the cup atop the small table.

"My Golden Knight." Isara will murmur, reaching out a hand to her husband as she draws in towards him, leaning in for a kiss if he'll allow it as her handmaiden blushes and dips down, "Ser Teryin." The handmaiden will greet, Isara's blue eyes warm, "How fare you this day, husband?"

A brief nod towards the handmaiden before Teryin takes the woman's hand in his own. She's a welcomed sight, his wife, pulling her closer as an arm drapes around the small of her back. The kiss is given, lips holding that embrace of love and adoration. Lids ficker open as jade meets sea-blue, "This venture wasn't cut out for me." A chuckle as he lets her move freely, hand trying to remain on her hip atleast. "I feel more like a noble running a business than a knight. Our workers seem to be keeping busy, but some have slacked." His hand motions towards a chair next to his former seat. "But knowing I can always come back home to you is what keeps me going. Has Oldtown treated you well, my love?"

Isara will remain close to him, lips drawn from his as she gazes upon him, searching his face with that same smile as she runs a hand against his chest, fingertips lightly plucking at the fabric found, "Are you aching to take leave of me then husband, to run and do knightly things as the others do?" She'll tease faintly, "It's the weather, it's hot, I've found myself slacking as well, keeping to these walls rather than exploring this city." Admitted as she moves to that gestured seat, sliding down into it and shifting her skirts to accommodate her as she gestures at her maiden to get them drinks, "I have not yet ventured far to find out, Tery."

"Leave you?" Teryin asks, quite taken back at the question until he realizes it was in jest. He'll offer his own, "Slaying dragons and marching on the Dornish?" His voice steady and mixed with half-thoughts, face shifting to a look of one deeply musing. "I think I'd prefer to share a warm bed with my beautiful wife than a dragon." Eyes find her gaze once again, "And I've spent many years fighting battles, the Dornish do not offend the Lannisters nor the Westerlands. If the fighting comes here, I will need to be here to protect you." A hand lifts to hold her own against his chest. "No man or kingdom could stop me from reaching you."
He follows her to the chairs, reaching for his cup and finishing the wine, "We could visit the markets this evening when things have died down." He suggests, "I know Yorik and the boy are out now." Teryin reaches out a hand, fingertips gently resting atop his wife's. "Or we could go for a ride in the country side. Keeping a beautiful woman such as yourself locked up in a manse would be terribly wrong of me."

"Did you /see/ it?" Isara will ask, looking, well, a bit disturbed, "I heard it. I'm not sure I /want/ to venture out." Said softly as she shakes her head, cheeks rising up in color a bit as she turns her hand so her palm is up, nodding her head a little then, "A ride, perhaps …after the markets? Or ..the markets ..then a ride. But …what if ..well what if the dragon is back again?"

Teryin's fingers slip between those of his wife's, curling in a gentle and reassurig grip. "I did not see it, but if it terrifies you so, we can stay within the walls of the Manse." His eyes never leave the figure of Isara, he may have to be busy with over seeing the construction of the winery, but she's always first in his mind and heart. "If the dragon comes for you, I will kill it. I would not lose you to man nor beast. As long as I breath, I will keep you safe. This is my vow I took when I placed my cloak along your shoulders on our wedding day." He brings your hand back to his lips, the subtle brush of his lips along the fingertips before returning the hands to rest on the chair. "My evening is free and I will always make time for you. Whatever it is you desire, I shall accompany."

It's a long moment of thought from Isara, listening to his words and finding comfort in them, a nod of her head given, "Then if you are to be with me surely we must be safe if we are out of these walls." Said with an unsure smile, not of his skill, but of a dragons and their voracity, watching his lips brush her hand, smile growing, "Let us go out then, I should get to know more people, shouldn't I."

