(121-03-12) The Fall of a Dragon
The Fall of a Dragon
Summary: Whoremaster returns to Oldtown ridden by none other than Visenya Targaryen, who finds herself in the hands of an unlikely crew at the docks.
Date: Date of play (12/03/2014)
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It grows closer, visible through windows, and any other place high enough to see over the nearby buildings. Winged and enormous, poisonous mustard-yellow and threatening storm-blue. It's still well away from the city when it flames. One can see the bright fire against the cloudy sky.

It's just the same docks. With sailors climbing up to the crosstrees of their ships to stare out to the East. News travels fast.

Peri is quiet, carrying a large platter towards the ships, the dragon causes a bristling from the tall brown woman and possibly a cursed hiss. "that sneaky son of a bitch." she grumbles, looking vaguely uncomfortable but continuing to the iron man's long boat to deliver the food.

Eva is engaged with a client aboard a small but fine ship docked near Riker's when it happens; when everyone looks to the sky. She in the shadows of the vessel, the illicit thing she is and represents; he standing on the deck. Now, however, her face has emerged to turn up to the sky, staring East with open-mouthed wonder. "The fire. Did you see the fire?" She pushes past the man to get a better view, half-climbing onto some rigging. No one cares quite so much about secrecy when there's a dragon over the city.

Riker hears this and that and stumbles above deck. Peri is not noticed as he stares out across the city now. His eyes lighting up in wonderment and aww. "What in the watery halls. Seven hells that is….Amazing.." The stupid man is not batting dwon the hatches, but, just staring.

The beast passes over the Eastern wall, huge and glorious, just below the clouds but now angling down. Those lucky and sharp-eyed might see a flash of something white at the base of its neck."

Peri eyes Eva "Watchout that thing eats whores! concubines and miscreants are the next fucking rung!" she shouts, handing up the cheap platter before joining Riker and offering commands "Tie her down tight and watch the bloody fires. That thing eats sailors too. Sailors and whores!" she shouts, visibly still tense and tight from its appearance again.

Eva's acquaintance is dumbfounded, having forgotten whatever dark desires he was so recently discussing with the voice of the Black Eel; like Riker, he wanders further out onto the deck, tipping his head up. Eva's curiosity is on high, her eyes glimmering with a purity rarely seen in those sly depths, but she is not so mesmerized as to ignore the clamor of her surroundings… or the danger such a beast might bring. She slinks from her watching spot as she hears Peri's familiar voice turn to yelling, shoves her client with a murmured word, and leaves him to his own devices as she moves from ship to dock. Sandaled feet carry her fast to the ironman's longboat instead. "An Iron ship makes a better fortress," she says as she hurries aboard uninvited.

The iron man hears Peri's voice now and looks about till he sees her. The men make ready and start to listen to her as he just stands dumbfounded. His eyes going back to the sight in the sky. Eva now is climbing aboard and he simply nods to her. "Welcome…" He manages since he is still completely enveloped in this happening. "Look at the size of the fucking thing." He says to the two women now.

Peri snaps her fingers and eyes Riker "Yes and I nearly touched its bloody belly, Riker." she cracks her neck "My lovely, my dear. I recommend if it swoops near us you hit the deck or dive in the harbor." she suggests, her hands moving to her lower back, leathers creaking in complaint from strain.

The smell of dragon fills the streets. Hot. Spicy, smokey, frightening and huge. It skims over, lower now. Those still on the streets can see the scales of its belly. And the woman on its back.

It flies South over the city, towards the harbour."

Eva rustles in near Peri, her eyes fixating back on the nearing dragon, but snapping back to the other woman for a moment when she divulges her close encounter. "Perhaps," Eva starts to muse darkly, "it is coming to finish what it started with Captain Yacio Cruz." Then again— her eyes narrow, focus; a faint gasp of air catches in her throat.

"I do not think the water will quench the beasts flames." He says quietly now watching as it nears the harbour. When Eva speaks he says, "You mean the man who captains the Moondancer?" He looks over at the boat. Is that thing vacant?!

"He lives," Eva replies, vague but certain.

Peri eyes Riker "He lived. I saved his life." she mumbles. She watches the beast with narrow eyes, uncomfortable and nervous about its presence. She isn't even hiding "Yes but you can dive and probably avoid a fatal blast." she mumbles, crouching down slightly for now.

