(121-03-14) Dockside Dagger Discussions
Dockside Dagger Discussions
Summary: A early morning meeting at the docks between a rebellious noble child and a foreigner. Introductions are made, daggers are discussed, and much climbing is done afterward.
Date: Date of play (14/03/2014)
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The Docks - Oldtown
The docks are lined with a vast array of wood-and-stone piers, cranes, and winches dedicated to the unloading and loading of cargo and passengers alike. Here, Oldtown's life-blood of food, medicine, and other necessary goods are brought into the city in large quantities, from every kind of ship imaginable.

Day and night, the docks are abuzz with activity, packed with throngs of stevedores, sailors, passengers, rivermen, fishermen, peddlers, and the veritable fleet of ships arriving and departing. There is a distinct smell of salt, rotting timbers, and fish here.

Oldtown's mighty fleet of warships sit at anchor here, some leaving, or arriving, from patrol duties. They announce their presence with the clamor of sailors' voices aboard, and the deep throb of the drum beating time for the oarsmen aboard.

The docks are busy this time of morning. People move back and forth as the sun slowly continues to rise. It is light out and yet still rather early the time when people start waking and going about thier daily business. A rather odd sight is perched atop a large stack of crates about eight or nine feet off the ground. Genevra sits atop the highest of the crates her legs dangling off the edge as she watches people come and go. The noble child with her black hair in a braid and wearing trousers and a boys shirt and doublet is bound to confuse some poeple, the fact that she is sharpening a dagger on a whetsone seems to draw even more odd looks. She keeps an eye on her dagger her brows furrowed in concentration as she runs the whetstone along its edge but she also seems to stay alert to the crowd of people passing as well her grey eyes looking up to scan the people every now and then.

Lexander stands out in a crowd. He's a fine looking young man, dressed well enough to be a noble, and he favors bright colors. Today it's red and gold, silk and velvet, clinging tightly at the torso but billowing around his arms and legs. There's a spring in his step as he comes down the gangplank from a ship docked just this morning, calling something over his shoulder to the captain in Low Valyrian. His voice is as cheerfuly as his smile, but from the sailors' laughter it's clear he said something crude. There are no shortage of people on the docks, but it's a young girl sharpening a dagger that catches his eye. His path carries him within a few feet of her, so it's no stretch to pause and offer a greeting. "Good morning, My Lady." There's an accent, ever so subtle, that marks him as foreign.

The man in his rich red and gold clothing stands out quite obviously and Genevra looks up from her dagger her hands going still as she watches his approach. Her head tilts as he addresses her and she frowns slightly. "Good morning…and I am hardly quailfied to be called a lady…at least I hope I'm not." She looks thoughtful for a moment and studies him briefly before leaning forward to slide her dagger back into her boot. There is another dagger at her belt as well. After the dagger is secure she pulls her legs up under her and out of his reach should he try to grab her. She obviously isn't stupid even if she looks quite young. "What is your name? I don't think I've seen you before though I haven't been here very long either." She studies him once again but also keeps an eye on her surroundings as well, curious but cautious.

"How should a man address you then," Lexander asks, stepping back and raising his hands, palms toward her, when he sees the daggers. His eyes go wide in an expression of caution that, if feigned, is feigned expertly. The classic 'I don't want any trouble' gesture. "I am called Lexander Charos," he says with a deep nod of his head. "In another land, I might be called Lord Lexander. But here? All of the finest people call me Lex." His grin itself invites her to use the familiar nickname as well.

The young girl smirks a bit at that expression of caution she sees. She nods slowly as he gives his name that smirk morphing into a faint smile. "Nice to meet you Lex. I am Genevra Stark but you can call me Gene or Genevra." She seems to consider something for a moment before she stands up on the crate and leaps off it quite gracefully onto a stack of barrels below it and from there she jumps onto the ground anding easily in a slight crouch. She straightens up and adjusts the hat atop her head and then she looks to Lex with a grin. "What do you do here Lex? Are you a merchant? You dress like you are either a noble or a merchant…or at least wealthy and found of bright colors." Her eyes take on a playful shine as that last bit is ment to be slightly teasing.

Lex's eyes widen, delighted by her impromptu acrobatic display. He claps once, his shoulders shaking in a silent chuckle, before he answers. "I am, Genevra," he says gladly. "Either a nobleman or a merchant, wealthy and fond of bright colors." He plays along with the teasing, clearly aware of it, but taking no offense. He has the sort of good humor that is often infectious. "And if my secret is safe with you?" He steps slightly forward, hands clasped behind his back now as he bends at the waist, straight-legged, to stage whisper, "I do as little as I can. What use is wealth, if it does not buy a man leisure?"

