(121-03-10) The Sisters Targaryen
The Sisters Targaryen
Summary: In which said ladies get discussed along with the general State of Things as Daevon, Aevander and Jaremy head to the Uplands.
Date: March 12, 2014
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Daevon's focused while they're on the road, and not all that talkative, alert to their surroundings, intent on the task at hand.

Aevander's similar, mostly quiet, though now and again he seems to get fidgety or restless in the saddle. It's at such a time when he feels obliged to say, "If you couldn't bother to write me when you left, you at least could have written Visenya."

Daevon keeps on riding, he's silent and it almost seems as if he's not going to answer at all when he finally speaks. "We cannot change the past, only the future. What would I have said to her?"

"I don't know," Aevander shrugs with a small roll of his eyes, " 'I'm sorry I left you with no more word than a scribbled note?'" he suggests, "'You're still my sister and I love you?' 'I'm sorry I ran away from all my responsibilities and left you behind to face father's disapproval?'" He and Daevon are riding side-by-side on a path that has become more narrow than the main road (but is still sufficiently wide), an extra horse trailing behind the ones they ride.

Daevon sighs at Aevander's words. "I cannot change the past." Nor would he it would seem. "I had hoped she would be betrothed to someone else. Someone worthy of her."

"Yes, well, as it turns out, hopes are not much use without any action put to their defense," Aevander replies. "You come to the rescue of every maid in the seven kingdoms… save the one that was born in the same hour as you and is bound to you by blood."

"What would you have me do?" Daevon asks.

"Talk to her," Aevander replies. "Have you and she properly talked since she arrived in Oldtown?"

The sound of hooves are heard in the distance and soon enough another knight is coming upon the others, from further up the path. One hand raised as he approaches near enough to be recognized as Ser Jaremy Strickland. He brings his horse off to the side of the path and waits for the Targaryens to pass by so he can fall into step with Aevander.

"Path is clear up ahead, and no signs of any of our border friends-We should be fine riding out. No signs of Dragons.." he murmurs before he is looking across the two. "Sorry if I've interrupted."

"We have talked," Daevon replies. "Not as much as we once did, but we have talked." He's relieved as Jaremy returns, and falls into silence.

And thus, with Jaremy's return, is Daevon spared any further scolding, though Aevander shoots him a 'this is not finished' look as he falls silent. He nods to the young Strickland lord as the man's horse comes up beside his. "Good, a clear path is as much as we can hope for."

"I think-for the most part, given the tensions in Oldtown, that the rest of the border is not up yet. Or at least everyone is nervously eyeing everyone-so we should not see anyone out. Smallfolk will be rare." Jaremy states before he is looking back at Aevander and then over to Daevon for a moment. Feeling like the awkward third horse, he remains silent for a moment.

Only a moment, sadly.

"What are we chatting about?"

Daevon's not chatting at all it would seem. He's quiet once more, seeming to find it easier than actually communicating with his brother.

"The complexities of family," Aevander replies, filling in for Daevon's silence. "And our obligations towards them. I expect you feel your own obligations rather keenly, ser, considering how they have but recently fallen onto your shoulders."

"Ah, I understand." Jaremy says looking back to Aevander. "Yes-and well. I am sure my cousins feel it more keenly, what with the sack and razing of Wickham's Nest." And there he soberly draws quiet for a moment. "I must say, I do enjoy your family though." Almost cheerily announced as he looks back. "Well, the members I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with. I know-this." a beat "What we're doing right now is for the best-and likely has it's own stories behind it-thus is not easy." And there he tilts his head. "But, I am certain for how hard it is to do, there is worth behind it."

"Do you?" Aevander asks bemusedly of Jaremy's fondness for Targaryens. "You have not met them all yet, your opinion may change, should you ever happen to." There is a small nod as the traveling men are reminded of the Cockshaw tragedy. "Had you heard anything further about it before we left? Any fresh word from your cousins?"

"No, I have not, perhaps I mean-your own intimate family, Ser. Not the whole grand house. Strike me if it sounds treasonous." he jests back towards the other knight with a laugh. "Your sister, is a fine one." Likely he does not speak of Visenya, whom he has not met. As to the the Cockshaws there is a shake of his head. "There is not. I plan to speak with them when they come back. I had gone to find Ser Viggo and his Squire, but they had already ridden once I heard the news." a small frown there. "I was not at the Masq, and so it came to me late." And there he looks down, as one hand moves to swat at a fly on his horse's neck. "Knowing though where the Nest is…I suspect likely culprits will be Dornishmen."

