(121-03-13) The Bull Fish and the Dragon
The Bull Fish and the Dragon
Summary: The Tully heir meets one of the Targaryen sisters
Date: 13/03/2014
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The Quill and Tankard Inn, Oldtown

This is the common room of the Quill and Tankard, that famous Oldtown Inn that has never closed in five hundred years. The building is a noble old half-timber structure with plastered stone between the enormous old black beams. It sits on a small rock of an island at the edge of the Honeywine River, and is accessed by a little footbridge, or by water-taxi.

Rivermen and seamen, smiths and singers, priests and princes, Lords and sellswords, travelers both noble and small, and the novices and acolytes of the Citadel - all come for a taste of the fearsomely strong apple cider that makes this inn so beloved by Oldtown's people. There is a pleasant buzz of chatter, cups and tankards being filled and refilled, and general laughter.

The fire in the hearth allows for a merry glow and a comfortable warmth from Oldtown's breezy, misty cobblestone streets. Benches and tables offer places to sit, and there is a deliciously toothsome smell in the air of food from the back.

!!! Currently at least two City Watchmen are stationed here at all times. They will be quick to arrest those who offer violence to anyone. !!!

The weather is reasonably good on this wonderful afternoon in Oldtown, only few tiny little clouds drift over a sky that is incredibly blue - if one cares to look. The Quill and Tankard is less crowded than usual at this hour, as most people would prefer to enjoy the weather outside. Or maybe a small group that has entered a few moments ago has caused most of the patrons to leave. The men have occupied two tables in a corner, their attire of mail and the swords they carry along with the red and blue colours they wear hinting they are knights in service of House Tully. An assumption that is easily proven by the sigil of a leaping trout that is sported on the tabard of the impressive man that sits in their midst.

Thadeus seems to be enjoying himself just fine, he sits on one chair, his booted feet resting on another, legs crossed, as he leans against the back, a lazy smile curling his lips. Grey-blue eyes scan the Quill and Tankard in search for a serving wench of sorts. To order some beverages for himself and his cheerful retinue, and maybe for some other purpose as well, if she proves to be comely enough. "Hey! Can I get a round of yer famous cider in here?", he calls, his voice all authorative as becomes a heir of Greater Lordly House - a question that is directed at noone in particular - as both the bar and the room seems to be devoid of service personnel at the moment. "Don't hide! We don't bite, you know!" Even if they speak in the rich Riverlander's lilt, that marks them as foreigners.

The guard, who is all in his silver armor, steps inside the Inn. The sound of jingling metal, of course, gets some attention from these few people inside. The black cloak with bloody red dragon warms the cold armor. His keen gaze observes the room, before stepping more deeper inside.

A petite and striking young woman who is likely in her late teen years comes after the guard together with her stout handmaiden. The handmaiden wears quite wide long dress the color of cocoa, which hides all her full womanly forms. Her cheeks are brightly red, though, not because of shyness, but breeze and,obviously, some physical activity.

The lady's skin is a pale unblemished ivory and her hair is a pale shade of silver blonde. That pale hair is pull up into an elegant bun and fastened in place with silver pins. Large eyes of deep blue with hints of grey to them are set underneath arched pale blonde brows. Thick and dark lashes frame those rounded and expressive eyes. High cheekbones and a small pointed nose lead down to full set of lips that are smiling to reveal straight white teeth. A slender neck leads down to a slender petite and delicate body. She is a small thing standing at only five foot two inches but there is a spark to her eyes and she carries herself in a proud yet excited maner that suggests having much energy.

Cerys whispers softly to her handmaiden, "Please bring me some watered wine and cheese." And the plump woman walks near the bar. At that moment, the young Trageryen looks around the Inn with her silver gaze.

Her dress for the day is a modest yet still eye catching dress of pure silver silk. The neckline is rounded and perfetcly modest but the cut of the dress and the way it hugs her delicate figure gives her an etheral quailty. The silver against her pale skin and hair has a dramatic effect. The dress has long flowing sleeves, a tight waist and a loose flowing skirt. Underneath a pair of matching slippers are seen.

She catches the sight of Tully colors and a bit more nervously nips thefabric of her skirt with two fingers. However, being quite proud young woman, she says nothing and turns to take a seat near the empty table.

The guard who enters attracts the attention of the Tully, and as the nonchalant expression on his face fades a little, he remains still in his casual posture, as he studies the new arrival. Grey-blue eyes linger on the Targaryen sigil for a brief second, and certainly he recognizes it - how could he not?

However, it is when the frail looking maiden steps inside after the guard, that his eyes narrow curiously, his stare almost impertinent as he studies her from afar, moving ver so briefly up and down her small frame, and the corners of his lips curve into a faint smile. His gaze drifting to the handmaiden next, smirking as she receives the same attentive stare, mayhaps for a tad longer than her charge.

His own attire is rather martial, of course, the good quality clearly visible through some stains here and there, from the mud-spattered ride. Especially the boots, which are so unobtrusively presented are of exquisite making.