Those with sharp hearing might hear the woman speaking to the dragon, and if they understand High Valyrian they might catch snippets like, "Land!" or "Don't burn anything!" and "Bad dragon! No!"

Eva steps to the side of the longboat and curls the whole of her arms over the side, barely bending her diminutive height, holding the wood; she looks as prepared to watch as she does to jump overboard. A healthy dose of caution tenses the woman's muscles, instinctive adrenaline, but terror is far from seizing her. "Do you hear her speak?"

The Captain nods to the two women. When Eva nears the edge and asks her question he says, "Hymm? I do not hear anything." He looks to Peri, "Do you?" His eyes flitting back to the approaching beast but the man is simply stuck in amazement, and too dumb to crouch or get ready to flee.

The dragon skims out over the harbour, dipping low."

Peri strains, pausing to punch an iron man "SHUT THE FUCK UP." shaking her head "I can't understand it but I think it is Valyrian maybe? Someone is shouting up there." she offers. "It is yelling something about fire? I think they might be planning to blaze the city again." she offers, taking a spear quietly for now.

Out over the harbour, the dragon starts to gain altitude again."

"The language of dragons." Purer than the Lorathi's own, bastardized dialect. Eva's neck cranes to follow the dragon's direction, and her head brushes her arm where it lays on the boat. "Look at it fly…" she says in wonder, "perhaps it seeks to burn down the Hightower," she adds in another musing tone that, under the circumstances, is lazy, languid, particularly in her heavy accent. "wouldn't that be something."

There is definitely somebody on the dragon's shoulders, astride the base of its neck. A woman, naked or nearly so, with silver-blonde hair.

As the whoremaster flies over the harbor, it's rider will leap off of it's back and into the harbor. And sink like a stone. There is something in a sling around her neck that pulls her under the waves. The silvery haired woman lets out a sound of despair as she bobs up before she is dragged down by the weight of it.

Peri eyes the plummetting item, instead of fussing, the woman throws off her leathers and jewelry, letting them clatter before rolling out her shoulder "That is a Targaryen. I'm going fishing. Throw down the ladder over the portside stern for me." she yells at the nearest iron man. "Pardon me." she takes a moment before running towards the end of the ship to dive in and begin the swim out with decent speed and purpose.

The woman falls from the dragon's back. The beast seems startled, lofting in the air, stopping its climb to spiral about, peering down with its fierce yellow eyes.

Riker watches now as the woman is punching folks and he shakes his head. When she grabs the spear he says, "PFft…Little good that will do." To Eva now he does say, "That would be /highly/ amusing." Yea, he would not care. Pry enjoy watching even. "But that is a foul beast." when the naked woman is off and into the water he is taken aback. "What the fuck?" He atches as a man follows Peris orders now and gets the ladder ready for her. When the Dragon is swirling back down he is shaking his head. "This will be bad…" He mutters.

The dragon, evil mustard coloured wings flashing in the light as it banks, continues to circle over the harbour, staring down.

Eva slips from her spot to glide to the end of the longboat closest to the plight of the dragon woman, nearly overlapping footsteps with Peri to stare where the Targaryen with her focused gaze, stirred by what she sees, although it can't quite be said to be concern. The very same expression follows Peri into the water. "She will die," she states direly. It can't be easily discerned just which woman she's talking about. From the looks of things, it may be both.

Visenya struggles to reach the surface without taking off that damned sling. She kicks her legs and flaps her arms. Once, she breaks the surface and gasps for air before she is pulled back down by the weight on her chest. It's as if she has rocks on her chest. She manages to keep surfacing enough to keep from drowning, but just barely. Soon enough, she will tire out.

Over the harbour, the dragon snorts out a puff of fire. Just a huge one, which is little considering the size of the monster. Then it turns in the air and starts to swim upriver.

Riker rushes to the rail near Eva. "That damn woman is daft. Such a fucking hero all the time." He shakes his head and peers down at the women in the water, back up at the dragon. "What the fuck are we doing?" He does not know but it has that train wreck feel you can't look away from. Wit hthe flash of fire he ducks down, his arm held up against the heat.

Peri is swimming as well as she can, but she has had a long day and been doing 'delicate work' on the greenlands. She offers Visenya her arm, "come on." she shouts, intending to pull the targaryen to the boat as best she can. She seems pissy, hurrying to try to get back on board.

