(121-03-14) Meeting the Baneforts
Meeting the Baneforts
Summary: Teryin meets the Baneforts on the way to the market
Date: 14/03/2014
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Leof is coming out of the Cake House, flanked by a Banefort man, her expression amused and a small bite size piece of cake in hand "I'm terribly sorry for yelling, but you took the very last slice of pumpkin cake. It is my absolute favorite, I beg forgiveness." she offers with a soft laugh, her bow and quiver on her back, petite frame bobbing. If it wasn't for the elaborate silk gown she could easily be mistaken for a much younger person of either gender.

*THUMP* Teryin reaches for the young lad who had just collided with the Banefort man. "Hey lad, be mindful where you are walking. We're not in Golden Tooth anymore." The knight in a ruby red tunic bows his head in curtsey, "Excuse my servant." He adjusts the scabbards from the sides of his hip around to the small of his back, criss-crossing them. The boy blushes and appears to sink behind the large 6'6" frame of the man.

Leof bows her head "No trouble, accidents happen. Are you alright lad?" she asks, patting her guard's shoulder and shifting around, her tiny frame adjusting her dress as she shifts to offer the lad the small cake bite in her hand. "No harm done, we're all alright, yes?" she asks, the bright orange of her under gown catching a breeze. Definantly Banefort colors

The boy glances out further, hearing of food and voice of the woman. He sneaks from around Teryin, finger tips nabbing the morsel out of the woman's hand and devouring it in a bite. His head nods as he enjoys and approves of the cake. "Shy lad he is, mute too. Father was a knight in the service of Lord Gillard Lefford." Teryin seems to be trying to remember where he had seen the colors, though for the most part, being in a foreign city could mean anything. "Baneforts, yes?" A brow quirks, "Ser Teryin Lefford, youngest son of Lord Gallard Lefford." He finishes with a slight flourished bow, "My Lady." Spoken as a question more than a curtsey.

Leof blinks, leaning foreward to press a very soft peck to the lad's forehead. She blinks a bit "Yes, I'm Lord Banefort's wife." she offers, smiling warmly. "I'm Leof, born an Elesham. It is nice to meet you." she offers, giving a quick curtsy. She offers a bright smile "What brings you this far south, Ser?" she asks, curiously, likely guessing on title.

The boy's cheeks turn a bright red, his heels quickening his escape behind the knight. Fingers waggle in appreciation for the cake, but he grips the trousers of the man. "Was a tragedy what happened to the Baneforts." Condolences offered before answering the inquiry. "My wife and my sister are starting up a winery and opening a dining establishment. I am here for the company I suppose." Teryin reaches down and ruffles the hair of the boy, "But tonight, we're heading to get a chicken for dinner from the markets."

Leof smiles "I'll pass your condolences to my husband." she offers, watching the child before digging into her dress pockets humming a bit "If the child can learn to read, he is more than welcome to come to the library or come fuss around with our dogs." she offers, nodding a bit "My are you in a hurry for supper or?" she considers "I caught a lovely game bird yesterday. Our cook was a dear and seasoned it to perfection." she admits "I've been so fussy due to pregnancy." she confesses softly.

Trystan enters the scene, alone, but not without protection. Many small blades adorn his belt, showing that even though he is in noble dress, the Lord of Knives is not to be underestimated. He looks about and takes immediate notice of his wife, smiling brightly to her. He moves to her quickly, taking her hand and kissing it gently. "Hello, my love. Enjoying your day?" He nods to his man, then looks to Teryin, looking him and the lad over quickly, then nodding politely to him. "Ser. A pleasure to meet you. I see you've met my wonderful wife already." He smiles warmly to his wife, holding her close.

Mention of dogs has the boy peeking further around the knight's leg. He nods repeatedily about supper. "I'm sure once I get approval from the Hightower's I'll be bringing home wild game for dinner from just north of Oldtown." Teryin smiles politely, "Pregnancy? Congradulations, my wife spoke of such achievements just before we left the manse." The boy's fingers clutch the trousers tighter, almost urging Teryin to go as another man approaches. The jade gaze of the knight sizes up the husband of Loef, "Lord Trystan Banefort." A subtle dip of his head, the boy following suite. "My condolences about your family. Your father and mine were bannermen of the Lannisters, a hefty loss, especially with you coming to Oldtown."

Leof rests her cheek on Trystan's arm, cheeks pink as she she rests her fingers against her side. Is comparably tiny to her Husband but well toned and visibly athletic. Also her strange hair cut. She leans against Trystan, offering him a smile "I had a craving for cake." she offers, reaching to squeeze his fingers before watching the child "We have falcons, dogs, and horses a plenty and I could always use help exercising the dogs a little."

Trystan nods to the knight. "Yes… Ser Lefford, isn't it? I met your father, a long time ago. A good man." He smiles. "Yes, but I plan to remedy that loss. I will return to Banefort, with my wife, to raise our child." He squeezes his wife.