"I'm sure you will be better known than I within a months time. Your beauty, skill in wines, and your cooking." Teryin's smile is sincere, thoughts drifting back to the dreams she confessed. "It would be good for you, I'm sure my overbearing love can be quite heavy." He jests, fingers loosening if she wished to draw her hand away. "I'd prefer no other's company when it comes to you. But you'll be having all kinds of patrons attention soon enough." Setting down his empty wine cup, "So which would you prefer?"

"You are hardly overbearing, I daresay it is never enough for me, always making me want more." Isara will murmur, keeping her hand in her husbands as the handmaiden comes back with a bottle of wine and a goblet for her lady, "Let us spend the evening together, we'll be busy soon enough when everything is finished being built."

Teryin allows the handmaiden to pour his cup full before taking it. "I'm glad to hear it. Being gone often after our wedding, I feel I must make it up to you." He nods at her words, "Busy you'll be." Chuckling softly, "I'll be trying to sneak in to steal you away for some personal time."

Isara will drink of her wine slowly, a blush rising in her cheeks, "A brother jested with me that our marriage is not yet a marriage as it has not been ..well." A deeper blush as she clears her throat, nearly choking on her own wine at her words. The glass is set down and she'll gently pat her chest with free hand, "I said our marriage is of the souls, that something so physical did not make our marriage, but our connection."

Teryin notices the hue of her cheeks, fingers retaking their gentle grip of his wife's hand. "Whatever marriage is, a word will never truly describe how I love you. Jade eyes continue to adore Isara, "You are turning the color of this tunic, my Nightingale. I pray, tell me this is not because of our marriage?"

Isara shakes her head, "Not at all, but rather the talk of consummation. It seems to be a bone of contention on my part of the family that we have not yet done so." Isara will murmur, gazing at her glass now as she shakes her head, "They are worried that something further is wrong with me."

"I've told you since our wedding night that I would not force myself onto you." Teryin sets down his cup, "You spoke of this at the stream, nothing has changed. We are leagues from our homelands now. Free to do what we wish with our lives." The jade gaze never leaves her, "If you wished the marriage ended, I would grant it." Fingers squeeze lightly, "I would hate it, but your happiness is all that matters to me. Ever since I was thirteen years of age, that day we met, I've loved you."

"Do you not understand what I mean, Teryin?" Isara will ask with gentle bewilderment, "I told you. I wish to be with you always, to be yours entirely. Why do you speak of things ending when I'm speaking of trying for new life?" Asked with some concern, the inside of her lip bitten down on softly, head turning to gaze at the man, "Do you not wish to lay with me?"

"I lay with you every night. My love for you as strong as it will always be." Teryin's voice doesn't change, it's still the gentle gruffness, "I was making a point of my love for you. I do not wish it to ever end." He brings his other hand to keep hers within both mits, finally realizing what she meant. "I…" The Lefford begins, words somewhat lost at the realization. "I would love a son or daughter, birthed of our union. I was just in no rush. I had thought your business venture here was more important to you."

"What would cause you to think that?" She'll ask curiously, certainly unsure of how he came to that conclusion, "Was not the most important venture our life together and our future together?" Brows will quirk a little, "You're in a strange mood, Tery, and I would know why, has something happened?"

Teryin leans towards Isara, his hands still holding her soft touch between them. "Might be the new surroundings or the rumors floating about. Could very well be me settling here." His jade gaze hasn't left her, instead, finding her own now as she looks to him. "Have not been sleeping well since we arrive. The comfort of your presence in a warm bed should be all I need, I know. Yorik said the same of me the other day." A drawn out shrug is offered, "As much as I love you, I know things change over time and sometimes the path we wish closes, opening another. You will always have me, but running an establishment is going to be taxing." Using his body, the chair slides closer, hands coming to rest in her lap. "Just realizing that sometimes what a person desires, the other may share that same desire until something comes up." It's a blanket statement, no hidden motives behind it. "I suppose I am trying to steel myself for the harshness of not living in Golden Tooth, one you have come to terms with - moving from Pinkmaiden to Golden Tooth."