The fire seems to spark in Eva's eyes; in truth, the glimmer of amazement is brighter than any reflection. As she stares at the dragon, Eva offers her cynical advice to Riker. "I truly do not know, but iyou care about your concubine, I would suggest getting this ship on the move; if you care about your life, I would suggest getting the hell away from here." As she makes out Peri's attempts in the water, her eyes narrow, considering a change of opinion— barely.

Visenya takes Peri's hand, and begins to kick weakly as the woman tows her. But mostly she struggles to stay afloat.

Riker does not acknowledge Evas words as he watches PEri dragging the woman through the harbour. "The Fucking ladder!" He shouts to his men now. The iron men get out and over now with great haste. Riekr looking back up at the mustard colored beast. "Incredible…" He says now more to himself.

To the North, over the river, the dragon gains altitude and disappears into the clouds.

Peri is kind enough to help Visenya onto the ladder first. "We should run for a sturdier structure." she mumbles "OI Haryld grab a fucking gown for the lady." she yells. She waits for Visenya to get a good grip and grabs on herself "Can you climb?" she mumbles.

Eva steps out of the way of the men and the ladder, curling again over the side to watch the women move through the water. The dragon's allure is too strong, however, and she's soon spinning to watch it travel upriver until it vanishes. "Beautiful, was it not… I am almost sad to see it go."

Visenya reaches for the ladder, and tries to pull herself up. She lets out an exhausted groan, and falls back into the water.

Peri grabs Visenya and holds her with one arm, getting dragged into the water "THROW A FUCKING RO-" glub glub. Well at least they could probably be lassoed this close. The dark woman is struggling here.

Riker is watching the dragon too and when it dissapears he turns back to the water. A nice look at the Targaryen before she falls back down. He laughs and figures Peri will help her. But…she is not coming up. "Fuck my wretched life he says. He flings his boots off quickly and grabs a rope. Diving into the water now with ease.

Visenya flails at the water, and surfaces with a gasp. She's coughing and sputtering for a moment, and then down again she goes!

Spin and spin; Eva spins again to the next sight, peering over the side of the boat and pressing a vexed palm to her forehead, mumbling something darkly in her own language.

When the Iron mans body cuts the water like a knife it is some seconds before he emerges, the silver the two girls in his grip. He wraps the rope around Visenya and grabs Peri. "Damn you." He is saying as he drags her near the boat. "Haul her in!" He shouts to his men so they can pull on the rope. Treading against the water he now pushes Peri behind the Targaryen and will keep her up against the ladder after Visenya makes it, if she does.

Peri coughs out a large lung full of water on Riker "Third time is the charm as they say." she mumbles at him, climbing up the lader with wobbly legs. She has the grace of a half drowned rhinocerous as she ends up over the rails and flops out on the deck, catching her breath. Thank the gods the woman is bouyant. "Hello Evallash." she mumbles, staying on her back.

Visenya will be half-dragged and half climb up the ladder into the long boat. She collapses as soon as she hits the deck. The silver-haired lady looks rather rough: there is a big bruise on her shoulder that looks like it is a few days old. She bleeds from between her legs; at first it looks like moon blood, but the source is actually several gashes from the dragon's scales on her inner thighs. Likewise, her fingers are cut where she gripped onto the dragon's scales to stay on. One of the 'rocks' in her sling rolls out onto the deck. It is scaly, and a beautiful steel blue with silver swirled on it. She reaches for it weakly.

At the sight of the two women falling aboard, Eva sighs like all the unwanted weight of the world has been placed on her shoulders, yet she smiles at the familiar of the waterlogged figures. "Hello, drowned mermaid." She uncinches a length of dark, burgundy fabric from her layers and starts to kneel in front of both women with it in hand, but her efforts of aid slow and pause as her eyes land upon the scaly items.

Riker climbs up last. Seeming less than worse for the wear. "Rum!" He growls at one of his men. He stares down at the woman now, how many folks say they have eyed some Targaryen flesh afterall. When the egg rolls out he looks curiously as she reaches for it. Many a thought given now surely. But, in the end he is too dumb to really know what he is looking at and it is surely not gold or silver. "Go get PEri something to dress in from these wet garments. And our guest as well." Some sour looking old chap grunts and the look he gets from Riker is posionous. "NOW!" He snaps.