Aevander laughs, shaking his head. "You haven't met all of them, either," he replies, still grinning bemusedly at whatever joke Jaremy's inadvertently made. "But you're right, Cerys is a dear girl." He sobers as the talk turns to the less entertaining topics of razing and raiders. "Perhaps," he allows. "I believe that is generally what most suspect, at this point."

Jaremy grins. "No, I suppose I haven't. But I know you-and I know Ser Daevon. I believe you're good folk." he adds on before he sits a bit taller. "I'd like to talk to you about her, when we return." If we return is left out. "If you have the time, Ser? And have had the chance to know me better." And with that he chews on the inside of his cheek. "I am not there, so I cannot give proof. I only have my own experience to go off of." And there he looks to Aevander. "Please do not mistake me as one who hates the Dornish. I have met many a kind and considerable Dornishman and woman. But, I've also nigh had my guts spilled out by them as well." A shrug there. 'So-I don't know. I would hope that would not colour my opinion as to what befell my cousins."

Daevon looks at Jaremy thoughtfully, as he says he'd like to speak of Cerys. He's still remaining quiet though, in his brother's shadow.

Aevander looks over at Jaremy for that first request, one brow lifting as he regards the knight with a faint frown. "You strike me as a good man, Ser Jaremy, and I like you. Please do not construe that as permission to reach beyond your grasp. That said, should you still desire to speak with me about my sister, I will hear what you would say when we are back in Oldtown." One hand lets go of the reins so his palm can rest against the neck of his gelding. "It was battle on the marshes. They nigh spilled your guts, you nigh spilled theirs. I have no deep love for the Dornish, they are a little too wild and proud for my tastes, but I wonder if the assumption that it was they is colored more by that past struggle than by any actual evidence. But, I am sure we will learn more when Ser Viggo and the others return."

"Ser, I would do no such thing-" Jaremy is quick to interject there. " But, I would still wish to speak to you about her. I know I bear no name like Tyrell or Baratheon, but I do bear a good name." And with that said he falls silent for a moment. "It was indeed battle, Ser. I just speak of knowing where the Nest is. It lies close to the Red Mountains which is disputed lands.." He adds in before he is nodding ahead. "I am sure. If I am wrong, and I pray I am so-then It will be easier to seek justice."

"You bear a good name…" Aevander allows. The 'but not good enough' goes unspoken, though from the tone the older Targaryen brother uses, it can be easily intuited. "I pray you are wrong as well," he agrees with a small nod. "These few years of peace between Dorne and Westeros have been restful. I would loathe to see them gone."

Jaremy glances once towards Aevander and there's a slight chuckle at whatever seems to be unspoken. "I'll still speak with you." A promise given before he is tilting his head to the side. "Aye, these times have been indeed peaceful-if you discount the small bush fires that creep up. This side took horses, so we must kill in vengeance, etc." A shake of his head. "This though-this would break out war in a bigger scale."

"We could not suffer it," Aevander agrees. "Whoever was responsible your cousin will want brought to justice, of course. But if it is Dorne… that is an attack not merely on House Cockshaw, but an act of war against Westeros."

"It means much more for my family than just War. We're on the front lines Ser." And he turns in the saddle surveying where they are before he points across towards one of the mountains in the distance. "Over this ridge is the Western Pass. House Dayne is on the Dornish side, a considerable house. We are their counterpart on our side." And he moves his hand a little further out. "Lonely Hall sits there and my father serves as the Lord of the Pass. A warden in his own right." he tacts on before looking back. 'If the Dornish did it, and there is no formal declaration of war-then you will have knights on both sides slipping over-which means we will have conflicts springing up and retalitory raids as an ongoing occurance." And then he leans back. "It'll make it messy once it is decided if it is War against the throne, or not."

Aevander considers these words in silence before he asks, "Do you feel, as one who has grown up along that border and knows it well, that an increase of men patrolling and strict instructions not to engage in any such retaliatory raids would help curtail such… messiness?"

Jaremy is quiet for a moment as he looks up. "As a man who will become Lord of Lonely Hall, and the Lord of the Pass himself, I feel-as if we put men on the border it will only encourage The Dornish to likely strike as it will look like a build up of troops. My solution would be to have men before the borders to stop Westrosi knights from riding over, and thus be ready to help any Lord along the border-should an attack happen."

"Yes, forgive me. That was more or less what I was trying to express," Aevander replies with a small nod. "Perhaps when we return, you might write to your father requesting he prepare for such actions? Whether it was the Dornish or no, I begin to fear that with the speed that rumors fly, raids may begin on either side, even without proof that the Dornish were responsible for the razing of the Nest."