And as if on cue, a serving girl appears from the kitchens, all red faced and rubbing her sweaty hands over her skirts. She will move over to the Targaryen first, of course, nodding as she hears the order of watered wine. Then, she'll move over to the other tables with the Riverlanders, giving them a slightly intimidated smile as they cheer and howl at her.

"There you are," Thadeus smiles, shifting his gaze almost reluctantly from Cerys handmaiden to the rather plain beauty before him. "A round of cider, Miss. But be quick about it!" Giving her a glare before he shakes his head, smiling. "Aww, will you stop it?", he turns to his knights. "There is a lady present. So don't behave like animals, for once, will ya." His feet leave the chair now, as he moves to sit properly, glancing towards Cerys to see if the conduct of his men has given any offense.

The young Targaryen just shakes her head slightly, but says nothing. And, of course, there are not any signs of being offended or something. She just does not react. After all, usually, men are like kids, when they see a pretty woman around. So, it is not a surprise, they act strangely. Women have to forgive them for such… Lets call it enthusiasm.

When Cerys handmaiden takes a seat in front of the girl, the young lady speaks one more time, trying to be as quiet as possible, "So, I have to cross out Martells from my list. Of course, I will cross out Tyrells too. Oh, and also Baratheons. We don't know anything about Greyjoys for now. What's more? Who remains?"

The handmaiden leans with her elbows on the table, "House of Lannisters, my lady, and …." The woman whispers something incredibly quietly, that even Cerys has to lean closer to her in order to hear anything. The lady's cheeks color with a mild tone of pink briefly, but when it gets back that perfectly ivory shades, Cerys speaks again, "Soon my sister and brothers will be back, Clarissa. I am not sure, I have time. You know, if Visenya…" The girl hardly swallows the gulp of obvious fear, "… You always were my best friend, Clarissa!" And she reaches for handmaiden's hand, who pats pale fingers of her lady in order to calm Cerys down.

The serving girl returns after a moment and brings the desired watered wine for Cerys - and a plate with bits of cheese as well. She puts it down before the Targaryen with a shy curtsey before she disappears again.

The reaction that does not come seems sufficient to raise Thadeus' brows and make him rise from his seat, slowly, which will reveal him to be a rather tall fellow of 6'1". He will take a few steps across the room, at a casual pace. Overhearing perhaps some of the words that are exchanged between the lady and her maid, he cannot help but smirk a little.

"Forgive me my poor manners, my lady, but I have failed to greet you as you deserve. I have just arrived in Oldtown, and didn't expect to be graced with such refined presence already on my first day here." The heir offers a deep bow that will certainly ellicit some reaction from her, or so he hopes. She can't continue to ignore him, no, he won't have that. "Ser Thadeus Tully. Of Riverrun." The heir, but needless to stress that, when unmarried noble women certainly are aware of elligible heirs, especially of Greater Noble Houses.

Neither the deep bow, nor these flattering words are worth of reaction from the Targeryen lady. However, the name… That is different. First of all, the handmaiden feels kind of lost. She stands up to offer a deep curtsy and her pinkish cheeks become brightly red, "My lord…" She says in her low voice, even if the man was not speaking to her.

Cerys does not rise. She takes the goblet of wine and carries it closer to her lips, taking a slow sip of the drink, while her silver eyes curiously evaluates the man. Then a smile grows up in her features, "Of course, Ser Thadeus Tully Of Riverrun… I could guess." She licks the drop of wine from her lips and gestures with the hand to the seat in front of her, where the handmaiden is no longer sitting. "I did not expect to meet such a known man on this afternoon too. Though, what can I say," She giggles quietly, "Welcome to Oldtown. How was the travel? Not too tiring?"

There may have been a slightly annoyed flicker in Thadeus eyes, it fades though when his gaze shifts towards the handmaiden, and he acknowledges her greeting with a light incline of his head, even offering her a smile and a wink. When Cerys finally decides to speak to him, the Tully heir shifts a little, before he accepts the offered seat and looks at Cerys again for a long moment, with a stare that could easily be perceived as uncomfortable by some. "Thank you," he finally replies, lowering his gaze for a moment, while a faint smile plays around the corners of his mouth. "The travel was tedious and boring. I had hoped for some misled bandits to cross our way, to bring a little diversion," He chuckles, his gaze shifting to his retinue, watching them for a moment, as the serving girl returns with the mugs of cider and is greeted again with cheers and howls - albeit at a slightly lower volume this time.

The serving girl comes over to their table next with the cider for the Tully lord, her cheeks are still a little flushed. "There ya go, M'lord," she says with an apologetic giggle as she puts the mug down before him. Her hand is grabbed though, before she can withdraw it.

"Next time, remember to serve the lord first, and then his knights. Wench." Thadeus hisses the words into her ear, his hand firm about her wrist. Little amusement is to be found within his mien and his tone. When he lets go of her, the girl gasps and nods, before she hurries off.

"Well," Thadeus's smile returns as he addresses Cerys again, "Which of the beautiful Targaryen sisters may you be, my lady?" She has indeed failed to introduce herself as of yet - on purpose, possibly?