Peri sits up "Get the medical bag too, please." She eyes the men, standing up and without warning taking the egg to move back to rest on Visenya's belly. She squats down, examining the young maid "Poor thing. Lucky thing. Do you want to go see your brother?" she mumbles, taking her time to sit so the iron men don't get that good of a look at Visenya. She afterall is barely dressed fairly often.

"Father…" Visenya moans out. She wretches up some water on the deck, "…so proud. Not angry for failing to punish…" She hugs her eggs to her chest, as there is obviously another in her sling, and quiets.

Eva drags her gaze off the dragon eggs to the dragon who lays on the deck. She runs a hand over Peri's soaked hair on her way to ease in closer, drawn like a moth to a flame, peering her face over Visenya's, dark-haired head tilted. She lays her fabric over the Targaryen's lower half and presses lightly into the blood on her thigh beneath, but Eva's more sincere focus is on her face, which she reaches out to touch, tracing an odd line in more fascination than concern. "La-dy drag-on…" she stretches richly out, her words nearly reverting to their native tongue. "You must rest."

Riker stands by, his arms across his chest. A sailor pitches him a skin now and he drinks, handing it down to Peri now. He seems unimpressed by all this. What with the women and her shiny rocks and all that. "what the fuck is she mumbling about?" He muses more to himself but surely nice and loud.
<FS3> Peri rolls Healing: Good Success.

Peri giggles at Eva, tilting up to kiss the other woman's cheek "Riker, be nice." She takes her medical kit as soon as it is delivered, setting it down before pulling on her loose fitting skirt and a loose Essosi cut shirt, the Targaryen's injuries are cleaned and dressed with basic herbs, the dark haired woman calm before dressing the Targaryen in one of her own nicer gowns, giving Riker an eyeing.

"What?!" Riker asks with a grin as he takes in that last glance of Targaryen tit.

She may be named after the dragon queen Visenya, but this Targaryen maid looks more like Rhaenys. She is slender and willowy with delicate, refined features. She grits her teeth as Eva presses the cloth to her legs, and her eyes open to reveal their purple color. Peri's ministrations make her more coherent. "Oh, what are you doing?!" She cries out, "Ow! Who are you?"

Eva's presence continues to slink and loom curiosly above Visenya, frayed tendrils of her own dark curls nearly touching pale, wet hair. By now kneeling behind her, she takes the fair maid's head between her hands. The metal of her many rings is cold, but her touch is light. "Shh, shh. The mermaid helps you heal and hide your body from reavers." She leans down yet more, whispering in a sly tone that can hardly be comforting. "We will keep you safe."

Peri eyes Visenya for a moment "Peri. I am cleaning your wounds and making them so you won't be as sore. We've.. no. I've met some of your family. I tend your cousin Lady Igdahnnha's troubles from time to time." she murmurs. "Should we get you to a maester, my dear?" she asks, voice soft "Or to your family's manse?" she asks "Or to my bed on land." she offers, for once not brow waggling.

"Where is my brother?" Visenya asks weakly. "…Probably out at a tourney somewhere, jousting…" Her eyes flutter shut as she says, "Home. I want to go home."

Peri eyes Evallash and Visenya, "Let us get her to her family's manse and tucked to bed. Then I suggest we get shit faced." she mumbles. She watches Riker head off to his chambers.

Eva taps a singular finger on the lady's forehead. "You must be the mysterious Lady Visenya … and your brother … the famous Maiden Knight. Yes?" She looks up at Peri, pressing her lips together, and back down. "You made a grand show; if your brother is not already on his way, you will be taken to him."

"Of course I am Visenya. Did you not see me ride the dragon?" The maid clutches her eggs to her chest drowsily, "They shall sings songs of me as well, now…"

Peri nods to Eva. "Your brother has been worried about you, my lady." she offers softly, gesturing at an iron man to help Visenya home. she pauses "Why would they not?" she asks softly, stretching out a little before standing up to offer Eva her arm.

"A lucky bard will make a living on songs of you," Eva replies, half-murmured, indulgent to Visenya yet laced with a quieter wryness. She takes Peri's arm — and the Targaryen's on the way, trying to ease her up and stay at her side.

Visenya stands with Eva's help. She adjusts the gown Peri lent her, which is far too big in the chest area, and limps wherever she is lead.

Peri is more than happy assist Visenya home, and hang around with Eva. Eva is one of her favorite people afterall.