Genevra's grin widen and she laughs softly at the admission clearly amused. She doesn't back up even as he advances and leans in but she does tense slightly. Still she smiles playfully at him all the same. "I won't tell your secret don't worry. Besides being a just a noble is terriblly boring. If you enjoy whatever you do or in your case want you don't do then thats the important thing I think. Me? I like to stay busy but then avoiding lessons in being a 'proper lady' is like a full time job." Her expression is playful and slightly amused but its also fairly clear that she means what she says as well.

"Shirking one's parents," Lex opines, as he straightens, "Is the first duty of any free-thinking soul." This is said with something more than a grin, a genuine smile, as if he had found a kindred spirit. "And forgive me for saying so, Genevra, but you don't strike me as one to be led by the nose, mm?" His dark eyes leave the girl only briefly, to cast about the harborfront, and return to her almost immediately. The man seems very comfortable here, despite that he stands out from the crowd. "They're a passion of mine too," he admits, nodding at the daggers for clarification. "Do you throw?"

Genevra smirks and shakes her head. "No I don't like people ordering me about. I tend to do the opposite of what they want just to prove my point." Her eyes brighten and widen slightly as he mentions throwing daggers. "I've never tried…I'm a decent shot with a bow and I know the basics of handling a dagger but I've never had formal training…I've watched others though but back home father forbid me to learn when he found out I was trying to practice with weapons. I still practiced with my brother but no one else would teach me anything…Still I would like to learn. You can throw daggers then? Would you teach me how as well?" Big grey eyes look up hopefully at Lex and the excitement and eagerness to learn is quite clear in her expression.

"Ah," Lex says, his head cocking as if he might shake it. He considers a moment, as if thinking on whether to share a secret, but in the end he must decide the girl is safe. "That, too, is a sort of control. Never be contrary simply to be contrary. A clever man will learn, and take advantage. Always make up your own mind." He nods, his dark eyes meeting her grey ones, and frowns at her father's forbiddance. "Of course," he says, as if it were a simple thing. "I am no teacher, but I can provide a place to learn, and an example to follow. And a clever student might teach herself, mm?"

A thoughtful look crosses the young girls face as he speaks of not being contrary just for the sake of it. She nods slowly seeing the sense in the words. "I will remember this. I don't need to give people a way to manipulate me after all." She sounds quite mature for her age and as he agrees Genevra bounces on her heels looking like she just got the best present ever. She grins up at Lex and nods. "Thank you! I will do my best to learn I promise! My father isn't here to stop me either so I can learn whatever I want." She looks incredibbly pleased by this for some reason. Aparently she doesn't get along with her father very well.

"You see this ship?" Lex gestures behind him, toward the gangplank and the vessel attached to it. "I own this ship, or near enough. In the hold of this ship there is a post, suitable for throwing knives at. You will know it by the…" He trails off as he rubs at his chin, then shakes his head. "No, this will not do. This ship is no place for you. So very dull. We will find somewhere else for you to learn, or I shall invite you to my home. You would not be offended, I hope? I would not begrudge you a guard, or a chaperon."

"No I wouldn't be offended if you invited me to your home and I could bring a chaperone or a guard if needed." Genevra glances to the ship studying it carefully with curious eyes before looking back to Lex with a bright smile. "Wherever you think would be best to teach me will be fine with me. I wouldn't mind going on the ship though if mother found out I would likely be in deep trouble…so maybe that isn't the best option. Still when you find a good place let me know okay? I should probably get back before the servants shut the window I climbed out of and I have to use the front door again. I always get lectured when that happens." She grins showing just how little affect the lectures have had.

"Of course," Lex says, in answer to one or all of the suggestions and requests. He sweeps a deep bow, exaggerated, perhaps more traditional in his homeland? As he straightens, he flashes another grin at the young noblewoman. "It was truly a pleasure to meet you, Genevra. You will seldom find me here, I supsect. But you will always find someone here who knows where to find me."

"It was a pleasure to meet you as well Lex!" Genevra offers a bow of her own more suited to a nobleman or a boy than a young lady and with a grin she is off running then jumping onto a high crate and then another and then a windowsill and then climbing up the side of a wall to the roof of the house. She turns and offers a grin and a wave to Lex before she heads off dashing across the roof tops for the Manse where the Stark family is staying.

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