(121-03-10) Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie
Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie
Summary: In which the Targaryen brothers and Eonn set out to find Visenya (again), and the perils of seafood are discussed.
Date: March 10, 2014
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Daevon's been busy, doing things, it can't all be getting ready since he's usually able to just grab things and take off at a moment's notice. He's sent for Eonn though, amongst everything else he's been doing.

Eonn is shown in. He's got a black and white cat following closely at his heels. He's carrying, as he sometimes does, a bunch of raw oysters in his helmet.

Aevander's packed and ready and now killing time as Daevon does all the things he needs to do before they can depart. He's seated at the table, reading from a small book which he closes when he realizes they have company. Huh. Cat. And Oysters. "Well, that explains the cat," Aevander muses, looking from the mollusks in the knight's cap to Eonn's face.

"Eonn, thanks for coming," Daevon says. "We're planning to leave to find Visenya shortly. We want to go as fast as possible, in unmarked armour with a change of horses. Aevander suspects we'll come across raiders." His own doubts in that regard are obvious.

Aevander considers the quivering little morsel that comes in its own cup and arches one dark blond brow. Then he accepts the oyster, sets the shell to his lips and tips his head back, schlurping it down. There is a faint wince as he swallows and then clears his throat. "Thank you, Ser Eonn. That was…" he smacks his lips, "unique. Are we ready, then?"

"I am no knight, my lord," says Eonn. Then, to Daevon, "All right. Do you wish me to go get my mare?" A pause. "Do you hunt well?"

Daevon's lips quirk at his brother, forever the diplomat. "Would you take a loan of horses?" he asks. "I fear that poor Bottle may be exhausted by such a journey and the pace we intend to set. But I understand the desire to have a loyal companion and friend over that of a stranger. I'm also aware that there are dangers that are within the city, and you may wish to remain by Lady Mormon's side."

Aevander's brows lift again as he's corrected, and Eonn gets another lookover, this one a little more thoughtful. "My apologies, then," he replies for his erroneous 'ser'. "We are already far behind our sister," he adds once Daevon finishes, "and though it may be only speculation, even with the risk of raiders coming from Dorne, I do not wish her alone and unprotected for a moment longer than necessary. To that end, though my brother is polite enough to request it, I must insist that you make use of our faster horses on this journey."

Eonn nods. "As my lords wish," he says, bowing his head a bit. His expression is flat, unreadable.

Daevon's frowning at Aevander's words, not the slightest bit happy. He shakes his head in disagreement. "No." He says to Aevander. "If we ask a man to risk his life for our sister, then we give him a choice in the matter. Eonn is my friend, he is also the trusted sword of Lady Mormont. He has been so kind as to agree to come with us as a favour and he is a man of his word. But when he agrees there was not this looming threat of raiders, nor as great a danger to outsiders, nor were there people in the streets throwing stones at noblewomen."

"Brother, I do not think your friend, here, has come to our door to say he will not accompany us," Aevander turns from Daevon to look at Eonn, "unless I am mistaken? And if I am not, I only ask that he take the horses that allow us to complete our task and return home quickly. You cannot say that is unreasonable."

"My Lady is a better sword than I," says Eonn quietly. "And my mare, for all she is low-born in her way, a better mount than you may guess. But she does not run like your coursers. I will do as you ask." He takes a single step backwards, out of the line of fire of their conversation.

"I can guess at what a good mount she is," Daevon says. "Just as I know that there are many men in this city that are better with their swords than you. But you have skills I would find in none of them. Thank you." He frowns at his brother. "I would hope not at least."

"Good. It's settled," Aevander replies, his hands clapping together once as if to seal the matter. "Now then, shall we be on our way?"

"I am a worse huntsman than I am a swordsman," says Eonn. "If we do not provision, we may be unhappy." He offers a small, dry smile.

Daevon nods. "I already have the provisions organised. While I cannot claim to be as good with a bow as I am a blade, I've been living off the land for almost as long as I've been a squire, so even if we do run out of supplies, which we won't, I can still keep us fed."

"Yes, packed, packed, everything is packed," Aevander replies impatiently. "We did consider that we might wish to eat in the days ahead." He stands, his book left on the table, face down. Before any further discussion can commence, he's headed for the stables.

Eonn watches Aevander go, silently. He smiles with one side of his mouth, then opens another oyster with his dagger and tips it down his throat.