It is a strange sight that graces the docks, one that won't soon be forgotten by those who spy it; the two foreign women carefully escorting the lost Targaryen from an ironman's longboat.

The Whoremaster is gone. Visenya is being lead off of a longboat by Peri and Eva. She is soaking wet, and wearing a overly big gown. She walks with a limp, and seems like she may fall over at any minute.

Peri is a little wobbly and drenched wearing somewhat slutty Essosi wear - a bright colored skirt and a loose top which threatens underboob at any moment! The woman looks annoyed and amused at the same time.

When you leave Dragonstone, it's by boat. Unless it's by dragon. But if someone stole your dragon or you're the pov kind of Targaryen who doesn't have a dragon, it's by boat. I am not quite sure which one of those applies to Aegon, but one of them sure does, because his boat has just rolled into Oldtown. The young squire is stepping off a much larger vessel as his kin is being dragged onto dry land, and he stops halfway down the gangplank to have a gawk at the place. And possibly at Visenya, when his eyes come around to that.

The woman on the other side of Visenya is an unlikely helper; the second foreign woman only looks, to unknowing bystanders, to be a kind hand helping the weakened Targaryen from the docks. She practically clings to the woman's side like a second skin through every fluid step, looking far less bothered. She casts but a look over her shoulder at the noise of a vessel coming to dock, then murmurs a vague encouragement to Visenya. "Come now. Take wide steps, my lady."

Visenya limps with her legs spread apart, as if she'd spent the past two days in a saddle. She leans against Eva as she limps along, her long tangled silvery hair damp and clinging to the back of her too-big dress. Her eyes will thoughtlessly drift over to Aegon, and she'll blink. "…Cousin?"

Peri eyes Aegon and rubs Visenya's back gently "That is it, come on." she eyes Aegon and regards him. She has a bitch face on, but is likely just tired. Given the three are leaving an iron man's long boat and two of the three are obviously Essosi it looks a smidge funny.

Aegon just kind of stands there for a moment, trying to make an epic moment out of his arrival. He shifts one hand to his hip, fingers of the other curling to his lower lip as his teeth flash in a hopeful smile. So this is Oldtown, he seems to be thinking, easily read by anyone near enough to see him. He's got plans.

Likely none of them involve an errant lady being carried ashore by foreigners. Aegon startles at the sight of Visenya, eyes drawn over by her voice. "Ahm, ah, ma — my lady!" His is a stuttering reply, his expression writ immediately into concern. "Who - what - uh. Is everything alright here?" He starts back down the plank, hurrying his way over.

As Visenya becomes distracted by something behind her, Eva rolls her eyes, thinking the Targaryen has imagined a family member in delirium. When she, too, looks back to discern what could, in fact, be another Targaryen, however, she rolls her eyes again, directing the small expression Peri's way. To Aegon's approach, she smiles; the expression is warm across her mouth but only a dull sheen in her narrowed, black-rimmed eyes. "We are taking her," is that a pause, "to her brother."

"Oh, I can't…" Visenya says suddenly. "I can't walk. Word will have to be sent to Daevon. Someone should fetch my guards, and my litter…" She looks like she could use a litter. "Aegon?!" She calls out, "Is that really you?"

Peri watches Visenya, rather gently stroking Visenya's back. "You can walk my lady, you are viciously strong." she eyes Eva and chuckles, "If this is her cousin, I suggest that idea previously mentioned - the notion of drinking an entire cask or two."

Aegon looks very confused, eyeing the woman with the black-rimmed eyes suspiciously, and frowning at the one with the Bitch Face on. He doesn't seem to approve of what she says. He shoots Visenya what he presumes is a very meaningful, questioning look. "Visenya," he says, inflection up. "Yeah, yes it's me. What — there's no-one here to greet me? I didn't… the winds. The captain kept saying the winds were favorable but I — do you know these women?"

"In time," Eva agrees with Peri. She holds Visenya more firmly around the waist as she twists to properly eye this Aegon down, a commanding tone taking shape in her Lorathi voice even if he is a Targaryen. "She fell from there," she nods with her head out to the water — and high above it. "From the back of a dragon. You see? Why she must go, now, to rest."

"Greet you? I just rode a dragon! I jumped off of it into the water! Everyone has been…looking for me, I guess? I've sort of been missing until I RODE A DRAGON BACK HERE." Visenya looks first to Peri, and then to Eva, "Uhh…no? But they did fish me out of the water." She squints at Aegon before declaring, "I need you to carry me."