"When we heard the news in Oldtown, I sent a message to him right away." Jaremy says with a glance back over to Aevander. "If there is one thing we Strickland's are it is vigilant, and I would not have my own father be caught unaware. I was also unsure if it was a border wide strike, or just one isolated incident. Given no other messangers have come, or no ravens..I assume all is well."

"I hope it is so," Aevander replies, rolling his shoulders and shifting a little on his saddle. Long rides still aren't his most favorite thing, it seems.

It's Daevon's turn to head on a bit ahead, and so that leaves Aevander with Jaremy, the other knight completely comfortable in the saddle. There's a glance before he is looking down. "I saw her before we left." He admits. "She's worried about you both."

Aevander's brows lift, but he gives a small shake of his head. "She was distraught and is easily excitable. Sometimes, she sees shadows and imagines monsters." Metaphorically, one would hope.

"She seems to think that Visenya holds a grip over you both." Jaremy says with a glance over, before he is raising his hand. "There's a watering hole up, we can catch wait for your brother there, and water the horses." An excuse to allow the older Targaryen from his saddle, perhaps. "I assured her-that would not be the case, as we don't want dragons roosting in Oldtown." a pause "Well, larger dragons anyway." A look back. "We had, a fine time together."

Aevander nods, accepting this suggestion (or excuse) before leading his horse off the trail and through the grass on its side, over to the watering hole. He climbs down with a flinch but no groan (progress) and lets the gelding and the tethered mare drink as it wishes. "Sometimes, Cerys gets carried away with her own fancy, and when she does, it seems to be Visenya who she casts as villain. I can assure you, it's not a title she deserves." A corner of his mouth lifts. "I do not anticipate any dragons of the scaled variety coming to roost at Oldtown, ser."

There's a nod given as they head over to the small hole. All it is a tree, and a small pool, likely connected to some underground stream or another. Once off, Jaremy lead his horse and lets him drink his fill, before he is looking back to Aevander. "Stretch out your legs before you sit down-it'll help." he adds before he is walking over to lean against the tree, and just stand for a while. "I trust they are like most siblings, and just at one another's throat-Please Ser, I don't think ill of Visenya. I just thought you should know."

Aevander shoots Jaremy a look somewhere between embarrassed and wry. "I have ridden distances before. Just… not recently." Still, he takes the advice, walking a circuit around the tree and little pool before looking for a place to sit. "I'm away, though I thank you. Cerys has voiced similar concerns to Daevon and I."

Jaremy nods. "I think she still fears it none the less. I did my best to calm her before we rode." A smile offered before he reaches to break a twig off a low hanging branch. "What make you of this particular situation?" he asks with a raised brow. "I mean-this whole thing with your sister, a Dragon and Garvin Tyrell?"

"At the moment, I think I'd prefer if my sister wed the dragon," Aevander replies with a roll of his eyes. "Jesting aside, I do wish to know what compelled her to run off like this. Daevon's the impulsive one, Visenya considers her actions before the makes them. Or, well, I believed she did."

"She might, I don't know." Jaremy says with a shrug before walking back to his horse to snag a canteen. Twig discarded easily along the way before he is turning and looking at Aevander. Cork is pulled with his teeth before he is taking a swig and offering it over towards the Targaryen knight. "I assume your sister will find better-ah..duties of a husband in a dragon."

Aevander sighs softly and accepts the canteen. He takes a couple deep swallows before handing it back to the Strickland knight. "He's such a child," the Targaryen sighs. "Strange proclivities aside, he's all stuff and nonsense."

Jaremy nods. "I am not one to comment on such things. It's common here in the Reach as well as south of the border." he says "We just don't talk about it, really." And there he takes it back and takes another further swig. "Which is part of the reason I wanted to speak about your Sister-but in time." He won't press further. "I'm going to suggest some rest, now. We've ridden long, and we'll need it if we're to come before this Dragon, thing."

"It can be found anywhere," Aevander agrees, "it is only that one does not tend to flaunt it the way Garvin Tyrell manages to do." He shakes his head in frustration, one hand pushing idly through his blond curls. "If we do come across a dragon, do not raise your weapon before my brother or I advise it. Even a wild dragon may yet heed Targaryen blood."

"I will follow your lead, and Daevon's as well." Jaremy replies, before he sinks his body back against the tree. "I have no plans to return dead or crispy." That said he watches the other knight for a moment before he slides down the tree to sit. "I agree. I'm going to close my eyes here..nudge me when Daevon returns."

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