Daevon'll hold back a few minutes, letting Aevander go first. He turns to Eonn, speaking softly. "Are you okay? You don't need to come."

"I am fine, Daevon," says Eonn, smiling at the other man now. "This? Nothing" He chuckles a little. "Don't let it trouble you. Let's go."

Daevon returns that smile, it's happy and bright. He nods once and then goes out in order to get ready. He doublechecks everything before they set out. It's his destrier that he rides first, the creature still every bit as spirited as it was but it at least doesn't try and bite him.

Aevander is on his black gelding, a piebald mare following behind. His own saddle packs are just as full as his brother's, and he's quiet as they head out. Watchful, maybe, or just introspective.

Eonn follows Daevon, walking in a manner that seems a bit lackadasical, but his long stride makes up for it. "Which one?" he asks, of the horses, as Daevon rechecks things.

Daevon gestures to two fine horses, already saddled by the stableboys, in response to Eonn's question. He's quiet now too though.

Eonn speaks to the horses, too soft to hear, letting them smell his breath and stroking their noses for a few moments before he mounts up.

Aevander waits (im)patiently as the others get into their saddles. His fingers drum against his knee.

No need for talking. Off Daevon sets, his destrier as impatient as Aevander is. The creature wants to take off at a run but Daevon reins him in for now.

Eonn doesn't take long, for all he seems to dawdle. Once in the saddle, he recommences eating oysters out of his helmet.

So, it's quiet save for the hooves of the horses as they walk over the worn path that leads away from Oldtown. At length Aevander glances over at Eonn and asks, "How did you come to favor those?" There's a nod towards the oysters in the helmet.

Daevon lets his horse run off some of his high spirits once they're out of the city bounds. The destrier just takes off, charging ahead, leaving the two others to their conversation.

"I am the son of a fisherman, my lord," says Eonn. He tips another oyster down his throat, and tosses the shell away. No doubt somebody will pick it up, to carve buttons. "Would you like another? You did not seem to share my taste."

"No, thank you," Aevander says, holding a hand up to ward off the offer of another oyster. "My father was not a fisherman. Perhaps that is what is required to enjoy those things. All I could taste was slime and brine."

Eonn laughs, and tips another down his throat. "I think them the finest of things." he says. "And am perfectly happy not to share them. What is it that you love, then, my lord?"

Daevon reins in his destrier once some of the high spirits have been run off, rejoining the two.

"In food?" Aevander asks, nudging his gelding a little to the side as Daevon returns. "Mmm… I'm partial to quail. And hart if it's very tender, especially in the summer, when the herbs are freshest."

Eonn nods. "In food," he says. "I'd not ask about other things. I'd rather eat a crab than a quail, and an oyster before a crab." He opens another, neatly. He's clever at it, neat. And down his throat it goes.

Daevon's little to say on the subject of food and so he remains silent.

"I would think crabs would be more difficult to eat from a helmet," Aevander agrees with a faint smile. "At least the oysters are obliging."

Eonn grins. "Crabs, you cannot eat alive," he says. Then, a chuckle. "Well, you can, but I wouldn't recommend it. They are not good raw."

The Roseroad is wide, well travelled, but it's not far out that they must turn onto a narrower track, not really a road at all, if they wish to continue making a straight course towards the uplands.

Aevander guides his horse down the narrower track as he nods, rubbing the gelding's neck. "I shouldn't like to have to chase after my food. Or avoiding it pinching me."

"I am not sure anybody likes that," says Eonn. "They rather forget that things might be otherwise. After all, my lord, it is someone else who chase your food, no? And avoids its pinching. So to speak."

"Well, there's someone else who hunts it," Aevander replies, "and is paid for his troubles, so it's hardly an unjust exchange. Man rules above the beasts primarily because he can delegate."

Eonn blinks at that, then breaks into laughter.

Aevander smirks faintly, whether he's being laughed with or laughed at. He clicks his tongue and urges the gelding to walk a little faster, despite the narrowing roads.

Eonn falls silent, and lets his horse fall in behind Aevander's/

Daevon's staying well out of any discussions, keeping an eye o their surroundings and listening out for anyone approaching.

It's quiet. The path goes over hills, and down dips, gradually getting higher and rockier.

Daevon's destrier proves surprisingly sure-footed on the slopes, carefully picking his way over the more dangerous parts.

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