"There is your litter," Eva mutters.

Peri eyes Aegon "I am Peri, owner of the Lysene Baths in the square and a former cook for the Tyrells. I medically insist that the lady needs rest and a bundle of cold stones to rest on her tender thighs that have been savaged." she offers, face becoming less bitchy. "She doesn't need a Maester, she just needs a rest and some pampering." she smiles "I will send word to Ser Daevon." she mumbles softly.

If that great hulking dragon hadn't been seen by all and sundry aboard his boat, Aegon would surely dismiss dear Visenya's claims for a turn. As it were… "You what? Visenya. Wasn't that Sunfyre? I assumed… woah. Hold up." He splays his hands at the trio, because so many women talking. Woah. "Ah… I think… I think… ah, yes. This is… some welcome."

Clearly it wasn't Sunfyre, now that you think of it. Sunfyre is golden, his wings pale pink.

"No. It's called the Whoremaster. Why would Sunfyre be here?" Visenya gives Aegon a peevish little look. "Aegon, listen to me. I just spent last night in a dragon's den. I've fallen over rocks. It've had my thighs sliced up my dragon's scales. I almost drowned. Now pick me up. I want to go home. NOW."

Eva tugs Visenya's waist — gentle, but abrupt, to near Aegon. She waves her freer hand at the young man as if to say 'hurry it up, do as she says'.

"What kind of idiot calls a dragon Whoremaster," wonders Aegon as an aside, his tone much of a mutter. His eyes vague a little as he shakes his head, dismissing the rest of that conversation with a few swift blinks. It is with a chivalrous grin and a hollow laugh that he resolves: "As my lady wishes!" Although as he steps in to take his cousin into his arms in a gallant carryhold, that also requires the rather awkward mutterings of, "Um, if you could, you know, just, yeah, unhand her, ok, I got this, great."

"Oh Aegon." Visenya says as her cousin picks her up. She pokes his nose with the tip of her finger, "Still funny looking, I see." She wears a sling over her too-big dress, and inside two round stones click together like balls of marble.

Peri eyes the man and the lady "Honestly I beseech you, ser, to carry her home." she offers, voice soft. She watches the man "Because it eats whores and the smallfolk named it." she releases softly. she mumbles, releasing Visenya abruptly. "Tell lady Igdahnnha I will deliver some tea to ease her discomfort on the morrow." she mumbles, offering her arm to Eva.

"Mmm," makes up Eva's ambiguous murmur as Visenya is handed off. She curls her fingers over Peri's arm before slipping her arm around the other woman's. "Be sure you do not get mugged by a mad man," she warns the Targaryens with no particular concern in her voice over the possibility, flicking her gaze to the heavy sling the lady protects, "for what she carries."

He's no knight or prince, but Aegon is at least named after a conqueror? He takes Visenya's needling all in his stride as he takes her in his arms, and probably thanks many and varied gods he didn't inherit the Targaryen sickliness. He winces as she flicks his nose. "They offered me some better looks but I — I turned them down, on account of not wanting to disappoint you," he jokes, smile crooked. "Ah —" The look he shoots over the top of his cousin to Peri, and Eva in turn. "Of — of course. Lady Igdannha. And ah, yeah, yes. I have it under control, I think. My thanks to you both in the name of House Targaryen," he says, quickly running out of breath as he tries to be all official.

Peri mms a bit "I believe the last ones I saw in Essos were not as pretty and looked like stones and went for over half of a million gold Lysene coins." she offers. Her long frame stretches out, sleepily leaning on Eva "I believe, my dear, that Riker brought me a cask of Lyseni wine."

Visenya tweaks Aegon's nose again with the tip of her finger. "Yes, that's very clever. And yes, no getting mugged. Now walk. Walk very fast. And I might show you my…" Then she leans forward to whisper into her cousin's ear. "Now go! Mush!"

Aegon's brows skew at Peri's comments, but they lift entirely as his cousin leans up to whisper in his ear. With the widest of eyes and words betraying him, he just looks at her for a long moment. But she's telling him to mush, and despite himself he can't help to obey — "Mushing! I'm mushing," he says as he springs into action. "Only, you'll have to tell me the way, Visenya. I only just got here."

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