"I ..I don't understand." Isara will state with uncertainty, her features falling, he's talking over her head, truly, at this moment, "Why can you not be plain in speech?" As his hands come to her lap she'll pluck them both up in her own, cradling them, "Are you warning me of a bad future? Have you seen something? A dream?" Panic rising up in her voice, "What do you mean …please, what is coming up? Do you no longer desire me?"

Teryin allows her his hands, never wanting to let her go. "You dreamed of me finding another here in Oldtown. I believe it to be the other way around. My reason for being in Oldtown is you. I have no other purpose but to be here with and for you. You have the Golden Maiden. Where my skills are on the battle field, yours are for a type of entertainment. You will meet others and enjoy their company." Eyes drift from hers, "I will never be happier than when I am with you, but just knowing how things change, I fear I may lose you. I have had dreams of it, thoughts of it as others pass me on the streets." The touch of his fingers are loosening, "The reason I did not lay with you lastnight was because of this. I had to go for a ride. The reason I sit here in this garden instead of joining Yorik and the boy in the markets is because of thoughts. These thoughts haunt me, my Nightingale. Losing you would bring me to such a depression."

"Why do you think you would lose me?" Confusion here, "Do you think me such a person that I would stray? My heart is yours, just because I will run something with your sister does not mean that my heart would wander in any measure. Having friends is a good thing, is it not?" She'll ask, keeping tight to his hands, "Why would you ever think such a thing of me? You are the only man who looked past my ..problem, and saw me. I would not give you up for the world."

"I suppose one cannot call them dreams if they are my worst nightmare. Losing you would be worse than death, my Nightingale." Teryin gazes up at Isara, the warmth of her hands and the reassurance in her voice settling him. "Friends are a good thing. And your stutter is nearly gone now, they will only see the beauty inside and out now." He leans forward, lips coming to touch hers briefly, "I will try to give you the world, but if I cannot, atleast I will give you my love and hopefully a child born of our love." Her hand is squeezed between his, jade flowing into the sea-blue of her own. "Shall we head to markets or ride and return?"

Isara's eyes close with the kiss and she'll smile now, reassured on her end as well, "Then do not lose me by thought, love. Those thoughts will over take you and become reality as your actions will reflect as much." The only way to lose her would be to run her off, "You are my world ….what else have I need for but you and your adoration of me?" Isara asks softly, leaning back with a nod of her head, "Which ever you wish."

Teryin nods and stands, "Would you like to ride now or do have some things to take care of? A night ride may be dangerous, but hopefully the clouds will disperse and we can ride under the moonlight. Your eyes simply glow in such lighting."

He just had to mention danger. Isara will bite her lower lip, reconsidering, "Why not ..a morning ride. And then tonight perhaps a walk around town?"

Teryin will give one more squeeze of her hand between his. "I'll take one of the lads to the market for a chicken. We can have someone make that for dinner." He looks adoringly at his wife, "Unless you'd like to come with for the chicken?" He withdraws his hands and brushes the tunic smooth. "A walk tonight would be lovely, we should stay far from the Dornish Manse. With the new decree, I'd rather not get wrapped up in that."

Isara smiles faintly, nodding her head, "I'll wait here, you go with the young fellows and I'll prepare for dinner." Said as she rises up and reaches out to cup her husband’s cheek, "I'll see you when you've back."

Teryin slides both hands around her waist, drawing her towards him in an embrace. Lips brush against her cheek, words whispered in Braavosi, "I love you Isara." He'll withdraw from her after holding the most cherished thing he possesses close, reaching down to grab his blades, the scabbard belt being brought to his waist and tightened. "You going to be helping in the kitchen?" Asked with a wink, "You know a chicken with your touch is a magnificent dinner." He'll bid the handmaiden a farewell, leaning in for one more kiss - this one on her lips. "I shall not be long."

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