When the man takes an offered seat, the girl straightens even more. Quite a haughty smile decorates her features, and she concentrates on the goblet of wine, whirling it between her fingers, pretending, that she is not impressed at all. However, even that can't hide the actual softness and curiosity in Cerys' eyes.

"Sooo…" She slowly drawls and was ready to comment something, but then all this scene with the serving girl starts, where the noble man tries to show his strength and will for the poor little common girl. Cerys raises an eyebrow at such order for the other woman, "My lord, don't you have more patience than simple knights?" A slight irony sounds in her tone and it continues further, after she takes a sip of her watered wine, "Anyway, you wanted to meet some bandits? I see, you are a man, who likes challenges and danger… Amusing!" She sips a bit more wine before fixing her silver gaze straight on the man's, "And what do you think, which of the beautiful Targeryen sisters I may be: the one, who is more beautiful or the one who is less beautiful?" She playfully bites her lip and full of amusement waits for the answer.

"It's not a question of patience," Thadeus replies matter-of-factly, leaning a bit forward so his lower arms come to rest on the table, as he studies Cerys through half-closed eyes, smiling. "She needs to know, as she works here. I just gave her a little reminder, you know. I hope that didn't offend you, my lady of Targaryen?"

At the question about the bandits he has to chuckle though, amusement now clearly visible in his eyes. "Not /meet/ them. Give them a sound thrashing. Kill them." His grey-blue gaze lingers on Cerys as if he were probing her reaction to his statement. "The streets are sometimes dangerous, and only a dead bandit is a good bandit."

There is an almost imperceivable twitch of his brows when Cerys turns her silver gaze to meet his, and he will hold it for a moment: "The most beautiful." He smiles. "Not the one who has run off with a Septon, hmm?"

"That didn't offend me," she answers to the man's question about the serving girl, "However, you could ask her more… nicely. Though, I am not sure this is the right word…" She drawls thoughtfully and frowns slightly, while thinking.

The man starts speaking about these bandits, and Cerys has enough time to enjoy her wine, peeking at the man's broad shoulders, his eyes, strong arms and… Well, just examening him carefully as a little cat examines the new room. Though, when he mentions the killing, the young Targeryen flinches and closes her eyes, "All the men are the same… Thinking about blood…" She whispers and trembles slightly, trying to shake off the thoughts about fights and swords, and dead bodies.

The compliment, actually, really helps, bringing an elegant pinkish tone to the girl's cheeks, "Oh! You know, how to speak with women…" Cerys exhales the air in a slightly trembling manner and raises her hand to nervously tug the pendant, which is resting on her slightly bared chest, "It looks like, that I did not run off with the Septon. I am here, after all…" And her silver eyes are clouded with something really cold, dark, maybe, sad shadows. The girl freezes, stabbing her gaze to a spot on the table.

Thadeus gives a light careless shrug to her remark about the serving girl, smirking as he ponders to add a comment, but then chooses to leave it at that instead. Not oblivious to Cerys' glances but hardly troubled by them, the Tully heir nods when he sees her distress at the mention of killing. "It is sometimes necessary, Lady Cerys.", he replies, addressing her for the first time with her name. When she blushes at his compliment he cannot help but smirk. Certainly he knows. Still, he seems to be quite taken with her reaction, as his gaze slips from her rosy face to her hand at that pendant - and her decollete, possibly just by coincidence, thereby missing the dark gaze of the Targaryen as his attention is engaged elsewhere.

After the short moment of silent, lady Cerys manages to turn her thoughts to something more cheerful and more amusing. The corners of her lips jump up. She lowers her hand to take a slice of cheese and chews it, before speaking again, "My lord, what brings you here in the Oldtown, if I may be curious?"

Another slice of cheese is taken, but this time it is chased down with the gulp of wine. Then the girl decides to rest her pale hands on her own lap. Of course, she keeps the silver gaze on the man and just politely waits for the answer. Though, there is something strange glinting in her eyes. Something similar to mischief, as she would be already plotting something, counting and scaling.

When Cerys starts to eat the cheese, Thadeus suddenly is reminded of the mug of cider that stands before him, still untouched, and he raises it to take a good sip. "Mmm, not bad. Not bad at all.", he comments on the quality of the beverage. Putting the mug back down onto the table, he lets out a slightly annoyed snort, before he gives his answer to her question. "Trade talks. Tedious business." There may be another reason as well, but if there is he does not mention it. Noticing that glint in her eyes, Thadeus will study her curiously for a moment, before he empties his cup of cider and rises.

"Speaking of business, there is some I have to attend to. Pray excuse me. It has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Lady Cerys." A bow is offered to the Targaryen, and a quick gesture of the hand alerts his knights to their impending departure. A small pouch is tossed towards the poor serving girl who reappears just in time to catch it. "This will cover the expenses, I think?" Another gesture towards the empty mugs of cider on the tables in the corner, as well as what Cerys had. A final incline of his head towards the pale haired woman, and he will leave through the door, his knights soon falling in behind him.

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