Teryin watches the couple, he's never met the late Lord Banefort, but had heard of him. "Lady Leof seems overly eager to have a child for company." The boy seems totally out of his domain here, normally the child is ignored because of his disabilities, but now he's the main point of the conversation. The grip on Teryin's trousers seem to ease as the young lad seems drawn in to all the animals and thoughts of having a dog as a pet. "If titles must be used, I prefer Ser Teryin or simply Teryin. I live in no castle and the only land I own is the vineyards to the north and a percent of the winery and eatery." The large mit of Teryin's hand rests atop the boy's mop of hair. "Tis very noble of you my lord. What business do you keep down in Oldtown?"

Leof extends her hand to the boy, her smile growing warm "The urchin I was watching joined the citadel not too long ago, I enjoyed reading to him and the wonderful joy children bring forth." she admits, "I'm the youngest of my father's children and his only daughter, I was not much around little ones." she admits, watching Trystan for a moment, curiously.

Trystan smiles. "I often was in charge of caring for the littlest ones for House Umber while I was a page for them. I always did enjoy the simplicity that children bring to life with their views. Much better to deal with than the complexities of intrigue of adulthood." He then looks to Teryin. "Mainly working to have local merchants work more with those from Banefort. Earn a bit more coin with more contacts. Also, meeting other lords, ladies, and knights. Figured I has spent a bit too long holed up in Banefort, and needed to meet others."

"Sounds like the unborn lord will be welcomed indeed." Teryin smiles proudly, "I'll speak with his mother, not quite sure she'll want to part with him being five years from her womb." A man standing nearly as tall as Teryin walks up behind him, dressed in a cuirass of blue and gold. His words are a smooth Braavosi, "What's got you away from your wife?" A hand coming to rest on the opposite shoulder of the boy. Teryin turns briefly, welcoming Yorik with a forearm grip and motioning towards the couple. "Ser Yorik, this is Lord Trystan Banefort and his wife with child, Lady Leof." His own tongue remains in common, urging his friend to speak with the same manners. "My friends, this is Ser Yorik, trusted friend and fellow knight." The boy seems overjoyed to see Yorik, running to his side as Yorik offers a bow of respect, "My lord, my lady." The thick accent of Braavos touched at his tongue.

Leof smiles "She is free to come for tea as well, ser. Perhaps I'll bake some cakes special for it." she waves at the formality, smiling "I know many Braavosi, and they are all fine people." she offers, observing everyone present. She rubs her lower back a little "Are the horses still spooked from the Dragon flying past the gate last night?" she asks towards Trystan.

Trystan looks to the Braavosi knight, smiling and nodding, then speaking fluent Braavosi. "<A pleasure to meet you, Ser Yorik. Always nice to meet someone of the Free City. Plenty of purple sails and hulls in Banefort.>" He then smiles to his wife. "They are, but they're better than they were. I'm sure they'll be fine soon."

Yorik smiles at the couple, allowing Teryin to explain how they came to be 'brothers'. "He was born in Braavos, but traveled with his father to Golden Tooth. We grew up together, his father was my tutor and swordmaster." The boy walks over to Yorik and takes the hand, leading him off towards the market. As he goes the knight bows his head, the boy waggling fingers in farewell - he must REALLY be hungry if he's shoo-ing Yorik off to buy the chicken.There need be no words of fareweel between Teryin and Yorik, instead the man in the red tunic turns to Leof, "I shall bring up cake and tea to Isara. I'm sure she will not refuse." With talk of the dragon coming up again, a hand comes to chin, Teryin musing. "I've heard the rumors, but last eve I was with Yorik north of town quite a ways. What is the meaning of the dragon, I thought them dead years ago."

Leof smiles a bit "It just is. I have no idea. I'm not exactly encouraged to risk my life for adventure since I'm carrying our child." she amdits, waving to the child and knight, chuckling a little.

Trystan chuckles. "I honestly have no clue. Didn't ever truly pay attention to them." He then looks to Yorick. "<Was your father a knight as well, or a Dancing Master? One of my best friends is a Dancing Master.>"

Yorik points to Teryin as the boy continues to pull him ahead, most knights would scoff at the lad, but he's been through and is one of the two tall knight's weaknesses. Teryin chuckles, "The lad has Ser Yorik wrapped around his finger. His father was neither, though he knew of the water dance. Mainly he was there to teach me more than swordplay, but that was one of the few ways I could learn other subjects was incorporating it through swordplay." The man lays his arms across the broad chest, "My wife would kill me if I got involved with the Dornish or the dragons."

Leof chuckles "Trystan is welcome to do as he pleases, but if he dies, I will walk to hell and drag him back to beat him soundly." she jokes, cheerfully, pecking her poor husband's cheek with a warmth that isn't really normally there. "The Dornish in this town seem to behave."

Trystan smirks. "See? My wife cares about me." He chuckles and kisses her cheek in return. "As for the Dornish, those that are in this town don't cause too much trouble."

"My wife has spent more time traveling to Oldtown with than all the previous days since our marriage. She is my strength and I am her world. I had to quell a rebellion in the southern part of the Westerlands three years ago and we'd not spent much time together since." Teryin takes note of the pair, "As long as they don't cause trouble for me and mine, they are no issue for me." He glances up at the fading sun, "I do suppose I should catch up to those two and get back with that chicken before long. We are staying at the Lannister Manse, you are welcomed any time you wish, both of you." A subtle bowing of the head, "I've some ideas for you business ventures, perhaps another night we could discuss such affairs while the wives enjoy tea, wine, and other fancies."

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